1976 Ford F150 Ranger

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Looking for info an opinions on the following:

1976 Ford F150 Ranger
2wd, automatic
Aprox 36k Original miles
5.3L V8

assuming it is a rebuild or a chevy engine replace.

Looking for thoughts on valuation.


  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHMember Posts: 14,440
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    So, so, so much more information is needed. Photos would help big-time, too.

    Your best bet would be to hire an appraiser. Look online or in your phone book. Of course, their opinion is just that, although (hopefully) based on past experience. A real test of value is to put it on e-Bay ('feebay' as some call it!). Start with a low opening bid to not scare away bidders, but place a reserve (which is not revealed in the auction) that you can live with. The market will decide the rest. Make sure the auction ends on a Sunday night. I've bought two cars (daily drivers) on eBay in auctions that ended weekday mornings and I believe I benefitted from other people not looking at eBay those times.

    Good luck!
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