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Pontiac Vibe Electrical/Lighting Issues



  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    They finally decided to replace our battery, though the analysis showed it was fine. No problems since then. We'll be closely monitoring but I suspect the old one had some bad cells. The dealership is saying that the modern alternators do not charge unless there is a draw detected and then you must drive quite some time to re-charge fully. I still think it was a bad battery. Otherwise the car is great. Good mpg, fun to drive, versatile. Hope this ends this episode.
  • Anyone ever replace the light bulb for the gear shift selector for a automatic vibe? Before I start trying to remove the plastic cover I'd to see if anyone has an easy way.
  • Thorsham,

    I heard a crunching noise in the shifter about a year ago which lasted about a week or so. Then I noticed no light in the gear shift letters. Posted are request for help then. No one has come up with a simple repair.
  • any body know how to change the fusible link for the alternator on my '03 vibe?
  • We have a 2000 Pontiac Vibe. Recently, three of four electric door locks quit working. The only one that works is the driver's door. We tried replacing the battery in the keys, but it didn't help. From inside the car, when we push the button on the door to lock the doors, again, only the driver's door works.

    Any ideas?
  • ghdrtghdrt Posts: 1
    I need to replace the tag or license light on vibe. I see an access panel on the hatch but I am not sure how to remove the panel without distroying it. Does anyone have any suggestions
  • n2hon2ho Posts: 5
    I saw the description with photos of how to replace license lights on
    Check it out.
  • LuzerLuzer Posts: 119
    Anyone try replacing this bulb yet?
    I have the 2003 Vibe with 74k miles....

    Here's what I did.
    Looked at owners manual.

    Take off the black cover - you press the smaller middle part on the fasteners and the outer part come out, I learned this on my old COrolla years back, and the Vibe manual do not tell you.

    I remove the two screws.

    NOW, I try to take off the light asembly as shown in the manual, and I can't pry this off!!

    - I used a butter knive around some of the edges, but the plastic looks like it will crack.

    - I pull on both sides with equal pressure - and still think I wil crack it.

    I cannot see anymore clips etc.

    Please help me replace the 3rd stop light bulb aka stop light buld aka high mount on the hatch stop light bulb.

    Bulb info -
    Center High Mounted Stop Light Part number = 921
  • LuzerLuzer Posts: 119
    OK - So I'll reply to my own posted question....

    After taking off the black overcover, I used a screwdriver and pried up the little red tabs and voila, the red cover came off, the bulb was replaced...last step - throw out the owners manual...
  • geneva26geneva26 Posts: 1
    Has anyone had to change a fuse for the instrument panel, specifically the CD/Radio? My friend plugged her car cell phone charger into the cigarette lighter on the dash and then the cd/radio went dead. The cd player will still eject cds though and the clock lights up when a button is pressed. In my user manual it says that the fuse box for the instrument panel is below the instrument panel, but neither I or my fiancé could find it. It seems like such an easy small thing to change that I don't really want to take it to the shop unless I have to.
  • Has anyone ever replaced light bulb from the reading light by moonroof? There's a screw and I unscrewed it but wasn't able to remove plastic cover. :sick:
  • Thorsham,
    I have that crunching noise also and it happens on and off. More on that off. I thought something was stuck in or was caught in the shifting column. Now my light as gone black also. Very strange and I have not taken to a dealer to look at because I thought it might be a fuse.
    Have you had any luck?
  • just replaced the battery in 2003 vibe. i left the car running and removed the old battery (wont hold charge) and put the new battery in. i connected the negative lead. right before i connected the positive lead, the car stalled. positive lead was never grounded that i know of. now when i try to jump the car, i get a spark when connecting jumper cables across my battery, but i dont even get lights in the car. i used this same jumper cables and friends car to jump earlier in the day to go buy a battery, and it worked fine. i dont think its the alternator, because i should have lights anyway when jumped to friends battery. dont have enough money to get the car towed to a shop, so i want to try to fix this on my own. i have a good suspicion that its a fuse or grounding problem, but i dont know which it could be.
  • Yes I have 2003 Vibe and that just happened to me. The dealer said he would have to replace the radio.
  • koz39koz39 Posts: 2
    :sick: The driver's side door on my 04 vibe won't lock or unlock with the keyless entry. All the other doors will. Is this a common problem with the car? Do I need a new switch or is it as simple as getting a new battery for the remote? Any advice would be helpful.
  • Hi I have a 2004 PV all in all it has been a great car but yesterday the blower quit all of a sudden no noise no vibration just quit. I tried to find the fuse for the heater or defroster but it was not labeled in the owners manual or on the fuse covers. I don't know if that is the problem or not. If anyone has had this problem I would certainly like to hear your suggestions.
  • I found this message and it is the same problem I have been having. How did you solve it? THe reading light on my sun roof is out. I unscrewed the srew and can't open the cover to cahnge bulb or fix. Thanks Cinda
  • Hi,

    I own a 2006 Pontiac Vibe. I take extremly good care of my car and recently had a collison with a 100 lbs deer, doing about 40 mph. I hit the deer in the very front head on. My air bags failed to deploy. After shutting my car off and then starting it the check engine light popped in. So when I drove my car home and then to the collison repair place it was determined that my computer fried. Now my insurance is trying to tell me that the computer frying is not accident related. Can they do that?
    We check recalls and the manufacturer and there were no "known" problem areas with the Pontiac Vibes. I still owe a good 15k on my vibe.

    Has anyone experienced then or does anyone have any advice?

    Waiting tranportationless
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    It's either covered under warranty, or it's covered with the accident. Get the dealership and the insurance company on the phone together.
  • LuzerLuzer Posts: 119
    My 2003 Vibe has been burning thru headlights. I have 3 burn out within the last 15 months now. This is always the one where I have to remove the battery. The other side had one burned out - that's okay. The brand I got was sylvania. They were supposed to be double life....
    I changed over to a single life GE one a few months ago - hope that one works better. So is it the bad bulb or is there a problem in the system?
    No headlight problem until 3 + years....

    About 6 months ago, the recir button problem came up. With the light off (fresh air), there was a clicking sound...I removed the glove box and promptly broke one of the tabs for the interior air filter. The user manual shows you how to lift up...I read a post here to push down on the tabs...since it was dark, I did not pursue this any further. However, I did feel the duct flap trying to go into the open position.
    I did a quick search here on the forum and read that this is due to a motor module, or a gear missing teeth. I guess I'll have to wait for Spring to look deeper into this - it's cold outside. Also saw again the option of buying a furnace filter and cutting it into 8" x 8" instead of an OEM part.

    Other problem is a broken Fog Lamp cover - can't just replace the bulb - it'll just go out pretty quick.

    Otherwise, 84K miles and going real good..
    Syn blend oil every 4 - 5 months (7000miles +/-)
    regular gas - 29mpg mix driving (28 if I go fast, like 80mph)
    No more rotten smell - not sure when it stopped, but noticed it went away one day (after 60K miles give or take) Again, that smell was under hard acceleration like starting a climb.

    Snow tire sale on tirerack on the blizzack revo
  • sooner6sooner6 Posts: 1
    I am having exactly the same problem as Luzer. 3 burnouts in about 10-12 months after the originals lasting over 4 years. Anyone else having this problem? Any solution? If they burned out every week, OK, but these last 3-4 months. Not tied to moisture (I think) as it is over 90 degrees and dry and burning out just like it did in the Fall. I had half my lights burn out on my A/C cluster of dials about 18 months ago. Had my power door locks stop working briefly in Dec but they cured themselves in a few weeks. Otherwise, the car has been great.

    I also used the Sylvanias. Are they just cheap or is it something else? I don't trust Mr. Goodwrench to do anything but run up a bill.

  • Okay here it goes. Just recently the instrument panel on my 2003 Pontiac Vibe has gone completely dead. The indicator needles and back lighting for my odometer, gas meter, and tachometer are not functioning what so ever. First thing I thought....fuse, I checked those and everything checked out. So know I'm led to believe it's a problem with the computer or wiring, which I'm completely clueless about. My warranty is far up and I'm completely sure this is going to be an issue that will cost me $400 and up to fix. If any of you have had the same issue, I would love to know what I'm getting myself into so the dickheads at GM don't try to give me the run around. Also another problem that may be related, or separate is that both of my dim lights have gone out at the same time shortly after the instrument panel issue began. All the other lights including my bright head lights work except for the dim. I got pulled over yesterday and a cop made me take a field sobriety test which left me feeling really pissed off and taken advantage of. I don't think it would be a problem with the bulbs going out, I don't think they would go out at exactly the same time if it where a problem with that. So again another electrical issue. Could it be a fuse? or do you think it would be tied in with the problem I'm having with the instrument panel. I'd appreciate any help or comments even if you are not experiencing the same issue.
  • Problem with 04 Vibe electronics not shutting down when the ignition does.
    Console is the main problem. At times it works fine and then it will refuse to shut off. Now the key ignition warning also stays on when the
    key is out. This key thing started after the car window was repaired and the door holder was broken in that process. We have pulled the fuse so these two don't drain the battery! Wondering WHAT is causing this and the simplest way beside the fuse pulling to solve this one?
  • Did you ever get it fixed? If so, what was the issue? I am asking because this just happened to me today. Thanks.
  • Sorry to hear about your accident. There are many computers on modern cars, so whether or not the computer problem could have been caused by the accident depends on which computer was involved. I do know, however, that it was correct for the front airbags not to deploy when your car hit the deer. In fact, manufacturers specifically require non-deployment in a deer hit when they test airbag systems provided by suppliers. Hitting a deer does not cause a large enough deceleration to require the protection of the bags.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    Luzer: if you are still around, I think you and I own the exact same car. I have a blown out fog lamp (passenger side) which I refuse to replace because my wife has trashed this car; a new fog light won't help it look any better. I also broke off one of the snaps on my cabin air filter housing. I was the one who originally posted using stock furnace filters and continue to do so. I will also do so with my new '09 vibe as well. As far as the '03 goes, I also have the annoying clicking from the recirculation system. Did you ever find out what the solution was? That I would like to get fixed. Thanks in advance.
  • I am having the same problem on my 2004 Vibe and was wonderig what you found.
  • kjtkjt Posts: 8
    Luv my 09 Vibe except for this one perk. You have no control over your headlights with the ignition turned on at night, the headlights will not turn off, not even to the park lights. I've tried another Pontiac forum site with out much luck and the local dealer told me that it's built into the computer that way and you can't do anything about it. Quote from the local service manager at the dealership in North Platte, NE.(The vibe is Pontiacs low end vehicle, what did you expect to get.) Well, I didn't think it was that much to ask to have a little control over your headlights. Ever go out on a cold night and warm the car up, go anywhere where it was just plain courteous to dim your lights to park while waiting in line, etc, etc and the only way you can do it is to turn off the car. GM's customer service was no help whatsoever. Any ideas?
  • kjtkjt Posts: 8
    After much time and research I finally found a way to eliminate the DRL on my 2009 Vibe and have total control over my headlights with the ignition on at night. Thanks to 2 great service techs at my local Toyota dealership and help from several on related websites. The DRL on the 09 is located behind the glove box. Remove the glove box completely to make it easy to locate the DRL. There are 3 white plug ins that you will see, the biggest of the 3 and to the right is the DRL. Unplugging the DRL won't solve the problem, it only makes it so you have no headlights at all. On the 3rd plugin is a blue wire located directly below a larger brown and also a larger white wire, that is the #12 plugin and the blue wire is the one that controls power to the DRL. I had the service techs simply unplug that 1 wire from the white plugin assembly rather than cut it, just in case I wanted to plug it back in when I sell the vehicle, or in case Pontiac had any questions as to why it was unhooked (still under warranty). You can cut the wire of course, just remember to leave enough so you can crimp them back together again should you need too. Be sure to tape up the wire which ever way you do it. Toyota Matrix and the Toyota Corolla are exactly the same. When I finally found out what I was looking for and showed the tech with his help, it only took him about 10 minutes to pop that blue wire out and have everything back together and on the road. You will not have day time running lights, but I always used my headlights anyway and now I can turn then on and off however I like too. If you really want the daytime running lights you can always cut the blue wire, wire that into a switch on the dash and just turn off that switch at night so you have control over your automatic headlights. Either way works, just depends on what you want
  • On my 2004 when I turn my car on at night WITH THE EMERGENCY BREAK ON
    the lights do NOT come on until the break is completely released! Try parking with the break on and turn car off and then back on. NO lights on mine when I do this!
    Different years may vary but give it a try!
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