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Toyota Camry Hybrid Navigation System Questions



  • tcg111tcg111 Posts: 1
    I'm in the same boat. Just got a 2007 Camry-built in 10/06 and it has 5.1 software. Trying to get 6.1. Did you have any luck? I want 6.1 also.


  • I recently purchased a TCH with navigation, but do not have experience how well it should and could perform. In particular, it seems to be sometimes off by some 70-140 feet for a while. Is it as expected or do other navigation systems perform better?

    The detailed map on the right-hand side of the screen that appears before the turns usually shows the car at a slightly different location than the regular map on the left. The detailed map shows the tip of the red triangle where the car actually is, but the main map on the left usually shows the symbol little bit lagging behind by about the radius of the circle. It is weird because both maps use the same position information.

    Could someone who has experience with other navigation systems compare the one in TCH with other systems, in particular how precise it is, how reliably it receives satellite signals, how good the maps and the route calculation are, etc?
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    I think the detailed turn map is at a different zoom-level so I don't think you can compare them like that.

    Unfortunately there's no site that compares the performance of built-in navs as far as I know. Toyota/Lexus nav systems are generally viewed favorably from everything I've read (except of course the lock-out-while-driving "feature").
  • kc_rustykc_rusty Posts: 32
    no luck here - there was a 6.1 on ebay but it went for ~$200 - too rich for an unknown disk
  • gpj808gpj808 Posts: 1
    I know there is an entire 30 page thread with navigation questions, but I looked through it and have not seen this addressed:

    I’d like to know if the Toyota Camry 2007 Navigation system has the ability to allow the user to enter multiple destinations and have the system select the shortest route to move from one destination to the other.

    In other words:

    I need to go to (1) the grocery store, (2) the mall, (3) A friends house and (4) the book store. I want the system to tell me the fastest most efficient way to hit all points before returning home.

    My wife is a realtor and she would want this feature when looking at multiple houses in a single day in neighborhoods she is not familiar with.

  • I don't remember finding this option on my nav... but i also have a wonderful option on my laptop computer that works so well.... so, if you don't find this solution, I would suggest MS Streets & Trips. You can put in multiple points and it will map out stops for you all day long!!!! Just a backup idea!!!
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    No it doesn't have this feature. But you could put in the multiple addresses (up to 5) and bring up the route overview and eyeball the route. If you see it zigzagging across town, then reordering the destinations manually is a simple matter.
  • pforanpforan Posts: 1
    Does anyone know for sure if there is a difference between the Prius Nav/Power Monitoring system And the Camry Nav. Specifically do they both share the same features for monitoring the Power and gas Mileage? The Sales rep we meet with this week said ONLY the Prius had the "Energy Monitoring" features. IS he correct or just not very knowledgeable?
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    You need to search the threads. I read somewhere a month or so ago that the Prius system was different. However with the Camry NAV system you get a great monitoring system. Minute by minute bar graphs of usage as well as a trip mpg reading to go along with the tank mpg gage on the dash. Also a full graphic display of the energy flow ( a lot more info than what's on the non-NAV system)
  • titaniummdtitaniummd Posts: 5
    I have the 5.1 file Loading.Kwi burned onto a DL DVD and I have to 'unplug' the negative lead on the battery.

    What will happen to the rest of the car when I do that other than resetting the clock and Nav? Any complicated issues related to the Hybrid battery or Hybrid system? :confuse:
  • mjreaglemjreagle Posts: 2
    I just got a camry today, and have yet been able to find the bar graphs and usage in the nav system. The nav system manual is so generic, mine doesn't cover the hybrid. What buttons do you push to access it?
  • mjreaglemjreagle Posts: 2
    After researching more, I have come to conclude I am missing the "Trip Information" on the info menu. This seems like a weird thing to be missing, as I have the 50th anniversary I doubt it's a dealer installed nav system. I'm in the USA fyi.

    I have read about a similar problem with dealer navs in Canada
    GreenHybrid Thread
    Toyota Nataion Thread

    Any tips, advice or particular knowledge of the 50th ed. that would shed some light on this? Thanks.
  • titaniummdtitaniummd Posts: 5
    After researching more, I have come to conclude I am missing the "Trip Information" on the info menu. This seems like a weird thing to be missing, as I have the 50th anniversary I doubt it's a dealer installed nav system. I'm in the USA fyi.

    I have read about a similar problem with dealer navs in Canada
    GreenHybrid Thread
    Toyota Nataion Thread

    Any tips, advice or particular knowledge of the 50th ed. that would shed some light on this? Thanks.

    I have it on my 50th TCH. I click on Info-> Trip
  • wingmanwingman Posts: 19
    How can I find out which nav verison I have?
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    Perhaps they didn't connect the wiring harness correctly at the factory. Take it to the dealer and let them figure it out.
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    What is the 5 digit model number on the navigation system? Is it E7011 or E7012? It should be E7011 for Hybrid Camrys. Also, where did you get the car... Canada or in the US? Was there any work done on the car since you have had it?
  • rlmorrowrlmorrow Posts: 1
    Did you ever get this resolved? If so, what had to be done?
  • newcarsnewcars Posts: 103
    I am moving to a relatively housing community (about six months old) and my new neighborhood is not in my Camry's navigation system yet. Right now, my NAV shows me out in the middle of nowhere (a white screen at 150 feet) when I am there. I have 6.1 -- I think, is there a way for me to check for sure without asking my dealer? -- and am wondering if there is a more recent version that would have my new community on it.
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    6.1 is still the most recent. The next version should be out near the end of the year. Eject the dvd and take a look at it. It has the version on it. Or find the version on the info screen.
  • pgnycpgnyc Posts: 5
    hi ,
    i ordered my camry hybrid last week , delivery in 5 weeks.
    since i had access to the pdf manual and i saw that there is a "notifying traffic restriction" setup.

    is the navigation system get lively updated with traffic jam or work on the road ???

    if not !! what exactly this setup means ???

  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    No, it notifies you when you the route is set to go over a "seasonally restricted" road. Such as a mountain pass that is closed in the winter.
  • brudoffbrudoff Posts: 7
    When I pulled into my drive the first time with myTCH, the nav showed my location as 1009 My Street but my address 1061 My Street and in fact there is no 1009. I registered my address as 1061 and when I look at the map, it shows my location a little over 1/10 mile east of my actual location and 1009 keeps coming up as my location when I'm in my own drive. Any suggestions, gps problem, softrware, dealer fix?
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    All gps systems have this issue because the map data is not detailed down to that level. It has to interpolate gps coordinates for addresses from start & end points.
    You should see the same issue when you type in your address online (into Google maps or whatever) however you wouldn't normally notice it because people don't usually zoom in that closely when they use Internet maps.
  • plknjplknj Posts: 121
    This is very common, but with the inaccuracy of the Toyota GPS system... be thankful it got you to your door. :)
  • james99james99 Posts: 9
    I got my Camry Hybrid last week, when I tried to program a destination today, the GPS didn't let me. I couldn't access my home location(which I had programmed earlier). Ten minutes later the system was working perfectly. I also had an intermitant problem with the bluetooth phone feature. Sometimes my phone book or dialing pad are inaccessible. I press on the phone button on the steering wheel and the only thing that comes up is 'speed dial' but not my phone book. I'm questioning if these issues are related.
  • acco20acco20 Posts: 211
    When the car is moving,,,,,,some things are not accessable.
  • Hey does anyone know if this GPS system as real time traffic update as well as tells you another route to get out of the traffic jam.
  • talmy1talmy1 Posts: 55
    No, it does not.
  • susliksuslik Posts: 1
    i have 6.1
    do you still need it?
  • gampagampa Posts: 78

    I have the same error...

    it appears when the street numbers were put into the master file...used by the postal service and mapping companies... the numbers may have started at the other end of the street.
    I checked other points on my street and this is how it runs.
    My street number is up the block while their number is where I am.
    Also if you look at the postal 9 digit number you should see your zip code as ...NNNNN-1009... or close to it.
    This is the best I can figure it out.

    It is not a problem with your system or software.

    My other "Streets and Maps", "Mapquest" and now Toyota seem to work off the master set up.

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