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Hyundai Entourage New Owner Reports

ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
Now that you've had a chance to cruise around in your new Entourage, tell us about your experiences -- handling, comfort, fit & finish, quirks, surprises, etc.


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  • shreddershredder Posts: 11
    Just to let everyone know, I have purchased one here in Canada. I take delivery of it on May 2, 2006.

    I went for the fully loaded version. Retail is ~$39K.

    I must say, I was really impressed with the vehicle. I was looking at getting a Buick Terraza, but after driving the Entourage, it was the one to get. The only downside I can find on the Entourage is no Satellite radio. I hope there is some retro fit I can do on it to add it in.
  • I took my new Entourage off of the showroom floor on Friday April 21st. Needless to say its been a great couple of days. I'm very impressed with the vehicle. I have the base model GL. It's Olive Grey in color and looks and drives fanastic. I'm very happy with this purchase so far. Has anyone else bought one yet???
  • I have had mine on the road since Friday April 21st. Very impressed!!!
  • estoesto Posts: 136
    Did you look at or consider the Sedona? What made you pick the Entourage over the Sedona?
  • I did look at the Sedona. I was impressed by that as well. Honestly, I'll tell you the 3 reasons I went with the Entourage instead. 1) I got a better deal than what Kia offered. I knew somebody who worked at Hyundai plus they really want to get these on the road to get some word of mouth going. 2) I personally like the look of the Entourage more than the Sedona. I think it looks more stylish (if a minivan can have style) and I think the look from the front is much better with the Hyundai grill and curves. 3) There are alot of Sedona on the road and the thought of having something a little different kind of appealed to me.
  • There are four or five at the local dealership -- though I haven't had a chance to check them out yet.

    While they are corporate twins, and therefore extremely similar, the vehicles are supposedly built at different locations. According to one individual, the Hyundai has tighter panel gaps and subtle tuning differences which cause it to feel more refined.

  • I just wanted to let you all know that I was misinformed concerning the build locations of the two vehicles. They are built on two separate lines but at the same plant. If you look at the Entourage VIN numbers, you'll note that they start with "KN." With the exception of the Alabama-built Sonata and '07 Santa Fe, Hyundai-built models have VINs starting with "KH" while Kia-built models have VINs starting with "KN."

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    That makes sense. It would be very costly to set up two factories to make these relatively low volume vans that are almost exactly the same.
  • vanfor3vanfor3 Posts: 14
    Entourageowner - since you looked at both, is the color you bought on the Entourage the same as the Olive Grey on the Sedona? I'm hoping it is, that color is very nice.
  • aaaedgarpoeaaaedgarpoe Posts: 107
    and got $300 for my 15 year old car. This was in Southern CA about 10 days ago. I bought for three reasons: (1) top safety rating on, (2) best mini-van rating on, and (3) in not 40 miles away like the Mini-cooper dealer.

    First impressions: everythink perfect so far; 17.4 miles per gallon regular (about $3.30 a gallon here in Souther CA) with air conditioning on most of the time a the usuall heavy traffic in So. Cal.; should have got a back-up camera; extremely easy access to in-cabin air filter in back of glovebox and fluids under the hood. $220 miles so far.
  • smokey9smokey9 Posts: 1
    Would like to know where you purchased your silver limited. Dealers here in San Diego are quoting much higher. Have previously owner a Dodge Grand Caravan SE, currently own a Town & Country LX leather, quard seating. Really looking into the Entourage for my new purchase.
  • aaaedgarpoeaaaedgarpoe Posts: 107
    I am getting about 21 mpg now as I approach 500 miles. I'm am following the owner's manual to the letter as of about 300 miles on 'break-in' of a new Entourage.

    I used my ultraviolet light (it geterates uv a, b, and c; though uv b and c do not pass through glass) an no UVA passed through the front windshield and just a littel passed through the side window (much less than passes through my fruit-of-the-loom T-shirt); very good news for fair skinned people. Make sure the window says "solar shield" in the corner.

    So far not one flaw, defect, or problem found; though I'm not looking hard. One human factors issue though: the wind shield wipper on-off stick is too close to the steering wheel (I sometimes turn it on inadvertently, but I am doing it less frequently); I think they should seperate the distance between the wheel and wipper switch by about one-half inch.
  • keithsmaxxkeithsmaxx Posts: 4
    Hey aaaedgarpoe, have you done that uva test on many cars? I am purchasing a minivan soon and was interested if there is a difference between sienna or odyssey.

  • aaaedgarpoeaaaedgarpoe Posts: 107
    No, I have not tested them. I would like to go hog wild and have a web site on auto UV protection, but to do it right would cost about $8000 in equipment. The govenment should require a full spectrum plot of UV transmissibility; after all it is a serious health concern for the fair skin types.

    Correction: I said the Entourage said "solar shield"; but it say "solar glass".
  • caseybeacaseybea Posts: 15
    I wear eyeglasses tinted with "transitions" lens protection. These are the lenses that "turn dark" when exposed to UV light. Even in my old 2000 Plymouth Voyager, my glasses stay completely clear- which indicates little or no UV is getting through.

    I suspect most of the UV protection found in any modern vehicle is going to be approximately the same- my gut feeling, anyway. My Sedona is the same- no tinting when I drive (which is annoying, yet safer for my skin.. oh well!)
  • aaaedgarpoeaaaedgarpoe Posts: 107
    UVB does not go very far through glass, but UVA does, unless treated, especially UVA1.

    I tested my 1988 Olds Cutlass Supreme and 1995 Benz, and the UVA goes right through.

    Check for a good introduction to UV.
  • aaaedgarpoeaaaedgarpoe Posts: 107
    Called the service department and they do not know of any product to remove roof rail and replace with cover to reduce wind drag.
  • Paid just under $27,200 for it with cloth seats but the $2900 premium package that includes the DVD and carpeted floor mats. Did not want it but its what was on the lot and they were willing to discount it to move it vs. finding a non-DVD SE. Wife only really wanted the power doors....

    MSRP was over $30K and TMV pricing was $29K+....looks like it got it for well under invoice with the $500 rebate and dealer discounting.

    Factory DVD was a hit with the I like the wireless headphones.

    We shall see how it matures......

  • We have 2500 miles on our new van - we love it.
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    3000 miles and only one issue. Driver side sliding door would not close once and a while. Dealer made a quick adjustment and has not happened since...
  • My husband and I bought a brand new beautiful Entourage from Van Dyn Hoven Imports in Appleton Wisconsin 7 weeks ago. We picked it up on a Friday and returned to have it checked on Monday for constant engine braking. THey tried to send me away by telling me it is "normal" and that the transmission needs a period of "learning" due to the fact that their diagnostic computer gave the van the all clear. I finally got the service manager to take a drive in another van on the lot and had to literally SHOW the tach and that the transmission was not releasing and that the other van did not do this. (We ordered our van in order to get a different color and so did not test drive the van we purchased). He agreed and told me to bring take it home and he would call me. THere have been trips... back and forth (We live a half an hour away)... and it is 7 weeks later and the van is still NOT fixed. THe van is awful to drive... everytime I take my foot off the gas it...engine braking starts... coasting is not an option and I am so tired of driving it like this... not to mention worried that the snow and ice will arrive and I will be driving a car that brakes without my having any say in the matter. THey will not allow us to bring it in until the district manager can drive it... and in the meantime I am stuck driving a van that feels unsafe. We were also very upset to find out that the service manager told the district manager that there was really nothing wrong with the van even though he clearly stated that the problem was fixed the last time it was in to be repaired. Clearly it is not. My cruise control has actually shut itself off while driving due to the engine braking that seems to occur spontaneously while driving on the freeway.

    We have a fantastic bumper to bumper warranty on this van... what can we do to get them to fix this lemon of ours? We drove the other vans and they drove beautifully and I feel sincerely sick that I had had to drive a 30,000.00 van for 1800 miles this way. We honestly have tried everything to get them to take this seriously and it is one waiting game after another.

    Any suggestions and has anyone experienced this problem with their new Entourage? :lemon:
  • Hi: Glad to see I am not alone. Bought a new Entourage and drove it to Fl. Vibrated all the way down, And it hangs in third gear on excellerating if you don't make it over 40 so as to shift in to fourth. Been to the garage 3 times in Ma. And once in Fl. We are now waiting for the District manager. Now over due by 1 week. Seems the color of the drivers door is off also. Other than that it is a nice Van. Just need to get it fixed soon. 3 strikes and your out. by the way after balancing the tires 2x it still vibrated for 2000 miles. Now for no reason it shakes when it feels like it. This is bizzare to say the least. My mechanic and the service advisor at hyundai MA, And Fl.said it Sounds like a bad tire but no one has seen fit to replace one and see if it cures the problem. We need that disctict manager. I hope the tire, if it's that, does not blow before we get it fixed.
  • I'm so sorry tthat you are going through this as well... I hope you have better luck than we have. The District Manager met with us today and refused to acknowledge that there was even a problem. He said that engine braking was completely normal even though NONE of the other vans on the lot do not so this. His statement was that they design the vans to do this even thoough the service manager previously steted this was definitely NOT normal. NOW the service manager is singing a different tune. This is a 30,000.00 nightmare and we just don't know what we should do next. THis is awful. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :confuse:
  • stushstush Posts: 62
    The entourage has been nothing but a dream. That doesn't mean that there haven't been any problems. 1st, I have been experiencing the squeaking coming from the rear door. My inspection is due in may. Also, my check engine light would come on periodically. If you read the manual, it says to check gas cap. I would remove and then re tighten, then light would be off by the next day. Had it in for a oil change the other day, they saw check engine light was on and hooked to computer and said it had a random misfire. Reset computer, said keep an eye on it, might be something more involved. But other than that, I am extremely happy with this van. Got the SE with the premium package. Was only looking for a base SE, but, with the $500 rebate plus a $1000 owner loyalty rebate. I couldn't pass it up. Hope to get in for inspection soon, update you on the squeak and check engine light. Also my gas mileage has been averaging about 16 around town lately. Was getting about 17 in town before it got cold.
  • THe problem with our Entourage has still never been fixed. They refuse to aknowledge the problem which I suspect is due to the fact that they don't know what it is. We really don't know what to do... we have tried everything short of getting a lawyer. SO... I train dogs and 95 percent of the people I work with and other trainers that I work with drive mini-vans. Since Hyundai states this is NORMAL for this van... I have encouraged numerous mini-van drivers to take mine for a spin. Needless to say... non of them have Hyundai or the ENtourage on their list for their next van. It is a beautiful van and I have many people ask me... how do you like your Entourage... I am sure to tell them.

    :lemon: :mad: :confuse: :sick: :lemon:
  • cdepcdep Posts: 1
    The problem that I have with my Entourage is that when I go to start the van, all the lights come on on the dash but there is absolutely no attempt to turn over, nothing. This has happened 3 times in one week. The first time roadside assistance came and tried to boost but no luck - battery was not dead, lots of juice but would not start. Towed to another dealer and it started right away for them. Put on their computer but no errors came up. The 2nd time same thing but once assistance showed up it started. 3rd time again had to be towed and the next day it started for them. They were very courteous and gave me a car to use and tried all sorts of tests but no success. Finally they swapped out the starter and 2 starter relays. They did not promise that it was fixed but to see what happens? I bought this car to get away from problems that I've had with American brands but now have a fear that every time I go to start it won't turn over. Has anyone else had this problem? Van has 16K on it before problem arose. :confuse: :surprise: :( :(
  • schustcschustc Posts: 1

    There's a site for lemon car issues. I haven't had a problem yet with mine, and I sure hope I never do.

    I won't go into details - but there were some issues regarding the initial purchase of our vehicle, and all the papers were signed, yet they were willing to let us completely out of the deal due to a misunderstanding with the sale. They worked to make it right, so we kept the entrourage - and so far I LOVE IT. It's only been about a week or so. Unfortunately the color I wanted had to be driven down from another city (wasn't one on the lot) so it had 145 miles on it when I took delivery - but still - not too bad. Based on how honest they were with me and how hard they worked to take care of us, I really think if we do have a problem, the dealership will be pretty helpful.

    I hope I don't run into any issues though :( I like my van! I especially love the heated wiper fluid :D that rocked when I had snow on the hood and tried to clear the windshield on my 45 minute commute the other day.

    It's a bit disheartening to see all the negative reports on the van. I went with the entourage largely because of the typical checks: Consumer reports high ratings, great warranty, decent price. Only saw these negative reports after the fact - though from what I can tell, the issues are largely due to the dealerships being shady. Law of averages would state that theres bound to be a lemon or 2 out there, and being a first year vehicle, it's probably prone to more than it's fair share, and I think(hope) I got lucky, but time will tell - however, the dealer SHOULD be honoring the situation. I am upset for those of you having issues with the dealerships. I would hate to see the van get the bad rap for the dealership's crappy way of handling the situation. I'm not saying your complaints aren't warranted at all - just that it's bound to happen here and there(problems) - and it'd have been much better had they replaced your van before now, hopefully with one of the ones that was working just FINE - then everyone would be happy.

    Now, unfortunately, because they are being idiots (the dealership), you are dissatisfied with Hyundai - won't reccommend the Entourage, and have friends and family also seeing it from your perspective (rightfully so). The dealers don't realize how much damage their stupidity is causing... :(

    I hope it works out for you - I would contact the dealership first thing and tell them if they don't replace your van Immediately, you will be contacting an attorney and discussing filing a "Lemon Law" lawsuit, and they'd be faced with replacing the Van as well as attorney fees. See if that doesn't put a fire under their A**.

    Good luck!

  • cleo4cleo4 Posts: 1
    I had to look twice to be certain that my family had not written the report - we have had exactly the same problem at about the same mileage. They checked the battery the first time - replaced the ignition the second time -waiting to see what happens this time. Did the starter and the relays correct the problem? We plan to go with the lemon law if the car is not fixed this time. It is an intermittant problem and very annoying. We are afraid to go anywhere for fear we will be stuck.
  • My Entourage (4200 miles bought on Nov 25th build date of June 14,2006)would not start, I put the key in the ignition as always, dash lit up but the starter did not turn over, did not hear any click from the solenoid either. Hyundai towed it to the dealership on Saturday afternoon, and put the keys in the drop box, as service closed at 2:00pm
    I read the manual but the Imobiliser (IC chip in ignition key) symbol (supposed to look like a mini van with a key on its side) did not appear on the instrument panel, so that was not it.
    I read Edmonds town talk on the Entourage and Sedona sites, something was said about
    (On Feb 16th James61 called the service manager at Kia of Cheyenne and found out) the part they replaced on brandih's Sedona was the Junction Box (the small fuse box located by the drivers left knee).

    So, this morning I drove over to the Dealers lot, found my car in the back, I have an extra set of keys and remote. I removed the Fuse box cover (at the drivers left knee) and jiggled a bunch of wires behind the panel, one has a yellow connecter and clip which I undid, unplugged and replugged, but that did not fix it. Then I grabbed the bigger bunch of wires behind the fuse panel and next to the yellow connecter. It has some sort of gray plastic clip holding the wires close to the back of the fuse panel. I loosened the clip but could not unplug anything, I could not see well enough to know whether that was just a wire harness holder or a connector. Any way I wiggled the heck out of that bunch of wires but still it would not start. Then I wiggled the fuse panel itself (it feels a bit flimsy), and at the same time (for no particular reason), I set and undid the Parking brake. It caused a little vibration when the pedal returned to the off position. THE VAN STARTED RIGHT UP, AND HAS DONE SO WITHOUT FAULT ALL DAY TODAY (approx 12 times, lot of errands today).
    I’m not sure how to report this to the dealer, but they have my keys and a towing bill, hopefully I can get this documented somehow in case this happens again (hope its not a lemon).
    Thanks for listening… anymore updates?
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