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Turn signal activated interior light or wiper. Now my jeep doesn’t start.

jmaynezjmaynez Member Posts: 3
edited October 2019 in Jeep
A few months ago, my Jeep Compass 2008 started flashing the interior light when I used the turn signal. It wasn’t all the time, but it occurred on daily basis. I replaced the turn signal switch, but the issue was still there. In the last couple of weeks, the turn signal started activating the wipers as well. Then I started having issues starting the car, but I tried a few minutes later and I was able to start it. The dashboard started blinking once while driving. I think it has some kind of short circuit, because now the battery is going dead when I don’t use the jeep for a day, I test the battery and the alternator and they are fine. I started checking the wires where the turn signal switch is including the wiper switch and everything looks ok. I am wondering if I need to replace the SCCM (Steering Column Control Module) or the WCM (Wireless control Module) or both. I have the idea that WCM can only be replaced at the dealership since it needs to be programmed. I’m trying to avoid this since it will cost me a small fortune.

Last night, I unplugged the battery, hoping some electronic components will reset and perhaps the issue to be resolved. However, this morning I connected the battery again and I wasn’t able to start my jeep. Do you have any ideas on what should I check? Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.


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    jmaynezjmaynez Member Posts: 3
    I found the issue with my jeep not starting. It was a battery cable that for some reason it has an additional connector that it was loose. The jeep is running again. I think this also explains the blinking of the dashboard since it was loosing connectivity while the car was moving. The issue with the turn signal activating the wiper and interior light is still there.
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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 241,435
    Thanks for the update!

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    jmaynezjmaynez Member Posts: 3
    Just an update and a description of the resolution of this issue.
    I got a recommendation in another forum to check and cleanup the relay module which is located under the front wing (near the battery). I found a video online and took it apart and I used PCB cleaner. I took my Jeep for a test and the issue was there, but next day the issue disappeared and it hasn’t happened in 3 months. I think that was the problem and probably there was some corrosion and the cleaner needed a little time to work.
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