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So I have recently been gifted a 2005 BMW X5 (not clear on the trim yet). I haven't seen it yet but I have some details. It's been sitting in a garage for a year and no longer starts. Possibly battery? Also it has roughly 100K miles so not bad considering the age. I have to get over there and have a look at it. The plan is for this to be a family vehicle first for my 16 year old son and then his younger sisters when they start driving (10 & 13). Willing to put some money into it to get it road ready and safe for the kids.

My question is, considering what I now know, what are things I should be on the lookout for? What should I absolutely replace, no questions asked. Apparently, it's been serviced exclusively at a dealer, so I should be able to get a solid history. What will be my biggest challenges once road-worthy to look out for down the road?

My kids are so damn spoiled.

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    How does it not start? Not turning over? Then think battery. Turning over but not firing. Might be a fuel issue from sitting. Given the age of the car, probably want to look at the brakes, check the fuel system (just in case), check the condition of the tires (tread left on them, air pressures)

    If it had regular services, there's shouldn't be too many surprises, just "wear items" to see where you're at


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    Thanks. That was what I was thinking. Just wasn't sure if there are any parts that are "oh when you hit 60K/100K miles, you HAVE to replace this".
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