Jeep Liberty Transmission Problems

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Post your comments on any Jeep Liberty transmission issues here.

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  • deedee13deedee13 Member Posts: 8
    My daughter purchased a 2003 Liberty on 10/31/02. Right away, the transmission started whining on acceleration so we took it to the dealer. They took us for a ride in a similar Liberty so we could hear that it,too,had the same transmission whine. That was the dealer's response to our complaint - ours wasn't the only one. We resigned ourselves to the noise because it drives fine except for a somewhat sluggish acceleration. Should we be more agressive about this? It currently has about 9,000 miles on it.
  • monacof1monacof1 Member Posts: 6
    A few months ago I posted a problem where I would put my 2003 Liberty in reverse and nothing would happen. Well now when I slow to a stop there is a jerking feeling. It happens at 30 mph. Does anyone else have this problem?
  • dean12dean12 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 03 liberty that has 37000 km (approx 20000 miles)
    I have had problems with the tranny almost from new
    they have changed a selinoid which helped fro a while but it just started again
    as well i had "bump" shifting but that ha snot returned
    looking for anyone who may know what the problem could be
    getting a little frustrated after numerous trips to numerous shops to get it "fixed"
  • monacof1monacof1 Member Posts: 6
    Hi Dean12...Well as an update I took it to the dealer and I told them of my issue and they plugged my car into the computer and recalibrated the transmission. So far no problem but I am not holding my breath. It does shift a bit smoother now than it did before though.
  • zulu59zulu59 Member Posts: 1
    :cry: Hi, I am mexican guy and I'm the owner of a 2005 Jeep Liberty with 14,500 kilometers and, this is my third problem with my SUV this problem is with the
    Transmission ,and how you say I don't want to get frustated visiting several shops, right now my SUV is in the dealer'shop and they said me the problem was a SOLENOID , so they are changing THEM , but you consider that was NOT the solution AT ALL so, I would thank you IF you could give more information about this problem and its solution because I'm worried about it.--
  • john81john81 Member Posts: 60
    This is a toyota website, but gives you an idea how transmission solenoids are suppose to work.
    I do not know "which" solenoid they changed, either #1, 2 or 3. I gather that shifting was rough or not at all.
    The basic rule of troubleshooting is change the smallest, cheapest and easiest part first. Solenoids are on the outside of the transmission and easy to get to. Now, my question is, was the problem fixed? There may be possible issues with tranmission fluid contamination. There could be problems with the "electronics" which controls these solenoids. Did anyone check bare, exposed or worn wires which may have caused the initial problem (shorts)? Most people don't understand electronics and many believe that wires don't go bad. That's why many technicians leave the troubleshooting to the diagnostic machines instead of using their own brain.
    Read the above website then quiz your dealership on what they changed and why. They should have put it on a diagnostic machine - request the printout from the diagnostic results. You should receive a printout, atleast you paid for the service and using the printout will help further troubleshooting down the road. Properly document your maintenance paper-trail.
    Good Luck
  • brianibriani Member Posts: 1
    I have a new 2006 Liberty. It makes something I call a "spinning" noise between 25 and 35 mph in the rear area of the car. Sound seems to go away slowly above 40mph until I cannot hear it anymore. Selling dealer replaced both rear axles and after that returned the car with the same noise. The explanation was Chrysler told them the noise is normal. Chrysler avoids giving me an answer when asked what exactly is this noise and where is it coming from. They keep "rejecting my request". Also, if communication is done online, they say you cannot reply directly to their email, and provide reply links which never work. I wonder why. This is my first Jeep (and for sure the last one I'll ever buy) and I find the wholse situation very strange.
  • john81john81 Member Posts: 60
    Good on Jeep for changing a couple axles.
    Troubleshooting while driving, especially when the noise if coming from under the car is very hard to isolate. What about putting the car on one of those machines where the rear tires move on rollers but the car remains stationary. Taken the axles out of the picture, it might be the transmission, but I have to assume Jeep checked that. Also checked for frozen or stiff U-joints.
    Most new cars pride themselves on quiet rides and reducing road noise to allow for a quiet interior. Any vibrations will only become worse over time.
    I would put the car on a stationary machine and run the engine to 25-35 mph via the back wheels and see if the gripe (problem) is duplicated.
    If they find nothing, its not the transmission, axle, U-joints or any mechanical linkage. What about the body.
    Sometimes, a pet will refuse to ride in a particular car or truck because it has a body (weld integrity) problem and emits very high frequencies. These welds will degrade over time and their frequency slowly creeps into the human range of hearing as the metal and weld fatigue worsens, but its not suppose to be a problem in a new car. These frequencies are too high for humans, but dogs are clearly under great distress. Maybe at 25-35 mph, the frequency creeps into the human range of hearing then goes away again. Now, this is a "way out there" option, but give it the dog test.
  • mohan1mohan1 Member Posts: 1
    I recently got a '02 liberty limited automatic transmission with 50k miles on it. After driving for 4 weeks i noticed that the transmission is not smooth and i feel a good jerking motion when i change between parking->reverse->neutral->drive and vice-versa. I know this is not normal and am not sure what is the problem there. Any one experience this before and know what maybe wrong>?
  • zilbergzilberg Member Posts: 1
    2002 Liberty Limited. Tried to get into my garage after the snow storm. Rear weels were on ice, front weels were on dry cement. 10 degree incline. 4 full time-rear weel spin only. 4 part time-rear weel spin only. 4 low got me in.

    what gives?
  • caribou1caribou1 Member Posts: 1,354
    When you engage 4WD/Part-time the front wheel on the passenger's side is the only one that can help you pull out. There is no limited slip on the front differential, so the front wheel driver's side is "floating". Just keep in mind the transfer case can lock the front right and the rear left wheels if you don't have Trac-Loc.
  • corndogcorndog Member Posts: 8
    My jeep is at the dealers for the fourth time with the same problem with the transmission. It acts like it wants to cut out or maybe trying to shift gears. Jeep is telling my dealer its NORMAL operating conditions my dealer is telling Jeep its a major problem with the transmission. We have had this jeep since Jan. needless to say we are ready to start put in for the lemon law. Our dealer says jeep is leaving him to hang because he and two other mechanics tell Jeep there is a big problem and they are ignoring them. This tells me Jeep
    isn't gong to listen to us either on this matter. Sorry I ever traded in my Honda for a Jeep my last one ever. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • caribou1caribou1 Member Posts: 1,354
    corndog, could you describe a bit more in detail how this 'cut out or maybe trying to shift gears' happens?
    I've noticed the same behaviour of my CRD before I took out the EGR valve.
    Typically this would happen when driving at 30mph (in a village) for a few minutes. When I needed to accelerate gently the engine wouldn't respond for about two seconds and then get stuck below the torque range with a locked converter. I had to let go the throttle pedal to release the converter and press the pedal 1/2 way to the floor to make it spin faster.
    My egr valve was choking the engine by staying open too long and the computer is not programmed to consider this.
    I've never seen any error codes because all the sensors are working properly.
    Is yours doing the same thing?
  • renegaderrenegader Member Posts: 73
    Hi caribou1, me and my 2,5 CRD still alive, 110.000 km.

    "Just keep in mind the transfer case can lock the front right and the rear left wheels"

    Why should it lock? Tried and cannot duplicate it. Is the function other as when Tracloc is present?
  • caribou1caribou1 Member Posts: 1,354
    Hi renegader,
    When the 4WD/Part time mode is engaged the front and rear transmission shafts are mechanically locked (1:1) by the transfer case. If you look how the differential is built you see that the large gear driven by the input 'hypoid(??)' gear (the one in the nose of the differential) is fixed onto the left 1/2 axel. The front differential is the same but in a mirrored position.
    I've noticed this two times:
    - I once had the Jeep resting on two wheels in a steep downwards ramp. I could swing the truck right to left by about 10 cm just by moving on my seat and I could also pull out without spinning the wheels. I was on the edge of an asphalt path connecting a steep road to a sideways horizontal surface...
    - the second time I was working in the mud and someone told me that only my front right wheel was spinning. The person asked me: is this a real 4x4? I preffered not to answer :surprise:
  • renegaderrenegader Member Posts: 73
    Hi caribou1, I sent you little QuickTime video, hope, you can accept 6MB.
  • caribou1caribou1 Member Posts: 1,354
    I messed up here! Must have been too busy for too long :sick:
    We have no linkage to specific wheels. Only the driveshafts are 1:1 through the transfer case when in part time.
    Perhaps BFGs made me loose the understanding of things. They just do the work every time :shades:
  • ashleigh1ashleigh1 Member Posts: 1
    Hi everyone!
    I just bought my Jeep Liberty 2006 a week ago, and I'm absolutely in love with it. However, today I ran into my very first problem. It was raining today, so I moved it from 2HI into 4HI, and everything seemed fine.
    However, when I went to back out of my driveway, I braked at the end of my driveway (to check for oncoming traffic), and then gave a little gas to pull out onto the street. Instead of a smooth backup (as it always has in 2HI), I got:
    - a deep growling noise
    - a lack of movement backwards
    - a feeling like my tires were locking, or spinning.. when they weren't
    And so it didn't back up. I gave more gas, and it lurched a little bit, and then the "growling" noise got louder. So I put it into 2HI, reversed, and everything was fine.
    So I drove in 4WD today (because of the weather), and this has been a constant issue for the entire day. I'm starting to get concerned, does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I'd be really grateful - hahah I want to be able to reverse when in 4WD without my Jeep freaking out! :cry:

    Thanks in advance,
  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    if you have command trac , then all is clear. you only have part time 4wd and it can only be used in conditions where traction is minimal. not very versitle but fine for off road, deep snow and ice. not for light rain or turning on less than slick conditions. If you have full time 4wd, then you didn't engage it while you were moving forward and it isn't properly engaged. [been there]
    Drive slowly when engaging or disengaging and you will have no problems.
  • gypsy123gypsy123 Member Posts: 4
    We bought our Jeep Liberty in Feb. 2006. It was fine for about a couple of months. Then it developed a clunking of the transmission on backing up, and a shifting problem with the automatic transmission. After several trips to the dealer and much aggravation, the dealer concluded it could not be fixed and they agreed to put in a brand new transmission. The problems have not stopped since a new transmisson was installed. Not a computer issue we are told, and mechanics are baffled but agree something is wrong with the transmission. Chrysler is now involved. :sick: :confuse: :cry: Has anyone else had similar problems
  • travisualtravisual Member Posts: 2
    I bought a new 06 liberty renegade with and automatic transmission 9 months ago. Last weekend the transmission failed while i was on a major highway. The thing only had 12000 miles on it. Chrysler told the dealer i took it to(5 miles in 1st gear-when it decided to move at all)to replace the whole transmission. They told me they found metal shardes in the transmssion?? All this while i was on vacation. The only compensation i got was a local car rental. True, I declined the extra-protection plan at purchase. I ended up getting a rental out of pocket to drive home. My jeep is still 2 states away awaitng a new transmission from michigan. Jeep wont cover my travel expenses to pick it up either. Piss poor customer service that wont stand behind their product cuz they know its flawed. This latest recall tops it off.

    Anyone else had transmission problems within the first few months. This has ruined my jeeps reliability in my eyes.
  • nestheadnesthead Member Posts: 1
    I had a brand new transmission put in my 2003 Liberty when it was 2 years old.
    When I brought it in the first time, they dismissed the noises I heard to "tire noise". Nice. It was in and out of the shop for the majority of 3 weeks, which cost me over $600 in rental car fees. :cry:
    Needless to say, they could never find out what the problem was, and they weren't about to give me anything for my troubles.
  • glhperformanceglhperformance Member Posts: 24
    no problems with my Liberty, it is one heck of a nice vehicle
  • katawatakatawata Member Posts: 1
    :mad: I have an 05 Liberty with 14k. It's currently at the dealer for the second time with tranny issues. The first time was about a month or so ago, the car would shake when changing gears. They told me it was an internal transmission issued, Chrysler comped me a rental for over a week and that was that, or so I thought. Last night the jeep completely died out on me as I awaited a green light in the middle of rush hour traffic. I initially thought I was rearended because of the impact when the tranny froze up. It was towed to the dealer and this morning I called to get clearance for a rental and they said Chyrsler no longer will flip the bill for it. So I too am out of pocket for the rental...they can do whatever they want with that jeep, I'm all set. I told the manager I'm not stepping foot back in that thing. Back to a sedan I go!
  • faroutfarout Member Posts: 1,609
    travisual: Sorry to hear of your troubles. In over 45 years of buying vehicles, I have learned the very hard way to read what the factory warranty covers, and won't cover. The factory warranty covers only the very basic things. If on the other hand you want serious protection to cover brake down hotel and vehicle rental coverage you have no choice but to purchase an extended Warranty. I have personally have never lost any money that I spent for the extended coverage. For me, just the towing service has been a real benefit, say nothing of the little extra things these extended warranties cover. I always purchase the warranty of the brand of vehicle I buy. For my last 16 vehicles I have bought DaimlerChrysler, and been very pleased. The last 3 Fords 1987 Taursas, 1987 Topaz, and a 1991 Aerostar were not only poor quality, but short lived engines.
    Hope this helps you in your next vehicle purchase.

  • vitalvalvitalval Member Posts: 2
    Like you, I bought my Liberty March of 2006. I traded in my 2002 which was GREAT, NO PROBLEMS...Well, It was fine for the 1st it is losing power on accerlation, no horsepower between 30mph to 40mph,no spunk...once you get it up to 55mph it runs great...mechanics say nothing is wrong. It's intermittin. Also when putting the jeep in reverse, it hits pretty hard but only once in a while, I'm not happy at all with this 2006...To me IT'S A LEMON:(
  • 1badassbulldog1badassbulldog Member Posts: 1
    I have had my 2004 liberty renegade in 9 times for my Transmission, it has been replaced twice and seems like it will need to be replaced again in the near future because it "fell" out of gear again and since no codes were tripped there is nothing the dealership will do for me. What sent me into a screaming match with the service department is when he referred to the vehicle as being reliable for the 7 months between the first and second time that they replaced the trainy as being nothing for me to complain about. Next time I'm going to buy a Subaru. Looks like I will have to get a lawyer.
  • troxlertroxler Member Posts: 1
    WARNING-DEATH BY JEEEP LIBERTY. Coming Out of Gear. PLEASE, If anyone has experienced a similar problem please contact me [email protected]
    I pulled in front of my in laws house. Put my jeep in park unbuckled my seat belt, and leaned into back seat and adjusted my baby’s head because she had fallen asleep in route. I then exited my jeep walked in front and around the jeep to the front door. I stood there a few minutes talking to my mom in law. I then saw my jeep DRIVING AWAY by its self!
    It just took off. No one was even near it. In turn, I ran after it. It hit a flower bed which made turn and go down a 30ft incline into a freezing pond. I jumped in and swam out to her my father in law heard me screaming. He swam out, we couldn’t open the doors the speed had picked up enough to make the automatic lock to lock! My baby was inside drowning. The lock on the doors finally pop open. I give God the credit {but some people say the electrical stuff got wet and it made it unlock.} But then it was too late. The water pressure was to strong & I couldn’t open the door .My father in law was smart enough to pull himself on top of the jeep causing it to tilt enough for me to open the door. I almost drowned & so did my baby we all ended up in ICU but my father in law DIED he had a massive heart attach in the water and died helping to save my baby! When I got her out he was face down in the water! I had NO choice but to try to swim back to the docks and save my baby! Chrysler had a recall on 05 & 06 because of a misplaced part in the transmission. Over 400,000 of them. Chrysler SAID it didn’t apply to 04’s. I found out ALL transmissions for 03,04,05 &06 were and are the same. They all were assembled from the same product line. Chrysler even sent a their people across country to look at my jeep. Why would they do that if the KNEW it only applied to 2005 & 2006??? I know for a fact my car was in park that night! Something went WRONG with the jeep. My statue of limitations for court expires Jan. 07. My time is running out to get justice for my mother in law! I am desperately looking for someone who has had similar trouble with the transmission. Please contact me & BE CAREFULL! PARENTS BEWARE JEEP LIBERTYS CAN come out of gear when ignition is left running, ACCELERATE AND DRIVE OFF BY ITSELF!!!
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    That is truly a disturbing story and sympathies for your loss.

    You should consider filing a complaint with the NHTSA (Office of Defects Investigation). You may get an email response from posting here but usually posting your email in a discussion just results in a bunch of spam.
  • honeybhoneyb Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty - and I also have the clunk sound when I back up - not all the time but the dealership did fix it once and now it is doing it again. I have mentioned numerous times again and will be bringing it back in - since I also have a jerking problem when I'm either coming to a stop or driving under about say 10mi per hr. They think maybe the transmission fluid should be changed (we will see) when I have it done. Glad to hear someone else has experienced a similar problem I was feeling a bit confused and thought maybe only my car. My dealership also could not figure out why or what my problems are. But I'll just keep bringing it back and maybe I'll get lucky.
  • hamchamphamchamp Member Posts: 33
    This is my first posting, but have been following it since '05.
    I have a 2005 Jeep CRD . First a run down of problems,
    1)Oct. Front ball joint recall. Had to replace leaking rear seal. 2) Fail injector, took 5 days for the dealership to get a part. I was out of town and had to get a motel and rental car. 3) Nov.Failure of repaired rear unit took 3 days to repair, another rental car. 4) F37 recall done. 5) 17 days later, loud bang, engine light on, can't shift past 3rd gear, towed away from home. 5) 8 days later, no word on the repair of the transmission. Living in NC, not sure if this qualifies for the lemon law. Any help here? Regards :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: ">link title
  • dcherrydcherry Member Posts: 1
    I recently took my 2003 Jeep Liberty in for Transmission drain and fill typical maintenance stuff. After picking it up I notice a hard down shift from 3 to 2. I took it back to the dealer and he said that they may not have put enough transmission fluid in it when they first started the Jeep. This can cause the transmission computer to think there was not enough pressure so it adjusted the pressure. Then after they checked and filled the fluid the transmission had to much pressure. He said after a few days the transmission would relearn this and adjust it. In order to make this happen sooner he plugged in the computer and reset the transmission learning software to default settings. Test drove it and no problems at all. He said in about a week the transmission would relearn my driving habits and make adjustment accordingly. He said at any time if it felt like there was a driving problem with the transmission to just bring it in and they would check the codes and reset if necessary. It took him about 5 minutes to check the codes and retrain the transmission.
  • lcwoslcwos Member Posts: 35
    This is my second leased Liberty Limited. My 2002 was wonderful. Never had it into the dealership other than oil change and tire rotation. When they offered us a pull forward lease for a 2006, we turned it in. Picked up the 2006 on Halloween Night, 2005. My hubby borrowed my jeep to put miles on it. I only drive about 3,000 miles a year but he's always on the road. Anyway, on his way back from a business trip, the car's Service Engine soon light comes on, then within a couple minutes, it suddenly starts slowing down and comes to a halt. He thinks it's the transmission, as he said he had been noticing a clunking and loud noise when the car shifted at 10mph then again at 28-35mph. He said it sounded like something was falling out of the back end. Coming out of 4wd, the sound was even worse, and the vehicle almost bucked.
    I sure do hope they figure out what the problem is. I live in a rural area the middle Northern Michigan and am alone 5 out of 7 days a week. I'm just thankful my Hubby had the car and a cell phone to summon assistance. I would have been up a creek had it happened to me. Cell phone service is almost non-existant. Wish the Chryslers had ON STAR like the GM's do. Anyway, this wont sour me to the Jeep Liberty, unless they cant get the problem resolved.
    :cry: :sick:
  • notorquenotorque Member Posts: 3
    Subject: Torque converter recall

    We took out 05 CRD in for the torque converter recall. The recall said they may have to do some computer changes. BOY, did they. It does not have the torque it did. We went back because we are not happy at all. The mechanic
    said the changes were to decrease the torque. It also changed the shift points.
    Now, it shifts like a vehicle that hangs way to long in one gear. Had I know, I would not have authorized this. They said there was nothing they could do about it. Jeep was said the same to my husband.
    If you bought a Viper truck and the recall decreased the horse power to a Hemi, that's the same thing. I did buy this vehicle. Sure, mine runs well, but it's not what I signed a financial contract on .
    Be VERY careful. If you want decreased power and torque, let them reset your computer.
  • notorquenotorque Member Posts: 3
    Subject: Torque converter recall

    We took out 05 CRD in for the torque converter recall. The recall said they may have to do some computer changes if there was damage. BOY, did they. It does not have the
    torque it did. We went back because we are not happy at all. The mechanic said the changes were to decrease the torque. It also changed the shift points.
    Now, it shifts like a vehicle that hangs way to long in one gear. Had I know, I would not have authorized this. They said there was nothing they could do about it.
    Jeep was saying the same to my husband.
    If you bought a Viper truck and the recall decreased the horse power to a Hemi, that's the same thing. I did buy this vehicle. Sure, mine runs well, but it's not what I signed a financial contract on .
    Be VERY careful. If you want decreased power and torque, let them reset your computer. :mad: :( :surprise:
  • crdroadkingcrdroadking Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Liberty CRD with 5400 miles. The engine light comes on and transmission starts acting up. Trans. starts off in 2nd grear and won't shift into overdrive. Had to dealer 3 times. Coil pack replaced, transmission valve body replaced, re-program the PCM. Just got it back, and after 20 min. started acting up again. I give up. Anyone with some problem? :sick:
  • lcwoslcwos Member Posts: 35
    Time for the Chrysler area or Divisional Rep to get personally involved in this one. Dont stand for this kind of run around, especially with your mileage.
  • nuzeditnuzedit Member Posts: 1
    The transmission on my daughter's 2002 Liberty Sport went out last week at about 65,000 miles. We are told it was due to the torque converter. Now it looks as though a total rebuild is in order. Oddly, there were two other '02 Liberties in the shop at the same time with virtually the same mileage and the same transmission problem. Maybe Chrysler needs a recall on the '02 Liberty for torque converter replacement as the did on the CRDs. Just a thought. Other than this the car has performed well. Then one must keep in mind that the transmission is one of the most costly key components of any car.
  • benibikerbenibiker Member Posts: 9
    I just had the same problem with my 2002 Liberty with 40,000 miles. The engine light came on and it won't shift out of first gear. I dropped it off at the dealer on the way home and they'll call me tomorrow to see what's up... :P
  • benibikerbenibiker Member Posts: 9
    The dealership called today and said the transmission controller would not let them download the codes. They're sure the controller is bad and will have to be replaced. They said hopefully nothing else is bad. The controller will cost $1,000 and will take 5-8 days to get here; I live in Honolulu. Of course my extended warranty doesn't cover it because it only covers "lubricated components". That excludes anything electronic right away. I've never had any problems with my Jeep and am still pretty happy with it. Hope this fixes it. :cry:
  • benibikerbenibiker Member Posts: 9
    My Jeep's been in the shop for a week and the controller finally came in today. They replaced it but now the transmission slips on 3rd and 4th gears. The shift check on the controller is good so now it's pointing at the transmission itself. They'll know more tomorrow, at least if it is the transmission it's covered by my extended warranty unlike the controller. :confuse:
  • arvmanarvman Member Posts: 95
    Hey all,had the recall done yesterday,noticed a bit of difference but I'll know for sure when I tow my trailer.they did the job on time and so far I'm happy but nervous,gonna get some miles on this week and drive it hard,we'll see....
  • sbellessbelles Member Posts: 1

  • benibikerbenibiker Member Posts: 9
    Now they're saying the valve body needs to be replaced. This is covered by my extended warranty thank God! It'll be another 5 days to get this part from the mainland and my rental car bill is starting to hurt. I miss my Jeep... :(
  • benibikerbenibiker Member Posts: 9
    Well 2 weeks later and $1,400 poorer my Liberty is fixed. They had to change the shift controller, the valve body and reprogram the computer. Since they were in there I also told them to change the filters so I could get a "free" transmission oil change/service. Anyway, my Liberty works great now and it's absence made me realize how much I missed it! :blush:
  • kbuckmankbuckman Member Posts: 4
    I just discovered this site, so please excuse any posting faux-pas. I have a 2005 Liberty CRD. Nothing but problems. The aftercooler hose popped off when it was a month old, and downhill since then. Mostly transmission trouble. recently in for service due to recall;3 weeks later, the RPM's shoot up to 6000, won't shift out of first. Then loses all fluid-towed in. They "fixed it" with a new hose and some fluid. State that the transmission is not damaged. I can't believe this-there were grinding sounds, burnt odor, and fluid everywhere. I am SICK of the truck, and ready to trade it off :lemon: . Does anyone think that the trans. would be undamaged by such an event? :sick:
  • hamchamphamchamp Member Posts: 33
    Sorry about the CRD. Mine had the F-37 done Jan. 11, on the 29th of Jan. the trans went. It is still in the dealership. A Jeep in a heap. *60 days and 60 nights* We are trying for a replacement. Read your manual to see your rights, and what you need to do. How many miles before the your final problem. I had 22K. hamchamp :lemon: :lemon: :sick:
  • kbuckmankbuckman Member Posts: 4
    It is really aggravating isn't it? My pain-in-the you know what first had trouble with just a couple of thousand miles on it. The latest episode happened at 59,000 miles. Good luck with your pursuit of a replacement. I am tempted to call an attorney friend, but I don't think I could deal with the stress of all that with Chrysler. All our other vehicles are GM, and minimal problems. I think the F-37 was done on mine the middle of February, so it took 6 weeks to leave my beside a narrow, busy highway. Best wishes friend!
  • hamchamphamchamp Member Posts: 33
    Stressful it is. Thanks for the good wishes. Hamchamp
  • overworkedoverworked Member Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a used 2006 Jeep Liberty Limited with 34,000KM from a dealership. I have noticed that when I am doing about 50km/h in a residential area,the transmission seems to be shifting up and down and the Jeep has a jerking motion when this is happening. This does not happen when on a highway and travelling at a higher speed. Any ideas as to what this could be? I have tried turning the O/D off and this makes no difference. I am a single lady and don't know a whole lot about vehicles. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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