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Infiniti J30 Issues

paulat1paulat1 Posts: 1
edited August 2017 in INFINITI
I just purchased a 1993 J30T Infiniti. Does anyone know how to fix a trunk lid or gas lid neither will close?


  • are you simply saying the latches will not latch properly?? Sounds like the car has some sort of body damage or something... You can adjust the striker for the trunk, but the gas door isnt that way..
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    93 J30, low miles of 75,000. Stalls while stopped after warming up. Very hard start if at all. Will after 20 minutes or so. Have replaced fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter and relay inside L kick panel. Have purchased a fuel pump but leary of installing yet. It shutters and then dies in seconds. Sometimes get a check engine light and idle fluctuates. Will weak fuel pump set off a code? Sound like a pump? Any info is appreciated. Thank you
  • I have replaced the driver side window motor 3 times with brand new motors, each time the motor goes bad. In looking through the manual, I found where the previous owner also replaced the motor twice, does anyone know what could be burning out these motors?
  • My two back windows on my 94' Infiniti are currently being held up by tape and the motors are useless. the front windows can only be operated with the main controls on the driver side because the switch on the passenger side window is useless too. My headlights were rewired because there were 3 plugs on one side and only 1 on the other, instead of 2 on each side (low beam, high beams). She(my car) was supposedly scraped along side a garage door by her original driver in Texas but she came to me with a HORRIBLY done up chop job of a fix and looked like she had been in a head on collision with a brick wall and then sent to some shady backyard mechanic with a hammer :cry: Anyways besides all that the guy that sold her to me had bought a cadillac and needed the garage space for it so he sold her to me for $700 cash. She will be due for some re-upholstering after a fatal encounter with my bored dog and a serious paint job. Here's the fairytale ending though, she will still do 0-60 for me in about 5.4- 5.7 seconds and she will never not start, even though its very cold in ohio and she has over 166,000 miles on her. IT IS THE BEST CAR EVER!!!! :)
  • court1court1 Posts: 3
    Check your antifreeze level.
  • Hello - any success resolving this yet? Have you read the codes stored in the ECM??
    Regards- Rick
  • I bought my J-30 in 2000 when it was 4 yrs old. I've read the messages posted and have had some of those same issues. It has over 100,000 but still runs great until this last deal. My current problem is a mystery to my mechanic and any other men in my life. On Monday, my husband checked the oil and it was fine. By Friday on my way to work I heard a "tapping" and freaked. I went straight to my mechanic and he checked the oil and it was bone dry. He put in 3 qts and I drove on to work, about 20 miles. I was on a busy exit in Dallas and suddenly, the car died. It was completely gone. No oil. The water in the radiator was a slight brown, but not what it would be if the oil were in there, according to the mechanic. Prior to this, there was no oil on the driveway, no black exhaust coming out of the back, and so forth. Where did the oil go? I had it towed to my mechanic and he's baffled. He says if we can solve this mystery, he can rebuild the engine if there's one good head. (whatever that is...LOL) In the meantime, I'm carless. Please help!
  • I own a 94 Infiniti J30 with 180,000 and it has recently started stalling as well. I'm pretty mechanical, but I am hesitant to start tearing into that crowded japanese motor. Did you ever figure out what was causing your car to stall?

    My J30 is doing the same thing, once it warms up some electrical issues start happening. Its related to my breaks I think, when I tap them my lights dim on the inside and out. It eventually dies on me and I see a check engine sensor (which has been on for the last 15,000 miles probably although its been running EXCELLENT...) I also see my airbag light, seatbelt light, and ABS light. This has happened about 6 times in the last week. Sometimes it will stutter and the gas pedal is very non-responsive (which makes me think it could be a fuel filter possibly). After it dies on me, it is VERY VERY hard to start.

    Does anyone have any useful knowledge???

    Thank you :confuse:
  • My transmission recently went out on my 93 j30. I had someone who does transmissions for a living rebuild it. When he went to put the transmission back in, the car would not start. He seemed to think that because the battery had been removed, the security system disarmed the car and prevented it from starting. When I called the dealer to ask about the codes, I was told that there were no codes for that car, however, the manual speaks about getting codes to input through the radio.

    Does anyone have any experience or information regarding this situation? I now have a rebuilt transmission and no running car.
  • Hi, I have a 1995 Infinity J30t. Its an awsome care except that two weeks ago my transmission hesitates to go into reverse, athough the drive gear is exellent. It seems that it hessitates before going into reverse, especialy when it get to normal operating temp. Any idea anyone??

  • hey . I just recently got a a 95 j30 , and when i put it in reverse ,nothing happens , i give it gas and nothing, almost like it was in neutral . what is the problem and how much is it gona cost me ??
  • Hello I have a 94 infinitij30t and it ideles rough and when excilerating it jerks a little now my engine mounts right and left are ok could this be a transmission mount cause i was told that that could make it vibrate and if so does anyonme have this problem and will this fix the problem other then that I love my car
  • 1st I noticed a louder then usual noise (tapping valves), I added some oil & additive to quiet the valves, that didnt work, after driving for about 25min. I heard a howling/wheeping noise I thought one of my windows was open,but not th case, the noise went away, I slow down to about 30-40mph but the noise came on and off within 3-4 mins. then BLANK the engine stop running, I put the car in neutral and let it stroll to a safe place off the highway, let it sit for awhile then try to start it, the engine turns over strong but wont start up, the car has been sitting since then, a machanic friend came to check some stuff: Battery is good,,getting fuel to the rail,, starter is fine, STILL NOT START,,please help :cry:
  • rrroj30rrroj30 Posts: 1
    the cause of this is, the mas air flow sensor needs replacement.
  • ajruderajruder Posts: 1
    My 96 J30 is about to hit the 150k plateau. I've had it since 125k and haven't had to do much maintenance on it. I've noticed it's been a little sluggish and I a hear a loose rattling noise for a few minutes after I start it after sitting. I am unaware of what the previous owners have done as far as maintenance. I want to ask if anyone has any suggestions or advice for a non car guy on if there is anything preventative I should or can do just to be safe.
    Thanks you.
  • j30fanj30fan Posts: 1
    my 94 j30 did the same thing and it turned out to be the altenator
  • mikenoblemikenoble Posts: 1
    My cassette/cd/amfm stereo lights up and cd runs but no sound most of the time...I assume a short. Sometimes the sound comes on when I hit a bump in the right way and sometimes when I am just sitting there.Does anyone know where the main ground is or what I might do to fix this problem.
  • i,am repairing a 94model year j-30 and i can,t get a spark . i would like to know where the crank sensor is located & the pcm or ecm . could be the securty system too! i,am baffeled with this car. great car but complicated to find whats wrong. any help will be thankful for . God bless & Thanks.
  • saringvsaringv Posts: 3
    Greetings all;
    Bought the wife a 96 J30 (local dealership- 30 day/3k mile warranty) with 61k miles, documented service records since new, 1 owner. Carfax is clean...beautiful car, rides handles well. Early bday present!

    Took it for a ride tonight (1 day after we bought it) and coming up a grade, noticed smoke, tons of it. Pulled over, tranny fluid. Tow driver got it up and without a flashlight, couldn't tell where the leak was. My suspicion is the rear output seal, but it was dark...there's a gasket between the tranny and the tailshaft-possible leak there? Anyone had a similar experience or can point out what the cause might be? :sick:
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Could be as simple as a busted transmission cooler line. After 13 years, things like this can deteriorate and are rarely replaced as maintenance items.
  • I have a '96 j30 and am removing the heads ( which are REALLY cruddy) and in order to do so, must first remove intake manifold. My service manual states to remove the idler, which is held in place with a stud. I removed the nut and washer and the idler came off properly with the stud left in place. The manual I have seems to show the idler held in place with a bolt rather than a stud. Anyone have any experience with removing this stud?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    You can usually remove a stud using a "double nut" run two nuts on the stud, then tighten them against each other with two box wrenches, and then crank the stud out, putting the wrench only on the inner nut of the two. You may want to lubricate the stud area beforehand with some type of cutting oil.
  • ryat616ryat616 Posts: 1
    I own a 1995 j30 with 74,000 miles. When I start the car, it runs fine, great pick-up. Barely push down the gas pedal, and 0 - 60 like its nothing. As soon as I drive for about 5 minutes and the car gets to normal temperature it feels like the car loses its umph. I have to put the gas pedal down farther for it to pick up speed, and it starts out slow, catches and then sends the rpms up really fast. If I am trying to go up a hill and need to pick up speed, I have to push the gas pedal all the way down to the floor. I just replaced all spark plugs, and all ignition coils, and it did help the problem a little bit. Someone suggested it could be my cats which I checked temperature and was running in the 420 range. I was told that was normal. Any ideas anybody? I just want my car to drive like when I first turn it on all the time!
  • Some times they work.left one really bad.are these cars known for this problem and how to fix
  • bo1bo1 Posts: 5
    My 97 j-30 service engine soon light is on . Any idea what it might be?
  • Sorry.I have not run into that light problem yet.Does anyone know how to lubricate the sunroof cables.I read that if you grease them up the roofs opens much smoother and quicker.
  • The lighted display quit working on the Bose Everything on the radio works fine.2nd problem is my roof is having problems opening and closing I have to pull it or push it...,I did read a while back that you can grease the opening/closing cables.Anyone know how or where I can grease them ? Do I have to drop the head liner??
  • I also own a 95 j30(a little more mature 140,000 miles) but i am having the exact same problem. When it's cold, the gas is very responsive and it gets up and goes very quickly. As soon as it warms up, it's a total different story. I have to push the pedal down really far and it chugs for a bit and then kicks down to a lower gear and revs up really high. I just recently got this car and i don't know anything about it. I have contacted several infiniti service reps and they act like they've never heard of this before. I asked if it could be the cat, and they said if it was the cat an indicator light would come on the dash. It sounds like this is more common than I originally thought. In a way it makes me feel a little better knowing we have a similar problem, but i would feel alot better if I knew how to fix it. Any advice? Anyone else having this problem?
  • 1995 J30 just started sputtering. Runs better at higher speed, but doesn't start easily -- if at all.

    Problem is recent after two years of running well.
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