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Mazda5 Tires & Wheels



  • Nitrogen? Interesting...

    I've read from some other owners as well and here are some of the comments:

    a) Toyo are the original equipment from the manufacturer and they are not the best for this type of tire anyway. There are better and cheaper tires in the market. Regardless, some owners have driven 30K+ miles on them with no issues.

    b) I agree with your father, for this type of tires (low profile) keep a close eye on the air pressure whenever possible and rotate every time you service the car. Yes, my other car is a Honda and I was spoiled somehow. As a matter of fact, on that car I changed tires not because of wear, but because of crazy weather conditions plus I was traveling a lot so the mileage was very low compared to the model year (I had no garage) so the rubber just went awry and became unsafe.

    Now, to me the Mazda5 tires make a huge difference (looks and drive) so they are worth the extra care.
  • w00000tw00000t Posts: 23
    Yes, nitrogen. I can't remember where I read it (probably on here somewhere, actually) but nitrogen helps prolong tire life and keep the same amount (or very darn close) amount of pressure in them.

    This morning I freaked out almost to the point of crying because I got in my car to take my son to school and my tires started shaking. My father and I had JUST checked the pressure and put exactly 34 in all tires THREE DAYS EARLIER.
    What had happened was, was the day before, it was 95 degrees outside, very dry, but last night it dropped down to around 50 degrees and even frosted a little, was very HUMID. Just that caused my tire pressure to go wonky!
    By the way, nitrogen is not expensive.. I think you can have it done at a car place for no more than $10/tire.
    I don't know the exact price though because my dad races motorcycles and already has nitrous and nitrogen tanks in the garage.......
  • Kumho makes a really nice tire. The Ecsta ASX. I had them on my Impala SS which the Mazda replaced. Very grippy tire and extremely quiet. I believe the fitment for the Mazda5 is priced around $95 dollars. Just got my 5 so can't swap the toyos yet, but the ASX is a wonderful tire.
  • Ihave 2006 mazda5,having same problem rear tires are gone,so I talk to mazda people and ofcourse they are blaming me oh you did not rotate the tire thats why it happend,then they blame toyo tire I called toyo tire company they said there is problem with mazda5 even if you change your tire it will be the same problem there is no guarantee for the tires,why dont we all write to mazda car and ask them to rectify the problem.I also have nissan quest for last 8years no problem there and this brnd new car giving so much problem
  • w00000tw00000t Posts: 23
    they're BIG tires on a pretty heavy car that accelerates and stops pretty good. You HAVE to keep tabs on the pressure, tires like that have pressure that go ALL OVER the place and if you drive them while the pressure is off (especially on the highway), they're going to be ruined. Think about it.. $8 for a tire pressure gauge, free air at the gas station, $40 for nitrogen in your tires compared to oh... $150 a tire every 25k miles..Pretty self explanatory here.
    If you have searched Mazda5 owner forums you will see that MANY people who just kept tabs on the pressure and/or put nitrogen in their tired ended up very happy in the end.
  • wegot2wegot2 Posts: 2
    I just replaced the original Toyos on my 06 Mazda5 (with TPMS) at 50K; alignment problems early on had caused feathering. I put on 4 of the Kumho Ecsta ASX, filled with nitrogen ($30 extra), and what an improvement in the ride quality! I have Kumhos on my 02 Protege5 (after 2 sets of Dunlops), and have been happy with them there as well.
  • mozammozam Posts: 1
    I've gotten different feedback from dealers on putting 16" snow tires on my 2007 Mazda5. The current tires are 205/50/R17.

    Anyone have any experience going outside of the dealer (e.g.

  • I replaced my 205/50 17 all season tires with 205/55 16 snow tires. No problems.
  • riproyriproy Posts: 57
    Same for me: 205/55 R16 winter tires
  • mrbwa1mrbwa1 Posts: 42
    I bought a set of Dunlop Wintersport 3Ds mounted on steelies from Great place and easy to deal with. 205/55 16s mount and run just fine!

  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    The anchor light on your roof reminds me that boating season isn't too far off!

    Yes, I know ;)
  • mrbwa1mrbwa1 Posts: 42
    I think the science was well laid out before. I think it was best explained to me by and old roommate and 4WD guy. On Ice, the wider tires have a large patch, but end up with less force per square inch/cm then narrower tires. But most of all, it's a heck of a lot cheaper to replace smaller tires on steelies when something goes wrong (rock in 4-wheeling, curb/pothole in winter) then your shiny summer rims.

    To drive the point in, when I prices rims/snows for my 5 back in Oct/Nov, 16s were $650 and 17s were almost $1000.

    btw, there are quite a few low-profile snow tires out there, as BMWs and such are still quite popular in the Nordic in Europe, not to mention snow country like Switzerland.
  • Has anyone actually put the plus-zero 225/45/17's on the stock rims.
    I am considering doing this, but I am concerned about the tires hitting the fenders.

    I just bought my 5 used, and the previous owner obviously bashed a few curbs and I would like to avoid doing more damage to the rims.
  • athenasiusathenasius Posts: 118
    I went down to 16" rims for my winter tires. I have used the Nokian Hakkapeliitta RSi for 3 years now (Auto bought july 2005).
    they still have loads of tread I put then on my self so they only go on just before the first snow storm and off in the spring. I love the tires the OEM toyo tires are crap in good weather. I have been through many a snow storm with my hakka's I have never been stuck once. One great thing is that you can visually see how much tread is still on them with see the link. The also have one of the lowest rolling resistance ratings at only .9. this means you will get about 6% better gas mileage at 90km/h for a size 16 inch tire as compared to its next closest rival. So all around you get a fantastic tire that gets better gas milage (saves money and more environmentally better lesser co2) I am a bit anal about picking stuff and at the time they were the best 'value' tire out their for my needs. They may not be the cheapest but for the few dollars more when you are skidding into on coming trafic with the family screaming i bet you will think hmm maybe i should have paid the extra $100 for the good ones lol ;)
  • 01le01le Posts: 18
    Though I just bought my Mazda5 a few days ago, as I was cleaning the wheels today I noticed that A LOT of balancing weights were needed to get these OEM Toyo tires balanced. Two of the wheels have 12 weights each and the other two wheels have 8 - 10 each. I am looking to replace them already because of safety fears. I found a highly rated tire on called Yokohoma Yk520. It has a factory limited tread wear warranty of 60,000 miles. It is priced at $129.00 per tire for the 205/50/17 size. And after reading more about sidewall issues with the oem Toyo's I am not even going to think twice about spending $700.00 for quality tires and peace of mind.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    I agree, the OEM tires are not the best, but very few cars come with good OEM tires if we really think about it. I understand your concerns but IMO it will depend where you live. I own an 06 and an 08, and both are still using the OEMs.We get eventual rain and snow here but I've found that they are not thaaaaaat bad, especially compared to many cars I've rented for work. If weather is not a critical factor I would keep them but suggest to rotate on every service, and keep a close eye on PSIs. My tires are wearing evenly and they keep the PSI numbers extremely well. I have had no need to do balancing nor alignment.

    Regardless, I'm so looking forward for them to wear down to change them :D
  • athenasiusathenasius Posts: 118
    I agree with some of what coolmazda5 says and I also have my original tires and they are not that bad. I do not use them in winter as we get enough snow days to warrant winter tires. Do not cross rotate the tires i.e. keep the tires on the same side of the vehicle that way the tires inner workings are always stretched the same way (i.e. if you put a front passenger tire on the front drivers side the tire is actually spinning the opposite way now and dramatically affects the inner bands in side the tire.
    As for the number of weights it is not always the tire or the rim that needs the weights many tire guys just want to get the job done and figure ruffley(on the first spin) where they go then re-spin it to get it more accurate - an experienced balancer is usually much better at this, also many of the newer machines are auto stop and say where to put them - all I am saying is that are many reasons for a lot of weights) I balance my tires once a year just before I change the winters to the normal (all season). I of course when these run out will not get all season tires as I have the winters already. I blame a lot of the issues of the tires on the dealerships - they honestly do not care as they are not warranteed and so if they go they just say buy new ones. I have seen many of the dealers just drop the tires on to the ground and as we all know the rims protrude outside the rubber and aluminum does not bend it cracks and chips. You are not likely to see any issues for years if this has been done. The dealer do not care which side the tires go on either. I like coolmazda5 watch my air pressure. I personally keep the pressure up a bit for the gas mileage. But I feel for the $5 cost of balancing the tires is worth it for me.
    Make sure you read the reviews on the tires before buying and yes when you have to buy tires the cost of the tires is usually related to the amount of safety.
  • 01le01le Posts: 18
    I just found out that tire size 215/50/17 is a proper fitment alternative to the oem 205/50/17. Has anyone installed the 215/50/17, if so what are the pros and cons? It seems that with a slight increase in shoulder height may give a bit more comfort in the ride department. But I worry that fuel economy and power would decrease noticeably because of the bigger size. There is a better selection of tire brand models in the 215/50/17 size (i.e. Cooper tire offers an extra 2 model choices in that size).
  • athenasiusathenasius Posts: 118
    you would loose on the low end power as the tire would have farther to turn from the center of the hub but as the car is very nippy at take off I would not think that would be too bad. you will get better highway mileage as the tires go farther per turn off the tire.
  • txf23txf23 Posts: 5
    I installed a Bridgestone Potenza 019 tires with the same spec as replacing the original Toyo's. What a difference! I drive my Mazda5 for only one day with the new tires and is a great pleasure compared with the Toyo.
  • athenasiusathenasius Posts: 118
    How are they different? softer? harder? no wheel spin at green lights. more sporty or more comfort? And how much were they an where etc.:)
  • Hi,

    I have the exact same problem here in Houston texas and the Mazda dealer keeps telling me this is normal and that there were no recalls. Do you have more details on the recall so that I may present my case.?
  • 86748674 Posts: 2
    will wheels form a mazda6 fit my 5? from a 3? I'm hoping to find another set of wheels for winter tires and wondered what my options are. Thanks
  • 8674,

    MZ6 wheels will fit your 5, that is what I have on my MZ5. MZ3 wheels will also fit but make sure you stay with 16" or higher(I don't think Mazda has 15" anyway), any smaller will not clear your brake calipers. I bought my MZ5 used and one of the wheels was scratch and another one was slightly bent, so the dealer swapped and gave me a fresh set of wheels and tires from a MZ6 and my set went to the MZ6, although I like the MZ5 wheel design better than the MZ6 wheel design. Anyone in SoCal wanting to swap???? Anyway hope this info helps you.
  • Wow, after shopping today one question springs to mind.

    Just how terrible are these OEM tires on my '09 Five to drive in snow?

    I figured I'd patronize one of the local tire stores instead of just ordering on-line and, before adding the cost of 4 tire pressure sensors they said they have to put on, I've passed $1k bucks for 16" tires and a set of wheels for them! (Although I understand blizzaks are REALLY good.) Preliminary reports indicate another ~65$ each for sensors. (Why, oh why, couldn't those Explorered/Firestoned drivers have paid attention to their tire pressure and averted this mandate silliness?)

    Maybe I need to peruse the selection of used wheels hereabouts. Or maybe take my chances and, if these toyos prove totally unacceptable, hit the shoppes next summer? If I survive, snow tires gotta' be cheap in May right?
  • castg1castg1 Posts: 34
    The inside part of the Toyo will initially wear faster than the outside portion.
    Then if you wait long enough, as the inside section wears deeper, the outside rubber will wear more and catch up with the insde. When it's ready to replace the tires, they will look 'even'.

    Happened to my M5. now I have 4 sets of toyos that are 'evenly' worn. lolz.
    I'm still trying to figure what caused this 'mystery'.
  • There is a consensus on the site that the problem with premature tire wear on Mazda 5 is due to faulty alloy wheels. Here is one recent quote:

    Just had mine in for tire wear on it but I noticed a slight blip on the alloy when i was checking the tires.
    It seems to be round the center of the wheel where the mazda logo is. I noticed slight blips and mazda have taken some photos of it and I have a complete set of new alloys on order (which mazda are paying for) they said it was probably a fault in the manufacturing of the wheels so I just wanted to let you know of my problem in case there are anymore with this fault!
  • I agree 100%. Just got mine yesterday. It's like driving on air compared to the OEMs. Smoother, quieter. Although I only had 5k miles on the Toyos I didn't want to take a chance even in what little winter weather we get here in Maryland. Tires were $175ish but were buy 3, get one free. I see it as a very good investment for peace of mind.
  • I've got an '06 that I bought 3 years ago to the day. About 1 year ago I noticed that road noise had gotten extremely loud over a short period of time (~28K mi). When I took it in for servicing and a brake job, the mechs recommended I get new tires b/c the insides of the Toyos were almost completely worn while the outside had plenty of tread left. I also noticed that the rear tires angle inward (wheel camber), which would explain why the inside of the tires are wearing faster. I just replaced the Toyos with Potenza 019's (what a difference!), but I don't want the same thing to happen again. The tire place did what they could to adjust the camber, but there is still an angle. Did you have issues with the camber not being straight up & down? Looking for any insight or suggestions.
  • vg33e powervg33e power Posts: 314
    Looking for a nice set of stock OEM 17" alloy wheels from any year Mazda5. Anyone who is looking to get rid of their stock wheels, please let me know. Local preferred but depending on shipping charges out of state may work.
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