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Chrysler Sebring Convertible Top and Sunroof Problems

ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
edited December 2013 in Chrysler
Discuss issues related to the Sebring's convertible top -- care, problems, rear window, etc.


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  • 2001 LXI, assuming the weatherstripping must be going bad.
    Where is best place (hoping other than dealership) to
    find this part? Is it a do it yourself job?

  • I'm getting an air leak/whistle from the front center
    of the top when closed. Seems worse in the cold and
    when driving into wind.

    Anyone recommend a weatherstrip material to adhere to the
    bottom of the convertible top?

    Even if the weatherstripping on the windshield part is
    deteriating -- it looks to be one huge piece and surely
    must cost a fortune.

    Padding/filling the gap from the convertible top perspective seems the right choice.


  • What exactly is the purpose of boots on convertibles? Is it just for appearance?
  • varobvarob Posts: 15
    My understanding is that it's pretty much for appearance. Works, doesn't it. It will also keep soot and other dirt out of the well.
  • Hello,

    I have a 98 sebring JXi convertible and had the roof restitched at the same time I mentioned to the guy that air came through, he adjusted the hooks that are on the roof that hook into the car. You need an allen or star wrench to tighten these up and that will fix the problem!
    I hope this helps you!

    FYI - I also had a problem with my car almost stalling/losing power for anywhere from 1 min to 5 mins. I had the car to a Chrysler dealership but they couldn't figure out what was wrong ... finally a mechanic friend of mine found the problem ... it was the catalytic converter!

    Also the # 1 cylinder has gone bad twice ... it misfires and the car runs like crap!

    I am currently having a problem with my oil light flickering? I replaced the oil pressure switch but it is still doing it. It happens when stopped at a light if I give a little gas the light goes out ... any suggestions?

    Thank You ...
  • kenitzerkenitzer Posts: 19
    I'm not a mechanic, but I suspect the flickering oil light means you need a new oil pump. I say this from experience with other vehicles. The symptoms you describe are exactly what happened with our Ford E150 van just before I had to have the oil pump replaced. Best of luck.
  • fanmanndfanmannd Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 convertible. I'm trying to find a solution for wind noise when top is closed. The drivers side latch does not pull tight even after adjusting the pin (hook). The manual does not show ways to adjust the top and I really want to learn how to adjust it w/o taking it to the dealership. Surely someone can help me?

  • ctfoytctfoyt Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Sebring Conv GTC. I am moving from Las Vegas to the New England states. How does the conv. top hold up to the winters there, (i.e snow on top). What other advise could someone provide to winterize my car for the weather there? Someone has told me I would need a heater for the engine, is that true?
  • fanmanndfanmannd Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 convertible. I'm trying to find a solution for wind noise when top is closed. The drivers side latch does not pull tight even after adjusting the pin (hook). The manual does not show ways to adjust the top and I really want to learn how to adjust it w/o taking it to the dealership. Surely someone can help me? This is my 2nd posting for this question. Somebody please help me out or lead me in the right direction!

  • I currently own a '97 Sebring Convertible and would like to wash the top. I don't know what to use to wash the black streaks away and what to use to preserve the top. You know, so the top beads up water? Can anyone suggest something to me?
    Thanks so much,
  • neonitisneonitis Posts: 11
    Hey Kathy you might try using 303 Aerospace vinyl convertible top kit.I saw a write up on it online while googling 303 Aerospace vinyl cleaner.Seems the huge RV industry rave its ability to clean/protect your vinyl, leather,rubber etc.I went to shopping and entered 303 Aerospace vinyl convertible top kit and found many stores online selling it from 19.99 to 29.99.Bought it and tried it on my 2005 Chrysler Sebring Touring(26k Miles V6-2.7L,5-20w Mobil1 synthetic oil,K&N air filter, get 24mpg-city,28mpg hwy) vert and wow, worked gr8!.It gives it a real "new look" even after drying.Good for the leather seats too.
    BTW how is your '97 Sebring Vert doing?How many miles do you have?V6?2.7L?Have you had any problems?
  • coachbriancoachbrian Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Sebring LX convertible and the right convertible top clamp seems to need an adjustment in order to clamp the roof more snugly to the windshield frame.
    Anyone have a solution to this? I can't seem to find any adjustment on the part itself.
  • jenni56jenni56 Posts: 1
    Hello - I live in England and have just bought a 2nd hand '04 Sebring convertible which is quite unusual over here. We love the car but have noticed that the roof is beginning to separate from the rear window glass which is a bit worrying as it rains a lot here in Devon. Can anyone tell me is this is something I can fix myself with some kind of generic glue or something or is it more complicated than that. Otherwise we love the car, having just sold our '93 Lebaron to get this.
  • I have a '96 Sebring convertible with the same problem. I dealt with it in the following way:

    1. From the inside, I placed "duct" tape (a heavy duty tape, very adhesive, used to seal heating ducts in the U.S.) over the entire inside edge of the top, overlapping the window by about 1/2 inch. So that from the outside there is a narrow cavity formed between the window and roof.

    2. Using marine silicone adhesive, I spread a generous line of the adhesive in the cavity described above, even with the top edge of the window.

    3. After the adhesive has cured (I waited a week), I poured water over the seal to test for any leaks. Then applied more of the adhesive to the area where the leak was located.

    This approach was performed last summer, and it lasted throughout the winter and spring. I should mention that the vehicle is kept garaged all year round.

    Good luck!
  • Does anyone know anything about electrical problems with the convertible roof opening on its own and/or the back windshield glass breaking? :sick:
  • anyone have a remedty for squeaky windows rubbing against the weather stripping when the top is up? Also, anyone fixed problem with a tapping sound in the top of a Sebring?
  • I read the duct tape, I don't think it will work in Texas. Does anyone have any other suggestions. They tell me I have to replace my top "$2000" I hope not. Help please
  • My top does not stick to my glass anymore. Does anyone have a suggestion, besides duct tape.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    ya go get double sided carpet tape its super sticky clean window well nice day then double sided tape it same tape they use on indoor outdoor carpet strong k and flexes a litte stick that in there keep ya good for wile then redo it agian till u can buy a new top off ebay 165 get canvas top over the vinal ones last longer k
  • I've had a 2002 Sebring LXi for about two weeks. The sunroof recently stopped opening to the vent position -- both buttons now open the sunroof from front to back. Neither just lifts the back to the vent position. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a way I can "reprogram" the "1" button? Or am I just out of luck with the vent setting?
  • any thoughts on cost and where to acquire a boot for a 2006 sebring convertible outside of the dealership.
  • I have a 2001 convt as well. What I did to get the top tighter is to buy some strips of velcro, and use the soft side. I cut a small piece and used the sticky side to attach it to the metal piece that the latch hooks around. This in effect will tighten up the top. It worked on mine.
  • Hello BigU69. I don't know what color you are looking for however Ebay is a great place. I purchased my boot for $125 New, including shipping which saved me about $250 from buying it from the dealer. I have a 2005 Silver Sebring and the Taupe (dark grey) color looks great on the car. The seller is Glitter and Gadgets Collectables. They do not come with a cover/bag but if you keep a blanket in the trunk just cover the boot up when your finished with it to keep it in good shape.
    Happy Shopping -
  • bigu69bigu69 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the information. I will check out ebay again and also try to find a site for Glitter & Gadgets. The 2006 boot is different from the 2005 but the price sure sounds right.
  • Hey Big,
    It looks like the boots will fit 01-06. Here is some helpful information. Go to Ebay and click the Advanced Search. Where it says From Sellers enter sellers ID: cegadjets This will bring up all items that they sell. I looked tonight and they still have boots on there. The BUY IT NOW option is how I purchased mine. I'm very happy with it.
  • pkgman2pkgman2 Posts: 13
    I just talked to a shop here in Washington that said the rear window assembly (adhered to the top) is a piece available separately from the "top". Don't know much about it, new car to me and i was just looking for some good cleaner/protector for the top. the PO didn't take care of the top well.
  • I just bought my first convertible, a 2006 demo Sebring Limited, and I have a summer usage question. :shades: Will the leather interior last longer if I leave the top up during hot, summer days or if I put the top down?

    My thinking is that if I leave the top and windows up, the interior gets very hot but the leather is not exposed to UV rays. If I put the top down, the leather doesn't endure as much heat but it's exposed to the UV rays. I don't know which situation is harder on the leather interior and searching the Internet hasn't provided anything helpful.

    (The car is parked outside day and night.)

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  • My 2006 Sebring convertible is a new demo. I've owned it for a month and it has 6500 miles.

    There are two spots on the fabric top -- on the left side and on the opposite place on the right side -- just above the trunk where the fabric is showing signs of wear. The dealer I bought it from looked at it on a Saturday and asked that I show it to their soft-top specialist who is available only during the week.

    My thinking is that the fabric is not problematic. Instead, my intuition tells me that it is faulty mechanics and/or design of the retracting mechanism that is causing the wear. If I'm right and the dealer replaces only the top, the same problem will occur with the new top.

    This is my first convertible so I have no experience. If you have knowledge or information that will help me sort through this with my Chrysler dealer, I would appreciate hearing from you.
  • The dealer's soft-top specialist told me that the wear in the fabric top is being caused by improperly adjusted retracting mechanism. The solution is to adjust the mechanism and replace the top.

    He wrote up a formal report so it is now in my written records. He recommended that I wait until a hole develops or until the warranty is about to run out, whichever comes first, to fix it. That way I get a new top at the timing of my choice.
  • I have a 2001 Sebring Limited and it has held up well. When I needed something a little more dependable I bought the 2008 Sebring Touring. Big Mistake so far. It's left me stranded twice and I've only had it for 3,000 miles and 3 months. When I put the roof down, the trunk didn't close. It is left open like a big sail. I called the dealership and they instructed me to call roadside assistance. Roadside assistance refused to tow it in fear of damaging the trunk. You can't leave it sit wide open - theft - weather - etc. So the only thing to do is drive it very slow home. Hopefully you're not far from home. It's been well over three weeks and they can't fix it - "bad parts" by the manufacturer. The dealership manually closed the roof so I could drive it, but I'm instructed not to put the roof down. I'm also told that it will be several more weeks before they can look at it again. Be real careful if your looking to buy this car. This is a major engineering problem and makes the car very unreliable.
    Besides this it runs smooth, but the 2.7 engine is very sluggish. It has to work real hard to get up to highway speed. The 2001 limited has a lot more power.
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