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Chrysler Sebring Brake Problems



  • In 08 took car to dearlership for brakes told emergengy brake stuck and it was replaced. when it snow car go threw lights took back to dearlership and they said that it was abs and normal. 2011 june going to work went through stop sign almost killed which was memorial day always. Then towed to dearlership and called to check on it and they said the brakes line was contaminated. they told me it would cost 1800.00 to fix. when I complainted they said they would paid half. now that has been fixed drove home and the car is pulling, making noise and back in shop and waiting to see problem now.
  • jwrunjwrun Posts: 1
    almost everytime we start our sebring for the day and press the brakes they squeel loudly for awhile then stop; the brakes seem to run okay but the noise is very loud. Any ideas?
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