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Pontiac Solstice New Owners Reports

ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
edited April 2014 in Pontiac
Tell us what it's like to drive your new Solstice. If you have any "baby pictures" of your new ride, upload them to your CarSpace and post a link here.


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  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    we have had ours since Dec the feel of the roadster, nice and smooth thru the curves..and it does love the major problems.....had the pinion seal replaced under warranty, no other problems to report...18k on her...added cat back exhaust, cold air intake, pin stripes and tinted side windows..nice fit all around, room for the two of us....must get creative in packing for long weekends..but we have overcome the small trunk space.....we love this car!!

    pics here:

    going throught the curves of tail of the dragon at Deals Gap NC here:
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    hope more people post. this is a car I may consider a couple of years down the road.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    we are working hard to make it happen for a second year in a row...details as we know them:

    2nd North American Solstice Meet
    June 21-23, 2007
    Nashville, TN

    Sheraton Music City Hotel
    Group Rate of $119 plus tax
    Reservations can be made online at: ey=5DCA5
    Or by calling 1-888-627-7060 ----- Make sure to mention you are booking for the 2nd N.A. Solstice Meet

    Registration costs for attendees will be:

    Couples: $90.00
    Singles: $45.00

    Event T-shirts will be $15.00 each again this year but will be ordered separate from registration.

    A Web Site is being developed to allow access to all Solstice Owners interested in attending this event.

    Fund-raiser will benefit Susan G. Koman Foundation again this year.

    Tentative schedule for this event:

    Thursday, June 21, 2007
    Registration Sign-in and Packet Pick up 2pm – 6pm
    Reception - Meet & Greet 6pm – 8pm
    Friday, June 22, 2007
    Free Activity Day – attendees will be free to visit the sites and history of Nashville. We are working on a list of “Things to Do While in Nashville” and will post here and on the web site.
    Saturday, June 23, 2007
    8am – Noon and 2pm – 6pm
    “How To” Seminars
    Vendor Booths

    7pm – 9:30 pm
    Dinner and awards
  • guilianoguiliano Posts: 1
  • spoomspoom Posts: 85
    It's a shortened form of "from the CATalytic converter BACK" exhaust replacement. Changes the sound without affecting the emissions or driveability, since you are only changing the last part of the exhaust system. I believe that's the name Pontiac uses, but don't know if it's trademarked or generic.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    spoom has it right.....most major aftermarket exhaust system vendors....have this type of system available..generally they are direct fits...only need to be bolted into place..with original hangers..etc.....ours is made by changes the sound..and allows the engine to breathe a little easier...ideally you would also install shorty headers and a free flow cat as well...
  • freedom3freedom3 Posts: 2
    The only thing that I have to say about the Solstice is that I am upset with the way that mine was put together. I have a water leak and I hear alot of wind noise in a spot that I should not be hearing it. I've tryed to get it fixed and I am told that it is normal for convertables to do this.
  • freedom3freedom3 Posts: 2
    I love the Pontiac line-up, but right now I am upset with the way that I am being treated!! My 07 Solstice has a water leak in the roof and alot of wind noise by my passenger door. I took it in to get it fixed and they put some sealant on the roof. It just doesn't close all the way, manufacture defect. That was the first time, now I am being told that it is normal for a convertible to have wind noise and water leaks. As a consumer I am very upset that nothing can happen to fix the issues that I'm having with my Solstice. I don't hear of the BMW or the Ford convertables having these problems....
  • spoomspoom Posts: 85
    Mine's pretty noisy on the highway, but no worse than other unlined top convertibles I've driven. There is an optional type of top now from what I see in the option list but I bought mine off the lot and apparently it has to be built in at the factory.
    The leaking roof is obviously a defect that needs to be addressed so stay on 'em. Mine doesn't leak anywhere, even thought he fit on my body panels is worse than an old R :) ambler
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    suggest you try another service department...experience is..that many dont know how to deal with this roadster....start a conversation with your service manager...also come over to the solsticeforum for more info and support as well

    national solstice meet

    there has also been some discussion that the premium headliner can be installed aftermarket...but havent been able to confirm that.....
  • spoomspoom Posts: 85
    I'm sure the liner is like most problems-throw enough money at it.................... ;)
    When I talked to my parts guy back when I had first bought the car he looked for it and there was no part # as an accessory, only as an option. Obviously it could be ordered as a replacement part like any other body part, but I didn't pursue if it would have to be re-ordered as a complete top or whatever. I'm sure somebody will come up with an insert if there is enough interest.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    you definitely dont have to have it reordered with a complette can be installed aftermarket..but a good upholstery shop or covertible top shop..not a dealer service department should install it....
  • spoomspoom Posts: 85
    Thanks pao, do you know anyone who's actually done that? Curious what $ they ran into and if it was worth it to them i.e. would they do it again.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    all those over on the solsticeforum who have the premium liner say it does cut down on noise...and allows for better cockpit environment etc.....would think its $150 or so for the liner....and guessing...two or so hours to probably another $200 labor..but that is truely a guess on my part
  • spoomspoom Posts: 85
    Thanks, I'll dig into it at my dealer's part counter.
  • I love my 08 solstice,but wish i could drive it more .I bought it 8/3107 and since has been in the shop a total of two weeks for trans problems after 300 miles the range switch went bad ,this week driving at 65 mph it seemed to come out of gear ,looking down i saw it was in drive but felt as if in netral,all lighton shifter out until i stoped and put in park.noreadings on computer and dealer can not find the problem .sure wish they could.i would like to have my car back!
  • I assume by your description that it is an automatic. I further assume that the range switch you are referring to is the NSBU switch or its equivalent (you have a French made transmission).

    So now the real question is whether the switch is inside the unit (like newer transmissions) or stuck on the side like the older designs. If it is inside, that means they had to drain your fluid to replace it. It is possible they did not get the fluid level set properly. A transmission low on fluid will feel like it is neutral.

    Just a thought.
  • Hi I am 16 about about to get my very first car and my options are:

    1. 2008 solstice
    2. 2007-2008 bug convertible

    My family is really conerned about me driving a solstice. They are also really unhappy that it is an American car. Has anyone one experienced:

    -problems with the top (leaking, or problems with heat) I live in AZ where it gets extreamly hot and the top is a concern.

    My needs for this car are for everyday use going places like school, gym, etc.

    Thanks, please help!
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    have a 2006 but no problems with rattling or top leaking...the VW bug convertible has reliability issues....the solstice is a rear wheel drive car and has different driving characteristics than a FWD auto which you are probably use to.... and you have to be mindful of that, not sure on the bug or not..for styling purposes..the solstice hands down...

    what are the concerns about driving a solstice as compared to a VW other than its a domestic???

    any convertible will be a challenge in desert heat...assume by this you mean cooling the interior...the solstice has a good A/C unit.....and there is a large solstice club in the Phoenix area.....that has made no complaints about the that kind of desert probably will not have the top down at mid day temps.....

    hope this helps.....
  • As a 16-year-old new driver, my primary concern would be for you to get a car that won't get you killed. Your first car shouldn't be a convertible, and it certainly shouldn't be a sports car like the Solstice. You will have accidents, so you want something cheap to fix. For safety, you want something with a good crash test ratings. You also want something big: all crash tests are against cars of the same size and weight, because the heavier car usually wins.

    I know, you are a great driver, and nothing bad can happen to you. You may be a fantastic driver under ordinary circumstance, but like everything experience is how you learn. Let the first time you blow a tire or skid out of control not be the last.
  • That is good advice. I have read that the solstice has better crash test ratings than the bug? I have read so many consumer and expert reviews to try and make the right choice, but rarely find them that helpful; I have heard about how terrible AND how great they are. So finally after getting such mixed reviews I figured my best bet would be to go to the actual owners.

    I read one consumer review on Yahoo Autos of a woman whose solstice was wrapped around a tree after an accident and she walked away with only a broken nail!

    I do not doubt at all what you are saying and I'm so glad for all these different opinions. :confuse:
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    there have been several significant accidents involving solstice owners...and all have walked out without injury.....the crash cage around the cockpit seems to hold up very well and the crumple zones designed in the solstice seems to be well engineered....

    we have even had two roll overs that Im aware of..without injury.....but the point above is well 16, and dont take this distance and timing estimation and some other factors are fully mature yet...

    the solstice is a sports car...and RWD ...thus a certain level of driving experinence will be necessary to operate it...either automatic or manual.....
  • my first experience with a gm vehicle was an 80 something camaro my husband had when we first got together. i got rid of that hunk of junk after about 5 trips to the shop. thats just the amount of times i took it. i don't know how many times he took it. AND NOW we have got the 08 solstice, we love the car But i have had in the shop 4 times and haven't even got a tag or made our first pmt. this is the first car gm has made that i have ever wanted. and at first i was in tears and just knew we had picked a lemon. but the engine light is off finally and the car seems to be doing well. the problems were a clamp on the turbo was off, and a coolant hose was off close to the frame. then there was a strange ticking and clanking which gm says is normal. And now the car is having break problems in the morning when it is cool. i am not sure wether not i can trust the car , but am keeping fingers crossed.
  • What year is your solstice, I hear that the 06's leak alot. I have also noticed alot of 06's on the lots. people have traded these in by the barrel full. My guess is due to the leaking roofs and other problems.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    many folks traded the 06s in when the GXPs where released, others traded them in as well when the warranty was extended to 5/100 as well......remember a lot of folks bought the 06 as an impulse buy...many had never seen on in person when they ordered it and it was many also discovered a two seat roadster wasnt really suitable for them afterall.....or simply the newest has worn off as well.....we have an 06 and love it.
  • i am happy to report my 08 solstice has been on the road everday since the last trip for the coolant hose that was off and its running great. no engine lights, no more problems. it is a pleasure to drive. i am still worried about the breaks in the morning, but i just make sure to give myself a minute or 2 to warm up and its fine. i guess the bright side to the break problem would be if someone tried to steal it in the morning or at night after sitting a while, they would be shoced at the fact when they back up they won't have breaks. i think that would scare them bad enough to get out and run away!!! :)
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,236
    do you notice this problem with your Pontiac Solstice brakes? Do you have to give it a bit of time and let your Solstice warm up for several minutes before you can take off and be assured that your brakes will grab and work?

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • yes i do, it really scared me at first, but since i know that i have to let it warm up first, i just give myself a few minutes in the morning. the first time it happened, i freaked out. i have driven alot of small cars like the nissan 200,240,280,300 and have never had this happen before, i will admit it is more fun to drive my 08 gxp. i did look on line before buying this car to see if anybody was having these kind of problems and found none, but i did read that the sky is having the same poblem. and when i ask the sales person about it of coarse they said they have not heard of anybody having problems like this with their solstice. :shades:
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,236
    huh? As if no one had ever come up to them and asked them about this design flaw before. Oh well, I guess that if the Solstice's brakes work after waiting the few minutes, and that doesn't bother you, you're in like flint.

    If it does, you're poop out of luck and stuck with a car that has this little annoying crimp in it's style. It is a nice looking roadster, today I heard someone saying that they wouldn't buy one because you can't put the top up from your seat. You have to get out and fiddle with it in person and apply it to where it has to go? Lazybutt Americans having to get up out of their Solstice to tamper the top down? Say it isn't so, Joe Namath! :D

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

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