Typical dealership policy for service screwups

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I had my scheduled oil change at the same dealership where I bought my X1 brand new. After about 100 miles of freeway driving, on a trip from San Francisco to Santa Barbara, my dash light came on warning me of the car needing a quart of oil. I pulled over and called my service rep at the dealership. I was asked if the car was smoking, or temp was up and told that I could just add a quart of oil, that “the guns used must have been programmed incorrectly”. I swung by another BMW dealership and they dumped in a quart, without checking anything. About 30 min later, the light came on again. Again, I called my service rep. I was asked if the temp was up (no). Again, I asked if it could be a problem from the oil change and was told that it would have showed up closer in time to the oil change, and that maybe if was a failed sensor. I even said that it was pretty coincidental, but was again told that if I had a problem down the road, just to use the BMW emergency button and a tow truck would come. The yellow light stayed on, throughout the trip, but I never smelled any engine smell, or saw smoke, even though I pulled over twice to call. When I arrived in Santa Barbara, I called the local dealership for an appt to check the sensor. On the drive there, the red light came on and said I should stop immediately because of low oil. A service rep came on the emergency service and said I should stop immediately. When I stopped, I noticed the burned oil smell. While I waited for the tow truck, the last of the oil drained out, maybe half a quart. So, here’s my question: even though the engine didn’t seize, there was clearly a time when the engine ran hot without much oil. This will probably shorten the life of this little supercharged 4-banger, given that most of my driving is on this same trip to visit my sister who is in hospice. Is there a standard policy to cover claims that haven’t happened yet? Can I ask for an extended warranty on the engine to 200K miles? (Currently have one to 100K miles, but I routinely get more than that from cars that I keep and maintain.) Can I ask for the cost of a new engine be put into an escrow account? Is there legal recourse? Despite my having been lulled into a false sense of security by conversations with the service rep, I do understand that the car tried to get me to listen to the warning lights.


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    What was determined to be wrong with your vehicle? Is it still in the shop?
    Why did it lose all of the oil?

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