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Porsche 911 Carrera Prices Paid

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
edited May 2015 in Porsche
Share your 911 Carrera purchase experience here!


  • nova5nova5 Posts: 3
    Just bought a new 997 in Texas. Great experience. Considered going to Porsche of Arlington Virgina but who needs obnoxious arrogant dealers. Their service department is horrible too. How does Porsche of Arlington stay in business? They are the worst!!! If all Porsche dealers were like them, I'd rather buy a bicycle.
  • nova5nova5 Posts: 3
    Did I tell you all that Porsche of Arlington VA stinks?

  • I want to buy a 911 with few or no options. I would be happy to buy a 2006 assuming it would be less than buying a 2007. What should I expect in terms of pricing with 2007 right around the corner? Does anyone have a dealer they recommend in the Southern California area?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 145,175
    I have no idea of SoCal pricing...

    But, my local dealer has one (1) 2006 911 left.. and, is advertising it at $12K off MSRP...

    Just to give you some ballpark pricing...


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    Edmunds Moderator

  • You can get remaining 2006's at $10-$15K off.

    In So Cal you should be able to get at least 6% off MSRP on an ordered car, maybe a little more if you purchase stock.

    I am in So Cal and got 6% off MSRP on an ordered car (Jan Build) without too much haggling. Cars with few options are hard to find so ordering one may be the way to go.
  • Thanks for your response. Would you mind sharing the dealer name with me? Also, what is the delivery time once the car is ordered?
  • Hi:

    I ordered from Newport Beach (local dealer).

    Time from order date to build date varies. Check with the dealers to see what their allocation is for your particular model (S, Cab, Tip etc) and the earliest build date they can offer you.

    Time from build date to delivery is currently about 6-8 weeks.
  • Although the Newport Beach people said they wouldn't discount custom orders (only stock) the Thousand Oaks dealer (much closer to my house anyway) said that they would and have a February build date. The Woodland Hills dealer offered a 4% discount right off the bat but wouldn't do 6% and had a build date in March.

    Thanks for your input - it was the information I needed to get my deal done quickly and easily.
  • I am in the market for a 2005 C2 Cab (997). Even though most dealers try to sell this car for 72K+, i think they are dreaming!
    What would you guess the right price is? I am thinking more like 67-68K max for a 15K miles with Xenon, Bose.
    What's the trade in value for this car? around 60-62k?
    Any comment / advice would be appreciated

    PS: I live in FL so market might be a little higher
  • Hi Karen,

    Can you give me your input with regard to the following deal I worked out at a dealership in Connecticut:

    Car - 997 Carrera S (Car is in inventory)
    Invoice including destination - $89,205
    Quoted price by dealer - $83,405

    Lease term - 36 months
    Residual - 59% or $52,631
    Annual mileage - 10,000

    Upfront fees:

    Acquisition Fee - $745
    Registration - $155
    Documentation - $239
    Disposition Fee - $350

    Base payment excluding taxes - $1310.55

    He didn't give me the money factor but is quoting the rate between 6 and 7 percent.

    Are any of the upfront fees negotiable?

    Do you think I am getting a reasonable discount (6.7%)?

    What is your personal opinion if you had to decide between the Carrera S and the Targa 4?


  • shulseshulse Posts: 11
    I'm shopping 3 dealers, one in Marin and two east bay. Each has a totally different approach. Marin dealer offers 6% discount - immediately. Others say they'll match any local deal. East bay has me drive each one (between S, 4, and base models).

    While still subjective, how much dealer interaction do you have after buying the car?
  • chuckvairchuckvair Posts: 10
    Just put a deposit on a 2007 coupe base model. MSRP was $84,200, and negotiated $75,700 plus a $199 doc fee. A friend was buying a new '06 Cayenne S, so we negotiated together, which helped both of us. Guards red, PASM, sport chrono plus, telephonce PCM, heated electric seats, bose sound, 19" classic wheels.
  • porschetporschet Posts: 2
    I'm thinking of rejoining the Porsche community with a 2000-02 996 and have read posts about RMS leaks and outrageous service costs. What is the mileage or age that RMS leaks would typically appear? Anything to look for other than the obvious puddle under the car? Are there other typical problems specific to the early 996s that one would look for and would want to avoid in a purchase? What is the usual routine oil change type service charge? A 30,000 more major service? Any other buying tips from your experience, like shipping or long distance mechanical inspections would be useful is much appreciated. Thanks.
  • bwedotnetbwedotnet Posts: 48

    My 01 had a small RMS leak around 22K miles. It was repaired under warranty during a standard service (no special visit required). Check the service records of any car you are considering to see if it has been previously fixed. If you are seriously considering a 996 and want to learn more I would recommend you visit a Porsche specific forum like Rennteam.

    Service costs were not bad. The first 4 years the only maintenance charge I had (other than tires) was the yearly service/oil change which cost about $450. After the warranty expired costs went up slightly since I had to do things like replace brakes, replace battery and other basic upkeep.
  • porschetporschet Posts: 2
    Thanks for writing. I checked Rennteam - lots of good information. The newer 911's are a quantum leap from the 69T I had!
  • tiger762tiger762 Posts: 2
    The Missus and I went to Jim Ellis Porsche in Doraville, GA (near Atlanta) the day after Thanksgiving. We searched vehicles in dealer stock at different dealerships. We settled on one that turned out it had already sold. So we went with our 2nd choice. It is a silver with black leather interior, Xenon, Bose, and heated seats. The shipping from the other dealer got delayed (not the dealership's fault) and I told her I really wanted it by theat next weekend (12/2-12/3). She loaned us a 2006 CAB for the weekend.

    They knocked a few percent off of MSRP. I believe the car was $76,500 before sales tax and other fees. Out the door price was $82K. I opted to get the dealer installed "speed film" for another grand.

    The 1st 2000 miles require some discipline to not take it over 4000 RPM's until the engine / drivetrain is broke-in. We took it on vacation a couple of weeks ago. Set the cruise at 80 and averaged 24.9mpg.

    The rear seats are more like seat shaped luggage buckets :)

    I drive it to work once a week and if I had to do the purchase again I would opt for the tiptronic. My family and friends think an automatic transmission is wack in a car like this, but I tell them the tiptronic is NOT like the automatic in a regular passenger car. I think of it more like an electronically shifted manual transmission with hydraulic coupling, hehehehehe.

    I liked the buying experience from Jim Ellis. They were not sleezy. Just up front about how much they expecxt to make on a particular car, and how motivated (or not) they are to sell it. Mine got wrote up on the books as a November sale, and that was part of why they took a few percent off the MSRP. But I would fully expect to pay full boat on a custom build order.

    I think potential 911 owners aren't going to negotiate viciously as if it was at a Toyota dealer, anyway.
  • bwedotnetbwedotnet Posts: 48
    Hi Karen:

    The deal does not look bad. Your discount is good, inline with my recent experience. I think the payment is a little bit high. Make sure you have the dealer quote the US Bank lease program. If your credit is good you should get the payment down to around $1200 before taxes (MF = .00219) and that is for a 36 month, 12K miles per year lease.
  • maxibutemaxibute Posts: 2
    What can I expect to pay (msrp, perhaps a couple of % points below) for a custom built C4S in the Seattle area? Are dealers willing to negotiate on custom builds?

    Also anybody know when the 08 is coming out?
  • ms09ms09 Posts: 112
    Is this true,

    CL 63 AMG boasts the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 engine in the world.???

    I dont know much in details about car engine, can any1 tell me whats the difference between the naturally aspired and the twin turbo??? i know the twin turbo engines are fast but what else is the difference, i wanna to know in detail.

    I want to know everything abt it how does it feel while driving whats the power difference whatever info u guys got....... all kinds of info will be appreciated
  • maxibutemaxibute Posts: 2
    I was referring to the 08 model year not engine size. I currently have a E63 which has and incredible engine and test drove the c4s and turbo last week. While mercs have great engine and are comfy to drive they can't match either the porsche turbo or c4s in handling or pure visceral driving feel. The porsches "feel" faster even though my merc is technically faster than the c4s. The turbo is unreal.
  • ms09ms09 Posts: 112
    U got it all wromg here....

    I was asking my own question!!!!!!!!!lol
  • bpm69bpm69 Posts: 10
    I am looking for a 07 targa c4s. My dealer won't have it in the color I want and will have to source it from another dealer. How much off MSRP can I expect?
  • bwedotnetbwedotnet Posts: 48
    If you shop around you should be able to get at least 6-7% off MSRP on an ordered car. Maybe a little more if you find the car you want in stock somewhere.
  • tgenoyertgenoyer Posts: 4
    does anyone know when the 08 models are coming out?
  • tgenoyertgenoyer Posts: 4
    Are dealer prep fees of about $500 only a Florida thing, or is it in every state?
  • fastmoneyfastmoney Posts: 2

    I saw your deal and am interested in something similar. I live in CT also and if you don't mind me asking, which dealer did you use? I live in Greenwich, so was going to start with the Greenwich dealer to look for a C4S. Thanks
  • 9K off back in march. that must of been nice. what do you think is a reasonable offer now that the '08s are out? i'm looking at a base model carrera, 79-83K MSRP. I'd really like to see a $15K discount. am i dreaming? i've checked the whole california, looks like there aren't too many '07 carreras left. they've sold well.
  • You are not having a dream, it is going to turn into a nightmare. Carreras are in short supply, check inventory nationwide. 9% is about tops, if you can get 7% you are doing well.
  • kelfkelf Posts: 83
    Any 2008 model actual experiences?
  • haha. i guess the pde's will have to do...anyone have an opinion on the porsche pde demos?
  • Yep, actually a great deal if you can get a Certified..... that suits your need. The problem with the demos is that you are going to pay over dealer cost for a demo.

    The Porsche Certified program is a warranty and not a service contract. It is for 100,000 miles and basically the same as the new car. The way they have it set up is you get the same dispute resolution as applied on the new car warranty. That makes the Certified program warranty actually better than the new car one.

    Porsche does not charge for the Certified program car, but the dealer may charge a fee for the inspection, etc. Many try to tack on as much as $1,500, but is all additional dealer profit.
  • Porsche, in fact, does charge the Dealer for the CPO Warranty...There is about $500.00 for the CPO Inspection including Oil Service and Brake $1495.00 for the Warranty itself. An additional requirement of the CPO Warranty also requires Porsche "N" rated tires on the car; so the existing tires have to be replaced even if new, if they are not the appropriate tires.

    Porsche is not the most profitable car company in the world by nothing is "free"...
  • That is absolutely not true.....The dealer makes the inspection and charges whatever they choose. The check list is long and thorough, however in real life, many times the technician fails to follow thoroughly.

    You are correct about the requirements, however you have been misinformed concerning the charges. Whomever has told you this, possibly a salesperson, may not know the true facts either. This is a high added profit maker for the dealer which many times is very protected. I have found the same true of many factory incentives (not of Porsche) passed to the dealer with intention to be passed on to the consumer, but the dealer will keep it all for himself. I recently proved several metro Infiniti dealers were concealing a $5,500 spiff on 2007 QX56 models from the sales force and the dealers were making the entire ADP, sharing only with the F&I managers.

    Porsche receives, nor charges a dime for the Certified Warranty. I have litigated this issue, and was surprised to learn the true facts. Anytime someone pays for the Porsche Certified, it is purely added dealer markup which generally the finance officer, salesperson,and management share, the service manager and technician also get a cut.

    This arrangement is just like the doc prep fees are shared among many of the store employees surprisingly including the receptionist, secretary, etc. I personally believe this is good business, knowing the lady who answers the phone and takes messages may want to take care of me for a future spiff. Brumo's even gives a chunk of it for cancer research.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 145,175
    Porsche gives a free extended warranty on their CPO cars???!!

    Why in the world would they do that? What do they possibly have to gain?

    Sorry.. but, that makes no sense at all.


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • Sorry..but, you must understand the facts of the situation.

    Porsche USA charges and receives absolutely nothing from the additional dealer markup for a Certified Car warranty. It is part of the overall dealer relationship to encourage trade ins with Porsche. This warranty cannot be purchased for any amount of money except for and only for Porsche cars which have been bona-fide titled to an arms length purchaser who later trades it back to an authorized Porsche dealer. NO exceptions, you cannot add it to an original purchase, you cannot buy a Porsche traded to a Mercedes dealer and take it to a Porsche dealer to have it certified.

    The program is an extended warranty beyond the original one, and it is tied directly to the same dispute resolution process as dictated by the applicable lemon law for a new vehicle. In fact is processed by the same arbitrator as the applicable lemon law.

    This program is a tremendous aid for a Porsche dealer and is set up by Porsche USA to aid the dealer to make a trade thus selling another new Porsche unit. You cannot buy a Porsche from an individual, take it in to your dealer and have it certified. Has to be purchased from a Porsche dealer. That is where Porsche makes its money on this program, selling another new vehicle. It also enables and injects somewhat of a support to the resale value of these vehicles, so you do not see the pounding like you get with other makes with low mileage.

    Due to some problems in Magnum-Moss and for other legal reasons, Porsche does not charge a dime for this program, or share in the profits from the dealer. You do not see it as a line item charge paid, it is added to the price of the vehicle by the selling dealer

    So, it does make sense, and as I might add quite clever
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 145,175
    I still don't see how Porsche makes money off of the CPO car? The dealer jacks up the price, Porsche USA sees no money, yet still provides an extended warranty? For free?

    Doesn't sound very clever to me... Or, believable..


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • Now let me see if I understand this correctly...The Dealer adds a "Mark Up" to the car basically for a Warranty that has not been paid for...And Porsche honors this warranty for 6 Years & 100,000 Miles from the original "In Service" date and pays the Dealer for the warranty work completed under the CPO...This seems, to me, just a bit odd...
  • Yep, I would agree it is a bit odd, but you have to do the math on the number of new units sold by an average Porsche dealer in the U.S. You can quickly see it requires some odd dealer support to make the arithmetic to work on these new facilities Porsche USA is demanding. Surf the dealer inventory and you will find several with only four to six stock items. These are not volume operations. I personally know one of their newer stores in the deep south which has only sold four new units this
    year, however they are thriving on certified vehicles obtained from a larger dealers trade in overstock.

    Porsche USA, meanwhile is having a banner year and 911's overall are in short allocation. All of this means Porsche USA has this program set up for dealer support, I am unable to disclose how the share works out on claims made under this arrangement. You have to remember, the dealer keeps the entire charge, usually around $1,500. So there is money in the kitty. Another factor in this program is the average life of the warranty. Although very loyal, a Porsche owner does not keep the car very long, either getting a replacement, or getting out of a Porsche. You do not have a high percentage of long term high mileage ownership of a single vehicle. One of the oddest things about this program is that you cannot purchase it for a new vehicle at any price..........go figure.
  • I have a 2007 M45 and am looking to buy a 2003 cab with 12,000 miles... looks to be in terrific condition, i called the dealer regarding the service history and other than a window motor, it is clean. i read on the post about a RMS leak? what is it and should i worry... i also need a recommendation about a good aftermarket warranty company from which to purchase an extended and if it is even worth doing so. finally, does anyone know of a good mechanic in South Florida so i can avoid using the dealer...oh yeah, the car does not have the PSM management system... is it really that important or can i live without it.. car will be used primarily on the weekends... and on date night :)
  • Is this 2003 Cab at a Porsche Dealership?
  • dealer, but not porsche dealer..
    i have car chex going there.
  • Be patient...Find one at a Porsche Dealer...
  • If she is a one owner, contact the owner and see if you can obtain reliable information. The owner may have an extended warranty which you can assume. If the dealer is not willing to furnish you with the owner information, you can obtain it from other sources......Possibly carfax.

    And, you do not want to own this car and not have it serviced by a Porsche dealer.......There is no make or model of vehicle produced today that can be properly cared for by a non dealer mechanic. They simply cannot purchase the necessary diagnostic equipment and service tools to do the job. Not a Porsche specific problem, but all vehicles.
  • Any data on the markdowns on 07 Cabrio inventory and the discounts on 08 in the east coast?

  • I found a beautiful blk on blk 2007Conv911S with 200 miles. Dealer only wants to take 5k off 100k msrp. Considering the time of the year, wouldn't 10k to 15k be more in line with current pricing? I want to pay the least amount possible because I'm coming out of a negative equity BMW 7 series. They only want to give me 48k for my 06 7 series with 16k miles but my pay off for my lease is 68k.
  • akb2akb2 Posts: 3
    Are you interested in a 08 Targa 4, black/black?
  • Why do you ask?
  • I'm interested in a '08 Targa tip.
  • rhinojwbrhinojwb Posts: 2
    Am looking for a '09 Targa 4S. Since few to none in the area will likely have to special order. Interested in pricing experience/guidance when special ordering - do I have negotiating room? Would hope so in this economy and with number of dealers in the area (San Francisco) but haven't special ordered before. Appreciate the input.
  • bosco42bosco42 Posts: 20
    I am looking to obtain a 2009 C2S or C4S tip. Any recommendations on who would be the most aggressive in pricing it in the NY/LI area ? Thanks
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