Why does my Ford Escape Beep?

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I'm new. I'm looking for answers. I've recently purchased a 2001 Ford Escape XLS.

One problem, it beeps. When it first starts up, it does this: beep,beep,beep,beep,beep,......beep,beep,beep, beep,....etc. etc. until it does that like 5 times. Some days it'll do it, and others it won't. Sometimes I can be going down the road and it'll just start beeping. I can't stand it any more.

Also, some damp mornings it doesn't want to idle. It'll cut of a couple of times before I can get it to run. AutoZone said that it was the EGR valve. The dealership hasn't ever heard of one beeping before. No warning lights come on or anything.

So, I don't know what to do. Can some one help me?


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    By any chance, do you have a rear view camera installed?

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    Not to my knowledge.
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    The beeps sound like an error code. It is likely a two part sequence, like 2 beeps, pause, 7 beeps, long pause, 2 beeps.....etc
    The error code is 27.
    Then google (or your favourite search tool) "Ford Escape" + error 27
    Good luck.
    FWIW, I had a airbag problem, that at the time, could find nothing, then a while later, the same problem came up as the first hit......($257 later.....)
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    I just got a used 2001 escape and I have the same error. 5 sets of 5 long beeps with a short pause between them. I get the error code when I initialy put the car in gear, and it will sound again in 30 minute increments as long as the car is still running. Junik85: did you ever figure out what this problem was?

    Thanks for any help
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    effective beep code: 5 long beeps, pause, 5 long beeps, pause, 5 long beeps, pause, 5 long beeps, pause, 5 long beeps, pause: Re-occurs every thirty minutes.
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    is yours seat belt buckled? it'll beep if you dont
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    mine does that but its just the seat belt alarm, maybe your seatbelt dash light is out and you hear it but you don't see it?
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    Did you ever find out what was causing this beep? I am having the very same problem. Have found a lot of forums where people have problem... but have found no solutions.
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    another 1 and done.
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    i guess I don't understand
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    The error code inidicates one of two things. It is either a burned out SRS light or there is a prblem with the SRS system that is being detected durng the initialization process. When there is an error, the chime will sound 5 times, pause and repeat. It will do this about five times and stop. If the engine is left running for 30 minutes, the sequence will repeat.
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    there is an effort to indicate a problem to try to undermine the confidence that potential buyers will have about buying a particular vehicle.
    it is planted by a competitor.
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    And yet another owner posts with the same problem.

    How about skipping the conspiracy theories and try to address the question?
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