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Chrysler Pacifica Transmission Problems



  • Can't understand what you are trying to tell us. I went back and read all, of your postings and still don't know???
  • Thanks! I will have to check the mounts in the morning. I was thinking on those same lines. And that also could cause the car to pull because the motor could be tourqed in that direction when accelerating. I hope it is that simple!
  • Sunday evening, the district manager for chrysler just called, tomorrow when we take the 07 Pacifica in for the 4th time on the shudder as scheduled he wants to replace the torque converter again. Number 3 now. Said that the computer sometimes doesnt accept the new code properly and wants to start over. Also told me they want to drive it about 1400 miles to rebreak it in. I dont think I am comfortable letting a stranger drive my car 1400 miles even if it is a :lemon: .. He also told me that the rattle on the right side is probably a ty-rode that they have been replacing them left and right recently sounds like safe craftsmanship here. :sick: I am all for them replacing the converter one more time since but the driving seems a bit weird, :confuse: I think I am going to refuse that and just let him no to take it in stride with the lemon law.... any opinions out there ?????
  • rondyrondy Posts: 4
    Does anyone put regular gas in their Pacifica? I've had mine for a couple of months. The gas mileage sucks - I did not do my homework on this before buying the car. A lot of people with bigger vehicles than this one use 87. Also, anyone using any additives to boost the octane levels. Thanks.
  • rondyrondy Posts: 4
    I have a friend that offers some tablets to put in your gas tank to boost your octane but haven't tried it yet. I'm afraid to put anything in my tank in the event I have some problems down the line and it messes with the warranty. I am using mid-grade gas in my vehicle since it has it in the book. What kind of gas do you use.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    I use 87 in mine and that is the only area where the car does OK. I get around 24 on the road and over 16 in the city. It is about the same as my 2002 T&C with 113000 miles.
  • I got a call from the dealership service department today. My Pac DID have a right front motor mount broken. The part is on order and it should be fixed by Friday of this week. However, I am being told that the pull to the right under acceleration is just normal torque steer. I replied that my wife's identical 07 Pac did not exhibit the pull like mine did, and that still didn't explain the shudder at 35-45 mph. I was told they would check it after they changed out the motor mount. They are to call me when it is ready to be picked up. When they call me, I plan to tell them that it would be useless for me to pick it up if it still pulls to the right and shudders. I would simply return it to them until it stops. I have known the service manager and technician that are working on my car for many years. In fact, I used to work with them at the servicing dealership before it changed owners years ago, so I really don't expect any problems. I will definitely post all findings and results here when I get them.
    By the way, I went to check the trans fluid before I took it in to the shop, but there is no dipstick! I was told the only way to check it was to bring it in and they could test it with a computer. And yes, it is true that it requires a "special" trans fluid in order to operate properly. Yikes! Well, we'll see how it goes.....
  • I have read all 192 messages on the board and I am now ready to post. :)

    Bought my Pacifica late March of 2007. The car has always had a hesitation upon acceleration. A hesitation to the point that when it finally kicks into gear it roasts the tires. Then when you would come to a stop it would clunk down into first gear. The problem got worse as time rolled on. It also squeaks like an old bed when you turn left or right, but not every time. There was a piece of the body above the driver's side door that moved out of place. Occasionally have had slight trouble starting the car. Took the car into the dealer in November for the above complaints and to have the oil changed the tires rotated. They kept the car just shy of two weeks - they changed the oil, rotated the tires, fixed the piece above the door (known issue according to them) and acknowledged the transmission problems (but not the squeaking problems). Unfortunately the dealership recently changed hands and they did not have a transmission specialist available, so they recommended I take it to another dealership. Waited until after the holidays.

    Took the car to the next dealership last Thursday. They finally called today to tell us that it had a broken motor mount which they had had to order the part for and were replacing today, but they couldn't verify any of those transmission problems. My husband, who is a mechanic told them that the motor mount in all probability was broken by the clunking transmission. Anyway, they said they would have the transmission guy drive it again after they replaced the motor mount. My husband said that lose motor mounts could cause the transmission to clunk but he was skeptical.

    Then I came here tonight. Seems I have the beginnings of a nightmare. I do not feel what people are describing as a shudder, but the hesitation in my transmission is to the point of being dangerous. I live off of an open access highway and at some times of day you have to quickly cross the highway and that hesitation makes you wonder if you are going to make it across. It also is slightly embarrassing to be peeling out all the time - not to mention the wear and tear on the tires. I've gotten so used to having to soft-pedal this car it is a pleasure driving the Stratus our original dealership has loaned us while the second dealership works on the car.

    No mechanics have mentioned a torque converter - in fact during the original shop visit the service manager contacted STAR who I guess tells the mechanics how to make repairs on the vehicles and there was no mention of a TSB for a TC. In fact, the service manager called Chrysler and they tried to blow him off, and he told them our car was dangerous to drive. He'd peeled out all over town while test driving it. He did tell me he thought the car shifted very fast. Since that visit I think it shifts harder.

    Anyone experience my problems?

    jen R
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    Pretty much the same problems. Car starts out in some indeterminate gear sometimes and then slams down into 1st. I cannot believe that this is either safe or good for the car. My daughters drive the car and they are scared by it. I believe that most of my problems are transmission/torque converter related, but the dealer and an arbitrator say that they are normal. My car has now been at the dealer since Dec. 30. I called on Jan. 10 and was told that they were just starting on it and I would get a call back later that day. Here it is a week later and I have heard nothing. I think that this is called Five Star Customer Service.
  • I have to agree with your husband. I don't see how motor mounts just simply "break" all by themselves. I believe I do have a trans problem similar to the ones mentioned in these posts. I KNOW that something is wrong because my wife has an identical 07 Pac Touring just like mine, only mine has 6000 LESS miles on it. We experience no problems at all with hers. So for a dealership service department to tell me my problems are "normal" is completely unacceptable. I plan to pursue whatever means necessary to get the problems fixed. I didn't purchase my Pac to have it sit in a shop while I make the payments! And yours certainly should take a priority as it sounds unsafe to drive. Good luck, and keep us posted.
  • It’s me again, I just received my 07 Spring special edition from the shop yesterday it is about the same they change front and rear engine mounts but the mechanical part still the same still shudder and harsh down shift when you go to 20Mph and make a complete stop it down shifts hard and fells that the engine moves a lot no wonder that the engine mounts breaks, they told me that they did their best?
    Still feel something but that's normal???
    My concern now is Chrysler is saying that all the wrong behavior is normal and we have to make payments on a new car that we all know are not working as it should .
    At one time I was proud to have my Chrysler cars those nice 99 and 2001 town&country that never gave me any problem I miss them.
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    Welcome to the club. It seems that the standard answer is that substandard performance is normal. I might keep my 2002 T&C forever.
  • :mad: :mad: :lemon: I am picking up the 07 PC tomorrow from the dealership. They have had it since monday 4 days doing several tests, the service manager drove it and felt the shudder at 55 for a split second but that was the only time the :sick: peace of **!! would act up. The area representative said that there is nothing they can do and since theyre computer did not pick up on the shudder the fact that the service manager felt it, it still didn't count. He told me that the car driving issues is normal. Yea, normal for the pacifica's :lemon: not normal for quality cars, I hate the little monkey thinking I'm an idiot. I am signing the papers for the lemon law attorney on Tuesday, just want a different car (not a PC or Mini van) they all have the same issues from what I've read. I'll keep everyone informed on what happens. Tim
  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    I picked up my car today after 17 days at the dealer. Even though I made it extremely clear that they had to drive it to see what the problems were, they drove it only 20 miles. To repair a clunk in the right front they replaced sway bar bushings; still clunked; right strut; still clunked; steering rackk; clunk gone they say. Clunks now worse than ever before - only from the right front.
    The shudder on start up is still there and the climate control problems are still there. The corporate answer is "Problem not experienced". I doubt that it will be of any use, but I will be calling Chrysler as soon as I have the time.
    It is such a joy to have a car that you really like and hate at the same time.
  • :blush: Those of you who are fortunate enough ie. smart enough to file a :lemon: law suit will unfortunately have to sign a non disclosure pact with Chrysler. We will never know the outcome of your suit. For now, thanks for the ride and when you see me next time it wont be driving a Pacifica. Bye :shades:
  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    I have a 2006 Pacifica FWD Base that I will need to replace in a couple of months. It appears that all of the posts on this site for transmission problems are 2007 Pacificas. Can one assume that all of the 2008's on the dealers' lots are okay? I realize that production stopped at the end of November 2007, so there will only be a limited number of 2008's available.
    There seem to be a fair number of new 2007's available. Does anyone know if there is a certain date of manufacture or certain VIN number that indicates that the 2007 Pacifica has the revised torque convertor?
    The Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country are built on the same assembly line that the Pacifica was built on. They even share a couple of the same engines. Can one assume that the 2008 minivans will not have the transmission problem? The Wall Street Journal tested a black Town and Country on their website and gave it a great review.
  • I went to pick up my Pac today, and to my suprise, it seems to be doint OK right now. According to the warranty invoice, they replaced the right front motor mount. They also "flashed" and reprogrammed the transmission control module. It is almost like driving a different car. Most if not all of the clunking is gone, and the trans shifts smoother even when coming to a stop. No more popping when shifting from park into drive or reverse. The only thing I notice is the pull to the right. Although it is much less noticable, it is still there, but not as bad as it was. I hope a simple front end alignment will take care of this problem.
    The car drives very much like my wife's Pac now. It really made a big difference when I was riding around with a broken motor mount. Every bump I hit, the front end would rattle. Now, all is pretty much quiet. Well, I'll drive it for a while and see how it does. Then I will let everyone know if the mystery "clunk and pop" returns or stays away. I'm just curious to know what caused the motor mount to break. For now, I remain hopeful that most of the problem has been solved.
  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    No it is not safe to assume that. I think With the financial troubles of chrysler they probably did not develope a new clutch material for there torque converters as They have been using the same trans design since 89 which is actually a good design after they revised it 17 times but there TC clutches have always suffered. They haven't changed anything in 18 years. Whether in a fullsize truck or mamas minivan, doesn't matter. If you do decide to get one, keep the fluid changed every 15-20,000 miles and pray it lasts...just kidding..not all of them
    Just know this..when they developed their o/d transmissions for trucks sometime around '90 they simply took the same design from '65 and stuck an o/d section on the back with a solenoid to turn it on, wasn't much
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I have 9,200 miles on our 07 PAC AWD Touring. I have only used 87 except for 2 tanks. I actually got LESS mpg on the higher mid grade. If you are using ANY fuel that is "E" rated fuel (E-10) it DOES make for less mpg. This engine is well designed and only if you are at high altitudes or are pulling a trailer would yoy ever consider the mid grade. Using mid grade can heat up the engine more.

    Hope this helps,
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I believe you are mistaken. This 6 speed trans, used with the PAC AWD is a borg Warner (sp). At least that's what says.

  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I check the production line dates and lead times. at and they HAVE NOT stopped the 2--8 PAC yet. I read that the end of April will most be the end for the PAC. hope this dispells false rumors.

  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    I may be wrong farout...maybe they did finally come up with somethin new, But i wouldn't doubt if they still used the same clutch materials in the Who knows...only time will tell the story.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    If you so choose the LEMON law you will wind up with a settlement that is not near what Chrysler will do if you just tell them you want a buy back. I have Chrysler very fair when we had our 2005 Jeep Liberty diesel buy back. I never mentioned the Lemon law and was treated better than I could have hoped for.
    There is a acknowledged problem by Chrysler. They have developed a reFlash they are doing now, which may fix the problem. Replacing the TC is according to my Service Manager may or may not be an solution.
    I doubt driving 1400 miles on you vehicle will show them anything. Heck that's going to take maybe a month to put on that many miles. I would not do it.

  • I have asked them to buy the car back several times and they have replyed that they would not. They have now mentioned some type of trade certificate but would not give a dollar amount to help us out of the car. We picked the car up last friday and they felt the shudder @ 55 miles per hour but had no solutions for a repair, :confuse: so just sent the car back home w/ us. :lemon: The dealer is going to speak w/ them again on tuesday (tomorrow) to see if they will buy it back. I don't want to go the Lemon Law route if I don't have to but it looks like my only alternative. :( I just would like to do a collateral exchange for a new nitro or Jeep wrangler at this point.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Put it in writting and give it to the service manager and the General manager of the dealership. Call 1800 992 1997 customer care line. Tell them the problems you have had and are dealing with. This should get some feed back in writting and will establish your desire to resolve it ASAP.
    You do not say how many miles you have on the PAC, and when did you get it? Have you had ALL work done at a Chrysler shop? Have you kept it up by the B schedule in the owners manual? These are Major issues that can hurt or help in a huge way.

  • Saying that Chrysler will settle for more than one reached by enacting the Lemon Law may over-generalize, and cause some to wait too long to initiate a case. While I'm glad that your were able to resolve the situation working with Chrysler, it seems like you have a unique relationship with the dealer or the manufacturer. Too often I've read about individuals having to go to different dealerships to even get the problem recognized.

    In Ohio you are entitled to recoup every dime spent on the car, including any accessories you may have added (i.e., trailer hitch), finance charges on any loan, registration fees... and best of all any attorney fees.

    A friend of mine went through the process a few years ago. I don't think Chrysler can beat this settlement. However for the sake of fairness and avoiding attorney's ... which is nearly always a good idea... I would consider a buyback. But don't wait too long, most Lemon Laws have constraints on both time and mileage parameters to work with.

    Best luck to everyone!
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    I am not sure about Ohio, but in the five states I have lived in that is generally not the case.
    However the better part of wisdon says it's better to be better prepared to meet those you want to win over to your point of view. Threatening and shounding like a lion when your a kitten is fool hearty. The service managers and those even in the uper management are use to big noise makers and those who vent angry nasty words. This goes in the drag your feet file. Lemon Law threats are usually settled by an arbratration board, and rarely does the consumer come out 100% satisfied. Ohio may well be different.
    I have used kindness, praise for the Service Manager, and the dealership when talking with the people that has authority to move my request to a higher person up the ladder. I have seem that for me this has done more than any Lemon Law or Lawer ever could.
    I guess whatever works best is what a person should try. But one shot is generally all we get.

  • rhollisrhollis Posts: 122
    I have always been more than patient. It is distressing, however, when you hear nothing for eleven days and then get after finally giving in and calling you are told that they will call you back that afternoon, and it doesn't happen for another week. This is not a good way to build up cuatomer relations. I was told on four different trips to three dealers that there was basically nothing wrong with my car. On the fifth trip they started throwing parts on it without making it any better. This leaves it wide open for the Lemon Law. I now have an independent garage owner who writes for various auto magazines driving the car to sort of critique it. If he findsthat there is nothing wrong, then I will give up and suffer for a few more years. It is very unpleasant to drive in freezing weather when you get nothing but ambient temperature air o your feet and heat blasting from the defroster - this with the climate control set on floor.
  • Well, I drove my 07 PAC for three days now since I picked it up from the shop, and it is still pulling to the right. Especially under acceleration. And the front end still has a distinct "rattle" from both the left and right sides when encountering bumps or rough spots in the road. I have called the dealer and told them they would be seeing me again.This will be the third visit for the pull to the right problem. I'm beginning to doubt that it is an alignment problem, although I do plan to take it to a different shop if it still pulls after the third trip to the selling dealer. If the outside shop CAN fix it, then I know something is up! It is a shame, though. I really enjoy driving the PACs we own, but there just shouldn't be that huge of a difference in ride quality between my wifes PAC and mine. Anyone else having alignment issues or a noisy rattling front end? I'm almost tempted to have the car inspected for hidden damages that may have occurred before I purchased it. :confuse:
  • yottsyotts Posts: 10
    I just bought a used 07 Pac, it has been in the shop once alreday for the shuddering problem. I took it to a local chrysler dealer here in town. The told me it was a computer flash that updated the transmissions computer. It works fine now and really does shift very smooth. So I took it on a late night 120 mph drive to see what was going to happen when going higher speeds instead of the everyday work commute 20- 45 mph. I can honestly say it works and checks out fine one thing I hate about what chrysler did was to not put a transmission dipstick in the tranny case. I was told it was done to keep consumers out of the transmission case. It will cost about $120.00 - $ 150.00 to have the fluid checked. Because there is a specail scan tool the dealer uses to check your fluid. Is there a better way to check the fluid if so please someone let me know. I also would like to know if anyone knows about with synthetic oil works best in this engine. :D :)
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