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Hyundai Entourage New Owner Reports



  • neumie2000neumie2000 Posts: 133
    Check the forum for the Kia Sedona. Seems many owners are experiencing the very same issue, and have had it resolved by replacing the junction box I believe. These vehicles are mechanically identical, so no reason this should not be your problem as well. Good luck!
  • ohiodadohiodad Posts: 25
    My wife and I experienced this exact problem with our Sedona.. After 3 tows to the dealership they finally listened when I found the answer here.. The part that was replaced on ours was the Junction Box.. Down by the driver's left knee. My dealership previously replaced the fuse block and a fuse wire.. After I told them about that.. they replaced the junction box and we have not had a problem since!! Good luck.. Lord knows this is frustrating!
  • This is a follow up to my previous post. Today April 11, 2007, My Florida Hyundai replaced the "Junction Box Assembly" pn 91954-4d090.
    I was in contact with a Cheyenne WY Kia dealership, and they replaced the junction box,pn is either 91950 4d020 or 91950 4d040 depending on your vin # filter., on a different van.
    Sounds like a similar part. I hope this fixes my NO start condition. Thanks for listening
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Posts: 90
    Have over 5000 miles on Entourage Limited with ultimate package, including three separate trips. Ours has a build date of 6/06. We love the van. It has been nearly flawless. The only problem was a defective tire pressure monitor sending unit in one wheel that was repaired under warranty. Occasionally the passenger slider door will not totally close but open and close it again and it is fine. Haven't noticed any unusual wind noise, and the handling has been car-like.

    My wife and I, who swore several years ago when we got married that we would never buy a minivan, now both want to drive it (and our other car is no slouch; we just enjoy driving the Entourage).

    We added a nav system, back up camera, and IPod connector, which still allows the kids to watch the DVD system and listen to it over the headphones. Gas mileage has been very reasonable. While not up to the mileage on the sticker, that is to be expected due to the old, unrealistic rating guidelines and the new engine which is not fully broken in yet. No noticeable rattles or squeaks. While there is some engine noise on full throttle, it is what has been described as a throaty roar, which is not unpleasant. Very quiet, otherwise, including at highway speeds.

    For those who have been told that steering wheel vibration, tire flat spots, and other such problems are part of the normal operation of the vehicle, don't you believe it. That's simply an attempt to get around a problem by dealers and area managers who are too lazy to solve the problem.

    I've recommended this vehicle to many others. I hope I'm not jinxing myself, and that the Entourage will continue to operate in the future the same way it has for the first 5000+ miles.
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    Same here. Love this van. My only issue is the driver side sliding door. Once and a while refuses to close. That aside, well built and fun to drive.
  • jboehmjboehm Posts: 44
    Just filled up the tank again and noticed that I am getting 17mpg with mostly in-town driving. Purchased the Limited in March, love the van. Ride is great, power is there when you need it and like the many features that it has. I am somewhat annoyed that Hyundai did not add the ability to have the locks automatically lock at a certain speed. They seem to be touting safety on their vehicles but missed that detail (I know that other Hyundai vehicles do have that option but not the Entourage). Do not have the steering vibration issue. Did have problems with the auto tailgate but that was fixed today. Have no regrets with this vehicle.
  • shaky4shaky4 Posts: 25
    This is my first post here. I purchased an Entourage Limited with Ultimate Package from Superior Hyundai in Cincinnati on 05/04/07. I have one word for it, Brilliant!!

    I test drove 12 minivans (Including Mercedes R320 for the heck of it) and bought mine for $20,300 after trade in (2002 Kia Sedona).

    I have driven my cousin's $66,000 Escalade ESV (He works for GM) and this is by far the best vehicle I have owned/experienced. My friend saw my van and went to the Hyundai showroom today morning. He almost signed in on an Odyssey on 05/05.
  • stushstush Posts: 62
    It will be a year since I took delivery of my Entourage SE, 6/26/06. I have been having trouble with the check engine light coming on and off. Had in for inspection and emmissions. They had it for a week. Couldn't pass emissions. After downloading all kinds of programs into computer, they said it was ready. Three days later, the light came on again. Called dealer, they said its a bad ECM module and it is designated to each VIN #. So you just can't swap units. Will take it back this week. So my question is has anyone else had this kind of problem. The dealer, Bowser in Pittsburgh, has been very supportive in trying to solve this problem. But other than that, I still am very pleased this with van.
  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    Yes. I feel your pain. The dealer was very supportive. Unfortunately they are correct. You can not just swap them. Had to wait for new ECM. After replacement all has been fine. Now can someone do something about the price of a gallon of gas. Jeezus.
  • davethecarnutdavethecarnut Posts: 248
    Yes Yes Yes It is the junction box. Anyone else having the same problem tell the dealer to replace the junction box. Don't wait to hear from a district rep. We waited 2 weeks to get our problem fixed back in December.
  • failsafe1failsafe1 Posts: 4
    I read your nightmare with the Entourage. What finally happened? If the problem is not resolved you should absolutely positively seek redress via the lemon law. It is not too late. I know alot about how this law works and would be happy to give you some advise regarding it. Good luck.
  • I sure wish I could say that the issue has been resolved... but unfortunately... short of getting a lawyer I am not sure what we can do. I hate driving it... it is not a joy to ride in either as is feels as if some one is braking everytime I take my foot off of the gas. I am counting the days until I can trade it in and take the loss and leave the whole mess behind. Until then... I tell every person that makes a comment on the van exactly what my experience has been. It's a beautiful I get a lot of comments. It's really a shame... I hope my van is an isolated case and I really hope other dealerships stand behind their product and provide customer service. As it stands... mine is a lemon and since the computer says it's fine... the dealership says it is fine. :lemon:
  • Did you ask your dealer if there was any way to "re-program" the transmission? Also, if you didn't already, contact Hyundai consumer affairs and get a case file going.

    Other than the ignition junction box and low speed wind noise on the driver's side window, our van has been pretty stellar.
  • josm100josm100 Posts: 30
    "I just got a call from Hyundai America. They are going to replace my squeaker with a new Entourage. I am very pleased now with their customer service!" (#12 of 12 Re: 2007 Entourage : Problems and Solutions [josm100] by failsafe1 Jun 07, 2007 (12:27 pm)) "Hyundai entourage rattling noise"

    Get in touch with this guy! Find our what he did, Cheers.
  • stushstush Posts: 62
    Well got my van back after 8 days. The ECM module was not bad. They tried to download new codes into the computer but the computer wouldn't reset. Had to ship computer to California for engineering to try. Reinstalled computer and it seems to be working. With almost 15,000 miles. I'm very pleased with this van. Even with the check engine light coming on, the van still rode and drove like a dream.
  • stushstush Posts: 62
    I'm nearing 15,000 miles and about 2000 miles ago I started to notice that my brakes were starting to act as if the rotors are warped. I said to myself, it's to early for that. So after finally getting this check engine light taken care of. It's really starting to vibrate the front end when you hit the brakes, usually when you first get in. After they heat up, they seem to not vibrate as much. So my question is, Since I have about 15,000 miles and just had my 1 yr anniversary, Will this be covered under warranty? Anyone else having a rotor problem?
  • fixtheboxfixthebox Posts: 14
    I had the same door problem.
    The driver's door would not close!
    We also had lots of problems with the side sliding doors not closing.
    Hyundai replaced my minivan with a new one a few weeks ago.
    Great customer service.
    But...the other day I had the sliding door problem with the new car as well...not sure what to do now.
    Did anyone else have issues with the auto. sliding doors?
  • fixtheboxfixthebox Posts: 14
    I had the same door problem as well.
    The driver's door would not close!
    We also had lots of problems with the side sliding doors not closing.
    Hyundai replaced my minivan with a new one a few weeks ago.
    Great customer service.
    But...the other day I had the sliding door problem with the new car as well...not sure what to do now.
    Did you contact the dealer for this issue?
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Posts: 90
    Nah. It's very rare and intermittent. And all that has to be done on ours is open and close the door again. Usually only occurs on passenger-side sliding door, although has happened a time or two on the driver's side sliding door. It's just not a big enough deal on ours at this point to bother with (closing in on 9,000 miles). By-the-way, are you trying to close the door on an incline? I have seen other threads that talk about some problems with power sliding doors not opening and closing properly when the van is on a 5% slope or more.
  • fixtheboxfixthebox Posts: 14
    It happened on our driveway which is about 5% incline but also on a flat surface.
    With the new minivan it happened inside and out of the garage so I will report it to the dealer.
    What I did find out is that you better report it to the dealer the first time you notice the problem because if it will come to the point that they will replace your vehicle , the manufacture may charge "Usage fee" according to the millage when 1st reported...
  • thehothitthehothit Posts: 19
    I've been having the Power Sliding Door problem since day one. The dealer can't replicate it, but happens in my driveway (on a slight slope) and in dead flat parking lots! I have approx 10,000 miles on my vehicle (a 2006 Sedona which is exactly equivalent to a fully loaded Entourage Limited - minus entertainment system). Take a look at Edmund's Kia Sedona long Term Test blog:

    They have a post about the power sliding door problem.
  • fixtheboxfixthebox Posts: 14
    Did you try the customer service?
    What state are you in? In CA if you visited the dealer for the same problem over 2-3 times the car might be considered a lemon.
    I couldn’t show the dealer the problem so I took a video as soon as it happened in my garage.
  • thehothitthehothit Posts: 19
    I live in NJ and am considering pursuing the Lemon Law route. Several visits to 2 (Kia) dealers have not resolved the problem. I have also taken some video and am going to take it with me next time I visit the dealer. If they still can't find the solution, I'll probably contact Kia in writing and give them one last chance as per the Lemon Law.

    I'd gladly settle for a brand new vehicle without the problem.
  • fixtheboxfixthebox Posts: 14
    Document every visit to the dealer and make sure you have copies that mention the same problem.
    Once yo have a few you can call them (no need to write) and then will give you a case number.
    After a few days someone will call you to get more details.
    I had them rent me a minivan for 5 days while mine was at the dealer's.
    After that we agreen on a new Entourage.
  • shaky4shaky4 Posts: 25
    I have the same slope in my driveway and my new entourage (1035 miles) doors work flawlessly. The only time they hesitate is when my kids try to close the doors from inside and I start the engine. Shall keep an eye for the problem.
  • henryzxhenryzx Posts: 10
    Hello, we just brough our Brand new limited with ultimate pkg home couple days ago, and we're impressed, the fit and finish to power... couldn't complain a thing..But I have 2 questions:

    -If anyone pay attention to the engine cover (you have to pop up the hood), are yours with the V6 - 3800 - and "H" (Hyundai logo) on it (as the brochure advertised)? Mine is just bland "V6" and that's it, not even the "H" logo on it...I called the hot line and the rep. has no idea what supposed to be on the engine cover...the one I test drove does have the fancier version :confuse:

    -What's is the exact HP on our Entourage ? 250hp or 242hp? if you look on the net there are two diff. info. ... Is anyone know for sure on this info? :confuse:
  • boltguyboltguy Posts: 94
    250 HP and 253 lb/ft torque per hyundaiusa website
  • mknightmknight Posts: 57
    2007 Entourage has 242 HP at 6000 rpm and 251 lb-ft at 3500 rpm per the Hyundai sales brochure.

    2007 Sedona lists 250 hp at 6000 rpm, 253 lb-ft at 3500 rpm per the web site specs.

    I'd heard it said somewhere that they re-tuned the Hyundai engine so it made more torque and fewer hp. It doesn't look like it from the peak torque comparison, but maybe the Entourage has a *wider* torque band. Speculating, but maybe it's the exhaust tuning, perhaps done for a more up-scale sound.
  • henryzxhenryzx Posts: 10
    So far, this is the first I've ever known that its horse power still a myth somewhat even after it being produced :).

    and one more thing, my rpm would always around 2000-2500 rpm even at hwy speed (65-85mph) it norm? the rpm only rev above 3000rpm when I use the autostick function to shift gear... :confuse:
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    - 250 horsepower
    - 253 lb.-ft. torque

    For Entourage produced from July 2006;

    vehicles produced before July 2006 rated at 242 hp @ 6000 rpm and 251 lb.-ft @ 3500 rpm.
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