New Elantra Owners - Give us your report!

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Did you just buy a new Hyundai Elantra? Tell us all about it!


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    Got Elantra '06 This Saturday and a Check Engine Light came on same day. The guy who sold it to me filled up the gas tank and it seems the reading from the computer marked that the gas cap was loose. I made sure it was tight before taking it to the dealer but the light stayed on. The service at the dealer reset the light. Now a few days later, a few minutes a go coming back from work, the Check Engine Light came on again when I got off the freeway. I think there might be something loose because the light came on when I passed a small dip (is not even 5cm deep)...

    I am thinking I got a lemon... but one thing I did notice is that right before I received the car a guy was unplugging the dealer's alarm system and left a few wires hanging right above the brake pedal. When I asked the guy he said that was OK. I am hoping I didn't get a lemon.

    SO I had the car for not even a week and I have seen the Check Engine Light twice... What should I expect? :confuse:

    I like the car a lot, better than the Corolla, the Elantra just feels much better on the road and is roomier.

    Any suggestions? I will take it to a different dealer tomorrow (close to work) and ask what's going on.
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    The first time for the gas cap is nothing at all to worry about. Happens a lot on modern cars. On the second one, ask the selling dealer to hook it up again to the computer--it's brand new, so they should not charge for this. It could be any number of little things. The car is under warranty so don't sweat it.
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    I just called the service in Pasadena, and the tech told me a solid (not blinking) light is nothing major.

    I do recall now that the first light appeared right after I passed a bump and the car shaked a bit. I think there is something loose.

    Now, for the purpose of this thread, I love the car! My brother-in-law drives a lexus... and the ride in that car is smooth... my Elantra drives just as smooth... I love it!!! The radio, even though is simple, sounds very nice and the buttons are big and simple; I only wish it was MP3 capable, but I have an MP3 player with an FM transmitter. The head lights are bright, the interior is very comfortable - the seats can be adjusted in many ways like tilt, back and forth, etc, etc, etc! The Elantra is responsive when you step on the gas, this was another point that made me buy it. When I drove a Corolla and I stepped on the gas then engine almost chocked (a certified 06 with 12K miles).

    I am very happy with this car despite the CELs (Check Engine Light.) It is cheaper than the Corolla and it feels way better to sit on the Elantra than on the Corolla (I felt trapped the Corollas I drove).

    One more thing, the view while driving is nice and wide, other cars just made me feel I was driving an egg. Even though the Elantra looks small, it feels like a bigger car. Ohh well. I think that's it for now, I hope I am not forgetting something important.

    Have a good one.
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    If you want to clear the CEL, just disconnect the neg terminal of the battery, wait 5 minutes and then reconnect it. It will clear your time, radio settings, and any learning of the transmission.

    When I bought my 05 GT the dealer forgot to screw on the gas cap so I screwed it down and drove for about 300 miles with the CEL on. It was suppose to turn off after so many miles without incident. Since it never did turn off I just did the above steps and have never had the issue reappear.
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    I got to drive my son's car today and have a few impressions.

    At speeds up to ~82 mph, it stayed quiet (similar to my 05 accord ex v6) with no vibration. Very easy to drive. The engine does make a racket under heavy acceleration, but under normal driving, it is nice and smooth/quiet.

    It does not have a "floaty" feel on the highway. My '04 Camry LE (5 speed) was close to floaty and this Elantra is less so.

    The stereo w/ipod connectivity (aux) works great!

    The seat fabric and door pulls could be higher quality, but otherwise the interior is very functional/attractive, with a quality feel (materials and switches, etc).

    It feels fairly nimble on side streets; easy to toss around.

    Not a lot of feedback in the steering on the highway, but no problem.

    Cruise control worked fine.

    Brakes seemed to work very well.

    We haven't calculated mileage yet.

    My son and wife love it.
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    What brand of tires does it come with? Was there any road/tire noise? Did you floor it at any time and see if it would IMMEDIATELY downshift or if there was hesitation before downshifting for passing situations? Hesitation in the trannys response can be hazardous getting into interstate traffic. Any pulling to the left or right issues? Hope all goes well and many happy miles!! ;) :shades:
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    my SE auto comes with Hankook Optimo H426 tires.
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    I just bought a limited 07 elantra (w/ roof and cd changer) last friday (12/23) and i love it. It is already getting great gas milage, has a terrific ride and is ohh so very quite (even with the sunroof open, in fact i can't tell the diff with it open or closed at 50 mph).
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    Glad to hear you got a Limited, so far none are available in my area. The dealers say it will be next month before any come in. What does your owners manual say is the correct interval for changing the timing belt?? I hate the thought of having to deal with a belt change. Does it have good pickup for passing?? Any lag in the tranny?? I assume this is an auto? Any rattles or squeaks?? Please keep us up to date on mpgs. Thanks :shades:
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    Hey! Butterfly Jones is/was a pretty sweet band. Suicide Bridge is probably the best song off Napalm Springs. When Dada reformed and toured a couple years ago (2004 I think?), my wife and I saw them at Red Eyed Fly in Austin, TX and that place was packed. I had no idea there were so many Dada fans, laboring under the delusion that I was the hippest person in Austin. :P

    Anyhow, my wife and I just purchased a 2007 Elantra GLS today and we are very pleased with our decision. Tremendous gas milage, ABS/SAB/SAC + power windows and locks standard, and a $1500 A/C, stereo + CD player package (plus a couple extras) put us at $16047 + TT&L. The price is right for such a safe, comfortable car. With our first baby on the way, we feel very satisfied with our purchase!
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    smooth accel, good pickup (yes it is an auto, though i would have preferred a manual).

    no rattles or squeaks, as the car if very quiet. very little to no engine noise, no road noise, and very little wind noise going 50-60.
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    the owners manual say 90K for normal use.
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    Hello to all, and Happy New Year!

    It has been two days and two hundred miles since the purchase of our new car. The first word my wife said while driving it out of the dealership was "smooth". That completely describes the car. Shifting is incredibly smooth, and I have owned many manual shift vehicles. My only complaint with the manual is the location of reverse (lift the ring, move left and up). It's not a big deal, really, just something to get used to (without confusing it with our other car).

    Driving impressions:
    This car rides very nicely, mainly due to its 16" wheels and 205 width tires. Road noise/engine noise is virtually non-existent. I realize C&D reviewers complained about this issue at above 72 mph. I can tell you, having driven the car at highway speeds, that they are complaining about nothing. At no time (up to 85mph) did the engine whine or reach an unacceptable volume. At 80, the tach reads just under 3500 rpm, which is comparable to other 5 speeds I've driven/owned. The cabin is well insulated and road noise is not a factor in driving experience. In fact, it's quieter than many "true midsize" cars on the road today.
    This is not a sports car, but does accelerate well, and has power on hand when you require it. We passed a car today safely and quickly without the need to downshift (our pass began in 5th gear at 40 mph, and ended at 50 mph).
    Cornering and stability are well above average - again, the wheel and tire size help in this area. There is some light body roll at 80 mph, but it is nothing to complain about.

    Interior impressions:
    There is almost nothing wrong with the interior. Fit and finish is near perfect. The leather is soft to the touch and the seats are supportive and firm. Seat adjustment suits both of us quite well, even though there is almost a foot difference in our height. The heated front seats are excellent and all controls are well laid out for easy operation. Radio and cruise controls on the steering wheel are a nice feature and easy to use. One of my favorite features is the carbon fiber dash and console inlays. All the pictures I've seen show a titanium dash look, but the carbon fiber matches the black leather and carbon gray exterior very nicely. The back seats are equally comfortable. I rode in the back today while my father in law drove the car and I thought there was a great deal of space.
    I have only two interior complaints: First, even though there are storage bins galore, none are very large, so I am trying to figure out how each should be used (most specifically, the storage on top of the dash cannot fit a CD, so what goes in there?) Second, the control area of the dash cuts into the passenger legroom in order to have symmetry in design. It's not a big deal, but it would be nice to recover that space for my knee when I sit there. Oddly enough, even though this design is symmetrical, I do not experience any problems while driving.
    The only other change I would want to see is the method of mounting the inside rear view mirror. I'd rather see it mounted to the ceiling than the windshield. Hopefully, Hyundai will rectify this next year.

    Overall, I would definitely recommend this car to anyone who is looking for more car for the money. Great looks, great ride, loads of features, great warranty, great price. I think Hyundai has a winner with this one!
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    percussionist: The space on top of the dash is a placeholder for a GPS-option-to-come. However, I think it'll hold an off-the-rack GPS unit fairly well.

    I currently use it to hold my phone (which, conveniently enough, is also my GPS). The useless one for me is the one just below the climate control setup. I wonder what they had in mind for in there.
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    I put my glasses in that compartment (I put sunglasses in the ceiling compartment)
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    We have had a GLS automatic for 2 weeks. The car rides very smooth and has plenty of room. We enjoy everything about the car except for the speedometer problem (see related thread).
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    I just got a 2005 Hyundai Elantra on Aug 9, 2007.Its an automatic. Still checking it out. So far I like the way it rides, nice and smooth. Very quiet.
    I like the fact it still has the remaining warranty on it, but the dealership wasnt clear on what is remaining. Now I have to find out about extended warranties and gap insurance. Does anyone know about these things? What is the best one to get?
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    Check with your car insurance company about GAP insurance.

    It may be surprisingly inexpensive compared compared to what a dealer would charge.
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    Unfortunately I did try, but they dont do it. So now I have to find a reputable company that can do both extended warranties and gap. There are alot of companies that just want to take you money and I already had one bad experiene.
    Hopefully someone on this forum can recommend one or both of the insurances to me.
    Thanks for your reply
  • alamocityalamocity Member Posts: 680
    Use google to check gapinsurancequotes and warranty direct.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Member Posts: 1,601
    Maybe you should check with other insurance companies regarding your auto insurance and the availability of GAP insurance. Check coverage by coverage and the GAP price, then like buying a car, compare the bottom line.

    If you have an independent agent call him, he can probably help. It's those one company agents or direct sellers that often work strictly on price, often without telling the customer that they are getting less coverage.
  • nkmonty1nkmonty1 Member Posts: 33
    I have already checked with my car insurance and they dont do that.I have checked so many companies but you really dont know who to trust. Being a woman and buying these types of insurances you have to be careful that they are not ripping you off. I have come to find that if you make sure that you know what you are talking about when trying to find out about insurancies you are more likely to find someone who tries just a little bit harder to help you.
    As far as my car goes. It is one of the best vehicles I brought. The engine purrs and it is so quiet.
    I really didnt like buying an Hyundai was good. But let me tell you, if you want a great car that is great on gas even in the city look at the Hyundai.
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    You can get lots of information in this discussion: Gap Insurance. It's not Elantra specific, but that doesn't matter, neither is the insurance. :)
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    I got a black SE and put in a sunroof aftermarket since I could not find an SE with one.
    I am getting some good comments about the look of the car. The Euro-flange alloy wheels, 4-disc brakes shining from behind the Euro spokes and muscular stance is quite impressive looking especially from the rear 3/4 view. The black is sexy (when it's clean).

    My first impressions is that the cabin feels spacious, comfortable, and also mildly sporty and elegant. You FEEL like you are in a nicer car. Ergonomics are pretty intuitive. Climate control knobs are big and easy to get to, though how to adjust the fan speed was not the same as my old car, so it took a while. The cloth seats in light colors attract dirt fast; I only had the car 3 weeks and I have spot from semi dirty hands. I am considering seat covers seriously.

    I like the stereo, it comes with 3 months of XM. Have not tried the MP3 jack. Rear speakers are in the doors, so when you open the doors you can hear the music very well. Bass could be deeper a tad.

    Trying to get used to the light accelerator and elecrtronic steering. I like a little more feedback from previous car is a 93 Geo Prizm so I am new to electronic steering. When taking quick turns I am concerned about oversteer. It does have decent pep, but sometimes I think it shifts too early when accelerating from a dead stop.

    Suspension is soft and you will be startled by some potholes and train tracks. But that is not because of super harshness...more so because at other times the car is so smooth and quiet.

    Gas mileage is not quite to spec yet, but I see it creeping up as I drive more. I have 500 miles on it now. I will be dissappointed if I don't average at least 30 mpg overall by 1500 miles. My first tank of gas I avg under 24mph and I drive pretty easy-going. This is based on not just the gauge but how much gas I refilled into the tank.

    Lots of new features to get used to. To access fold down seats you need to push a button in the trunk first. At first I thought it was so valets can't get in the trunk, but there is an electronic trunk release in the front seat and there is NO valet key. So maybe it is a secondary escape route in case you get locked in your trunk by your bookie's muscle. The primary escape method is glow in the dark handle which opens the trunk from the inside.

    Will submit a real review after 1500 more miles.
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    Wanted to add to my previous post that the high trunk doesn't fit my bike rack very well. Also the rear window is kind of small and high so visibility is not as good as older boxier compacts. The three rear headrests don't help matters. You really have to be a little more careful and turn your head more to drive safe in this car. Let's see how long it takes me to get good at this.
  • chrismtaylorchrismtaylor Member Posts: 2
    Bought a Limited in July. I really like the styling and the interior - especially at night when the dash lights are on. It seems like in a much more expensive car. It's spacious, comfortable and plenty of gadgets. Stereo is OK - midrange gets lost in rock songs. The guitars get a little lost in the mix, but Techno and Hip- Hop sound pretty good. Like the XM except for the signal compression. Sometimes it sounds like a bad mp3 rip, but there's tons of stuff to listen to. I'm going to buy it next month.

    Just 2 problems:

    The rear suspension transfers sound through the car. When I go over a bump, it sounds like a timpani drum in the back seat and on bumpy roads it drives me CRAZY!! It's so loud that when the stereo is on, the tone of the car clashes with the bass in the music. I would really love it someone knew how to reduce it somehow.

    Gas milage is not as good as was stated. At best I get about 30 - 31 and I drive like grandma. My first few tanks I did get 36 or so, but for some reason it has fallen off.

    Over all I am very happy with the car. I was looking at a Mazda 3 and the Nisan Sentra, but 'm glad I got the Hyundai!

    Oh Yeah - This car has more airbags than any car I've seen. My mother is very happy!
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    If you are driving on the highway with no stops and at a moderate speed (say under 70), and with a light touch on the throttle as you implied, you should get more than 30-31 mpg. But in mixed city/highway, 30-31 is very good for a car that size. Also the Beta II engine is well known for improving in fuel economy as you add miles.
  • grandfunkgrandfunk Member Posts: 6
    I have had my Elantra for 4 weeks and average 30-31 in mixed driving and I got 38 on a 275 mile road trip doing 70-75.
  • chrismtaylorchrismtaylor Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the responses.

    Is anyone getting the noise in the back when you go over bumps? It's a mid-bass tone at about 250Hz or so. Sounds like some one hitting a drum. When I get time, I'm going to take it to the dealer to see if they have a solution.
  • sandman46sandman46 Member Posts: 1,798
    Also getting around 30-31 mpg's around town so your Hyundai is very comparable to it's competition. Have seen more and more of them down here in South Florida and will definitely start my girls at the local Hyundai shop when they start their search for their first car. $ wise and content wise, these cars seem to have a lot of the competition beat. Even the smaller Accent is an excellent value for a low priced first car.
    With all the air bags and the small size makes for a great starter car. And let's be honest, the kids are going to be lookin' to Mom & Dad to help them with their purchase, as it should be. Eventhough I prefer Honda for me, I have the income to afford it. Kids just starting out with their first job need to be a bit more frugal in buying the new car. And if they're not living at home, makes it even more crucial to look for the most reliable lower priced new cars that can be had. Seems like Korea has this market covered now.

    The Sandman :)
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    If possible, ask to test drive another new Elantra when you visit the dealer and see if it sounds the same over bumps as yours (drive yours over some bumps near the dealership, then drive the other Elantra over the same bumps at the same speed). Have the service tech go with you on both drives. That will give you an idea if the noise is a problem with your car or just the way the Elantra sounds. Of course, it's possible both cars have the exact same problem, but the odds are against it.

    I've driven several 2007 Elantras and didn't notice any peculiar noise from the back. It's possible it's a noise that you are particularly attuned to. Some people are more sensitive to certain frequencies than others.

    Also... did you check the spare tire to see if it's loose, or if anything (like the toolkit) is loose in the trunk?
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    My wife uses are new 07 SE (July 07) most of the time and loves it. I was very careful about how I broke it in and it sure seems to pay divides!! Right now we have about 3800 miles on it and I've gotten over 42 mpg on the open road while my wife averages about 30 - 38 around town. I also use synthetic motor oil exclusively. I never dreamed it would make so much of a difference in both engine noise (runs very smooth and quiet) AND mileage.

    Wife took it back to the dealer for some minor (trim) warranty work. I've owned a number of four cylinder cars in my lifetime but never one that has such a powerful A/C that exerts so little drain on the engine.
  • nkmonty1nkmonty1 Member Posts: 33

    I wish you lots of luck with your new car. I just got mine but unfortunately it is a 2005. It really runs well. My first real full up I got 25.25miles per gallon on it.
    Now I have to wait until we finish this tank to compare it. I really dont go far with the car because of my disability but I really love it.
    Enjoy your car
    Nan :)
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    just purchased the 07 elantra gl with sport package 2 weeks ago... It has been running like a beauty. I love the dash how its nicely displayed and easy access. I especially love the handling and how you get the feel of the road really nicely. Like I said up to now everthing is perfect. The dealership even gave me a bunch of stuff for free when i bought the car...because they didn't have the color I wanted!:P Anyways I took her on the highway the other day and i couldn't believe how smooth she drove. I'll let you guys know if anything bad happens in the near futur...hopefully not. As an ex Honda, ford, pontiac and nissan driver... the hyundai Elantra is the winner! (Quite impressive for a Hyundai!) :)
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    That's very true, and very sensible, Mr. Sandman. It drives me crazy to see teenagers driving expensive cars to HIGH SCHOOL just so they can impress somebody. You should start them out in manuals (4-5 speed), too. Unless they have bluetooth phones, they'll be less inclined to do all their driving with one hand, or try to text people in traffic!

    And when they're ready to move up to the Honda, yours will probably still be running!

    I'm seeing Hyundais less than a year old with very low miles skirting the $10K mark. My first car was $1700, half of which was paid by my savings. Can't find ANYTHING decent for that money nowadays.

    Sorry to chime in on that, guess it just struck a chord with me! :blush:
  • sandman46sandman46 Member Posts: 1,798
    I'm talking about first cars for my college graduates. The Accent and Elantra are the perfect starter cars, as they will have to afford cars based on their pay checks. I'm sure the wife and I will have to help with down payments and such. Also depending on our investments, we may be able to swing a large part of their purchase price. Time will tell.
    I know that the "coolness" factor is way low on any Hyundai model, but when just starting out in a new job, any new car will do and an affordable one will be even better. Hyundai fits the bill nicely.

    The Sandman :)
  • josie07josie07 Member Posts: 6
    Hey! Hey! I know its a hyundai but they came a loooooong way since their older models! I have the 07 elantra, black, rims, spoiler, tinted windows.... I think she's darn pretty! :D I think for a starter car they are good looking, reliable and affordable! I just love my elantra! I think your kids might be pleased once they try one out! And I agree with throwing them in a 5 speed! I saved 1300$ by buying one! And they'll look cooler driving stick :P
  • nkmonty1nkmonty1 Member Posts: 33
    I know about 1st cars. It is certainly different from when I got mine. I just got the 2005 Elantra because my son just got his permit and my other car (chevy Cavalier) died. I think this was the best idea ever. The car drives so fantastic and is very quiet. I dont understand parents who buy their children expensive 1st cars. They are looking for trouble.
    If parents were more responsible instead of giving in to their childrens wims I think the kids will take better care of the vehicles and make sure they have it for awhile. My son wanted a nice sporty looking car and I said absouletly not.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    Personally I think my '04 Elantra GT hatchback in bright red with the alloys, rear lip spoiler, moonroof, perforated leather, purple gauges etc. is plenty sporty looking. It will go to my 2nd son next year for jr/sr years in high school and college--he'll use up the powertrain warranty. :)
  • josie07josie07 Member Posts: 6
    I think kids should be grateful to have a car in the first place! (I say kids but i'm only 20 hehe) My first car was a 2000 pontiac sunfire... I knew it wasnt the greatest car but i took care of it cause i was so happy that I was finally independant! Kids need to learn that money doesnt grow on trees and you have to work hard if you really want something. (listen to me all grown up!) :P
  • sandman46sandman46 Member Posts: 1,798
    I got a 1967 Olds Cutlass sedan and I was quite glad to get it. My folks had enough $ to get all four of us new cars but I got this when grandpa died in my senior year. Lasted me through college and into my 1st job, though it had gone through two color changes.
    An Elantra is just the perfect starter car for a kid just out of college and into the 1st job. Hell, it's a great car for almost anyone. Am seeing more and more on the roads down here in South Florida and plenty of Sonatas also. Think Hyundai does very well in Florida and luckily there's a new dealership just outside our development on car dealer row, just next to our Mazda dealer. Have been talking up the Elantra to the kids alot so they will put it on their short lists when the time comes.

    The Sandman :)
  • roxanne2roxanne2 Member Posts: 2
    I purchased a '07 Elantra GLS three wks ago. I can't express how much I enjoy this car! I drove around a '99 Saturn for the past 8 yrs., and not even when it was brand new, did it ever handle as exceptional and smooth as the Elantra. Even when I test drove others during my search (Nissan, Toyota, etc.), I kept leaning toward the Elantra as the best. (And) For the price, warranty, 3 months of free XM radio, Hyundai could not be beat. The interior is great. I like the accessible controls, the fact that I could seat 4 adults and one child comfortably, and the blue interior lighting is pretty cool, too. I've rcvd nothing but compliments on the car, overall. The gas mileage is unbelievable. I've driven 800 miles...and I've put in a tank and a half of gas...driven highway & around town equally. Pretty impressive for such a powerful 4 cylinder.
    My only complaint is that it is somewhat difficult to see out the rear window, being that is it small and higher than what I am used to.
    I'd definitely recommend this car to most anyone.
  • irismgirismg Member Posts: 345
    Yeah, I don't know why they went to that "fastback" style for the '07s. Looks almost like a Buick Opel in the back! A co-worker has an '06 in a kind of turquoise green, and I don't think they look that bad. I read someone calling the older style "dowdy". I thought it looked "normal", although I thought the tires were a little small on it! I haven't driven the older one yet, but I'd think you'd be able to see out the back window better.
  • josie07josie07 Member Posts: 6
    I absolutely love my 07 but it's true it takes a while to adjust to the rear view, maybe it's because I'm 5'1? :P I was parked in front of a car and realised i couldnt even see it at all in my rear view mirror! But I'm getting used to it.
  • bluecatmoonbluecatmoon Member Posts: 1
    We've had our 2007 for almost a year. I just used it to drive to NJ from VA and made the trip on one tank both ways! The drive up was 45 mpg; the drive back ought to be around 40 mpg (haven't refilled the tank yet but the mileage was 483). Probably would have been better if I hadn't had to use the A/C. Awesome!
  • trafficboytrafficboy Member Posts: 14
    ok guys.. got the car yesterday 2008 (its my wife's new daily driver)... she says the car is pulling -to the right and the left (all over the road)... very worried here.. the dealer says bring it in.. any advice on what may happen .. i am hoping it will be fixed in one visit... but I have a bad feeling here... make sure you test drive the exact car you are purchasing!!!! I was in a frantic hurry to get her a car and i didnt test drive it.... any thoughts or advice here.. by the way the car is really nice and if this alignment incident is a one time deal, the car gets a "recommended" plug from me
  • nkmonty1nkmonty1 Member Posts: 33
    Hi Bluecatmoon:

    I am sorry to hear that. I test drived mine but I got a 2005 and it was wonderful and still is. You know it could be a fluke. Dont get your self to crazy here. Bring it in and see. Maybe they will even switch the car for another one. What state are you in?
  • trafficboytrafficboy Member Posts: 14
    I am in New York
  • josie07josie07 Member Posts: 6
    When I got my car I found it was all over the road too. But the newer car have those tendencies. They just follow the road. So if the roads aren't flat well your car will follow all the grooves. They're just coming out with stiffer suspensions these days. Also the steering wheel has no play . I wasn't use to that cause with my other car I had alot of play. With the elantra as soon as you move the steering wheel a bit the car turns. Which is good though! Have you driven it yourself? Try going on a nicely paved road to see if she pulls.
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