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Chrysler Sebring Brake Problems



  • We have a 2004 Sebring Touring..The emergency light comes on and dings when you are going down hill and it also comes on when you push the brake (most times)..a few times it has come on when we are just driving. The emergency braske is not on and it does not seem to work when we put it on. The light just keeps coming on..Any ideas as to why??????
  • do you mind sharing year and last 8 digits of your VIN - I am having SAME problem, my dealers claims I am the only one - I dont believe that, so I will get proof
  • To all 2007 Sebring Owners - have any of you experienced a condition where when you slow down your vehicle you get a shimmy, vibration, or pulse that can be felt throughout the car but especially up in steer column & steer wheel ? - I was told by the dealer this is "a normal attribute for this vehicle" an answer that is unacceptable - I would like to hear from all who have a problem - I intend on fighting this with Chrysler
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    I was told by the dealer this is "a normal attribute for this vehicle"

    I don't know if I'd call it a normal attribute - my '07 Sebring does not do this.

    I have felt it pulse sometimes when I press the brake pedal but that's due to the ABS system and it only happens whenever there is snow or ice on the road.
  • yes thanks, I am in "sunny southern california" and the ABS pulse is for when you "stomp" on the brakes so they dont "lock up", this is a very light pedal application "coasting" to just slow down vehicle - no weather conditions affect this issue - thank you for responding
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    The pulse can be caused by warped rotors from overheating (stuck caliper) or improper lug nut torque.

    Let us know how this turns out.
  • Hi!! I do not speak english that well, but I think I am having the same problem you do I bought 2007 sebring on december last year ,it was brand new but it had a discount because the year was almost over and they wanted to sell all 2007 vehicles. So after I month starded felling when I put the brakes on and almost coming to a stop it makes like a push or it pull it self to the front I do not know how to describe it, I took it to the dealer and they keep it there like three days and then they told me that they could not find anything wrong with it
    But now it seems like it is doing more often and more harder . Please let me know if you have heard something about this and if it is the same problem you are having
  • yes - I think we both are having the same symptoms, and yes same with me I bought my car in November 2007, I just recently found that the car has been on the dealers lot since October of 2006 and was one of the units first produced - the dealer turned the rotors & replaced pads but that did not resolve problem - I am taking car to another dealer by request of Chrysler factory for a second opinion if they cant find out problem they promised a factory tech to come out from Sterling Heights MI (where made) and an engineer to look into it further - keep an eye on this string for further developments
  • can you please keep me informed? I will really appreciate it.
    thank you .
  • well "fixed" by Chrysler (different dealership) turned out brake rotors were warped so badly they needed replacing not machining and set of new pads did it - dealer showed me in their "service manual" the following - I hope this helps

    Brake System Troubleshooting

    Brake pedal pulsates or shimmies when pressed
    1. Check wheel lug nut torque and tighten evenly to specification.
    2. Check the brake rotor for trueness and thickness variations. Replace the rotor if it is too thin, warped, or if the thickness varies beyond specification. Some rotors can be machined; consult the manufacturer's specifications and recommendations before using a machined brake rotor.
    3. Check the brake caliper or caliper bracket mounting bolt torque and inspect for looseness. Torque the mounting bolts and inspect for wear or any looseness, including worn mounting brackets, bushings and sliding pins.
    4. Check the wheel bearing for looseness. If the bearing is loose, adjust if possible, otherwise replace the bearing.
  • Hi!
    I am glad your problem is solve, I really apreciatte that you let me know what is the problem I am going to take it to chrysler and tell them about this.
    thanks again for your help.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    well "fixed" by Chrysler (different dealership) turned out brake rotors were warped so badly they needed replacing not machining

    Hmm...sounds close to what I suggested back on March 4:

    The pulse can be caused by warped rotors from overheating (stuck caliper) or improper lug nut torque.
  • I also bought a Sebring in November and have a similar virbration. Usually around 35-40 mph as I decelerate.
  • agreed, they advised me they had "turned" (machined) the rotors prior but apparently not right & when dealing with Chrysler under "warranty" they sometimes make poor business decisions, I even offered to pay up front and if successful then they pay me back - and of course the answer was no -

    thanks for the help
  • yoyis2024yoyis2024 Posts: 8
    I have a 07 sebring touring that I bought on December 07 , I been having problems with it since I bought it , first when coming to a stop I can feel like a tug or push to the front , this is always that I am stoping !!!! and a a noise that I do not know if it comes from the engine but it is almost like a when you ear an airplane's turbine from far away you can hear it when you are about to run the car and also when coming to a stop, and occasionally it also makes a squeeking noise when I turn left I had took it to the dealer three times already because of these they keep it for a week almost every time and told me that the tug and the noise was "normal" and that they could not find anything when it turn to the left that I need to wait if something came up on the car panel or a bulletin or recall, so I took it to home and two weeks later it broke down now this piece of [non-permissible content removed] is stuck in parking , I had to call the wreck truck to pick it up!!!!! T :lemon: his is the 4th.time now and I only have six months with this car and it only has 6,400 miles on it , what can I do so they can pay attention to me???? does any one know? :confuse: :cry:
  • research5research5 Posts: 9
    sorry does not sound like same problem I had - as far as who you can call - try the toll free number for Chrysler Corpotate, file a complaint with them, or try another dealershp, thats what it took to get my car fixed right - then if unsusessful, go right to the Dept. of Consumer Affairs - good luck to you
  • yoyis2024yoyis2024 Posts: 8
    hi, thanks for your information I called the 1-800 number for chrysler and they talked to the dealer and give me a case/reference number & told me that they are looking for the piece that need to be replaced for the gear stuck in parking,
    until then they are going to check everything else , for mean while I am driving a rental they gave me.
    Hope this works and it can finally be fixed
    thanks again for your help.
  • I have a 2001 Chrysler Sebring and the rear brake caliper on the passenger side is locked up wearing down the brake pads in weeks. I installed a new brake caliper and it's still locked up. SOS!!!! Does anyone have any ideas on what to check next????
  • My experience is slightly different to the vibrating brakes. I agree that generally it is caused by warped rotors which I have experienced many times. However in this case the vibration came soon after putting on new good quality rotors. upon checking the rotors were not warped. In stead the brake pad holder on the slider had worn groves into the slider & would stick there . If the brake were applied gently the pad holder would stick in the grove, the calipher would deform the brake pad causing the vibration. If i jamed the brakes on hard the pad holder jumps off the grove & braking is smooth. I filed the groves out of the slider, rounded the pad holder surfaces & regreased, but it is not a permanent fix. The pad needs a hard smoothclip on & grease to work smoothly. The slider seems to be made of too soft a material
    Has anyone had a similar problem? Are there hardened clips to go over the slider?
  • I know you wrote this quite a while ago, but I have been having the same problem, since september of 07... did you ever get any feedback as to what this was or what it might be??? I don't know what I'd do if what happened to you happened to me... I've often wondered if my wheel would fall off or my front end drop out because it just sounds so terrible...please let me know... thank you!
  • Hi ,sorry to ear you too have problems .
    Sorry to say It never got fixed I took it to the dealer six times already and they keep on telling me that this is normal ,the bad thing I live in Laredo and there is only one authorize dealer from chrysler .
    I already talked directly to Chrysler but still nothing had been done for any of the two problems I have with my car. This is the worst car ever!!! I am just waiting to have a chance to change it for another one. Hope to ear from you with good news.
  • hey. i have a 2004 chrysler sebring sedan, i noticed yesterday this humming noise that appears to be coming from the front end, also when i break, and just about to stop, the car sorda jerks or kicks.. any ideas what it could be? the tires are pretty new, had them since last april
  • Hi , I do not own this sebring 07 anymore, but they never figure it out what is this humming noise and the jerks -or- push that it made when coming to a stop.
    Got tired of taking it to often to the dealer. One time the told me that Chrysler knew about this noise and they were trying to find out what was it., that as soon they had any news they will let me know.....and still no news.
    This was the worst car I ever had, it's very pretty but too much problems.
    Hope you can find out what's wrong and wish you good luck
  • spike14spike14 Posts: 1
    I am interested in what the outcome with this problem was.Thanks
  • primrosesmprimrosesm Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Sebring hardtop convertible. A very nice car when it runs correctly. Last month I drove to California. When going uphill with the cruise control on the car would just keep accelerating. Tapping on the brake should have turned off the cruise control but it was like hitting a brick wall with my foot. I had to turn it off manually. I just picked the car up this evening after having it in the shop for 2 weeks and it now has other problems. When stopped at a light the ESP light and the electronic throttle control light came on and flashed. The car began running very jerly and sort of jumped forward. In addition I have had it in 4 times now for a very low groaning noise when making a left turn. Anyone have these problems? How did they get corrected??
  • I have a 2001 LXI. I have new rotors and pads all around. When I first get into my car and take off the front brakes make a loud clicking noise. It goes away after driven a few blocks and will not do it again until I park it, then get back in it and go. Any suggestions ?
  • 1huck1huck Posts: 1
    I just found your message. I bought an new 2007 sebring Touring. Do you still have a problem? It took me a while for them to fix it . They had to put a new break booster in the car At first they said they could not find anything wrong with the car, but I refused to pick it up until they fixed it. I told them this is a safety issue. A car pulled in front of me on the interstate and when I hit the breaks the car kept going. I had to SLAM the brakes to unset the cruise control. I called the dealer right away and took the car in that afternoon. I could make it do it if I had the cruise on going up hill. Then I would I made the service manager take the car home then he found the problem. New break cylinder and booster. Has not done it since. I also had the loss of power and they told me maybe water was in the gas. They told me how to reset it and it worked. The groaning noise drove me nuts. It happened to me but when I would take it in I could not make it do it. Finally they heard it. They replaced the steering rack and they said there was metal pieces in the powersteering pump so they replaced it. The car still made the noise but was better. The dealer went out of business so another dealer looked at it and said the problem was the first dealer did not tighten the bolts on the replacement parts they put in the frontend.

    Needless to say I was very disappointed as They would test the car and say there was nothing wrong with it until I finally could duplicate it with the mechanic in the car. It is funny how before they could find "nothing wrong" with the car until THEY heard the noise, all of a sudden it needs major front end steering work.

    The car has been fine for the last year and the warranty is up.

    Chuck Guest
  • dylan2009dylan2009 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Seabring that all of a sudden is having what I believe are break problems. It is such a hard noise to explain. However, it only happens when I am in consistent stop and go traffic on the high way. If I use my breaks going 65 mph it makes no noise at all. However, if I'm going 20-30mph it makes this noise (knocking, I cannot really explain). The car has been to the dealership 4 times. They've replaced the Swaybar and breaks and they cannot figure it out. It does not make this noise all the time. I dont know what to do. Has anyone ever experienced this before.
  • pbmiller1pbmiller1 Posts: 2
    96 Sebring Conv - brakes get hot after about 5 mins in stop n go during hot weather. Brakes go out to the floor and car pulls sharply to right. I can smell a burning smell and hear a loud air flow when I press the pedal. Once the car cools and the outside temperature goes down I have brakes again but still hear the loud whish of air everytime I press the brakes. I have no fluid loss, in fact it looks a little over-full to me. I'm not sure if I should be hearing this air sound when I press the brakes and am worried about them getting hot and going out in stop n go summer traffic. Any ideas what could be causing this problem?
  • glyngglyng Posts: 1
    But now, my brake light is dinging off and on all the time. Mostly when I turn right. Any clue why? answer is low brake fluid.. just add some dot 4
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