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Hyundai Azera Favorite Color

tibtuscanitibtuscani Posts: 46
edited April 2014 in Hyundai
What's your favorite color for the azera?
My favorite is the Silver because it has a bluish tint to the silver looks really sexy.


  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Black on black :)
  • If Ed McMahon had just driven up with an armored car full of cash for me, then I could hire a man-servant to care for my car. That being the case, I'd go for black/beige or the dark blue/beige, since I think they are really STUNNING, right after they've been washed. Unfortunately, that condition lasts about 15 minutes, after which they show every damned speck of dust, pollen, bird deposits, etc. We've had our (dare I say it?..AVALON) for 11 years, and it is what we deem the most practical color of all for not showing the dirt right away, but after having had beige for 11 years, we wouldn't have felt like we had a new car if we had duplicated the color. Therefore, we opted for Sage Green with beige leather, and we think it's just beautiful!
  • Powder white pearl, what a beaut :)
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    I just bought an Azera tonight and had a hard time deciding between Sage Green and Steel Grey both with black leather interior. I had only seen one sage green on any of the car lots we'd been to and it wasn't the cleanest but had seen many of the steel gray which picked up a pinky purple cast in the sun. I asked the dealer to clean up the green and bring it inside and that clearly made up mind. It is beautiful...sage green for sure.
  • I really like the beige color. It pops out a little more than the typical Toyota color. It is strange how experience taints our perception. I have owned too many white cars and presently have a white Toyota T-100, so that color does not interest me in the least. Pretty, but not for me.

  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    I have sage green with beige interior. It looks great.
    I had custom painted pin stripes applied which makes the color pop.
  • jnd17jnd17 Posts: 62
    I have a Black with Beige Interior. No Logo Grill, Tinted Windows and No Badges. I am awaiting my New Custom Chromed Wheels which will be delivered tomorrow. It is like Christmas for me. I can't wait to see and mount the new rims on my car. I am a detailing nut so black doesn't bother me at all. Love this Car!
  • Did you remove the "H" and the "Azera" from the trunk? :confuse: Would love to see how that looks. Did you replace the "H" with another piece :confuse:
  • philapaphilapa Posts: 25
    I just bought a 2006 Limited with the Ultimate package, same color as yours with sage green and beige interior.

    Just curious what color is your pin stripes?

    Thanks, :shades:
  • Just picked up my new '07 from dealer. The Steel gray with the black leather and gray cross-stitch interior is just da' bomb. Very elegant and understated. The black interior comes with a beige top half and sedan posts so the vehicle seems taller on the inside. The wood trim comes in a lighter shade than in beige or gray.
    I have ordered my badgeless grill, replacement "Ixion" rear shield and the "S 380" nameplate to replace the rear Hyundai badging.
    Cheers, :shades: Hank
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    Were you able to get the color matched grille? From where?
  • Yesterday I ordered the color matched grille (steel gray G6) from Dreamka4u - $110 delivered from Korea.

    I remember reading some instructions on how to remove and replace the grille. Does anyone remember the message number?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    If you remember which discussion, you can go there and use the Search This Discussion feature on the page bar. If you're not sure which one, go to the main Azera board and search from there. That will search all the discussions on the board.
  • Thanks Pat, I was able to find it. The change out sounds a little intimidating, as it did when I first read jim101's description. I wonder what my dealer would charge to do it :confuse: :confuse:
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Heh, I know the feeling - glad you found it.
  • Bob,
    Go to

    They ship from Korea and seem very professional and respond promptly to emails.

    They have lots, but not all the Azera (Grandeur for the rest of the world) goodies.
    I am considering the Azera hood ornament but I think it might be a bit too ostentatious for the US market. I have seen them on the Korean issued domestic Azeras.

    Good luck,
    Hankhonest :blush:
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    I have tried, but seeem not to have the sage green available. Thanks!
  • Ask them to quote for the sage green and mention the color number.

    I asked for the steel gray and they got back to me in two days. I received mine this week and the color matched perfectly. In fact, the packaging is real Hyundai part.

    Getting the grill on required taking 6 plastic screws off and 7 metal screws off and then reverse the process. Car looks smart and edgy without the "flying h". :)
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    One color is a tan, similar to interior, the other is a darker almost gold cast. I will attempt to take and post some pictures.
    The color combo looks great. I orderd my car months before it's introduction and had to wait an extra 7 weeks until the color came in. I'm glad that I waited. I have debadged the rear ( Takes 5 minutes) which makes it look classier.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    RE: post 19
    I did, just as you advised, but received no response.
    Has anyone else been able to find this combo?
  • Hank, do you have any tips for the removal and reinstall of the grille? My steel grey grille should be arriving any day and I can't wait to make the mod :shades:
  • richdagrichdag Posts: 37
    Does anyone have the color Steel Gray? looking at a picture of it, it kind of looks like it has a blueish tint to it. don't it?
  • pahefner01pahefner01 Posts: 202
    I have a steel gray 06 Azera Limited with the Ultimate Package. Gray Leather Interior. It doesn't have a bluish tint in the color. I have noticed it can sometimes pick up other hues from the skies and light but normally it's not blue that it picks up but just a little bit of rose tint. Not being a color expert I don't know if that is because of the blue sky mixing with the gray. I don't notice it very often.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    At the time that I ordered my Sage Green Azera the model had not been introduced at the dealerships. I saw it at the Miami auto show. It was displayed on a platform under bright spotlights. The color appeared to be a medium silver green, being more to the green side. I was amazed when my car was delivered that the color is actually gray with a green cast. In bright sunlight it appears green, but at other times it is gray.
    I have become used to the color, but was initially disappointed.
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaPosts: 233
    I went with Ebony exterior and black leather interior myself. I liked the Venetian Blue but availability with the specific features I wanted (Limited/Ultimate, etc) was difficult.

    It's strange, really - they tout "Power White Pearl" as the premium color, but I swear when you look at two vehicles side-by-side on the dealer lot, I really don't like the white one (just one man's opinion...). I think it looks smaller for some reason, not sure why, but the wife agrees that it just isn't a "good" color. We both agree that the Silver models used a lot in the advertising also look pretty spiffy... (yeah, insert your favorite word)
  • Would someone please post the number of the thread on debadging?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Best bet is to go to the group level use the search function. ;)
  • tonycdtonycd Posts: 223
    I've always lusted after the aubergine (eggplant purple) with gold innards, but that exterior color was discontinued for '08. My wife says its unpopularity should prove to me that I shouldn't have wanted it, but still I persist.

    Now, I'd say it's a near-tie between black, dark blue and pearl white, although my current black sedan tells me the gentleman was right to say that the dark colors get dirty in 15 minutes. But what a 15 minutes it is... :D
  • I love my aubergine for 2007. First, folks ask me what kind of car I have then they ask me what color it is. I say black at night and purple during the day, and somewhere in between at sunrise and at sunset.

    I am glad it is unpopular. No one else has one.
  • aqslyaqsly Posts: 3
    I have the steel gray with black interior. On some Korea websites the color is describe as pearl gray which i actually think is more accurate. The color code is G6.
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