Toyota Tundra - Recent Buyers - Vibration Pbm?

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Has anyone who purchased a Tundra in, say, the
last three months experienced the vibration
problem(s) detailed in other threads? I just
purchased one (SR5 4x2 V6 5-spd ext. cab) and so
far it is working flawlessly at all speeds.

From what I've been able to read the problem
either starts right away, develops within a
thousand miles or so, or doesn't happen at all.
Just curious if Toyota fixed the problem; sounds
like maybe they did.


  • arkie6arkie6 Member Posts: 198
    What type of tires and wheels do you have on your Tundra? Also, what tire pressure do you run?

    I have a Tundra SR5 extended cab V8 4x4 with the wheels and tires like on the Limited (P265 Dunlops) that was manufactured 1/7/00 and have not had any vibrations so far in 6500 miles. Just rotated the tires last week and still vibration free.
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    Problems with the Tundra?? Say it isn't so! These are suppose to be the most reliable, longest lasting trucks on the road - they don't have problems...sorry to be such a butt head but the Silverado had problems like this also and I believe most of it was related to the tires. Must have been a bad batch or improperly balanced. If you have problems, I'd have them rotated again and if that doesn't help I'd go so far as to have the dealer put on new ones and if the problem goes away, try to get them to warranty them. I guess it's something about the frames of these new trucks being more rigid and transforming any imperfection in the tire balance to the wheel. So I'd start there. Good luck with yours...
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    Nobody has posted a vibration problem to this topic. Read the posts before responding. Both posters said that they had NO problems with vibration. I would like to add that I have had no problems with vibration. I own a Tundra.

    What makes you the expert on Tundra vibrations? A Chevy owner? A Ford owner? What a laugh!
  • barlitzbarlitz Member Posts: 752
    If you read his post he was trying to be helpful and he does say if you have problems,I don't know why but you Tundra owners are so defensive almost as if you have to defend yourself for somethting you've done wrong.If you don't like to support your Country thats fine, but take a chill pill and chill out.
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    First off, I like your screen-name. Secondly, there are tens of thousands of owners, like me, who do not have any vibration problem. A few "Tundra owners" post over and over again about all kinds of problems. Either they got a really horrible truck or they're "posers" trying to make waves. In any case, it is the same few people posting these "problems". As you can see by the many non-Tundra owner bashes, that there is alot of animosity against import trucks. E-mail me or any other Tundra owner for our experiences, and use that info to make a decesion.
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    "Either they got a really horrible truck
    or they're "posers" trying to make waves"

    What a laugh! I remember someone saying this about the Silverado on a post and about 6 Tundra owners jumped to discredit them. I guess it is factual for the Tundra though, right? Ha! LOL!

    "E-mail me or any other Tundra owner for our experiences, and use that info to make a decesion. "

    Yeah, you are so mechanically knowledgeable. The only thing you have demonstrated here on this site to know is what is plastered all over the Tundra brochure the Toyota salesman snowballed you with!

    See ya in my rearview mirror!
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Member Posts: 1,006
    Like I said, lots of animosity from the domestic crowd. Thanks for proving my point in such a timely manner guys.
  • rcoosrcoos Member Posts: 167
    Toyota having problems with the Tundra? Say it isn't so! Man, the world is going to end now!!!
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    GM has a TSB just out to replace the rack and pinion, power steering valve and weld a support bracket to the A frame. This is to correct the 60-65 vibrations on trucks manufactured prior to 1/24/00. Is this a recall? No, GM has made this TSB available to dealers who have customers complaining about vibrations...guess what, the "FIX KIT" is now on national backorder...WHOOOSH another piece of turd down the bowl for GM...They chose not to let all the 1/2 ton 2wd owner's know. And do you think they ever will? For the record, we are not talking about everyone could end up with a lemon in all makes. We are talking about thousands of trucks out there vibrating with a fix available, and the chicken sh*t manufacturer won't go public. I'd like to hear a little more in support of GM, Chevy, and GMC. We can start with trucksrme.

  • sampson7sampson7 Member Posts: 25
    In my humble opinion, there are some Tundras out there with real vibration problems. The Tundrasolutions website has a few people with problems that are too genuine. Some of those people have tried numerous sets of tires and special balancing and are still having problems. If you read all the posts, you will come to the conclusion that it's a very complicated and significant problem for some owners.

    To answer cyberwombats question, I have a tundra about the same age and specs as arkie6's with no problems.

    Remember... there are no perfect trucks.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    good attempt. remember this TSB affects all 2wd manufactured prior to 1/24/00. How many would that be? Plus the fix requires changing of the rack and pinion and how much would that cost? If a manufacturer wanted to contact the vehicle owners that qualified, they could easily do so. Unfortunately, GM has elected not to.
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    ...but thanks for all the input. Some of it was pretty entertaining. Interesting to hear the Silverado had some of the same problems.

    But barlitz, before you go accusing anyone of "not supporting your country", you better pony up your military service record. I did my time, and I reckon that entitles me to buy whatever brand of truck I determine meets my needs the best.
  • z71billz71bill Member Posts: 1,986
    Did Toyota recall all trucks that had the head gasket problems, or did they just fix the ones that broke down? This problem lasted a long time so if they did recall those trucks did they send the recall notice out the day after you bought it or did they hand you the recall notice after you signed the paper work and paid for the truck?
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    you were saying?
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    from this topic? Meredith has been a busy person last night...
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    Musta struck a nerve with someone!
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    This thread is getting weird,I have never served in the military.I did want to join the Air Force when I was younger but became an Electrician instead.Wish I had joined the Air Force would have liked to try an become a pilot.When I say try and support your Country and fellow Americans.I mean as far the working class people.I consider myself lucky and I'm sure we're all doing pretty good with ourselves, jobs,families.But there are a lot of people who lose their jobs daily because of decisions we make every day.A lot of jobs are lost overseas for products we use daily it doesn't hurt to check the labels every once in awhile you may save your neighbors job by doing that.
    I never said the Tundra was a bad truck and I'm happy to see that Toyota did build a billion dollar plant and employs 1,000's of people and that pumps money back into the communities all around that area.Thats great.And there's nothing wrong with a little competition,but if you ever read any of my posts they are always in defense of the bashing of American products.I don't know about you but I take a lot of pride in being an American and do take some of those posts personally.
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    I was saying what? I never posted in here before, so it wasn't my post that was deleted.
  • cyberwombatcyberwombat Member Posts: 7
    It would probably be safe to say that most Americans are proud of their country and want to support it when they can. I read labels and given the choice will buy American-made whenever possible. But in today's global market, it is unrealistic to extend that philosophy to big-ticket items.

    Pop the top on your computer, especially if it's a Compaq - a good ole' US company based here in my hometown of Houston. You'll see chips and parts made in a dozen different countries. There's no telling where it was assembled. American-branded software is being written by Indian codesmiths (a pet peeve of mine, being a developer myself). Toyotas are made in the U.S., GM's are made in Canada, Fords are made in Mexico. Or maybe its vice versa; I can never keep it straight.

    And when you get right down to it - the whole question of keeping the money in the States - well, there's no way of knowing the nationality of the stockowners. And ultimately, THAT is where the profits go.

    The point is that it's myoptic - and unfair - to bash someone as "anti-American" for buying a Toyota truck.
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    If you say so...I remember the post going..."give it time, it's only been ten hours...some people have to work. Like developing a cure for cancer." Hmm...never posted in here before...that's a good one...and yes, it was that post that got deleted...
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    I said something like that before but not in here, not this post. Look at what time yesterday those posts had to have been made.

    Lets see between 2:47PM and 5:41PM. I wasn't online then, not even close. How could I have posted when I wasn't online?

    Did my computer start up by itself, connect to the internet, write something bad and shut down?

    I dont think thats possible.
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    you had made post #20, I had made post #19. If you don't remember that's ok. Not a big deal. At least you do remember the content of the post which I referred to in #28. If you ever find that post in another topic let me know. But, like I said it doesn't really matter cause when Meredith sweeps thru tonight. It will all be history...
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    I have a Tundra 4x4 Limited and have had no problem with vibrations at all. I don't have Dunlops mine came with BF Goodrich Rugged Trail T/A's
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    No vibration here on my truck. Just drove my 1st thousand miles. I hope there are lots more to come.

    Gonna put pinstripes on the sides this weekend (yes gonna take a brand new truck into the woods)

    My buddy with a brand new F150 is enjoying his truck as well! So far so good also.

    Have a great day!
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    Where are the tundra twins??? Bamatundra & rwellbaum?
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    Since the subject was brought up here, I will put in my 2 cents. The Japanese have essentially declared an economic war on us. When I hear stories about American Honda not paying any taxes for many years because they didn't make any money, and all the other tarrif inequities with Japan, I have a big problem buying any more Japanese stuff than I have to. When we pressure them to open up fruit or beef imports, they buy farms abroad and buy their own fruit and beef. They make their profits in Japan or other low/no tax countries and make no money here to avoid taxes. If they want to do business in this country, they should have to compete on a fair basis and pay their fair share of taxes. I think our big three have done a fantastic job of competing when the cards are stacked against them. Unfortunately our manufacturers have had to send some of their manufacturing to other countries to survive in this unfair fight.

    If we really had global competetion, that would be one thing, but when it is one sided, you can hardly call it global.

    If you are able to see through the Japanese propoganda, you will be able to see that the US car manufacturers make just as good a car as the Japanese (who do you think the Japanese learned from). I personally do not understand why anyone would knowingly support the immoral, dishonest, and cutthroat tactics of the Japanese manufacturers. I for one will remain a US manufacturer vehicle owner. Even if a lot of the parts come from Japan, more of my money will stay here than if I bought from a Japanese maker.

    The GM truck vibration as I understand it is an annoyance, but not really a safety issue. Recalls are for safety issues, and TSB's are for all other fixes and recommendations. It sounds to me like the dealers will check their TSB database when they get one in with the vibration and fix it. Shouldn't be a problem. Ford certainly isn't any better. I had to wait about 3 months to get my cruise control fixed, and it was a safety recall. They didn't have enough cables to fix mine, but they certainly found enough to put on the new ones off the line. Then my problem with the A/C they don't even have a fix for yet, and I am told it is the same for all the trucks and even other Ford cars, not just a few thousand like the GM trucks. Sounds like GM is ahead according to my score book.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    does that mean a GM 2001 HD?

    The TSB that I had listed would not have been performed on my truck if I had not asked specifically for it. They would have been content to keep rebalancing and replacing my tires. Meanwhile, who knows what the vibrations are doing to the truck in the long run. GM has come out and said all 2wd truck manufactured prior to 1/24, but what dealer in their right mind would go thru that TSB with replacing the rack, power steering valve, etc. It's hard enough to get the damn dealer to even agree that there is a vibration much less change a rack.

    Trade imbalance
    Our government is as much to blame for the trade imbalance with Japan and also for allowing Japan to keep its market closed to American products. The US needs to pressure Japan into opening its trade doors. Whether it be by tariffs, import taxes, whatever. Japan has been allowed to increase the trade deficit year after year and all I hear is people including our President, grumble like old men and make feigned attempts to correct it. It's not going to happen, not the way the US is trying to go about it. Maybe it is propaganda, but the Japanese believe that American cars are a joke especially the low end...after my Lincoln Mark VIII, Regal GS, and my vibratin Silverado, I'm starting to agree...oh, BTW, my '00 Denali has been in and out of the shop 5 times for quality issues including vibrations in the 3 months I've owned it...In '91 I told myself that I would only buy American vehicles as I had bought a '91 Legend and a '91 300ZX. I said that the American manufacturers need the support. Well after nine years of buying American...I truly am having second 2 bits
  • blightblight Member Posts: 22
    We will have to wait and see about the 2001 GM HD.

    There are many many dealers who will not bother checking very hard to fix a more difficult problem. In fact, I am beginning to wonder if there are any dealers worth much out there anywhere, GM or Ford or whatever.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your comments on trade imbalance. If we would just stand up for what is right and fair, things would be a lot better. I think the American manufacturers have done very well when you consider the handicap they are working with. When my wife was working at a Honda dealer, she told me that even Honda's quality was better on the ones assembled in the US. I don't see where the Japanese have anything to brag about in the low end market. The low end Japanese cars I have seen were certainly nothing to write home about.

    I remember when Car and Driver reviewed the Pontiac Fiero. It didn't have enough power, it didn't corner like a sports car, and there wasn't much of a trunk. They obviously didn't think it was a very good car. Some time later they reviewed the Mazda Miata. It didn't have enough power, but it was really cute. It didn't corner like a sports car, but it was really cute. It didn't have enough trunk space, but it was really cute. They thought it was a great car and thought everyone should have one. That was when I decided not to renew my subscription to Car and Driver. As long as recommendations are made on things like it is cute, that is nothing but propaganda to me. Even Consumer Reports uses subjective things like reader surveys and someone flipping a steering wheel to determine an unsafe SUV. My latest Consumer Reports rates various vehicles, and of coarse the Japanese came out as a better quality vehicle. Only if you look hard enough and think about it do you see that the repair costs are generally considerably more for the Japanese and sometimes more than double. I would rather replace the transmission every 150K miles at $2000 than every 200K at twice the price. Why don't they seem to take that into account in their recommendations?

    I think it is interesting how nobody seems to remember how most all the Japanese cars were smoking and falling apart by about 40K miles in the early to mid 70's, but everybody remembers the Vega and Pinto.

    I applaud your desire to buy American. I am sorry that you have had so much trouble with your GM vehicles. My experience has been very good with them, and have only had one or two problems with mine. My father has had similar good luck with them and he will only buy GM vehicles.
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    My Dad's '95 Maxima's starter went on the blink. He called me since he didn't want to tow it. Had a friend call the Nissan dealer for rebuilt and was told no program on the '95 starter, only new. He gave me the price of $595.00 retail, $495.00 jobber plus tax. $ 495.00 for a starter? Called around town and found an electric shop which would rebuild for $100.00. Just turn in the old and they would give you a rebuilt... Slapped it in and car's running fine... whoever heard of a $495.00 starter...geez

    My last great GM car was my '76 Black Cutlass Supreme. After that, it was all downhill
  • yuppsteryuppster Member Posts: 23
    I agree, I once needed a starter for my 80 310 (Nissan) put it in myself and there was'nt that much of a price difference from the parts store compared to the dealer which told me up front it was a rebuild. I ask them how much for a new and it was in the $400 range.
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    As soon as the warranty expires on these Tundras....we will hear all these owner start to whine about the price of toyota parts! The poop will really hit the fan!
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    Can you tell me how I was able to post something when I wasn't near a computer when the posts were made?
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    I was hoping that you could shed some light on that I said, it really doesn't matter and at least you do remember some of the content of the post. Were you able to find that particular post that I had mentioned in any of the other topics? Is it possible that someone made the post for you? In other words, used your computer in your absence? Just curious...
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    did you take into account for the time difference with regards to your time zone?
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    Nobody used my computer and yes I know the time difference.

    So how was I able to make a post when I was nowhere near a computer?
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    That is a question only you can answer. I gave you the post # and content of the post. How, why, where from, is not relevant. What is relevant was my response to your post. Inevitably, the only person who would be able to substantiate either story would be the person who deleted it in the first place. question is did you ever find or remember where you posted the post that I referred to?
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    Only I can answer? OK here you go. It wasn't my post!!!!!!!

    You said I posted something last Thursday. Time is important. I didn't post in here last Thursday.

    I only posted after you wrongly accused me of doing so. I was being a smart [non-permissible content removed] with that give it time remark. And that post was months ago.

    I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Meredith to give you an answer either, Meredith has more important stuff to do.
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    Months ago??? You can't remember what you posted last week but you can remember what you posted months ago...whatever you say...

    Really could care less...stated that you remember that one???
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    I'll say this one more time and hopefully you will understand.

    If I was nowhere near a computer (I wasn't) when the posts were made, how could I have posted something?

    Could care less huh? Thats why you still carry on with this huh?

    I know what I was doing, with and without the time difference, when the posts were made.

    So it wasn't my post.
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    Incorrectly attributed posts....

    there are bugs in the wellengaged software and in Edmunds front end thereunto. If you exit without "logging out" you have NOT terminated your user session. Someone else coming in CAN (though it is unlikely) connect with that "orphaned" session and "become" YOU for the duration.

    When you leave LOG OUT!

    Front Porch Philosopher
    SUV, Pickups, & Aftermarket and Accessories Host
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    post after all...didn't we...
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    It wasn't me. So if you know how I can post without being anywhere near a computer, I'd like to know how.

    I'd sell my computer and put the space it occupies to better use.
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    superjim do you read these posts???
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    get deleted as we are way off topic...guess maybe it has gotten Meredith's curiosity...

    superjim2000...did you logoff on that particular day? whether it was you or not, it was posted under superjim2000. I had it placemarked to respond to in 10 hours...when I returned, I entered my post. Next time around it was gone along with my post #19.
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    about the last few posts but, to POST # 3, are
    you an IDIOT or something like that? what does
    the topic title say and what did you expect? a
    title like that is gonna attract alot of
    attention. and you toyolo guys are extremly
    touchy. i had a '99 tacoma that i outgrew, but
    have always given them respect on the road since
    owning my '00 chevy. but since reading and seeing
    how you tundra guys attack chevy the way you do,
    now i can't wait to run over your little piss ant
    trucks whenever your in front of me. you guys
    have a definant complex problem.
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    this anonymous thing has got to go.
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    is for wanna be truck owners - hehehe. Just messin with ya...
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    Yeah I read em. I'm not on everyday but I read em.

    Obyone yes I signed off. To me it was a new topic I happened to look at. And yes its way off topic.
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    Still haven't seen these hundreds of Tundra owners with vibration problems. Maybe, just maybe, it was blown out of proportion by the Tundra bashers.
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