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Just leased a 2019 Jetta. Is it worth pre-paying for Volkswagen Care?

imac24imac24 Member Posts: 6
edited November 2019 in Volkswagen
We just leased a 2019 Jetta for 10k/39 mo. The dealer is offering Volkswagen Care which covers
  • Prepaid maintenance to match factory service intervals
  • Includes oil changes, filters, fluid, tire checks & more
The initial cost was $615, but they brought it down to $415.

It looks like the 2019 Jetta only needs servicing at 10k and 20k and then again at 30k which we may not even reach.

Is this worth purchasing? If you look at the VW Service Schedule, the factory required maintenance seems pretty basic. I'm surprised that tire balancing and rotation is considered optional at each of the service intervals.

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