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Chrysler Pacifica Transmission Problems



  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    If an additive is added, let the dealer do it and have them document it so that you do not void the warranty. The sad fact is, I do not believe that Chrysler knows how to fix these cars. I though that mine might just be the last car I would ever buy. It is still sitting with 5000 miles waiting for Chrysler to come up with the money to buy it back.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    We are very pleased with our Pacifica Touring AWD ! We have almost 21,000 miles and we bought it Aug 31, 07. Yes we too had the trans. shifting hard and the shuddering problems. We has the TC replaced in Dec. 07. Until the March 08 reflash came out the shudder was still there. After the march 08 reflash there has not been any shudder issue. They did replace the park brake cables in may. We consider this the best of any vehicle we have ever owned. Too bad Chrysler stopped making the Pacifica this last May or Jume, 2008 was the last. The 07 Touring has more extra nice things than the 08, so be pleased with your 07. I hope you got the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty. The Chrysler Service Contract (warrnaty) is well worth it, at least we think so.
    RTemember with any complaint you read there is always tow sides to every story. But you can't hear Chryslers side.
    This is our 17 Chrysler made vehicle and with the exception of a 1996 Dodge caravan and a 2005 Jeep Liberty Diesel, whic both vehicles Chrysler totally replaced for almost nothing we have always been pleased. Hope this helps.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    rhollis: I really have empathy for your situation. There is something very wrong! I would be willing to see what I can find out through a friend who works at Chrysler in the dept. that deals with some of this stuff, but i would need your VIN #. I f you want I will give it a try.
    But please, some of us are very pleased with our Pac's and got our transmissions fixed and works well for us. I really think you have hold of a dealer who just could care less, and is making it as difficult as they can.

  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    Of course there is something very wrong. I should be meeting with the transfer agent tomorrow to get my checks (2) because the dealer tried to cheat me out of $2,700.00
    I bought my Pacifica thinking that it was the last car I would buy. I like the looks, comfort, handling, but not the problems with my particular car. It amaze me that Chrysler has no idea how to fix it.
    I have been buying Chryslers for years. I currently have a 1979 Plymouth Power Wagon with 1579 miles on it. It has been used solely for snow plowing so the body is pretty much shot and only the rear brakes work. It has never licensed. I also have a 1998 Sebring Convertible, a 2006 T&C, and a 1995 Dakota. None of this, and the fact that my family has owned something like 25 Chrysler products since 1989 makes any difference. I wrote to the Vice President of North American Sales and the answer that I got was some woman on the phone who said, Chrysler isn't going to do anything. How's that for good PR?
  • klutkeklutke Posts: 2
    I am seeking assistance in understanding on how to proceed with the buyback process. THe net is my car was purchased new 11/30/07 and currently has 7771 miles on it. I have had it in the shop 4 times...the third time the TC was replaced, last week i brought it back again and they did another repogram and put an additive in trannnsmission, and i am still getting the shudder. I looked at lemon law booklet and am writing a letter to submit...however if someone has other experiences/ advice i would appreciate it.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    klutke: I can tell you right of the bat the dealer you bought it from is not to swift! The Tc replacement was to have been done befory you bought it. There have been three reflashes for the shudder, the last one that did dothe job, and worked well with th eTC r&r was in early March. The additive your dealer put in I don't believe was part od Chryslers tsb for continued shudder. Have you used the same dealer all the time? Is the dealer a 5 star dealer?
    I have given several instructions about how to get a buy back, as I have had two in 17 Chrysler vehicles in the last 25 years. The last one was in April 2007 Chrysler bought my 2005 Jeep Liberty Diesel. It was in the shop 25 times in 14 months. Chrysler has been more than fair to everyone whom has followed my advice. DO NOT START A LEMON LAW repoet until you have given Chrysler a chance to make you pleased. There are some on this forum who have gone and done it their own way and only wound up with anger and waitingesults.
    So answermy questions and lets see where you are now. Give me the TSB numbers they dis, and you can tell us what dealer you have used, but no phone numbers are allowed on this forum.
    You did get the Lifetime powertrain warranty right?

  • klutkeklutke Posts: 2
    Farout, thanks for getting back to me...I have gone to 2 dealers (none of which i brought the car from new)..the first one admitted that he didn't have expertise..the second one has worked on the car 2x and on the first visit replaced the torque converter and on the second visit did another far tsb 21-008-27 & 21-010-08 have been done. I am taking the car back again this is still shuddering and making a squealing noise when turning. The car has 7800 miles on it. Can you tell me how you know if the dealer is a five star?
  • faschulzfaschulz Posts: 52
    Hello again I have been out for some time unfortunately not because my Pac is better is just that is taking so much of my time to get the car fixed last time that I was at the dealer I spoke with the service manager and ask him for a ride so he can feel the car, when we were leaving the mechanic came close and said to the service manager ,I already told Mr. Schulz that this car has nothing that drove the way this cars does, any way we went for a ride he felt the shudder and the harsh down shift that my car does but told me that the Pacs are to be driven like this , he told me to drive a 08 to confirm that but there were not 08 with 4.0 on the lot so we couldn't make the test on the 08, I'm just tired ,I called Chrysler and they told me to take it to other dealer, I will but have to find some spare time.
    So far my Pac is 14,000 miles and honestly don’t like any other Chrysler but the Pac and I don’t want to go back to town and country I already had three and all of them great cars.
    If I change mine will be for other Pacifica 08
  • onelordonelord Posts: 9
    Ok, well after taking my wife 07 pac with 34000 mi to a local chrysler dealer for the 9th time and getting other things fixed besides what needed to be fixed i drove about a half hr away to a different dealer. After driving with them they were able to pinpoint the problem. It was the torque converter. When looking at the papers that would inform you of a bad torque converter I was floored. Chrysler had it on there web to show how the car would act if this was a problem I hope this will help someone. The maachanic said this is mostly found in the 07 or 08 due to a cheaper quality that they put in the pac. So they are ordering a new 06 tc that they say never had problems because it was made with better materials.
  • hufhuf Posts: 1
    I'm new to the discussion, and have had very similar problems with my 07 Pacific.
    The specifics:
    Touring AWD
    6 Speed Auto Transmission
    4.0 Liter V6 SOHC
    Took delivery March 2007 and transmission problems were apparent within a few weeks. Harsh shifting, shutter etc.
    The car has been "serviced" three times since then.
    The first time they: (Per their invoice)
    "OPCODE 21000405 - Transaxle - Remove and install 62TE 4.0 Liter engine"
    "1 68003520AB CONVERTER"
    "1 WR7353ate CONVERTER"
    "6 68026608AA FLUID FC: PART#: 6800352AB
    "21330150 TORQUE CONVERTER 3547 WC"
    The situation seemed resolved at first, but came back but in lower gears only.
    Took the car back six months later. They road tested but "....did not duplicate customer condition..."

    Over the next several months I made mental notes of when and in what conditions the problem would come up. I noticed the car needed to be running for a while before the issue started again. I especially noticed it in extended stop and go traffic on the Interstate. There was pronounced harsh up and down shifting from first gear to second gear. None of the other gears have a problem.

    The third time (This past May) I had the service manager get in the car with me, and though the symptoms were not as severe, he agreed and on the work order wrote: "A C/S TRANSMISSION HAS HARSH ENGAGEMENT 1 -2 GEAR SHIFTING"
    "18190640 Module, Powertrain Control (PMC) -
    Reprogram Module, Powertrain Control (PMC)
    Reprogram (B) (B)
    At the bottom of the work order
    "roadtested car flashed pcm to update software.

    It is now August, I have 6000 miles left on the warranty and the problem has returned.

    I'm going to give it another shot, and would appreciate any suggestions from my fellow sufferers. One of the postings asked for a VIN number. I'd be happy to share it if you think it would help.

    Look forward to your comments.

  • faschulzfaschulz Posts: 52
    I'm happy that someone has the same 1 to 2 and 2 to 1 harsh down shift the shudder under 2000 RPM , I'll take it to fix this coming week for 7Th time I want to change it for 08 with no problems.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    To me it seems like that you are not allowing enough miles to train the PCM to learn again. From my experience it took anout 3,000 to 4,000 miles to completely run totally smooth. It looks like you don't put on many miles and that is a factor as well. When a reflash is done it does not all of a sudden work smooth as glass. You can speed up the PCM's learning by using the auto stick at the shift points you want. Just do that a couple of times each time you drive. By the way some 08 PAC's have had to be reflashed as well.
    Believe me my 07 had the same issues, and my service manager and the tec. is real up to date and what they have said has worked. So good luck.

  • dooucdoodooucdoo Posts: 19
    I have a hard shift from 2nd to 3rd and a noticeable downshift from 2nd to 1st. But my shudder is completely gone now going on 6,000 miles.
  • d08d08 Posts: 16
    Hey, I had my tc changed at 3400 miles, reprogrammed, and all of the above and the stupid transmission sucks. It has now got 6200 miles on it and that should be plenty of time to re-learn the computer. I have never had so much problems with a new car other than this one. I have had old cars and they had excellent transmissions compaired to this pile of crap!!!!! Any suggestions????
  • hotsshotss Posts: 9
    Yes, contact the 800 number and also the service mgr where you bought the crappy pacifica, and tell them you want to explore a dealer buyback. That is what I did and in about 3 months time I now have a 08 Aspen for less than I was paying for the pac because I got all my payments back and put them towards the Aspen. Good luck, I know first hand what it is like having a pac with a lot of problems. You wouldn't believe what I went through with mine, i am just glad to be out of it and into something i can totally rely on.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    I was jerked around by Chrysler's inept dealers for a year. With incredible persistence on my part, and with the help of an attorney, they finally bought back my car. They went to great pains to cheat me out of $2,700.00, but I prevailed.
    I wanted to buy a 2008 T&C, but the dealers aroundCleveland all wanted at least $3,000 too much. I bought a used 2006 T&C which is a better body style, to me anyway, and I am satisfied. I will still buy Chrysler, but they really need to do some better training of their technicians and the customer relations people.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Your anger sure comes out LOUD and clear! However if you want to get this resolved you have got to tone it way down. I have given directions to about 10 people with different Chrysler built vehicles that these got buy backs on. So Take what I have to say with a grain of salt or try it.
    Here are a few quick questions. Are you taking it to the dealer you bought it from? How many dealers have you taken it to? Did you buy it new? Have you owned and Chrysler products before and if so how many? Have you talked to your Service manager face to face and told him how unhappy you are? Have you talked to the Owner or Manager of the dealership you bought this at?
    Please let me know the above so I can help you start the best way.
    You should call 1 800 992 1997 and full explain your problems. ( you might get someone from India) if so tell them you want to talk to a US supervisor. Go to the Chrysler web site, and go to "contact us" and write out what you want.
    If you are TOTALLY sure there is nothing Chrysler can do to make you happy with this PAC then Tell your Service manager you want the Zone Rep called in on this for a buy back. Do this face to face and hand him a letter stating so. After that go to the Owner or Manager and do the very same thing and ask him to follow up on the Service manager.
    Best thing is to be polite, kind, and dump the anger! Tell people who ever you talk to that you appreciate their help! NEVER DISPLAY YOUR ANGER. REMEMBER NO ONE WANTS TO HELP A HOT HEAD OR A FRUSTRATED JERK. Be patient, show respect and you will always have the upper hand. Don't call a transmission stupid, it's a "not functioning up to Chryslers standards of quality". This will get you a whole lot further in getting what you want.

  • d08d08 Posts: 16
    I have not showed any kind of anger to the dealer or their dealership. I have only talked with the salesman and the service dept. I am scheduled for an oil change and rotate and balance the tires on saturday. I have not taken the car to any other dealership, but I have thought about it. Being Chrylser ceritifed does not always mean that the mechanics know how to fix the problem, and you can't just put the car on the computer to see what errors show up, not all errors show up this comes with experience of being a good mechanic to trace the problem. But, with the warranty you have to take it there. It is very frustrating taking your car there and them telling you that nothing is wrong and that the other models are fine. Well I'm sure that they are but not the 07 and 08 because the first car I test drove from their was an 08 and the transmission never once changed gears!!!! The salesman could only say I'm sorry but this has never happened before and we took it right to the their service dept. Now that tells you that they chrylser has a serious problems with these models and need to recall them. I can not afford to break down with this car and I have to send my payments in every month I expect to have a dependable car. We do have a jeep, and bought it used with 50,000 miles on it and never had a problem with it.
    I plan on talking with the service manager on sat and telling him that I am not happy with this car, and trust me I know how to keep my cool!!!!! You must work with this stuff all the time????
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    My case has been settled, I have my money. My family CURRENTLY owns six Chrysler products, and I personally have owned between 20 and 25 since 1989. I kept my cool at each and every step of the way, but when my car sat at the selling dealers for 12 days and they claimed that they did not know it was there, it is difficult to keep one's cool. When a Chrysler attorney chooses another dealer but does not tell them why the car is there, it is a bit difficult for anyone to accomplish anything. When a letter to the Vice President of North American Sales is reaponded to with a phone call from a nameless woman who said, "Chrysler isn't going to do anything" what am I supposed to do?

    Chrysler needs some SERIOUS customer relations training. I have been in the auto repair business for over 40 years, so I believe it is safe to say that I have just a slight clue as to what is going on with an automobile. When two outside experts drive the car, one of them drove it twice, and they both come up with the same conclusions that I came up with and what others who have driven the car came up with, it it extremely hard to swallow when Chrysler says all is normal.

    Since I had to sign a paper when I received my settlement saying that I would not tell anyone how wonderfully I had been treated by Chrysler or I would lose my Captain Video Decoder Ring, I must bow out of this forum.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    d08: That's cool you have kept a lid on it. There are TSB's on the 07's, as far as I know the 08 have not had the TC problem. However it could be the 08 you drove had something else that felt like yours. I sure would hate to have been that salesperson! It sure made an impresion on you, and most likely others as well.
    The dealer can put the computer on and see if you are missing a reflash, or check by the vin if the right TC was replaced on your PAC. The list for TC R&R's went to March of 07 production I think. Those made after that were of with the TC. I presume you got the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty? The Chrysler Service Contracts for the 07's & 08 are Lifetime wraps as well. We got the Max Care $100. dedcutable. Bought with calling the Crysler Service Contracts, you can get 0% interest for 36 months, a good price is anything less than $2,800. Dealers cost is about $2,000. and will sell it to at the time of buy for that but the interest gose for the full time of the contract.
    Is your dealer a 5 star dealer? If so they should be up to snuff. The dealer I use is by most considered small and they do good.

  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    My car is over and done with. Perhaps the worst example of dealer customer relations was when I arranged with the salesman to drive there on a Saturday - about a 45 minute drive - so that someone could just go for a ride in my car with me. He told me that he would arrange it with service for 10:00 AM. I arrived on time and was told by the service writer, "We don't have time for that." I didn't blow up, but I certainly should have.
    I havefound that the way chrysler dealers become 5 star dealers is to send out comment cards to only the customers who they know will send back a favorable report. Some years back a service writer said that he knew that the service was terrible on my RAM 1500 but he literally begged me so send in a favorable report.
  • d08d08 Posts: 16
    Hey, thanks for getting back with me. Yes, I did get the lifetime warranty and the dealer is supposed to be a five star dealer. I don't think that they will give me much problems and I certainly don't want them to think that I am just complaining about my car when I have to keep taking it back to them. Should I ask for them to buy back my car?? I just would love another car , maybe a good one that I don't have these kind of problems with. When I first got my car I just loved it until the problems started happening and thats when I found this site that everyone else was having some of the same problems. I'm all about giving someone a chance to fix the problems, but I really think that this car has serious issues. It not only has transmission problems, but when I crank up my car it sounds like something is loose and also driving stop and go, Like a loose valve or something and also it runs rough sometimes when I am idiling, like it has water in the gas??? And the other day when it was running rough I heard the motor ticking and I stopped and checked my oil and it was fine full. Is that ticking normal??? That is one thing that I know how to check because of my older cars that I use to own, I always would keep a check on them. I am a woman by the way, I just don't know about it. I am so depressed about this..
  • Hi I read your post because we have a 2007 PAC . It's been to the dealers 3x for transmission problems. They did the re- flash. Then I found this forum on Edmunds. Gave it to Manager. They replaced TC . The shutter seems to be gone happened once since being fixed, BUT still have hard shifting and cranking noise when turning,(just not all the time) I read you post and it said Chrysler had it posted on their website about problem.WHERE? I couldn't find it and we are bringing car back to dealer this WED . Could you please post more specific info. It would be greatly Appreciated!!! Thanks.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609 and both have a link to "tsb" which is a service bulliten. You will most likely have to sign in. These are super great web sites. But your dealer has these tsb's in their Chrysler service computer web site. That's not a good reason to make you prove your point.
    Our 07 PAC has almost 23,000 miles on it. Every once and a while we get a jerky shift from 1st to 2nd, or when we stop and go rather quickly. Our dealers Service Manager said he would reflash it, and that shour resolve it. We have been blessed by having a great dealer, LLoyd Belt Chrysler, Dodge Jeep, in Eldon, Missouri.
    No matter how good the vehicle, without qualified tech's who know their stuff the vehicle is no better than those who maintain it. Hope this helps. Is your PAC an AWD? We have been amazed at the power and the good fuel mileage.

  • Thanks for the info. Our Pac is FWD. We have 24,000 on it. What is your gas milegage? The best we have gotten is 24.9 @ 65-68 mph. This is with the replaced TC.Is that good? Stats say 24 mgp......I've read other posts with higher? We get the same hard down shifts at low rpm. This website has been our blessing with this headache.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    We get consistently above 20. mpg, even when I sit in the car with the air-conditioning going as my wife shops. That includes stop and go and spending up to 1 hour with air con. running. When driving around local traffic we get 22 to 24 mpg. On a longer drive of 200+ miles we have gotten as high as 28, but typical is closer to 25,3 to 26 mpg. We have aprox 23,000 miles on ours, it it a AWD Touring which I would think would get less mpg than the FWD Touring or Limited. Often we drive at 65 mph in a 70 mph speed limit. We drive conservativly, and try to drive carefully. We do pull off to let faster traffic by on two lane roads. We do the speed limit on two lane roads. We try not to be poken-alongers.
    I can't say if you should ask for a buy back, only you and perhaps your Service Manager can help with that choice. However these clunks and odd noises need to be taken care of and the dealership should be able to find the problem and correct it.
    With the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty that can be a long time, we expect this just might be our last vehicle as we are retired, and vehicles have been a big ex pence all our life, so maybe this will be what we need now. I do think the warranty is protection that no other vehicle company is even close to, and should deliver many years of service.
    Take some time to think this over and get someone's advice who is knowledgeable about the PAC even a tec. at the dealer can be of a great help. Sorry I can not tell you much more. Hope this helps.

  • djagdjag Posts: 39
    My transmission is flawless in up and down shifing. It is just as smooth as my 2008 Acura RL.
  • Well, all I can say is I'm about ready to scream. It's been a while since my last post. The last time I posted, I had just had the latest re-flash done on my 07 PAC, and all seemed well. But then the rough shifts and slamming into gear from park to reverse or drive came back with a vengeance. Once again, back to the dealer. They said they couldn't duplicate the problem. I kindly explained that this was simply unacceptable. The next phone call I received was letting me know they were replacing the torque converter! After they had kept it 2 1/2 days already. 7 days after that, I finally get it back. Less than 2 days later, I got a horrible whine in all gears, and a loud rattle in park. Yup, back to the dealer! This time, it turned out to be a bent and loose heat shield and defective starter (? ? ?). OK? Now I have it back again, and there is a "roar" noise similar to a bad wheel bearing from under the hood present after 45 mph and continuing all the way up past that. I'm thinking, what next? The dealer knows my problems, their service department knows my problems, and I'm being told to bring it back again. Yeah, OK. Fact is, I'm still making payments every month while it is in their shop for at least 1/2 of every month since I purchased it. No bumper to bumper extended warranty is going to repay me for my time away from work for service department visits and having an unreliable car to make payments on. Those of you with NEW PACS are blessed with a buy back or arbitration option through Chrysler. I purchased mine used with 11,500 miles. It only has 16,000 on it now. What can I do but keep on dealing with issue after issue after issue! Like I can trade out now? And take a beating on trade in value? At least my warranty is trasferable! But why should I have to? It shouldn't be like this! Chrysler is not going to buy back my PAC, and neither is my dealer. The whole situation SUCKS! I have been nice, kind, kept my cool, been pleasant, forgiving, haven't complained about the time/inconvenience, stuck with recommendations, etc, etc. But when is enough going to be enough? I STILL fail to see how my wife's identical 07 PAC has had -0- problems, and I've had too many already to count. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE IN THIS? I think this last issue has my patience pushed to the limit. It's not the dealer's fault; they just sold the thing to me. It's not the service department's fault; all's they can do is fix the darn thing each time it breaks (and only do what the Chrysler warranty department tells them to do). So who next? I've called Chrysler...anyone get any higher the customer relations? I need someone there to put into my shoes and see how they would like it! :sick: And NO! Hiring an attorney to sue Chrysler or the dealer is not and never will be a viable solution for me - I just want the car to be AS IT SHOULD or one like it to be AS IT SHOULD without costing ME a ton of money!!!
  • juleszeejuleszee Posts: 16
    Im in the same boat as most of everyone on here.
    Ive been to the shop so many times, they know my voice on the phone and when I come in they call me by name.
    Ours they say they cant duplicate anything. But I think it's a line of crap. They will not replace anything, do anything, just say they can't duplicate it and thats it. In fact they have heard it. But dont want to do anything. :sick:
    Transmission is still shifting hard, falling out of gear.
    Front end makes noise, I get a whoomping sound when turning corner's.
    Can't drive it in the rain or through a car wash and expect it to start when I turn it off.
    Runs rough in rain
    Molding on the top is falling off.
    I loose traction on hills and going up on ramps.
    Have to keep replacing the engine mounts, Roters had to be rotated already, brake's squeek.
    Its just a lemon.. augh!! :lemon:
    One good thing... The radio works!! LOL

    Chrysler 1-800 number is a joke, I believe that the district manager is just screwing around so we will make it to the year mark and they dont have to do much about it being a lemon.
    So, I called the District Attorney and filed the Lemon law, now the chrysler shop will not take my Pac in for repairs. Since we dont have arbration in my state that was the only way to go. I feel lost like no one is willing to help. I want to trade this off to get rid of the headache, but they wouldnt give me anything for it. 13,000 for this 07 with 11,000 miles on it. Talk about getting screwed!
    Im waiting to hear what the District Attorney says.. :sick:
  • YIKES!! I would be happy if I could just swap equity on a similarly priced vehicle. What dealer would ever do that? The salesman I purchase my PAC from said to bring mine back in again and leave it with their service department until everything is corrected. That would be great, only what else might break later on? Both service managers know me ALL to well. They are freindly and polite, but I know they are getting EXTREMELY tired of seeing my car over and over and over again. And I am quite tired of bringing it back! I am seriously considering trading it if I can find a dealer who will give me a decent figure on it. I can transfer my warranty to a different vehicle and drive on. But like you, I am sure I won't get what I owe. It just isn't right, and there's not much we can do about it except keep bringing them back for repairs. The only justice is that Chrysler will spend a small fortune in warranty work to keep our cars on the road! Anyway, I plan on calling the 1-800 number and just ask for someone in charge to see what he/she would do if they were me!
    By the way, I get the same "whoomping" sound when turning as well. Service department "can't duplicate condition". Happens every time I drive it. I wonder if they actually drive them at all ? ? ? :confuse: When I bring mine back next week, I am going to insist that someone rides with me and I will drive around as long as it takes to "duplicate condition" !!! :sick:
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