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Chrysler Sebring Convertible Top and Sunroof Problems



  • This is the first time I've heard about this problem. Was your car one of the earlier 2008 models, May or June 07? I heard there is a recall on some 08 Sebring convertibles associated with a door latch.

    I recently received my replacement vehicle, built in Nov. 07, and so far it is perfect and I'm loving it. But I've only driven it 480 miles. I'm optimistic that Chrysler has finally figured out the retractible top problems with the early models.

    If you are claiming relief via Lemon Law, document, document, document. These are not cheap vehicles and they should be delivered without defects. Good luck. Jackie in VA
  • There is a recall posted on 01/18 that changes a micro switch of the top and my dealer is saying that after doing the recall in 30 or more vehicles none of the customers came back but it's winter so I don't know if the problem was really eliminated. Does anybody has any information after doing the recall?
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    Does anybody has any information after doing the recall?

    What model year?
  • kcarbokcarbo Posts: 2
    I had my replaced. I purchased my 2008 in September. By November, the top left me stranded in the parking lot of an Academy Sports & Outdoors with the trunk still open from lowering the top. The car had to be towed to a dealership. They said it was the main computer that operated the convertible top that had to be replaced. They fixed it..........Well not quite. In February the top malfunctioned again. Getting stuck open, and then not responsive. I brought it in. They notified me of the recall, and replaced the switch. Since getting my car back after the second repair I have had no problems. I have probably used the top 7-10 times since then, and no problems. However, I have no confidence in the operations of the convertible top, and am just waiting for it to leave me stranded again. (I live in the south, that is why I have been able to use my top so much.)
  • lmarascalmarasca Posts: 2
    hi all,
    we recently purchased a used 2008 sebring convertible. had only 14000. on it. not bad. great looking car. took it out for a test drive and the roof creaked and rattled while up. they to;ld us it would be taken care of. so we put thetop down and the ride was smooth. the next few days it was inh the 90's and the roof down was a welcome ride. one of those days i got a message top failed. so for 2 sweltering 95 degrees we could not use the top. we had to turn up the radio to avoid the rattle. well we made an appt to get the car roof looked at and was told chrysler is aware of the problem and working on a fix . now we had the vehicle checked out and ws told the rattle is characteristic of the vehicle. ok well. i don't think thats gonna work.we still have not registered the car because we have 20 days and still the rattle. we went back to the dealer and they were going to have a meeting to dicuss it with meeting .. no discussion. i have gone back and now i do not want the car. i will buy a new one if i have to. so they have no new ones but they built one on computer.. here it comes.... we lose 5500. on the car for trade and they want to charge another processing fee. and come to find out it is not characteristic of the car. thye lied to us. i told the dealer if i am going to lose money oj this it will not be to them. now i am waiting on another dealer to call me back with an offer. can anyone there give any advise. we live in new hampshire
  • jackieh2jackieh2 Posts: 17
    I assume you have the hard retractable top, right? A 2008 with 14K on the clock--it must have been one of the earlier products, like May, June, July? I purchased a May-manufactured vehicle last July. It had so many things wrong and the dealer bent over backwards to fix each problem but without success. So I filed under VA's Lemon Law and got a brand new car, manufactured in November (I drove the lemon whle waiting for delivery of the replacement. Both my dealership and Chrysler were very accommodating. Can you claim resolution under the Lemon Law? I seems as though you are being given the run-around. Start documenting all problems and efforts to get the car repaired. Good luck.
  • lmarascalmarasca Posts: 2
    no jackie, its a vinyl top. and we bought it used. with 14 on it. we keep getting it can not be fixed from service dept at the dealership. would the can not be fixed come under the lemon law? like i said, we were told it is characteristic of the vehicle, but anyone i've spoken to has not a rattle in theirs. does your new car rattle.? what really bothers me is no one has even bothered to attemt to look at what the problem might be.
  • jackieh2jackieh2 Posts: 17
    Imarasca: I have a "cloth" top and, no, I have no rattles, squeeks, or such. In fact, my Sebring, Touring model, is unusually quiet for a convertible. Everything works exactly as it should--so far. With only 1800 miles on it in seven months (I'm retired), I don't want to speak too soon. If I could change anything, I'd have selected white. The inferno red is rather macho. This is my third Chrysler convertible, a 1990 LeBaron, a 2001 Sebring Touring, and the new one.

    Re. the Lemon Law. Here in VA the law says the service dept. has to have made at least three unsuccessful attempts to correct the problem and/or, I'm not sure which, have had the vehicle in their shop for a total of 30+ days. Google your state's dept. of consumer services and navigate to vehicle lemon law. I believe every state has such a law. Be sure to document all the activities with dates, length of stay in the shop, etc. Have you complained in writing to Chrysler Corp. and tried to resolve the issued with them? This is a prerequisite before envoking the Lemon Law.

    Good luck. Jackie h
  • ricbraricbra Posts: 3
    Imarasca, I am having the same issue right now! I have a Sebring with vinyl top and it is rattling on the rear right side. I went to the dealer this last week and they checked the noise and told me that the top will be replaced but they didn't have it and they will order and call me to bring the vehicle back as soon as it arrives. Let's see how much time it will take! By the way my car might be one of the first produced in April 2007 and it's @ 4k miles.
  • bigeeebigeee Posts: 5
    I am having the same problem. Please let me know if you get a response.
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    I am having the same problem. Please let me know if you get a response.

    That message was from more than two years ago. You might check one reply link shown below that another owner successfully repaired his with.

    Sebring Convertible Loose Top
  • ricbraricbra Posts: 3
    The top on my 2008 was replaced and some stoppers were adjusted and the rattle is gone!
  • slowhand2slowhand2 Posts: 2
    How do i adjust my convertable top...1997 sebring jxi
  • I am a fulltime student and just purchased my first conv. used. I am looking for a used top latch for my '01 sebring LX. Anyone know where to go for good used parts? I went to my local dealership, but the part is almost 300.00 without labor and as I am a poor student I would rather notpay that much.*L*
    Thanks for any help.
    Other than the Latch, I am just loving the car.
  • Thank you for the suggestion. I have been having problems with my top rattling. I took your suggestions and went a step further. I applied the Velcro also on the area where the adjustment screw came in contact with the roof frame. This is located at the first hinged openings from the front side. Since I have a 2004 convertible Sebring I figured wear and tear wore out the padding there. I also applied the same type of Velcro on the rubber grommets over the post that guides the roof into the latches. It appeared that the rubber grommets had worn and the metal post may have been hitting the guide holes.
    I have also had problems with the latch pins wanting to work loose because the plastic bearings are worn down. I am fortunate to work at a place that I can have new bearings machined. I will probably wait until spring to do this. I took it for a test drive about an hour ago and no rattles, just squeaking between the weather stripping and the windshield. I can live with that.
    Also, I happened to have a strip of Velcro that has the soft side on one side and the ‘hooks’ on the other. It is used to wrap around an extension cord for example. I added that to the Velcro on the metal piece that the latch hooks into just for more tension.
  • Refer to #28 & #82 :)
  • Greetings! This is my first time trying this.
    My 2000 sebring convertable opens just fine but when I try to close it it stalls out or does not even try to lift.
    Any ideas of what is wrong? :confuse:
  • I have looked at the top closure hooks and it looks like they are screwed down as low as possible. Any ideas?

    I wonder if I took them off and grinded them down shorter if that would work? Any one tried that?
  • I have a similar problem & am looking for a solution also. Please let me know if you find out anything. I was thinking of unscrewing the top hooks and grinding down the screw to make it shorter. That would allow it to close tighter. Let me know if you try that.....

  • They said the problem with mine was a switch that was going out on several of the 08 models. They replaced the switch, and I haven't had any problems since.
  • lvmycaglvmycag Posts: 2
    Do you know which switch, where it was located and/or the name of the switch?

  • lvmycaglvmycag Posts: 2
    My 2000 is doing the same thing. Have you fixed it?
  • trish22trish22 Posts: 1
    We have recently purchased a 2008 Sebring Convertible Touring, vynal top, built in April 2008. No problems with noise or with the retractible roof, everything seems to be smooth there however we have a problem that I have not seen mentioned previously. Just after owing the veh for 4 days, we took it thu a pressure car wash, and much to our surprise, we got wet. Water pourred in on both driver & passenger sides at the top of the windows close to the windshield. We immediately took it to dealer & showed them the problem. The next week the veh was in & they replaced the seal all along the top of the windshield. We had quite a bit of rain the next few days, no apparent leaks. They suggested we not take it thru car wash, however when we opened the doors, water poured dwn from roof on both sides, soaking the seats and floor as well as the electronics on the door. Took veh back today, dealership tried to see what they could do to fix it but it still leaks when door opens up. My dealership is going to contact engineering at head office to see what can be done. I don't like getting wet, but my main concern is that the water may short out the electronics or the wet floor may end up rusting under the carpet over time. Does anyone else have this problem and if so do they have any solutions?
  • pontiac1pontiac1 Posts: 6
    i have a 2006 convertiable and the trunk will not lock shut. anyone know how to fix this problem?
  • I have a 2004 Sebring convertable. my problem is a top that will go down but will not go back up unassisted. Anyone have any ideas how this can be fixed?
  • I am having a very difficult time finding somebody that will give me an answer on where to have my convertible window fixed. We didn't touch the window, and it simply broke into hundreds of glass pieces in my car.

    I'm reluctant to take it to a dealership in San Diego, as ALL the Chrysler dealerships have bad ratings from consumers.

    I love this car, but should have done more investigation before purchasing. Does anyone have a suggestion? It has to be glued in, which seems like a bad idea in the first place.
  • my wife has a 2002 lxi with only 33k miles which is a great car.however the top on the right side (where the pin fits into the top of the windshield) sounds like metal hitting metal when ever we are on a bumpy or rough road..destroying an otherwise pleseant experience....I have owned several Chrysler convertibles going back to a 63 valiant..I have never had this it possible that the rubber seal on top of the windsheild needs replacing or is it some way to bolster that side? thanks
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I had an 1986 Lebaron convertible and the window shattered. I replaced it with a plastic window (no redefogger). I had to go to a custom shop to have the work done. It cost approximately $300 to have it done. The plastic was sewed to the canvas convertible top. Plastic is O.K if you don't need the rear defogger and don't want to worry about a glass window shattering again. Good luck.
  • I have a 1995 Lebaron and had the same problem. The roof would go down and not come back up. You need to replace the convertible relay switch.
  • we have the same issue with our top. Did you ever get an answer?
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