Isuzu Rodeo: Looking for mechanic

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My check engine light came on the other day and my Rodeo is not running right. When I called my local dealership they told me that they wouldn't work on my truck because it is a 1997. What am I supposed to do? Does anyone know a reliable mechanic in Orange County, CA that will work on a '97 Isuzu Rodeo?


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    I don't know where in O.C. you live, but my mechanic in Corona will work on anything, including my 04 Axiom. I'm sure he'd work on your Rodeo.
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    I recently started taking mine to a certified Lexus mechanic that opened his own shop in Torrance. My '98 Rodeo never ran better, but honestly, knock on wood, my Rodeo has been a great truck, hardly any issues at all.
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    hi i own a 2000 isuzu rodeo 4x4, 5-speed, 3.2 v6 dohc. theres a few things wrong with it and i want to know if anyone would have an answer to my question.. when i push my 4x4 button, i blow a 15 amp fuse everytime. that same fuse when blown makes my signal lights not work, my heat and my wipers also dont work.. as long as i dont put 4x4 on it all works. i dont get it and my mechanic cant figure it out either.So does anyone know why this happens?? also when warmed up, it idles extreamy low almost to a stall. it also burns alot of oil. i have to put 2ltr of oil in it like every 1000 km. the rodeo only has 170,000 km on it which pisses me off with all thats wrong with it.
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    I live in the South Bay and was taking my Isuzu Vehicross to Long Beach Mitsubishi, but they lost their Isuzu Master Technician back in January. :( Would your recommend your Torrance mechanic?
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    I found a mechanic! The service advisor knew his stuff about Isuzus, and the technician was terrific. Cerritos Isuzu.
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