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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Transmission Problems

KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
Trouble shifting? This is the place to solve your problems!


  • porch1porch1 Posts: 1
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    turn off the caps and no the hes. is not normal at least on the I5.
  • :mad: I was wondering how many people have trouble getting the truck in reverse,and how many times it takes you?
    I have had manual trans for ever and this is very much not good when i buy a new truck and pay cash and come to find out, it has a 20% chance out of 100 or 1 in 5 times it won`t go in reverse. Chevy said it was normal... I would like to know.. :mad:
  • put it in 1st and try again... all cars with manual transmission i've had were the same... make it an habit
  • I have the 5 speed trans,and getting it into reverse has been a problem too.Normal??? Maybe nowadays it is.When I was younger,the transmissions shifted in and out of gear very smooth and easy.This is the first manual I've had in 20 something years,and will be my last.The lack of quality is only one reason.4X4 is much better with an automatic then a standard trans,so I'll be going back to an auto.
  • :sick: well this document is from a chev dealer the id #1872012 this is some of what the doc says manual transmission 5 speed-Aisin 5 speed(RPO MA5)Affected vehicles (GMT355-GMT345-GMX020)(Quote)
    A customer can expect a blocked reverse shift 10 times in 50 attempts. Engineering has determined that this condition is normal.the correct procedure to follow when shifting for block out is to.
    1)shift into 1st gear
    2)move vehicle forward slight
    3)stop and shift into reverse
    well if you are in traffic and need to reverse fast or back out of the way of a train your screwed.but my mom 73 who has had stick shifts alot and drives tractor told chev that if anything happens to her because she can`t back up they are responable,because they know the problem.She also wrote to the bbb.Well 13 letters in all.I also sent stuff to t.v. to get the word out about 06-07-colorado/canyon/hummer h3/pontiac Solstice/07 saturn sky.About the normal 5 speed trans the won`t go into reverse 20% of the time..If anybody wants me to send the paper-work let me know :confuse:
  • well this is the end of the colorado (07) and now i don`t have to worry if mom or dad gets into wreck cuz they can`t back up (NOW)... chevy bought there truck back cuz they didn`t want to be responable for a wreck since they new the problems with the transmission and calling it normal ha ha :lemon: :lemon: :shades:
  • I have a problem shifting into first gear when I am at a stop light. I brought it into service at Weseloh and Sons in San Juan Capistrano. They refered to the same service bulletin (#1872012) and sent me on my way. They did admit they felt what I felt but that it was not having a problem at this time. I called GM and they want me to go back to the same people and have them drive with me in it to see the problem. They had the car 2 days already and only test drove it once. What else can I do? Can't they fix it or get a new transmision- The block-out happens more often than 20% of the time
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Your post don't make much sense except GM bought it back. How about explaining what was wrong?
  • fasfas Posts: 6
    I have an '05 with I5 and auto, 4WD I have a hesitation mainly when backing up. Dealer also says normal.
    I seem to have a new problem. when it is cold (rare in NC) it feels like I am starting off in second gear. It goes away after a 5 min warm up. I am going back to the dealer before my 36000 runs out.
    Anyone notice this?
  • fasfas Posts: 6
    My truck locked up after pulling out of the driveway and right wheel spinning on the grass. It semed like it was in 4WD. I was able to duplicate it again. I took it ti Chevy (still under warrantee thank God)
    and after giving the the standard BS. they "serviced" the rear, and it still had the problem. GM told them to replace the rear.
    Anyone out there thinking it is going in 4WD, it might be the rear "auto locking" rear
  • fasfas Posts: 6
    Got the Truck back yesterday. The had to replace the whole rear (gears and clutches) It works like it should. Actually, it never acted correctly since I bought it new in '05. Still having a fight about the Auto transmission problem (hesitating when backing up)
  • coreylcoreyl Posts: 2
    Has anyone experienced a light shudder when accelerating slowly from a stop with a Colorado with the I-5 and automatic?

    My '05 Colorado 4X4 with the automatic transmission just started doing this with about 58,000 miles. I am trying to determine if it is related to the transmission, a transmission mount, or the limited slip rear end. I have changed the fluid and filter more frequently than is reccomended (at 25,000 and 50,000 miles) so I don't suspect that it is going bad. It acts exactly like a transmission shudder, for those of you who have ever had a marginal automatic transmission. It happens in all the forward gears.

  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Torque converter?
  • coreylcoreyl Posts: 2
    Thanks. Possibly the torque converter as well. I will be bringing it in later today.
  • jsouthjsouth Posts: 13
    I have a 2004, 4x4 ,I5 auto trans and I have felt the same shudder. I have felt it the most when the truck shifts to second gear but it might only do it once or twice a year so I haven`t worried about it. I haven`t seen anything else on this site about the trans. shudder or heard anything from Chevrolet service bulletins on this subject so it maybe a problem that hasn`t had enough time to be seen. Let me know if you find out anything.
  • stoltzstoltz Posts: 2
    Just bought a 08 Z71 crew cab with the 3.7 eng.
    I want to install a trans temp gauge and I was hoping someone could let me know who sells a A-pillar mount?
    Checked with Summit already.
  • My company truck only shifts through the four speed automatic transmission (2.8L 2wd 2004) gears if you start in first and shift manually through 2nd, 3rd, D. If you start in drive it just revs up as if you were in N. Has torqe in first and second but you cant move from a stop if you put it into drive or third. Does anyone know of this problem? Transmission bad or did something fall apart? Please help! I am going to the junk yard next weekend and going to change the transmission. It would not be much fun if its all for nothing. :confuse:
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    could the linkage be at fault? Seems funny it works properly if you start out in low and then manually shift through the gears. Starting in D should do the samething thats why I wonder if putting it in drive first where as the linkage is just a little off. Have you tried putting it in low, then 2nd, 3rd and then drive while still stopped and then try and go in D. If this works I would guess it is the linkage out of wack. Try it and report back.
  • kaqkaq Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 port LS I5 with auto tranny that just started slipping today! It only has 48K on it and I am baffled. Well taken care of.

    As for what I call the the reverse gear hesitation clunk, it happens too and dealer service rep told me "thats normal for this model"

    Sucks as the truck is off warranty now............
  • kaqkaq Posts: 2
    I must have stopped and turned the truck off five times to make it 2 miles home today! They really hated me at that stop light! Hehehe
  • Yes I have a 2006 chevy colorado i bought brand new and I hate it so bad, ive had so many problems including what you mentioned and it occured the same way i would back out of a driveway to leave and thenm go forward and the tires would lockup and actually squell so after finally having enough of it i brought it in and they replaced the rear end but only would do it if i aggreed to buy all four new tires. [non-permissible content removed] i was actually not there at the time my dad was and he agreed to buy the tires which i wouldnt have doen. Before this all soon after i purchased the truck i noticed a very loud clunk that still to this day happens every day when im just driving and let off the accelerator and then get on it again there is a loud and actually jerky feeling that happens and the dealer ship says this is normal but i am not stupid and i know that this is a very bad issue and now that my warranties up theres not much i can do. The lst time i brought it in to the dealership i told them ok well what im worried about is that later on after the warranty is up my trans is going to go out or something major and the whole time it could have been prevented or replaced earlier when i told them there is something wroong i actually went as far as to contact a high up chevy rep through alot of work but he did get back to me and told me when i brought the truck in to the dealership to have them call hima and he will get to the bottom of it but of course they wouldnt and just kept telling me theres nothing wrong. So they told me they would put a note in the system saying that i have been coming in for this issue and if it were to be that something does break and its linked to the noise and issue i presented to them they would still cover it after warranty which i really doubt they will. My advice dont buy a chevy and especially the piece of [non-permissible content removed] coloado. JUNK
  • I recently purchased a used 05 Colorado with I4 and 5 speed. I am having the problem getting it into reverse. The once every 5 times being normal is a load of @*!#$. I tried several times tonight to get reverse and couldn't. Drove into town (8 miles) and had to park behind a restaurant because they had no full through parking spaces. Couldn't get it into reverse there either. Putting it in first doesn't seem to help.

    This was an extremely clean low mileage truck and I wondered why anyone would trade it in. I think I now know.

    I am an ASE certified tech and grew up in my father's Chevy dealership. Our customers would never have accepted the "one out of five is normal" explanation, and no customer should have to.

    ........Think I heard something about GM in financial trouble. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Wonder why?

  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    You are one of many customers that have had problems with their Colarado/Canyon trucks. These trucks were an Isuzu design and unfortunately are poorly engineered. I have seen many low mileage Colarado/Canyons available on used car lots and I know why; many owners got rid of them because of the many problems they were having. May be you should do the same and look for another truck. Good luck.
  • Hi Forum, i have a problem with my transmission shifting out that last gear. The problem started about year or so ago. The problem occurs mostly in cold weather, or thats when i notice it most often. When I start off, the shifting is fine, then when it gets to that last gear, it hestitates for a long time before it shifts. The rpm hand is regestering above the #2 on the dash board, once the shift finally change the rpm hand falls back down on the #2. Also, when I get up my speed to pass another car, the rpm hand goes really high. I had the cam shaft actuator changed on it about a month ago. GMC want replace the recall for the Engine intake valve seat :mad: . At least the GMC company that I took it too want fix it. Any one has any advise on this? I think I'm gonna have the transmission fluid and filter change. haven't changed it sense i had the vehicle.
  • The problem you are experiencing is normal. The transmission will not shift out and lockup (4th) until the engine reaches a predetermined temperature. Usually about 8-10 minutes driving a normal speed. If you let the vehicle warm up to normal operating temperature before driving, this will not happen. By design, the downshift control operates such that it ensures the engine speed is high enough to prevent stallling when passing gear is actuated. Again this is normal and can only be changed by reprograming. Dealers either cannot or will not reprogram the computer. (Some after market shops are willing to do the reprograming when one buys their aftermarket chips.)

    Unless operated in a severe environment or heavy load (heavy trailer), transmission fluid should not need changing for at least 60K or 5 years. Check the color and smell. If it does not have a burned appearance or smell bad, it should be fine.
  • gumbta2gumbta2 Posts: 7
    I have a 2004 Chevy Colorado 5cyl 4WD with 110K miles and 2 weeks back noticed a small tranny fluid leak, not bad as I added a quart and still OK 2 weeks later. After washing may car I took it out and after about 2 minutes of running came to a stop light, when I started up I noticed a lack of power, almost like parking break was on but it wasn't. I could only get up to about 15 MPH and didn't noticed the RPM's up so first thought catalytic converter, OH YEAH, check engine light came on when tis all happened. I let it sit for a couple hours and now seems to be OK. I read the engine code and it was P0756 and what I could find on internet relates to tranny, possible shift solenoid. It's been fine since but reluctant to drive any distance. No slippage and shifting fine. From what I can tell the leak is from the pan gasket so that will be replaced. Anybody had a similar issue? Is the P0756 tranny related?
  • fenix12fenix12 Posts: 2
    hello i got the same code just recently and my colorado is a 2005 5cyl 4wd with 112k mile and it just happen to me on a trip that caused me to turn around wich was a nightmare coming back home epecially on the hwy...but code p0756 is your transmission solenoid ( T.C.C. ) because my check engine light came on the process and after i got back in town it started shifting fine but theres a loss of power beacuse i can stilll feel it as it goes up the hill it will take time to reach 70 mph... but other than that it shifts fine the transmission control solenoid is no more than 40 bucks at a autoparts store but its vendor direct...but good luck ...
  • gumbta2gumbta2 Posts: 7
    Thanks for the info...Was it the 3-2 solenoid? What I've been able to find is that there are 4 solenoids, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 and 3-2. I had the tranny pan off and saw several but have not been able to determine which one is which. Also, the code chart notes it as the "B" solenoid but the part stores I have spoke to don't go by that. Since I cleared the code it has not come back on and seems to be shifting OK so don't know what to do, leave it alone or start replacing solenoids. I found then on line at for about $15 to $25 depending on which one. According to ACDelco the solenoids for shifting 1 to 4 (3) are the same part and the 3-2 is different. When you had yours relaced did they notate the part#, and was it ACDelco.
  • fenix12fenix12 Posts: 2
    Well they didn't do that because they found out it was the cat that got clogged up and its making my muffler rattle bad now but am gonna go get my truck hopefully this weekend and take it to a transmission shop were they can pull the codes out because am still with the solenoid and solenoid b is the one i got two but so far i haven't looked myself and thats a real good price on the those solenoids normally auto zone only has them for 43 dollars but price may differ on states.. but i will let you know on that solenoid when i get an answer.... :)
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