2016 Honda CR-V EX-L AWD

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In the winter months, when I start my car and back it out of the garage, I hear a noise which sounds like a puppy yelping, and it comes from under the front passenger seat or rear passenger side seat. I don' hear the noise while in drive or neutral, and the sound doesn't last very long. I occasionally hear a short yelp when I stop at a stop sign or go over a bump. My dealer wants me to leave the car overnight, and that isn't feasible. I purchased the car in Jan 2016, and the noise started in Nov 2016. It is just a little disconcerting because it isn't normal!


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    The tech is going to need to hear the sound and follow it to the source. Anything else is a guess that is more likely to be wrong than right.
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    My first thought.. Are you missing a puppy? ;)

    But seriously, if you want your car fixed, and the dealer needs it overnight (so, they can examine it while cold), then you'll either have to figure out how to do that.... or, live with the problem.

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