Chrysler Sebring Climate Control Problems



  • robmexrobmex Member Posts: 3
    Take out the control panel switch and disconnect and connect if that doesn't do it then sounds like you need a new control panel switch
  • bpheifferbpheiffer Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Sebring LXI with the 3.0 engine. The compressor will only run in fan position 1. The fan doesn't run while in that position. As soon as you move the blower switch to any higher speed position the fan runs, the ac light goes off, and the compressor shuts off. The compressor doesn't run in defrost either. Anybody have any ideas??? Thanks!!
  • mdessentmdessent Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 base model convertible 110,000 miles. My air conditioning blows cold only when it wants to, but the defroster works ok. Some days the AC works no problem, sometimes it won't blow cold at all, but if I switch to the defroster, that blows cold ok. Any suggestions on what the issue may be?
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    I am having the same/similar problem. Heat will be blowing out the vents, then you notice it is blowing cold outdoor air. I used a temp gauge in the vent to verify the A/C was not coming on. It also, doesn't matter how I adjust the Temperature, Blower/Fan, Floor/Dash control dials (they are all working correctly). I have had this problem about 2 years. Was told then by a Ford Mechanic it was a door and the dash would have to be removed to a cost of around $600.

    They replaced the cabin air filter...said that might was dirty....we will see. Kinda getting worried the mechanic at the dealership doesn't know what he is doing & is going to run my bill up......HELP!!
  • seanmmclainseanmmclain Member Posts: 1
    Well, I have the classic "fan only works on high" scenario (in my 04 Sebring; 2.7 v6) and am just waiting on a new resistor. At the the same time, whatever controls the direction of the fan seems to be malfunctioning. For example, if I set it to blow on both upper and lower vents, it comes out the defroster. Is this tied to the resistor as well or is there another problem I need to take care of?

    I also have bits of the spongy insulation coming out of my upper vents. Related?
  • laurasridelaurasride Member Posts: 1
    The problem is on a 2003 Sebring LXi, 3.0 liter, 2 door coupe. With the air flow in defrost or heat, hot air only goes to the passenger side of the windshield or floor. The drivers side gets cold air. My mechanic is starting to look at it but is stumped so far. He did say when the air is on recirc hot air comes out both sides to the windshield and floor. He's talking about having to take the dash apart. I've read through all the other questions and this seems to be the first for this problem. Any suggestions?
  • drjbond007drjbond007 Member Posts: 3

    @caf50 said:
    Re: blower motor noise / vibration at speed 3 & 4. Same issue on a 2006 Sebring, remove insulation under passenger side dash. Remove 3 screws that hold up the blower motor & lower motor. Motor had several cherry seeds stuck in the fins, causing big vibration in dash at higher fan speeds. Remove seeds & reassemble; all was fine. The AC is separate issue.

  • drjbond007drjbond007 Member Posts: 3

    I had the same problem. Mine was the vent insulation stuck in the squeal cage part of the fan. I think more fell, the noise is back but not as loud. Its just time consuming and a pain in the back to get to it all.

  • drjbond007drjbond007 Member Posts: 3

    How about this one. I never had good heat. Now I have none. The temp on the dash has always been low. I even had a shop tell me that was too low. It's been to 3 different dealers. Never said a thing to me about it. Now I want heat. I went to the local shop. Was told about $800 to fix it. I know if I tap the am/fm on the radio, It shuts off like lost power. The directional that controls the dash lights flickers when I touch it of try to turn on the interior lights. The rear defogger never worked. Is there an underlying problem I should be searching for? I will be getting a new top soon because of the seal on the rear window has now let go. Please give me some thing to look for or try. Thankx for reading most of my complaints on my 2001 LXi 2.7l

  • jgaulonjgaulon Member Posts: 1

    @danyll said:
    Hi. I think my a/c has a poltergiest! It blows cold air from the front panel venr, then all by itself, it starts blowing thru the defrost vents. .. then moves to the floor vents. .. switches to warm air. ..then back to cold air. ..then back to the front panel vents. ... etc. .. anyone else? ??? I would love some feedback... Thank you. ..

    Its a 2007 sebring convertible

    I have the same issue, so did you get it fixed??

  • lizluvlizluv Member Posts: 1
    Hi! I just purchased a 2000 Sebring conv. jxi and the climate control unit appears to have been kicked in. The fan knob just turns and defrost buttons don't work. The whole unit is a bit askew, tilted inwards at the top. It's possible that I may only need to replace the controls and not the module. Any suggestions on where to purchase the parts and a detailed "how-to" (preferably with diagrams)? Also the correct part name or verbiage would be great, I am having trouble when searching for "climate control unit or climate control module".
  • vaguy5vaguy5 Member Posts: 1
    The heater on my 2007 Sebring convertible only works when I turn the temp control to max, then return it to the desired temp. When it reaches that temp, it stops heating and I have to repeat the process. The dealer said he does not have a clue how to fix it. Car has 29,000 miles
  • cmficcmfic Member Posts: 1
    I own a 96 Sebring JXI Conv. I had no cooling from my AC, and overheating issues last sumer. It would boil, then overheat and Id see AF leaked all under the drivers side of the engine, but everything was wet on the passenger side by the AF bottle. We suspected it was a head gasket, but I thought maybe not...After some close inspection and a pressure test at the main AF inlet-(yes, the one UNDER The pressurized cap) we discovered that there were very tiny rusted holes in the neck of the inlet tube that were causing the AF to come out under high pressure and so we replaced that inlet, and mannn, the AC came out ICE COLD. No more leaks. But now, its winter. And now it's doing the "heat only when you rev the engine" thing. I'm thinking there's a blockage somewhere and so am going to try having the system flushed or cleaned, but am going to try the method AVATAR144 suggests above as it's an easy thing to try first, and is free. When it heats, it cooks your skin off, but thats been far and few between. This weekend 40 degree temps are coming, and you know where this chick will be! I HIGHLY suggest if you have an overheating issue, before you spend a bundle, check that inlet tube!!!! A pressure test done on the tube showed none, then we noticed the AF start coming out once the engine got to overheat point. The inlet new was $4o at Advance auto. SAVED myself $$$$$.
  • im_lost00im_lost00 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 4 cylinder Sebring 4 door sedan. Both the heat and ac work but when the heat is on, after a short while it will start blowing cold air. If I push on the temp knob for 30 seconds or so, the heat will return. Another problem is that the vent changes on it's own and again, if I push the directional knob, it will return to the correct vent position. Both of these problems occur repeatedly on lengthy drives. I disconnected the assembly and the knobs and connections appear to be working fine. Before I go and spend a small fortune, I'd like/need to know what it is that I need. Thanks in advance!
  • hokiepolkhokiepolk Member Posts: 1
    Okay got weird one for forum. My hvac heat in vents works fine in daytime but if it gets dark and I turn headlights on, system changes to ac defroster and blows cold air....headlights off and heat returns. Any ideas? 04 Sebring vert
  • Jimidad3Jimidad3 Member Posts: 1
    Hey gang. New member here. Hoping you can help a brother out.
    I've got a 2009 sebring. Recently, the fan switch on the control panel(dash) stopped turning on the fan, which now makes the ac not work. The wife is not happy. When she turns the knob, nothing happens...
    Curious if there is an obvious issue. Maybe the switch is broken? It is after all, plastic hahaha.
    I haven't started to diagnose the issue yet. Hoping for a quick fix.
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