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Mazda5 Tires & Wheels



  • Hi All:
    My dealer installed new dealer recommended Goodyear RS-A tires on my Mazda5 Aug 08 at the outrageous price of $185 each + weights, valves, and labour. Now at just under 37,000KM's the tires are almost bald. My driving is 90% highway. The other day I had the brakes serviced and the mechanic showed me that on the outside of the tire is a notice on the sidewall that says "this side inward", the inside says"this side outside". So all this time the tires have been installed inside-out.

    Could this be why the tire is recessed past the rim on the outside, the tires are almost bald, and the outside of the tire is rounded? I run 34PSI as indicated in the manual.

    Ideas anyone? Thanks in advance for your help.
  • WOW!! That is a lot of information! Unfortunately , I don't think I understand. Please, just tell me in English :o) ... I have an 06 Mazda5 w/ 205/50/17 tires/rims. I do not like the low profile tires and want to change the whole set-up. Can I put 205/55/16's on or 205/60/17 or ... what do you suggest? Thank you!!
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    Hi all,

    Unfortunately I hit a curb when merging at 50-60 MPH. Both right wheels got scratched. The alignment is a tad out of whack, which means something got bent.
    The description of the part (wheel rim) says “painted aluminum”. Can it be polished and painted? Who does this kind of job, a body shop?
    A new rim is $170 (US). Is it worth fixing?
    Thank you!
  • It is possible to repaint them but before that check that the wheels are not bent in any way. If they are, chances are new ones will be needed, there is no way around. The tire shop can tell.

    Here is a repair guide I found sometime ago, or any decent car paint shop can do the job:
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    Thanks a lot!
    Weird thing.... the wheel did not get bent. I expected a flat tire right away and I was paying, and still am, attention for vibration or some kind of wobbling. Nothing.
    However, I have to sadly report that probably the lower control arm got bent. So I am puzzled, as I would expect the wheel to get bent out of shape, before something else does. :cry:
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    Oh Brother!
    Nothing got bent. I took the car to a body shop and asked to lift it up to check for whatever is bent. Instead they lifted with a jack and began to wonder and told me that the whole suspension has to be changed, lower arm, tie rod end, strut and knuckle. About 2000. I should let the insurance talk to them directly. They'll take care of it.
    A mechanic told me that IF everything needs to be changed it's going to be close to 1000. I lifted my car on two jacks and inspected it myself. Nothing is bent! SOB's! The sub frame is mounted on rubber bushings and it shifted slightly. It is also coming back.
    I can't believe the dishonesty of these guys!
  • One of the things I like the most is how precise the steering wheel is and how much feedback you get, so if there is something bad you would feel it right away. Good to know it was not a major thing but now, those bushings may start squeaking soon though :D (just kidding)
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    LOL, yeah, I bought my 5 fully expecting that it will start squeaking. Why wait, right?
    The steering is a little too responsive for me on the freeway. I find that just a few degrees of turning the wheel, the car behaves as expected. A little more produces an unexpected sharp response. It feels like it's going to jump in the other lane. That was at least my first impression. I am getting used to it.
    The best test for steering problems is turning in a parking structure with shiny floors. Most of them have floors like that to make it easy to clean and repel oil stains.
    You'll see that most used cars (old) will squeal when turning in tight radius. Both my new Mazdas did not (I used to lease a CX-7). I just realized that I parked this morning in such a situation and it was quiet. Hurray!
  • I Have had the same problem with my toyo tires they lasted me less then 40 thousand and i got the same tires as yourself the potenza and they are still lasting at 80 thousand. My wheels are also at a certain angle but the tire shop said they could not do nothing about it .
  • I have a 2007 Mazda5 that has 37,000 miles on it, and I am on my second set of tires, and need a third. Took the car to the dealer and was told that my tires are "cupping". I was told by the service manager that there is a design flaw in the rear of the car causing this, but there was nothing they could do. This tire problem causes the car to vibrate when I drive it, I have absolutely no traction what so ever on snowy roads, and the road noise is so bad you have to yell at each other just to talk. Has anybody else had this problem, and any suggestions on a fix? The dealer told me to just replace the tires every 6 mos or so if I didn't like the vibration or the noise. I really can't afford to do that. I rotate the tires eery 3000 miles now trying to make the tires last longer, but is hasn't helped. I have Cooper tires on it now. Unfortunately I owe too much to try to trade it in. I have already contacted Mazda and they told there was nothing they could do as well.
  • I have the same problem on an '08 (even though the rear camber supposedly was fxed on that model). You'll find it addressed extensively in these on-line forums. The difference in your case seems to be that your dealer has been honest about it. My dealer, Smith-Cairns in Yonkers, NY, refuses to accept that there is a problem even though I've complained about it four or five times. Seems to me that there must be grounds for some kind of class action - either a huge discount on a replacement vehicle or regular tire replacement at Mazda's expense for the life of the vehicle.
  • larry8061larry8061 Posts: 37
    If it is indeed a camber problem yes, there is a fix. There are adjustable camber links on the market that will fit the 5. I am not sure that any of them are listed for the 5 but, the 3,5 Ford Focus and Volvo 40 (all at one time with connections to Ford) use the same links.

    The Megan racing links have neoprene bushings which would last longer and in theory be "harsher". How one would notice that harshness is beyond me and I am certainly not noticing it. Most of the other adjustables use the same OEM rubber.

    With two people it CAN be a do it yourself job however, on the driver side the one bolt comes out DIRECTLY into an exhaust mount. The "easy" solution is to drop the suspension entirely. The real world soultion is to take the bolts out (3) on that side and pry the suspension down far enough for the bolt to go past the mount. If I had had the correct die (or a couple of nuts) I would have cut the bolt length to make it easier to go back in. The bolt is significantly too long.

  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    I also wonder if better shocks will not help?
  • bill_schroederbill_schroeder Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    I have the SAME problem with a 2008. I am at 27,000 miles and putting on a second set of tires. I drive like grandma and have NEVER had any tires last me only 25,000 miles. But the road noise got so bad I could not talk on my cell phone in the car. I should have changed the tires at 18 to 20K.

    I'm heading back there today because I can already hear a little noise out of my new $125 (each) Tires.

    I love the car, but this is going to drive me NUTS. I wonder if this is covered under my state's lemon law?
  • Alright, so I got new tires on my 5 @ 28K mi., but not because of the complaints you guys are talking about - although I did think the OEM tires were already wearing down, my tire place (not Mazda) reassured me that they were still good. This past Saturday morning, I noticed, not one, but TWO bumps on the sidewalls of the two driver-side tires! The one in the front was HUUUUGE! (It looked like it was about to BURST if you even LOOKED at it too hard!) Turns out, a couple of nights before I hit a big crater - never mind a pot hole - on the Long Island Expressway here in NYC. (This winter's been brutal on the roads and there are potholes EVERYwhere! The roads look like swiss cheese! It's ridiculous!)

    Of course, I had to go to my favorite service center that specializes in tires (MIC Tire Pros in LIC, NY - they're great!) and see if they had matching tires in stock and if they could take me in. They did. However, to drive myself there, I first had to change the front tire and put on the 5's OBNOXIOUSLY YELLOW donut. It was embarrassing having everyone stare at the thing as if it were an alien. As a side note, however, I like the 5 even MORE now. Changing the tire was SO easy to do and so organized! I loved how the 5 neatly arranges everything you need to change your tire - esp. the jack in the secret compartment - and how the back storage compartment smartly houses your tire and rim, and how they even provide a strap to hold your tire in place. Genius!

    Point is, I got two Bridgestone Potenzas G019 Grid Tires (205/50 R17 89V) put in the front of my 5 ($140 ea. incl. mounting and balancing - not bad!), and the 2 remaining OEM tires in the rear. Even with only TWO new tires, I already feel a difference! It's great! I haven't noticed a drastic change in road noise reduction - only slightly quieter - but I have noticed one in ride comfort. The new tires make the car ride even better! I already was enamored with the 5's ride/handling balance, and now I like it even more. My rear rims have had slight dents on them that when rotated to the front would make you feel a very slight tremor as you drove. Mistakenly, my tire place put one of the rear rims in the front along with the new tires (they were supposed to change the tire and not the actual rim). But the new tires cushion so much better, that I don't even feel the slight tremor at ALL! Can't wait to change the rear tires to the new Potenzas ASAP!

    The new tires are also really good looking tires (I mean, for tires.). They make the 5 look more butch - lol. The tread on them looks really good and like they would improve the traction on wet pavement significantly, which would address my main complaint with the OEM tires and how they lack any traction on any even slightly moist pavement. Reviews of the Potenzas confirm this and I'm looking forward to confirming it myself.

    Just wanted to share this with you guys and to put in my recommendation for the Bridgestone Potenzas G019 Grid (205/50 R17 89V) tires. I'll report back when I get the other two Potenzas installed in the rear. :shades:
  • jto24jto24 Posts: 1
    I have a Mazda 5 without the nav system and My car came with the tpms. I didn't even know I had it until the warning light came on! Also, I live in New England and my car is great in the snow, much better than the camry I had before. jto24
  • So, last weekend, I got the other two Bridgestone Potenzas G019 put in the rear of my 5. I'm in love. LOL Well, it's not like THAT, but I really like the tires. :)

    They look great, feel great (the handling seems even stickier now, and the ride is slightly smoother) and they sound a tad quieter. Not a bad combo, indeed. Still recommending them. Here's to hoping they last more than two years!
  • garnufagarnufa Posts: 1
    My wife drives a 2008 Mazda 5. We've had trouble with alignment, road noise, and a rough ride on the OEM wheels and tires. Recently, my dealer informed me that all 4 wheels were bent from road impacts (Michigan Roads). He wanted to sell me new ones for $2300 (just the wheels!).
    I went to Bell Tire and replaced the wheels and tires for about $1000. I downsized to 16 inch wheels and taller tires. The vibration and noise is gone, and the ride seems more forgiving.
    I hope it lasts, but I purchased economical tires in the event that frequent replacements are required.
    Other than this issue, we really enjoy the vehicle.
  • samacsamac Posts: 4
    I got a new 2010 M5 couple of weeks back. The steering starts shaking at 55/60 MPH and vanishes at 65-70. I took it to the dealership, they rotated/balanced/aligned the wheels. Still the problem is seen. They blamed the tires may be out of shape and may need to be replaced. M5 now has 1.5K.

    Now they want to switch the tires from another vehicle to make sure that the problem is with the tires. I'm not sure how many more trips I will have to make to get this problem fixed.

    Has any one encountered this problem. Please provide any suggestions/solutions.

    Appreciate your help!
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    Sorry for this man. I am on my second Mazda and both of them did not drive straight when they were new. After reading many posts about these issues, I came to the conclussion that Mazda has issues making chasis that are consistently straight or aligned. The issue is correctable through adjustments, but to be done right you need someone with real talent. I did not find anybody like that at any dealership.
    Hopefully your issue is caused by something else.
  • hatemazda5hatemazda5 Posts: 3
    edited May 2010
    It only had 10000 miles on my 2nd set of tires ($150 ea) on my Mazda 5 and it starting uneven wearing out again( you can put your palm and feel the bumpy surface at the inner wall) It starting shakeing while it hit 60 mile per hour. I just wrote a complaint letter to Mazda USA hope they can dead serious address these common issues which none of the dealer willing to admit there was a problem on the car structure design. If you have the similar problem please try to wrote them a letter and post it on these discussion board once you did it. Once we collect enough voice, I believe Mazda will address these issues seriously!! They should learn the lessons from the Toyota!!!!

    Please give me your voice!
  • dona83dona83 Posts: 67
    edited May 2010
    Are you rotating your tires every 5,000 miles?

    Shaking may be caused by your tires going out of balance, not related to wear.
  • hatemazda5hatemazda5 Posts: 3
    ha..that even made me frustrated which I tried to rotate and balance every 3000 miles and even try to do the alignment many times. The tire shop people told me don't waste the money and this kind of bumpy inner wall wearing is not caused by the out of balance and is due to the defected suspension. A problem suspension causing the tires jumping up and down on the road surface while it driving. Which cause the uneven wearing. I've been many tire shop and all those people told me go to the local dealership to have them to fix it. Guess what I've been two different locations for four time before and even after my warranty expired.... and they have the same answer..."Nothing Wrong'
  • athenasiusathenasius Posts: 118
    I seem to remember that when they first came out that this occurred at about the same speed and turned out to be an issue with the engine mounts. Not saying this is the case but it does sound very similar.
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    Man, really! Try cahnging the shocks with good quality gas shocks. Try Monroe. The cost may be lower then replacing a lot of tires.
  • nahag1nahag1 Posts: 10
    2008 Mazda 5, 35,000 miles.
    The problems with the Mazda 5 are the tires and wheels combination. :lemon:
    The OME wheels do not have any support on the inner side. The smallest pothole deforms the wheel on the inside. All of you who witness vibrations while driving, have the wheels checked and you’ll find out that at least one or two of them are not a perfect circle anymore. The tires are as crappy as they come. :sick: I made mine last 30,000 miles. When it was time to change them, I decided to try a 16inch steely with a 225/50R-16. I ordered 4 of them from The ones suggested were General Altimax X. They cost $685 delivered. I put them on as soon as I got them and, let me tell you, the car has never been as quiet. There is no more pavement noise and no more vibrations. It now runs better than the day I first took it out of the dealership.
    When the time comes that I have to put new ones on because of wear, I won’t have to fork $150 per wheel.
  • speddyspeddy Posts: 16
    I have a 08 mazda 5 as well. I like the car, but I am experiencing the same problems that you mentoned. Mine has about 26,000 miles. We are noticing noisy ride and bumpy ride. I am thinking buying a set of smaller rims and larger tires that go on them to try to fix the problem. I don't understand why Mazda put such crappy tires on the car when new. Part of the problem I think is the low profile tire type. The car is a minivan not a sports car! If you could post some additional information about the rims and tires you bought and if you are still happy with them that would be great!
  • nahag1nahag1 Posts: 10
    The only smaller rims that would fit are 16". I am with you on the low profile subject, see one of my first posts back in 2008

    nahag1, "Mazda5 Owners MPG-Real World Numbers" #241, 6 Mar 2008 2:11 pm

    The vibrations I was experiencing were at low speed (about 15000 RPM) and at around 65 MPH. When I took it back to the dealer, the mechanic test drove it, got it on the lift than called me to show me that the inner rim of 2 of the wheels was bent ever so slightly, you almost couldn't see it. He said " that is your problem ". Of course I didn't believe him, I was convinced that it was something with the engine or at least the mounts, but having seen the bent rims, I could only prove him wrong when I come back with perfect circular rims. It costs a lot of money to fix the OME rims and even more to buy new ones. Since I do not mind the look of the steelees, ( I actually think that they give the car some character ) I decided that the cost of the rims plus the tires would still keep me under $700, I would not have to deal with the Mazda rims, and the bonus, the new tire size would always be cheaper than the OME size.
    The new wheels have been on the car for 5000 miles now. I couldn't go back to the dealer and prove him wrong because the vibrations disappeared, the pavement noise disappeared and the car became a pleasure to drive in the suburbs, on the highway and in town. It made a huge difference.
    Mazda should wake up an realize that low profile tires are a curse on this car.
  • samacsamac Posts: 4
    If its the engine mounts. What is the solution to get rid of them.
  • samacsamac Posts: 4
    What is the recommended tires for M5 with the default rims. Has anyone tried Dunlop signature ? It has 60k miles rating.

    Appreciate your help.
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