2003 MAZDA MPV intermittent stalling

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intermittent stalling issues. i will be driving down the the road @ 35mph or hyw speed or any various speed not accelerating or decelerating just driving and all the sudden it will stall .it has to be an electrical issue when it cuts out the dash lights go out and radio turn off . it has has started back up directly afterwards . any suggestions would be appreciated


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    Does it always start up right away after stalling? With the dash lights and radio going out (do the headlights/taillights go out as well?) when it shuts down it makes me think there's some kind of main power issue, like ALL power gets cut off to everything. No power for engine spark, etc. But it's cutting out, then coming back on. Almost feels like it has to be some kind of computer control issue.
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    Yes everything including lights and yes it starts right back up . And yesterday I was driving down the hyw in @ 60 mph and all the sudden the transmission kicked into low gear for a couple seconds . If you could imagine it kicked down real hard
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    Yes that’s what I’m thinking ECM . Do you know wher this would be located on a 2003 Mazda mov ? Also I read that when you get a new ECM they need to be programmed . Do you know anything about this??
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    MPV's are notorious for ignition coils going bad. Though I'd think they've already been replaced. But they're usually effected by rain. Was it the ECM?

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