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Chrysler Sebring Brake Problems

ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
edited October 2014 in Chrysler
Talk about problems you're having with the Sebring's brakes.


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  • bob364bob364 Posts: 1
    Hi.. wonder if anyone else can relate to the problems I've had with my chrysler sebring. The day I purchased my car there was ticking noise in the engine area...I asked what it might be and the dealership a "water pump"...I took it numerous time to the 5 star location I'd had bought from and they told me time and time it was nothing...well at 58,000 miles..IT WAS SOMETHING..It was a bad valve and the oil light came...the oil pressure bottomed out...the local mechan said he has seen this numerous times and chrysler refuses to acknowledge this...he said they new what it was ...and new the engine would have to be removed...the blue book is 4,200...and it will be 3,800 - 4,000 to repair...I'm on the 4th set of breaks ...the mechanic said the sebrings are notorious for needing new brakes occationally....
  • lorilwwlorilww Posts: 1
    I bought a used 1998 Sebring Convertible. I have had a problem with very noisy rear brakes. I have owned the car for 2 years now and I have taken it to 5 different mechanics to fix this problem. They clean the brakes and pads and within 3 days the brakes are squeaking and grinding again. This last time the mechancic told me that Sebrings have this problem with their rear brakes. I am ready to buy a 2002 Sebring but I just wanted to know if anyone else is having this same problem with the newer models.
  • Have similar problem as dianall in message no.-8. There is crunching noise coming from the front end when turning the wheels especially when the brakes are being applied at the same time. Wind whistle at drivers door turns out to be air noise coming from heating unit when in the "recirc" mode only. Brake noise from front at low speeds after stop and go driving. Very late downshift into 1st gear coming up to stops. Have a "groan" from the A/C system when on at low speeds when compressor engages. Expansion valve was replaced, noise left, time went by, noise is back! Dealer is deaf, can't hear it. All else is said to be normal. Drivers door is now adjusted so tight that I have to slam it to get it to shut. I shoulda' bought the used Yugo! The sadness would have been less!
  • rjp298rjp298 Posts: 1
    Has anyone experienced diminished braking response when driving in very wet
    weather? I have the LXI with 16" chrome spoke rims, ABS. After driving some
    distance in heavy rain, there's a delay in the "grab" that can be felt when brakes
    are first applied. Scary. Service manager says no TSB's about the subject.
    Anyone else have this problem?
  • Okay, it's been about a year since I bought my 1999 Sebring Conv. JX, with 50,550 miles already showing... I have put around 20,000 more on it in this first year (going to The Grand Canyon, Vegas, etc.). I only test drove one, and that's the one I bought. I just fell in love with it, and it was on sale..$12,999.00!! Boy was I blessed that day.. So a year later and I am still in love. I started to worry about my impulsive decision, after I read many review's on-line (mostly negative), but I have only had a problem with the brakes... I am on my third replacement pair...and the second pair squealed badly. My father says it's my own fault, and that I am to hard on them. But I dunno??? Anyway, it still drives like a dream, and looks great (I get complements, and questions regularly). The top is starting to show signs of wear, but that is to be expected. No leaks, although I must admit I live in Southern California, where the rain is scarce. The engine is V6, and frankly I love to fly over hills, and down long stretches of freeway. I get cars trying to race me all the time, and the Mustang, sadly, always wins. I have only had my foot on the floor one time, because I am pretty good at watching my R.P.M.'s. My car cruises at 110m.p.h. with ease, but try to push it past that, and it bottoms out... That's okay, 110m.p.h. is fine with me, and on steep hills, in third gear, I can get it going to 85m.p.h...wheeee!!! No speeding tickets yet...knock on wood. I do think I was lucky the day I brought my Sebring home, but I know that there have got to be other, lucky, Sebring Conv.'s out there... Are you feeling lucky?
  • stoosh95stoosh95 Posts: 14
    Cause i'm the proud owner of an '01 Sebring Coupe (with the 5 speed) ... with over 40,000 miles and almost no problems .

    Had an issue with both rear wheel bearings ... the left one was replaced at 25k (under warranty) and the right one just went (cost my ~$300) ... and for some reason, the front rotors have warped twice ... once they cannot be "turned" i will replace with bigger, aftermarket ones.

    But other than those 2 things, the coupe's been great.
  • It was great to see this topic revived. As America's most popular convertible, the Sebring certainly deserves a discussion group!

    I recently helped my son buy a 2000 JXI. I went through the postings in the archived forum and we were able to gain some good information before buying.

    One of the major complaints pre-2001 owners had were the brakes. Although the feel isn't great, I understand they wear fairly well, but I believe there were complaints about squeaking (the rear, I believe). If I understand it correctly, the squeaking isn't metallic sounding -- it is more like brake pad friction. Has anyone found an aftermarket solution to these noisy brakes?
  • Ok folks! So I have just read every post on my "Dream Car" that has ever been sent here and now i'm scared. My car is in the shop (Chrysler Imperial 93) and at best is getting "patched up" just long enough to get another car. I've had 3 Chrysler's since 1992 ( 2, 5th Aves and now an Imperial...all VERY DEPENDABLE and I was able to "drive them into the ground"!My first went to 210,000 miles! The second 180,000!) but my "Dream Car" is a 98-99 Cyann Pepper Red with a gold top and gold wheels JXI. If I find such a car I am willing to drive from New England (Boston area) to as far as SC to get it. "Am I CRAZY"? (probably) but in your best oppinion...Is the Sebring "worth" it? They say if you have a "good" experiance you will tell 3 friends (I work 3 jobs and one is in a restaurant). If you have a "bad" will tell 10. Is this what is happening here? I'm not hearing very comforting things? By the number of comments about the front end appears that almost "everyone" has it but that the car is still driveable with little or "no" repairs (and no satisfaction)...just the annoyance of the noise. Rattling doors... seems to be the same. Brake replacement...hmmmmmmmm...most major brake shops have a life time warranty which should save me $$ there... right? Gas in the oil...I only noticed a few comments on that. Electrical problems with dash lights...I think everyone has had that at one point or another (even me, and it was usually a "one" time fix),just annoying.
         So what do you think??? Is it a "money pit" or what??? Again... I'm working 3 jobs (and not because I "like" too!LOL). "Please" help me decide or "talk me out of it"! LOL

    A 42 year old "Spring Chicken" (LOL)

    PS...all your comments have helped me so far, "greatly", as to what to look and ask for if I test drive! THANK YOU!!!
  • vish1vish1 Posts: 1
    I bought new 03 Chrysler Sebring this year,After 2000 kms it started giving me crunching grinding sound with excessive pulsation, Initially Dealer did not agree with me finally he changed the rotors and Pulsation issue was no longer there, Now Whenever I stop and press brake or Release brakes it give me crunchy sound and also when i steer and press brakes in my drive way it give me crunchy sound.

    As On date i have 3000 kms on my car and problem is still there, Dealership is saying there is nothing they ca do to reduce or to eliminate this sound.I am very upset over this?What should I do?Customer service says its normal.I have driven many cars never heared this noise.
    I will be greatful if anyone help me in getting this issue resolved.PLEASE DONT BUY SEBRING 2003 ,ITS LOOK GOOD BUT HAVING LOT FO PROBLEMS.
  • dlkdlk Posts: 8
    My 2003 Sebring sedan was bought new. Around 4000 miles I noticed a crunching, creaking noise in the front end when turning and applying brakes. It does not happen when brakes are not applied. After several visits to the dealership from which the car was purchased without remedy and then being told "it is inherent to the car - all cars have quirks", I called Chrysler. They sent me to another dealership. They, too, can hear it and cannot fix it. Offered to change the rack but said that Chrylser would not want him to. Other than that, cannot determine the cause of the noise. Both dealerships assured me it is not a safety issue. My concern is 1. wear/tear on whatever is making the noise in the future and 2. resale. I certainly would not buy a used car making that type of noise. I now have 18000 miles on the car. In reading the bulletins here (#102,83,80,29,28,13,8) it seems Chrysler should be looking into this, but so far there is not a recall and not even a TSB specific to this problem. Is your problem resolved?
  • I have a 2000 Chrysler Sebring LXi w/ abs brakes.
    I've spent about $500 at Brake Check getting my brakes replaced, cleaned, new hardware, etc. and it is STILL making this screeching (think fingernails on a chalkboard) and a rubbing/scraping noise. It is also making that metal on metal noise while driving (usually at 35 mph with the windows down) and screeches more when I apply the brakes. I was hoping after the hardware was replaced for both rears it would stop but nothing has changed (as B.C. suggested since one side was loose). I only have 40,700 miles and I'm the only owner and driver, bought the car in June 2000 with 87 miles on it.

    Any suggestions if that noise is just going to exist or if something really is wrong with the car. I'm ready to pull my hair out about this.
  • cynder7cynder7 Posts: 7
    My car was in the shop [Fitzgeralds Auto Mall where I in fact purchased the car]for brake problems....several times to the extent I wrote BBB regarding same. I was reimbursed however, this situation cropped up since there [btw oil was put in the car Sprint prior to being at the dealership] I am finding a lot of problems with the 2.7 motor-type at google-even class action suits. another site is attempting to have Chrysler extend the warranty. I still have a Powertrain warranty [7years/70]but they are not honoring it per above. I have found on the net several stories very similiar. In fact when I called DOT Transportation saftey commission, I was advised there are so many problems with this engine they should recall it. I am becoming a consumer advocate re: this motor-it is a safety issue as well as economical-the complaints are similiar in nature-low milage; gunked oil-engine fails-dealership/chrysler puts onus on the owner-usually with 36,000 milage used. btw-I finally got an address in Elkridge for the zone manager but I am not feeling very positive.
  • goggagogga Posts: 6
    There is a TSB for it - 19-03-98. See my previous posts (90 and 96 i think). The solution is to replace the steering fluid. I've had feedback from several owners with 100% success.

  • Please note my post under Sebring convertible. If your like me, you have the chrysler 2.7 engine. type Chrysler 2.7 engine at google to see the results. or go to and file a complaint with the 'rest' of us [93] so far and the Dept of Transportation and Safety is quoted as having 400 complaints. We are trying to make Chrysler to a recall on this engine-In my situation [bought new 2002]I did oil changes and had brake problems-I was remiss in doing and oil change after 12/03-Chrysler is not honoring the Powertrain warranty based on this. [although I added oil in the spring] there are rumblings of class action suits and I have written to consumer Affaris, Attorney General and spoke to channel 7 news. There appears to be a defect in the engine which chrysler will not acknowledge-a kinked hose not allowing oil to flow properly. where are you located? just curious-this seems to be a Nationwide problem
  • dlkdlk Posts: 8
    Chrysler garage out of courtesy replaced the steering fluid. Kept hoping for quiet, but there seems to be no difference in the noise when braking and turning. Any other suggestions? Mechanics feel it is suspension related, but they can't fix it. Great.
  • dlkdlk Posts: 8
    Any Sebring sedan owners have problems with turning and braking crunching noises in the front? How did you fix it? Service hears it....can't fix it.
  • We also have brake noise on our 2002 Sebring with approximately 30,000 kms, just like you describe. The dealer has machined the rotors twice now and the problem is still there. I am not particularly happy with this in light that that the rotors life span is now reduced to maybe two more machinings and then they have to be replaced. I'll have another chat with the dealer before the warranty runs out in order to address this annoying noise. Apart from this, have had no other problems, and according to the Lemon-Aid publication here in Canada, the car is rated as above average - not bad for a Domestic product!
  • dlkdlk Posts: 8
    I have almost 26K on my car now. Brake noise that started around 4000 miles and, according to 2 dealerships cannot be fixed is still there and maybe worse. Front end seems to hit and ride bumps very hard but am told that nothing is wrong. Like you, I will have the vehicle checked out when the 3 yrs are up - and seriously consider getting out of the car and never buying a Chrysler again. After 3 other good Chryslers (years 89, 93, 98 - two of those a van and one car), these last two (01,03 both Sebring sedans) have been big disappointments. Not satisfied with their product or their service.
  • I too love my car, I have had a mazda miatia conv. which I also loved. This car is bigger and can carry extra people which I love. Everyone that rides in the back cannot believe how spacious it is. And the trunk is very large for a convt.

    I have been reading some of these posts and it does make you worry at first, but for me I suppose that a car is a machine and you have to expect that they will need maintenance. The sebring is a very reasonably priced car expecially when you compair it to the $50,000 plus you can spend on a luxury or speciality car, which lets face it a convertible is a speciality car... made for us special people. I am a psychotherapist by day, and I know how much the extra sunlight and feeling of freedom driving with the top down can really de-stress and elevate my mood. So I consider it not only my car and my toy, I consider it my 30 minute vacation on my way to and from work.. : ) I love it...

    Nina :)
  • Hey I too am a "spring chicken" at 41 and I love it... like any other car have it looked at, and expect some maintenance, but I love my convert. it makes me feel happy, calm, young and well like a "spring chicken"

    Get the car.... ;)
  • Since I bought my Sebring, sometimes when I come to a stop and brake, the car jets forward. This has happened at Stops and is very dangerous. When I take it back, they say because they cannot replicate the problem, they cannot fix it.

    Has anyone had this problem? I never heard of not being able to check on a problem through being told what the problem is. This is the second time I have it in and they are saying the same. "We can't replicate the problem, therefore we cannot diagnose and fix it." Is that true?
  • I am experiecing something similar with my 2004 Sebring Convertible (GTC). It has just over 3,000 miles so it's pretty new. Twice in the last couple of days I was stopped with my foot on the break (stop sign, in front of my garage door) the car surged forward. The third time it just stalled. I have an appointment with the dealer in a couple of days. I will let you know what they say/check.
  • rp98rp98 Posts: 3
    I have a 98 conv. with the same brake noise as everybody seems to complain of. The noise comes from the rear brakes not the front. The problem comes from glazing over of the brake shoes. Have your rear brakes cleaned and sanded and the noise will go away. If it comes back, do the same or have the shoes replaced with good after market parts. The othe thing to consider are the wheel cylinders. If they start leaking (look for moisture on the cylinder itself) they will not retract all the way causing the shoes to stay in contact with the drum and glaze over faster. Hope this helps. It has worked for me.
  • sidoniesidonie Posts: 1
    I recently changed the brake pads and turned the rotors on my Sebring and now the braking is almost zero. Help! Is there something that I missed, never had this problem when changing brake pads/rotors on other cars. If anyone has experienced this please let me know how you fixed it! Thanks
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    sidonie, you might also want to post your question in the Stop Here! Let's talk about brakes discussion.


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  • jforzettijforzetti Posts: 1
    hi i have a problem with my brake lights they dont come on. Now as far as i know i did check the fuses in the fuse panel in the engine compartment. Does any one know of any other possibilitys? I have also checked all the bulbs to!! please help!!!
  • mykeemykee Posts: 1
    I had the exact same problem with my car. As it turns out the brake light switch was bad. When it failed the cruise control also quit working. The switch is cheap and easy to replace.
    Hope this helps.
  • bmatz67bmatz67 Posts: 2
    IN reference to your rotor problem?? What brand pads are you using?? also are you using ceramic or semi metallic pads. ?? Some ceramic brake pads...Raybestoes in particular will warp rotors by forcing the heat generated by braking, back into the rotor.
  • bmatz67bmatz67 Posts: 2
    Try using a Bendix ceramic pad. Go to and look for a dealer in your area. Bendix is used in service shops but not sold in too many parts stores. They are made by Honeywell friction and are used as an original equipment on BMW , Mercedes, and many passenger air planes.
  • My wife and my daughter both own 2004 Sebring Convertible (Touring) and are both having the same problem you describe. Was the dealership able to correct your problem? Thanks ...Joel
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