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Chevrolet Avalanche



  • Now that is bizarre. Yesterday - no Avalanche on GMBuyPower. Today - there it is magically. Of course what's with the color Av they show as a sample of the vehicle?
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    50 - 60 on the lots!
  • I searched for 2WD Av's at the five dealerships in my area. There were a total of two trucks, neither of which was equipped with the Z66 package. It amazes me that there are 50-60 on the lots in Austin. Maybe I should move.

    Anybody here special order an Av? If so, how long does it take to get them built?
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    Ordered Indigo Z71 w/Neutral Leather, Convenience Pkg., Sunroof, Running Boards on 7/6; arrived at dealer (Iowa) on 8/21.

    BTW, getting out of Jersey would do you good - living there has you speculating on towing with a Kia!???
  • Ordered Forest Green Z71 w/graphite cloth buckets, Convenience Pkg., Sunroof, Running Boards, block heater on 7/13; TBW this week [have not heard anything from my dealer yet - going to call tomorrow][Illinois]
    According to the dealer, I got caught in the summer shutdown period..should have ordered one week earlier!
  • Come on now - my trailer is only a popup camper, so it should be able to be towed by a van. Actually, to pull it with an Av would be extreme overkill, but I just love the looks of the truck and I'd be set for a heavier trailer if I decide to move up in the future.

    And besides, why would I want to move out of NJ, especially where I'd need to order a vehicle with an engine block heater! I had enough of that bad weather back in college.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    contacting Nelson Auto Group in Austin. ( They are a used vehicle Dealer (mainly trucks) but have connections with New Car Dealers and will find vehicles. Who knows maybe they could find one for you at an acceptable price. Maybe I could even drive it up to you. And visit upstate NY. Son-in-Law (Dick Batten) works for Nelson. I bought my GMC through them from a Dealer in San Antonio.
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    I haven't seen a forest green Av yet, it should look good. Do you keep your vehicle outside that you ordered the block heater?

    I'll be through on my way to Bloomington-Normal mid-month; what dealer did you order through? Hopefully you'll hear soon on delivery - two to three weeks from TPW, depending on how quickly they can get a load scheduled out of Wentzville, MO.
  • Unfortunately, the wife gets to keep her mustang in the garage...AV won't fit...the larger garage plans have to wait about a year or two, so the new truck sits in the driveway. It only gets cold enough to use the block heater seriously 3-4 times a year, but for $27.39, if I use it once the entire time I own the truck, I'll feel good about spending the cash.
    Odered the AV from Sam Lehman Chevy in Eureka, Sales guy called me right before I was going to call him. My AV has been built and I have the VIN #, just got to wait for it to arrive. I checked the rail line tracking website, but nothing comes up for my VIN: I'm guessing its not on the train yet or something. Another added bonus: Chevy just started a new dealer rebate for the AV in September - $500. Since I used GMS pricing, this comes right off the top, before taxes. With this added rebate, I'm now about $1,000 below invoice with GMS pricing.
    Uftring Chevy in Washington just got a forest green Z71 all options in a few days ago. Can't wait for mine to get here. I've seen all colors in person now except the sunset orange metallic. All Chevy dealers around Peoria have 3-4 AV's now.
  • Well I'm not very happy tonight. Picked up my Av from the dealer tonight after having the roof rack installed. Got it home and found that the crossbars wouldn't tighten down. They were all loose and floppy and sliding around. Something was wrong with them. Weren't safe to drive with, so I gently started to remove the rear crossbar and to my horror it lifted the left guide rail right off the roof. Some moron better not have drilled the holes in my roof too big but that's what it looks like. And the crossbars are flimsy plastic crap. Wish I had not got the roof rack altogether.
  • I hope you are wrong about that, but it sounds like someone screwed up. I decided against the rack from the start, sounds like I made the right decision

  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    I think Chevy could have come up with a better ad for the Av than two guys driving the Av, stopping to drop the "mid-gate" and getting back in and driving, seems like wasted advertising money to me.
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    My wife and I bought our first new vehicle, an '86 Grand Am SE, from Sam Leman when we lived in Peoria. We had a good experience all around with them.

    jj - Hope it works out with the rack. For others contemplating ordering with a roof rack: After 8 years with a Jimmy with the rack, we used it only three to four times. The time to wash and wax around is not worth it. The bed on the Av should take care of the items we had to put on the roof.
  • Mine has roof rack as desired for one reason. I am making an extention from the receiver hitch up to the level of the roof rack to haul a 40' extention (20 + 20)ladder back & forth from farm to our house. I've had no concern with mine and it looks good too. Haven't hauled anything there yet either.
  • I have a Windstar minvan and have used the roof rack extensively to attach storages bags, canoes, and furniture. But I must agree about the Av - with all that enclosable space in the bed, I'm not sure I'd need a roof rack.

    Does anyone have an Av with the bench seat up front? Is it reasonably big enough to fit three people up front? My search on GMBuyPower has revealed mostly vehicles in stock with reclining bucket seats. I need the ability to haul 6 people around on occassion.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    the front will seat three. Biggest drawback being the center hump. It would be best if they were relatively good friends and didn't have BO.
  • Well then, that eliminates the In-Laws! LOL!!
  • Well I have had my Avalanche for 3 1/2 months now and over 8300 miles. No problems so far and only small problem I have had was drivers headrest had to be replaced because fabric cover wouldn't stay clipped on. We have had quite a bit of rain here in Dallas/Ft Worth area and not more than a few drops of water in the bed. Getting about 17MPG on average consistantly. Wish I got paid a buck for everytime I have had to demonstrate the midgate.
  • minikinminikin Posts: 389
    Want a cheaper Av and a vacation in the high country at the same time? Roth Chevrolet, south side of Denver, has roughly 20 on their lot. That was last weekend, maybe more now. Most, or at least half, are Z-71s. I'd expect any one of these would go at around $5000 off MSRP. If you're adverse to negotiating, our local Elway dealer will peel $4100 off sticker.
    -- Don
  • I read you were looking for AV's in Central NJ.
    Check Chevy dealer on RT 88 Lakewood, last count was about 20 on lot.
  • It was raining yesterday, very hard at times, so I decided to go to Bill Kay Chevolet in Lisle,Il to check on the AVs for water seepage into the truck bed. There were about 8 AVs on the lot, all of them were Z71s except for the one 2500 4X4. All of the AVs had the hard covers in place and a rubber mat on the bottom of the truck beds. I opened the tailgates and found no evidence of water seepage into the beds with the exception of a couple drops at both lower corners on the back of the midgate. That is, until I looked underneath the rubber bedliner. There was water pooled between the rubber mat and the truck bed - a lot of water. The rubber mat was dry on top so the water must have gotten in some way other than dripping down through the hard cover. This was true for all the AVs.

    I found two other quality issues which bothered me. One was that the front grill and brush guard were made of a very cheap plastic. Is very very flexible and seemes like it would be easily broken or chipped. The second issue was the top set of lights on the front of the vehicle (there are so many lights on the front of the AVs I don't know what they are all for). If you push (lightly) the plastic housing the whole housing will move inward. It appears, they are attached to the truck only at the top part of the housing. The bottom of the housing can be pushed in exposing an opening. The housing will come back to it original position when you stop pushing but geez GM....screw those things in all around.

    A couple other observations: the tailgate needs a pretty hefty slam to close it securely, the running boards are not very wide and don't hang out far enough, the drain holes in the cargo boxes cause the water to drip down in front of the rear wheels right over a very thin exposed wire....hmmm.

    All in all it's a killer truck. I think it looks great in the Pewter, Black, Blue, or Green (not fond of the White). If someone could put me at ease about the water in the truck bed issue that would help my purchasing decision since I will use it to carry musical instruments and other "DO NOT GET WET" equipment around.
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    The same material in the grille has been used on other vehicles. The flexibility and "give" may help with flying debris. The top set of lights are the turn/parking lamps. Again, they don't require aiming like the headlamps; a little play may help in deflecting oblects. Below the "Bowtie Bar" are the dim/bright headlamps. Below that are the DRLs and the foglamps. The DRLs are the inboard pair.

    On the cargo area and water, ours seals tightly and protects the contents. I haven't had water on top of the mat yet. Closing the tailgate requires effort because of the sealing. Besides being top heavy and awkward due to its height, it has a full seal around the perimeter. Water tightness comes at an expense. Try closing the tailgate with the midgate down to see the difference with no air to compress.
  • ricschricsch Posts: 540
    go to and see the pics of Avs, even can vote on the one you like, may even give you guys some ideas to set your truck apart from the rest.
  • I do not know if it is a quality issue related to water in the bed. The system is designed to move water away from the cargo mat, not eliminate it. Here is a reference from the GM list of TSB's for the avalanche:

    Chevrolet Avalanche Cargo Area

    2002 Chevrolet Avalanche

    The Chevrolet Avalanche is designed to give customers unrivaled flexibility. Avalanche delivers on that promise through the many unique and useful ways this vehicle can be configured. Not unlike a convertible car, Avalanche's cargo and passenger area can be opened to the environment. As a result, some care must be exercised to ensure proper performance of the Convert-a-Cab® System.

    The Avalanche's overall water management goal is to ensure the contents of the cargo area remain dry and protected. To achieve this, the Avalanche uses an exclusive Water Management System to move water away from cargo that is placed on the rubber cargo mat. The system is designed to manage water whether the cover system is in place or removed. This allows customers to use this area as they would a pickup truck bed, as well as carry a wide range of cargo including dirty, wet and otherwise messy items.

    The Avalanche's Water Management System is designed to quickly direct water out of the cargo box. With cargo covers in place, there may be certain conditions (e.g.; heavy rains, automated car washes) where some water may be present in the following areas:

    Drainage area (51 mm (2 in) wide) around the back three sides of the cargo box

    Cargo box walls

    Under the cargo mat


    Catch cup and gutters


    for more information. Hope this helps in your decision making...

  • ropdropd Posts: 6
    Can I wax it yet? That indigo blue is absolutely unmatched (in my humble opinion) but after two weeks of nearly daily rain the water spots are forming and setting in. Not to mention it's love bug season in Florida. For those not familiar with the Florida love bugs, let me know. They have been known to nearly cover the front of a vehicle in a short 50 mile stretch of turnpike driving. Ya gotta admire the little critters for their virility in flight but their splattered little bodies will eat away the paint. Anyway, can I wax this beast yet? I know there used to be a "waiting period" until the paint cured or something.

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    is gas there $5 a gallon?
  • Today's paints do not require a "curing period". You can wax to your heart's content. Check out site and go to the forum titled "show car detailing". There is lots of good info by pro detailers.
    You will be introduced to a great product we all use called Zaino.
    Have fun washing that Indigo Blue.
    Brad in SoCal
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    Ryan, we have a topic over in News & Views for this...

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  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    I AM ASKING here because i know a few guys on this board are from indianapolis
  • I have a bone Stock Z66 and am currently @ about 330 miles with 1/4 tank left. My calculations put me at about 13 miles per gallon. Where the hell is 16-18 miles per gallon? What could I look into to get more?

    Thanks, Brad
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