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Volkswagen Eos New Owners' Reports



  • Did any one test the Volvo C70 before purchasing the EOS? The Volvo C70 seems huge as compared to the EOS. Is the V6 worth paying extra for? Last question is the drive comfortable or do you feel the road? Thanks so much its my first car purchase since my husband passed away. Any advice is truly appreciated.
  • flheatflheat Posts: 46
    I did test drive both and the C70 engine is lathargic compared to the Eos 2.0T. The 2.0T is a very good engine and the 6 cyl in the Eos is not needed. You also have better road feel in the Eos and an overall better driving experience. Save 10 grand and buy the Eos.
  • Thank you so much. My son was thinking that the 2.0T would be sluggish when getting on the freeway. Whew thanks for the advice. Really want a convertible but after reading EOS posts last night was afraid it had some serious headaches.
    Again thanks.
  • :) I have had an EOS since May '07, and would not trade it for the world. It is so much fun to drive, and the 2.0L turbo is great! I have not had any leaks at all, but have experienced the 'roll back" it is not a huge deal once you get used to it. I experienced the same thing with a Chevy Impala I rented at the airport once.

    The fun of an EOS completely out weighs any of the tiny problems and character the car might have.

    One recommendation is the darker interior, because our light tan gets dirty quick and you have to dry wipe the dirt first, otherwise if you use a cleaner it is set in the leather for life. I learned that the hard way. This is my first convertible with such a light color interior. If you use the wind shield over the back seat, the dirt is even worse because it gets trapped on the seat by the wind collecting under the shield.
  • I don't think the C70 has the operable sunroof as well as the retractable hardtop. I drove the 2.0T and the 3.2 and the turbo is much quicker. I wish I could have gotten the bi-xenon headlights that come with the bigger engine but so what. I've experienced many of the little glitches mentioned in these forums and still love my EOS. Can't wait to put my top down, crank up my dynaudio system and paddleshift my way through the twisties.

  • trackulatrackula Posts: 10
    We took delivery a couple of weeks ago and have nothing but praise for the car. Fit, finish, quality materials, comfort and performance are beyond our expectations. No leaks yet, but we personally lubed all seals as soon as we brought it home. Went through a fairly high pressure "touchless" wash with no leaks found. Fuel economy was 29.7 on the first tank with 80% highway driving. The only issue is a very slight headlight beam misalignment. The buying experience was great and we'd do it all over again.

    Thanks to all who have posted their experiences. It really helped in the few weeks we researched the car before buying. I had some reservations due to the leak issues but decided to take the chance and I'm now glad we did.

    Does anyone out there have 40,000 miles or more yet on their Eos? Just wondering how the reliability has been and whether the driveability has degraded at all.
  • eosluvreosluvr Posts: 3
    I just passed 27,000 miles on my 2.0T. I purchased mine in Sept. 06 and fell in love. In Dec. 06 the turbo system imploded and the dealer had to replace the entire turbo system. Since then I haven't had any problems. In one thread someone mentioned the trunk not staying open long enough to get to it from the drivers seat. I have the same problem but that is pretty minor. I'm just too lazy to have the dealer fix it. I don't want to give up my car for that long.
    I drive about 90 miles a day round trip to work and my average mileage is about 30mpg. I have driven on longer trips and gotten as much as 35mpg.
    Overall the car is a blast to drive. No degradation of performance at all
  • eosluvreosluvr Posts: 3
    I'm thinking of installing a module that will alter the operation of the top and other features. I was wondering if anyone else has one of these modules? How is the performance? Any problems with installation or electrical issues? The module is from a company named Mods4Cars. They make roof operation modules for many of the German cars.

    thanks for any info
  • trackulatrackula Posts: 10
    Glad to hear you are having fairly good luck with the car. I'd like to see one of the major car mags do a long-term test on the Eos. Was there any indication from the dealer as to what caused the Turbo implosion, and how long did you wait for parts? The only VW dealer here is 150 miles away.
  • eosluvreosluvr Posts: 3
    That was the REALLY bad part about the turbo failure. I had only owned the car for 3 1/2 months when it happened. When I took it to the dealer they said they would have to order parts. Then they told me that I could still drive the car if I wanted while the parts were on order. That wasn't a good sign. I refused the car because I had almost been involved in numerous wrecks because I couldn't accelerate. Short story, they had the car for 26 days. 4 more days and they would have owned the car because of the Cailfornia lemon law. Needless to say I was VERY upset with the dealer. I fell out of love with the car very quickly but after driving it since I haven't had any more problems.
  • nmacknmack Posts: 5
    We are having accelerator problems with the EOS. It hesitates for a second or two and then surges. Seems dangerous. took it in twice already and still no fix found. Do we have a lemon? Any one else with this problem?
  • I have this problem with the engine is cold. I notice it most when I back out of a parking space and then press the gas... it starts to go, and then loses power, and then kicks in again. It has also happened to me when I have pulled out into traffic, I step on it, and then BAM no power, and then it's back... but only when the engine is cold. once it is up to temperature, I have not had a problem.

    Of course the dealer can not duplicate the problem and no codes are recorded.

    I still love the car. It is a year old now, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!

    If anyone finds a fix, please share it!!
  • nmacknmack Posts: 5
    We have had the EOS in the service dept three times for lagging acceleration. Sometimes you just start to pass or pull out and NOTHING happens. It just puts along for a second ot two and then suddenly spins the wheels and jumps forward. It is kindof scary. They say nothing is wrong.
  • I've had the Eos 3 months and have the problem of surging when I accelerate - and especially when I'm stopped and take my foot off the brake. Even if I don't touch the gas the car surges forward, a few times so hard I thought I'd been rear-ended. Parallel parking is a nightmare. Brought it to the dealer twice and was told it's the way the car is designed and there's nothing they can do. How common is this problem, anyway? And has anyone been able to get it fixed by a dealer?
  • I have never liked a soft-top convertible. I have been a hardtop convertible fan back in ’98 or so when I was young as I saw a TV commercial, it has become my dream car.

    Seeing the EOS the movement of hardtop down, I feel it brings me into the future, I feel it’s like a time machine,…and I feel the car is gonna fly, which is my dream too.

    I have found and loved EOS, since the start searching for a new car because of my 5-year-old car was hit and totaled this June (fortunately, my sister was not injured, but has been traumatized), and it looked like brand new, smelled like brand new, and looked absolutely gorgeous and was maintained in an excellent and very well condition, exceptionally clean and shine inside and out, the whole nation has less than 5% of used cars like mine, my old car was the best of all used cars in the world, but I did not get a reasonable settlement for this car wreck from the other party’s auto insurance company! Nothing I could do.

    However, I have set my eyes when I first decided the first stop at the VW dealer, my younger sister saw me nodding my head, and then I had been waiting for the car for a few months.

    Been waiting for a long time. My 09 eos lux was finally here. The first day driving home from the car dealer was a real adventure. It turned out to be one!

    This has been really very so frustrating!!!

    I have owned a VW EOS 09 model since this Oct. 18, 2008.

    But it started since the first day that when starting the engine or just unlocking the door with the remote control key, All four windows suddenly started to go down completely ALL at the same time! I have tried to pull them going back up, really rare times they would. Sometimes the moment as I pulled the up buttons, the windows would just stop and stuck in the middle on the way and then went down completely again. If the windows were willing to coming back up either I pulled individual power window buttons or the one-touch button, but they would go down again, or as this window was up but another would go down, and I tried to pull them back up again, then they going down again, or I pulled up button but it went down,…, it has never ended by doing so! Again and again, over and over! Day after day! The windows and I were doing “tug of war”.

    I called the car dealer; they said there shouldn’t be a problem. And so I have been really patient waiting for “the phenomenon” to become better. But it has become worse and worse! The windows have refused/resisted to come back up! And I heard clicking sound from the doors continuously. Yet, All power window buttons would not work almost all the time no matter how I tried during driving or stopped or parked, and so I must have tried everything/any action to let the windows close completely whenever I parked the car, then I turned off the engine immediately and got the key and out of the car and locked!!! Otherwise, even if the engine was turned off, the windows might still go down either somewhere else in the middle or completely. Yet, the power windows are supposed to have power/worked at least 10 minutes after the engine is off, but a NO!

    I spent some bucks going onto the internet to ask “Just” to see if there was anything I could have helped myself to fix it. The master technician from internet believed there may have an issue with the left front door window motor. He said the dealer should be there to take care of it for me! And he said, up to this date, he has never seen one case like this. Also, I had read through the booklet to see if there were any tips to help fixing the windows problem.

    Thus, I called the car dealer for service immediately, they answered no appointment time was available!” So, I waited…, finally when I got an appointment time, the day was raining!! Therefore, I could not go for a service because when I started the engine, all four windows would not close back up! And the trip to the car dealer is at least half an hour.

    So I waited for another appointment time, and during which time it had been raining and raining! Do you think I could go anywhere with this BRAND NEW CAR?! The place where I live with no public transportation, do you know how much trouble it has caused without being able to use my car???

    I set up an appointment via internet thoroughly by filling out all needed and extra info for a car service, but the dealer internet service website did not reply me whether the appointment time was confirmed or not, I asked again to make sure, the internet “teller” would not care, finally the email replied to me to contact the service directly?! So, three more days had passed, I got an appointment time.

    The day driving to go for the service on I-40, it had frightened my sister because of the windows suddenly moving down, and there was no way she could help to make them all going back up while sitting on the passenger seat. After raining, the day was really windy and chilled, plus the loud noise from the outside made us really uncomfortable! So, while I was driving, I had to do “multitasking” by sparing my time, my eyes, and my mind trying and waiting for the windows to go back up one window by one window! This was not the end because after the windows were back up, they would go down completely over and over, and I had been trying to do this action again and again all the way on the way to the service.

    At the dealer, the salesman came and said to us; luckily the car is still under warranty! Yeah!! Of course, I only have owned the car for a few days!

    Unfortunately, after waiting for two hours for the car windows to be fixed at the service, the manager told us that they could not fix the problem because they did not have the part. They said the problem would only have to replace the one-touch power window switch. He told us to wait two or three days to go back, and they will call us. It’s been a week, we haven’t got any call.

    At this point, you should understand how we got home and how we have been suffering from the car windows problem! Can you believe it happens to a brand new car!? I have never heard!

    Now the weather gets chilly and chilly, about 32F at mornings and nights, the time as I got out of school, the temperature is 50F and chilly wind blowing. There were days the wind was heavy and blew fallen tree leaves and dark thick dirt into my car.

    I had been trying the website “customer care”, “contact us” WWW.VW.COM , but every time as I clicked “NEXT” after entering VIN, it always told me “oops, you made a mistake…, ERROR, can not load the data right now, try again in a few minutes…” I had never succeeded. I was very sure that the VIN was correct all the time when it was typed in. Then I tried to complain via “VW information center”, you know what? The dialogue box only showed me the first two lines of my typing, and the submit button would not come up on the screen for me to click on; I did not succeed eithe
  • Yesterday, people told me I had NON taillights on when braking and while the headlights were on during night time driving!!!!!!

    I have been really frustrated with Problematic power Windows!!!!!!!!!!!!, and more!?

    My sister blamed me “look what you’ve got spending that much money?” And my friend teased me “who wanted the hardtop convertible?”

    I have lost confidence with this brand new vehicle, I can not stop to think how much trouble and repair cost I am gonna spend after warrant period!? I am very confused now if I want to keep EOS or not.

    Today, I asked roadside assistance to tow my car in for the service because driving becomes a hazard.

    That is my story. That is my EOS!?

  • I have an 2007 Eos with 59,000 miles. I have had this surging problem since it was new and the dealer says it's normal. Have you found a solution yet?
  • I have a 2007 VW Eos with 59,000 miles. I have serviced it religious but have been consuming about one quart of oil every 1,000 miles for some time. I have to add several quarts of oil between service intervals. It is not leaking oil on the floor. The dealership told me that 1/2 quart of oil consumption for every 600 miles is normal. I find this very hard to believe. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? It sounds like a major problem that VW is trying to avoid.
  • sue55sue55 Posts: 1
    I was thinking about buying a volvo c70 but was told by a friend to look into the Volkswagon EOS lux as a comperable car with a smaller prices tag. Has anyone heard of any comparisons of the two. Has anyone looked into both? thanks for any feedback.
  • There are a lot of comparisons on the Internet, and even earlier in this string.

    I love my EOS :) , but I would drive both if I were you. We selected the EOS, and love to drive it every day!

  • We've had our EOS 2.0 (Base) for 11 months and love it. No issues at 12,000 plus miles; it has been trouble-free. Great car so far, very economical. I've not driven the C70, however friends with Volvos report high maintenance costs above 70,000 miles. Honestly, I'm convinced any car not well-maintained is going to have those issues though. There is a direct comparison in one of the auto mags you might want to check out. Google an "EOS C70 Comparison." We did that before our EOS purchase. It should turn up what you are looking for. Good luck with your decision.
  • Some posters have observed that the engine surges. I've noticed it as well, but I'm wondering if this is just normal for any turbocharged engine. It hasn't been problematic for me, and I'm used to the way the car drives so it doesn't bother me. Any seasoned turbo drivers have an opinion?
  • This is a problem.
    VW seems not to understand HOW TO BUILD A NEW CAR THAT DOESN'T BURN OIL!
    previously, i drove a volvo s40 (loved it!) that burned thru brakes.

    But buring oil is a DANGEROUS problem for VW in that the average US driver does not expect their new $36,000 vehicle to burn a quart/1,000 miles.

    my VW Driver's manual does recommend checking the oil levels EVERY fill up.
    Frankly, i think VW has been deceitful. They've built a problem into their vehicles.
    This warning should have been put on a damn sticker inside the glove compartment! That way, I'd see the little note before i bought the darn car.

    I now won't buy another VW .
  • I'm told the surging, like the rolling forward or backward in Park, are a function of the manumatic transmission. Do any 6-speed owners have these same problems? I'm used to it after a year.
  • I am thinking about purchasing an Eos. Love the way it drives. Will my golf clubs fit in the trunk with my golf cart?
  • I am also experiencing the oil consumption issue. My local dealer wants to do an oil consumption test, and if it uses more that 1 Qt of oil per 1000 miles then VW will do something otherwise they will do nothing.

    I really love my EOS, but this is really frustrating. Can you imagine a quart per 1000 miles, when you brought it in for an oil change you wouldn't have any oil left.

    Not to mention the recommended oil is expensive and an oil change at VW is $90. and they will not top it off without charging you for the oil.

    Bad customer service on VWs part. The dealer agrees with me, but there is nothing they can do.

    I guess this is common in VW 2.0L engines, although I have read the engines that have been rebuilt by the dealer no longer consume oil.

    My recommendation is to check your oil between oil changes.
  • this has been a remarkable vehicle on many respects.

    VW had to COMPLETELY replace my entire transmission at 9K miles!

    then 6 months later, the car wouldn't shift into anything other than drive or neutral (no reverse, or park- try getting your keys out in THAT mode!... not!!)

    the 'surging' is something that i first noticed on my test drives, and found less surging on the Non-Sport model. (dunno if sport pckg is still offered, v-6 is no longer offered). i now simply 'baby' the accelerator to get around the surging
    and the 'lag' on acceleration is certainly more pronounced when cold (crappy car when cold, frankly).

    the window's issue is entirely due to VW engineers on crack! they have designed in these problems with that mini auto-open feature when you turn off the car.
    i know why they did it (easier to close doors with windows slightly open), but it makes for b.s. like you read here on Edmunds.
    and try driving this car in wet weather! my left pant leg gets wet every time the driver's side window 'mini-opens'!!! not a car for the Pacific Northwet!!

    VW ought to be ashamed with themselves for designing a car like this!. I've found VW customer service on the phone to be much more responsive that trying to deal with them online...
  • Nope. Clubs need to go in the back seat...
    trunk is pretty small in this car.
    but ski's fit just fine
    (and i'm a real estate agent, and can fit 6 open house signs easily in the trunk- even with the top down!)
  • VW cars appear to be built with quality when you see them in the showroom. However, it is all smoke and mirrors as they quickly deteriate and malfunction.
    Thank God I only leased my '08 Eos for 24 months. It leaks, creaks, rattles, burns oil like an Indy race car, and has multiple other ridiculous quirks. All of this backed up by an untrained Dodge dealer, smarmy customer "advocates" in Michigan, a regional rep In Tampa named bobby figgs? who refuses to and apparently doesn't have to return customer calls, an un-emailable president, and a general non-customer-oriented approach to product satisfaction that is unbelievable in today's economy. Any time you call a customer service center and told that "we allow a certain amount of water leakage into the cabin of an eos" or "the industry standard for oil consumption is one quart per 1000 miles," you know you're being handled by a crusty old black beetle with a bad german accent. Buut, Brooke Shields does seem to enjoy her routan! If you have to drive a car every day, like most people in this country, you'd have to be a moron to pick a vw eos. It's rancid schnitzel.
  • trackulatrackula Posts: 10
    We've had our Eos 14 months (17,000 mi.) and it burns not a drop of oil, the cabin does not leak and it is a joy to drive and own. The mileage is outstanding, averaging 29.5 mpg. I've always owned Japanese makes because of the quality and reliability and so far the Eos is as good, with higher quality interior materials and fit/finish that rival the best. All this from an owner who takes very good care of the car, lubing the seals every few months, and changes oil and filters on schedule. I expect an occasional rattle from the rear due to the complexity of the top mechanism. We've never had to take the car back to the dealership and the only issue at scheduled maintenance was a headlight beam adjustment.

    I have no complaints and nothing but praise for this car. I do wish VW had more consistent build-quality and a better customer care network through their dealerships.
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