Dodge Sprinter Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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Tell us about your Sprinter purchase experience!


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    Moss Dodge in Southern Ca. is probably one of the best buying experience I have ever had. Salesman said we get $1,500 over invoice, here are the keys take it for a ride. I spent 45 min. inside, came back a week later and bought it.
    He asked about the extended warranty, I said the only way I buy warranties is at dealer cost - he quoted dealer cost and I added that.
    07 Sptinter 10 passender high roof.
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    Bought our Class B at an RV show this spring. Sticker was 88K, ended up at 77K. Did not go with the extended warrantee as the original driveline warrantee is good for 100,000 miles.
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    Has anyone purchased their Sprinter using the Chrysler Purchase Plan for suppliers or employees? Perhaps you could post which plan and the details?
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    I'm looking for input on any of these options that anyone may have. Haven't ordered mine yet so I'm still putting the "wish" list together. Have noticed a little difference between the prices depending on if it's a Freightliner badged unit or a Dodge.

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    My buying experience had a little bit of everything. It started it well with a friendly and accomodating salesperson with very little pressure. althought since It was the end of the month a general manager did call me to try and push the sale through( turns out they were a few vehicle short of meeting the monthly quota for bonuses). This was a huge turn off.

    I did some negotiation which mostly consisted of the extras i needed as the base price was pretty well set. I am a delivery driver and needed shelving. a partition, step bumper and a few other things.

    like I said the salesperson was good and did what i thought she could to get me a better deal on the extras I needed. However the actual process of the upfit took far too long in my opinion. i had to call for updates repeatedly and things just never seemed to be ready when they were supposed to be. I finally picked up the van after nearly two months of waiting for things to get done. Since they had the vehicle so long I brought the backup camera purchased through my company for them to install which I felt they overcharged for. My salesperson did help me out though with a credit in the service department to offset the camera charge.

    I did finally have to go down to the dealer and talk to a manager about the issues i was having. I acknowledge it is not entirely the dealers fault as things had to be shipped in from other places to be installed but I still think it took a few weeks too long to complete the upfit and was not treated as well once the sale was final.

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    A couple months ago my dad bought a 2008 Sprinter for his work. 12 passenger, 170" wheel base, extra roof mounted a/c system, a few other options. MSRP was about $48,000. We paid about $44,000.
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    Is the $44,000 out of the door or before tax, etc. Also, is the AC the standard or the heavy duty one. I hope you give me more detail about the options installed in your dad van. Thanks.
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    Sorry, I should of added more detail. The $44000 is before taxes. We basically discounted a little more than $4,000 off MSRP. The a/c we got is the secondary roof mounted unit, its powerful, but from the factory. The standard(front unit) one will not do a good job cooling the 170" van, especially in the Houston heat. It cools the front fine, but the van is so big that it needs more cooling power. There is also a motor add-on with the a/c, its required to power the unit. I wish I could give you more detail but I don't have the email with all the detail.

    We might have been able to negotiate the price further, but we where in a time constraint. My dad literally took the Sprinter on a 3,000 mile road trip that very next day. Every place in Houston was out of the big vans that he needed, so he pushed up his purchase a few weeks. It worked out well. He has 10k miles on it so far in 3 months. Mostly long weekend trip. He's gotten plenty of compliments from people in the know. Its a big beast though, the a/c uniton top adds more height to it.
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    I'm having a hard time trying to find a site that will show me used prices on the Sprinter. I'm searching for a sprinter 04-05 model and would like to know before hand what is the fair market value. Dealer / privet owner pricing. Just looking for the this info. and I see that the Kelly book says that this information is not released at this time. Is this correct?

    There must be a site that lists this info.

    Also reviewing the many posts I'm still confused as to which year is better if any one has more problems that the other. Or what to check.
    Thanks for any input. JS
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    We just purchased a 2004 Passenger Sprinter off of EBAY for $20,995. It had just over 25,000 miles. My husband is driving it back across the country right now and says it's great and running well. When we got our loan, the bank said the retail value on the car was over $24,000, so I think we did really well as far as purchase price. EBAY is really a great place to find used cars. This is our second EBAY vehicle purchase. It comes with a warranty. And there are A LOT of Sprinters on there right now.
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    Bought the Sprinter 7 mths back /. about 2500 miles on it. Dealer said it was the parts dept at the dealership who use the truck. I would not suggest anyone buying anything from Beck Dodge in Palaka, FL. The Sprinter had been crashed in the front & dealer never told me about the damage. It was not repaired on the inside of the fender & the smashed plastic is still there just hanging.

    Dealership had a free first oil/filter offer when I bought the Sprinter & when I took it in the service writer tried to trick me into agreeing to a total service job at over $600+.

    It was hard to get a direct answer from anyone inside the dealership about the damage I found on this Sprinter. I can only believe it was a real con job to have sold this Sprinter w/ damaged wind screen, poorly repaired crash damage & never having to disclosed the truth about the history of my Sprinter. Thanks Beck Dodge
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    I bought my 07 Sprinter of Ebay for $ 19,499.00.It had 79,000 mile on it.Options
    are luxury seats,steering wheel controls,aux.heater & heater booster,alum.wheels,
    security system,power mirrors,premium sound w/6 disk cd,heated driver seat,
    full paneling ,upper lower & floor mounting rails. Its a 170 in 2500.
    By the way I average about 20.1 mpg.

    Love my Sprinter & not a bad deal ether.
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    Anybody out there that is using the Sprinter for locksmithing purposes. My boss is considering it. Would love to hear pros and cons. Any feedback would be beneficial. Thanks in advance!
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    It is difficult to get your hand on a fair price value of a 2007 Sprinter wagon. KBB is useless and Autotrader new feature only has the chassis/cargo version.

    I am looking at a 2007 Sprinter-10-passenger gas engine with about 27k miles. Dealer wants around $35k. I was able to get the 'black book' value from another dealer website and it seems the going trade-in price is only $14k! If that price is correct, used Sprinter seems to go way about whole sale price.

    Don't know how much to offer dealer. Any advice? Thanks
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    Try posting a description of the vehicle here:

    Real-World Trade-In Values

    Maybe an expert can give you an idea...

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