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I recently purchased a 2002 LTZ Trailblazer. I love the car. When i purchased the car it had like a ticking sound when u would start her up but only for like 3 minutes then it would go away. The original owner said that it was from the fan clutch and it was nothing to worry about. H e had even purchased a used clutch but never got around to installing it. two days later as i was driving a yellow engine light came on. i got worried. i kept driving. Then another one came on but with an arrow pointing down in the middle of the engine. I went to a local mechanic and he cleared the alerts. 20 minutes later they came on again. but first the engine light comes on then later on the second one with arrow in the middle comes on. Is this from the fan clutch?? What do these alerts mean?? Im really worried that smthg is going to fail or the car is going to die out on me. All the other guages are stable and i didnt notice any difference in performance. Please anyone help me.


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    I have a 98 trail blazer and the check engine light will come on after a min or 2 it flashes 4 times then stays on a moment latter it flashes 7 times and then again stays on can anyone tell me what theses mean i know when it flashes a certain amount of times it means something but does not say in the owners book/
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    Find a mechanic (or go to a GM dealership) that has a TECH 2 computer analyzer....they will be able to pull any codes that are setting those lights off, and not just "turn off the lights".
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    Both brake warning lights, service engine soon light come off an on intermittently. Airbag warning light also would come off and on but is ok for couple of weeks. Also cruise does not work, again intermittently. Once a month ago, the clock in radio had to be reset.
    Dealer changed camshaft indicator, did not fix, then installed new grounding bolts, and says all terminals were cleaned,, now wants to change ABS module, which i don't think is the problem, Any clue?
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    I have a 2002 TB and was driving when suddenly, the Anti-lock Brake System, Emergency Park Brake, and Service Engine Soon lights come on at the same time. I immediately pulled off the street into a parking lot. Checked to make sure the park brake was not up, put the car into "Park" and tried to proceed. When I tried to push the accelerator, it would not go. I had to push almost to the floor and it barely went. So I put it in park again, turned off the ignition (or so I thought) and the key would not come out. The engine wasn't running, but the car still had power...It was like it was in Accessessory mode. Lights worked, radio, everything....the key would not come out, nor would it start. We tried disconnecting the battery cables leaving it off for a little while to try & clear whatever error messages were present, but it did not work either. We tried to jump start it from another vehicle...not successful! If anyone has ANY recommendations or have experienced this, PLEASE share!!
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    Hi. I have an '02 Trailblazer. I have had lots of minor problems with it since we purchased it new in '02. But, never anything major. About 1 month ago I was in line picking my children up at school. The check gauges light came on. The engine was reving. The temperature gauge had dropped to 100. I left the school and it continued for several miles. I had to stop at the red light beside my house. I had my foot on the brake but, the car was still trying to go. Before, I got home it stopped. But, it has done these several times since then. Any ideas what might be going on with my car?
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    I have an 03 TB with several warning lights. The service engine light sometimes goes on and out then all of my gauges move to the far left then the airbag, abs, seatbelt, and, parking brake go on at once and the gear selection line under the shifter is gone but i can still feel for the gears.The car makes that warning beep whenever the doors are open. then within a few seconds it stops and goes back to normal Any suggestions?
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    i had similar problemon 02, check engine light would go off and on, seat belt light ,ABS light similar, and others and Crusie control sometimes not work, all intermittent. As usual the Chev dealer had trouble fixing it. First visit they said it was a bad ground and changed out a grd bolt, did not fix, Second visit changed a camshaft actuator, did not fix, Third time they wanted to change out the ABS module($800) and that's when i told them to change out anything they want but i couldn't understand how that could make the Seat belt light and Cruise control malfunction and if that did not fix it, I was not paying anymore, The service mgr saw me and asked what the problem was , and he told me not to worry,that he would get it fixed. I think they called Detroit and bottom line which will not help you is it got fixed no chg and i never found out what they did. Sorry.

    Previous visit for electrical problem, the four way flasher came on when i used the directional signal, same issue, four visits before i researched it myself and told them there was a 238,000 vehicle recall for the same problem on 03(same switch). Bottom line is their electrical components stink and they flounder at pinpointing the issues, Other than electrical problems and there have been others, have had pretty good luck with my vehicle .
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    I own a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer LS. I have had to replace my fan clutch about 2 years ago and my truck does have that clicking noise whenever I start it up in the morning but whenever it warms up it does stop. New problem, on my way to work this am, my check gauges light came on and then the oil pressure gauge kept going from 80 to 0 whenever I came to a stop. What could this possibly be?
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    The lights go on sometimes and off whenever. Took to dealer and was told misfire in cylinder. Need a repair for $3600.00 to a 27000 mi 2006 TB. Of course, they found it right after the warranty goes off. Was told they are having problems with them. This is obviously a TB problem and not mine. I service the vehicle constantly. Had electrical problems, module, air leaking because poor manufacturing, etc. Do I have to replace the head like they think I do or what do you do for a misfire in the 6th cylinder?
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    my 2003 tb with 4.2 six 90k has a check engine light said it was a temp sensor had it replaced and code reset. after 200 miles or abouts it comes back on with same code. just came back from a 1500 mile ran great even with check light got 23mpg at 75mph with air.
    just replaced water pump as it had a wobble not leaking. now i'm told it might be theremostat, yet it is working find.feel like they are just changing parts?
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    I would like to know the answer to this question as im having some of the same issues.
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    I would get a 2nd opinion before forking over that kind of money to fix it
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    my suv when i drive it i willl hit the gas pedal the rpm's will go up but the car seems as if its idoling like im revving the engine in drive is the best way to describe it and i cant get the car to go over 40mph it seems. autozone checked my check engine lite and they advised that there was a problem with the coolant sensor however would this causethis type of problem. i also just had the battery replaced and the battery is only a few weeks old we checked the connection on the battery an they were not tight but autozone tightened them for me and it is still doing the same thing. any ideas on what the problem could be?
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    Yesterday while driving, the following light lit up on my dash cluster.
    service 4 wd, abs, brake.
    At the same time my fan stopped blowing out air into the cabin,
    does anyone know if these are related and just bad luck having multiple problems at the same time.
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    I have a 2004 trailblazer the service engine light starts blinking at 40 mph what does this mean
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    I have a weird one. I have an 04 Trailblazer and when I turn the air on speed 1-4 the fan does not work and my dash board gets both the yellow ABS and red brake lights. If I turn the air on speed 5 the fan does work and the error lights go away. If I turn the air off I do not get any error messages, thus I only get error lights when using air spreeds 1-4. Please advise?

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    I don't have a wiring diagram, but it could be a problem with the fan speed resistor board. On the highest speed the board is mostly bypassed and the fan is connected to full voltage via a relay. If the board had a short circuit and it's in a circuit with the other warning lights then it could cause a problem like you describe.
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    OMETIMES when i am idling. There is no set pattern. Sometimes it blinks, sometimes it stays on, sometimes it does not go on. What is the problem? Is it electrical?
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    my tb sounds like a bus when I speed up and the rpm's go above 3,000, it also takes the tb a bit to actually get up to speed. I had it checked a year or so ago when it was doing the same thing and the dealership replaced some idler pulley part and it fixed the problem. However, it looks like the problem is back and I'll have to have it fixed again. Last time I took it to the dealership they acted like they were aware of issues with this part.
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    Hello Mav_39,
    Did you speak to the dealership and tell them the concern is still present? Can you please email me your VIN number? You can get my email by clicking on gmcustsvc. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
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