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Mazda MPV: Oil Consumption

bajwabajwa Member Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Mazda
Hello all,

I am a new MPV owner, its a 2004 Lx with 29K miles.
sadly or not, it wasnt until AFTER our purchase, that I found out the van has a Ford V6 engine.
Since then, I have read a few posts in different forums regarding oil consumption on the Ford V6. I had to add 1.5 Qrts of oil yesterday, but sinc ethe van has only been with us for 7 days, I have no way of telling if its burning this much oil already or if wasnt filled to the top when the dealer traded the van in and did their so called service, it wasn't a MAzda dealer.
2ndly, I have been trying my best to get in touch with the MAzda service tech for 5 days so I can make an appoint for warranty work, i-e engine knocking at almost all speeds and a couple of other/smaller issues, and have not been able to make him return my calls. How is the service at Mazda dealers?
Thank you in advamce for your replies..


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    subearusubearu Member Posts: 3,613
    The duratec motor in the MPV is a proven motor. In the 4 years I've had our '02, I've never had to add oil. I haven't seen any other mention of oil loss on other internet sites about the mpv either.

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    jipsterjipster Member Posts: 6,251
    The Ford Duratec 3.0 isn't the most refined engine, but it has proven to be very reliable. I've never had to add oil to my 2004 LX MPV.

    When you checked the oil was it clean or dirty? This would indicate when it was last changed. I doubt it would be burning 1.5 quarts a week...that would be serious trouble.

    My Mazda dealership has been fine. They generally call back the same day when I leave a message. If you having been trying 5 days to get an appointment... something is seriously wrong with your Mazda dealership. If it is the only option, you may just need to drive into the dealership and make a appointment in person. Good luck.
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    bajwabajwa Member Posts: 4
    The oil wasnt THAT dirty or black..Also, when I looked inside the oil filler cap, the engine looks brand new which is very encouraging.
    Since this will be only my 3rd car in 16 years with a domestic engine, the other was a Town car that I drove for 4 years (80K miles) without any trouble, and a 97 caravan with 99K miles that I tradede in for this MPV, I am a little worried. I think both of you guys said it best..the engine may not be the most refined but as long as its reliable I do not care.
    Posting about the dealer turned out to be lucky for me, the service tech left a message for me this morning.
    As long as the van is as reliable as I hope it to be, I think its a great choice. Ours has 17" wheels/tires and it truly does not drive like a minivan, I actually enjoy driving it. The kids love their wireless headphones for the entertainment center etc.
    I hope the dealer can fix the constant knocking from the engine, which HAS gotten a little netter since I got fresh gas in the van.
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    talntaln Member Posts: 2
    My 2000 MPV has not had any problems with burning oil (so far), only leaking it. I bought it used with about 50K miles on it and now at 104K I have had to replace the oil pan gasket twice. Having owned 5 vehicles over almost 40 yrs. (4 mazdas and 1 ford) this is the only one that ever had the gasket on the oil pan go bad. Not even after my Mustang went airborne and slammed down on a dirt road, did the gasket fail. Is there something unique about this model or something I should look for that could be causing this?
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