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2009 Mazda6



  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    No other I4 in this class gets that. I would be highly shocked if Mazda, a company with FE as it's 3rd priority, could accomplish that.

    BTW, rpm's were at 2,500 at 70mph. It was also very easy to pass when needed. The engine responded very well. The ride was also very very quiet. I was very impressed. The more and more I drive these, the more and more I want one.

    I also caught a few people glaring with a "what the heck is that?" look on their a good way.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    I got just over 35 on an I4 Milan 5AT rental at 65-70 cruise. I've also gotten that kind of FE with I4 Sonatas, and those were pre-2009 (FE went up for 2009). So it is possible. Considering the 6 was brand new, mid-30s seems possible after break-in.
  • I have the mpg computer on my 06 Mazda3, and I have found it to be conservative. I calculate my own mileage and compare it to the computer. Pretty much every time, the mpg computer is 1-2 mpg below my calculations. I fill my tank (no topping off each time) each fillup, so I know my calculations are fairly accurate (of course there are slight variations in when each pump would auto shutoff).

    I am getting more intrigued by the new Mazda6. I got the $1000 rebate through email, plus I can use s-plan. If I would get one, I would probably step up to the V6. To me I would probably be spending an extra $20/month in gas vs my 3 now (I regularly get 30-31 mpg). The extra refinement and power would make up for that added cost. (of course the monthly payment would go up a bit too :sick: ). Quite tempting, but I may just wait to see what the new 3 will be like...anyone have updated info on it (when it will be out, specs etc?)
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    No other I4 in this class gets that. I would be highly shocked if Mazda, a company with FE as it's 3rd priority, could accomplish that.

    I can easily obtain 35 mpg in my 2007 Mazda6 i automatic given the conditions described. 33 mpg for an entire tank from pump to pump including some city driving has been replicated many, many times on trips.

    If 2009 truly has better fuel economy than previous 6 as many have stated (not me), then it should obtain at least 33 mpg on highway.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    I can't get over 32 on the highway in my 05 Mazda6 5-speed manual. My guess is because I an turning 3,100 rpm's at 70mph.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    I guess we will see if it is possible to get mid 30's highway. Seeing over 31 with an unbroken in engine was quite a surprise. If it got 33 once broken it, I would be happy.

    I have looked in the Accord FE threads, and it varies. Many get 31-32, some a little more, some a little less.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    I too have posted on the "real-world mpg" thread re. my 07 6i auto that I consistently get 31-33 mpg on a hwy only trip at 70mph avg speed(who drives 55???). That is on an engine EPA rates currently at 28 mpg hwy. So I think the surprize is that the new engine being EPA rated at 30 hwy, the actual hwy mpg would be even higher than the 1st gen I4. Something more like 34-35mpg was a little more expected for a straight hwy cruise.
  • Excuse me, we just got in our first I Grand Touring Manual transmission car... I need to go drive something....

  • tom17tom17 Posts: 134
    I see the 4 cylinder turns 2500 @ 70.
    Does anyone know what the V6 turns at 70?
    Obviously the lower the better !!!
  • Throughly enjoying my new 09 Mazda6i GT with Navi. My salesperson mentioned that the audio presets can be tied to a given advanced key (like the seat position) so that each driver can have different presets. Did not see anything in the vehicle or navi manual about this. Anyone know if he was perhaps overstating the Advanced Key features?
  • In my test drive of a V6 grand touring, it was lower than that -- about 2100 at 70 mph, I believe. Rupre has posted here and owns one -- he would know better.
  • For those that care, the IIHS frontal offset tests are in.
    Click Me
  • Government testing is also in. In it's class, it is the only vehicle to achieve a perfect 5/5 on all FIVE crash results including rollover. This is also the only vehicle to my knowledge to achieve this period.

    By comparison, the accord only has 3 stars for rear side impact, and the camry, altima and malibu all have 4 stars for rollover.
  • Thanks for the heads up on the safety ratings - I guess more good news for potential owners..
  • Thanks Kapaaian, that is good news.

    I have a question that maybe you could answer...does the new 6 engines operate with a timing belt or a chain?
  • Timing chain. Mazda's haven't had belts in years.
  • I stopped into my local dealership today (central Ohio region) and inquired about s-plan pricing on the '09 M6. While they were willing to participate, when asking about the $400 s-plan rebate the salesman looked puzzled and said there was no rebate. He went on to say that he's only heard of Mazda doing that "once in the past few years"??

    I'm not sure if my region is eligible for this rebate or not, but thought it was strange that the salesman hadn't heard of it. I also just called the Mazda customer line and inquired about the s-plan rebate and of course, the customer service guy hadn't ever heard of that either and just said "there are no current rebates on the 2009 Mazda6".

    Can anyone help confirm or deny this for the Ohio region?

    On a side note, don't think this has been mentioned yet, but checked out a iGT with gray leather interior. While I hated the two-tone appearance of the beige leather, I thought it was very good looking on the gray (more interesting than the monotone black).
  • At 70 mph, my v6 is turning 2100 rpm. The car is smooth.
  • gfogfo Posts: 9
    I just purchased a 2009 I touring in Northern Ohio and used the S plan. I also received an additional $400 dollars for the S plan rebate. Plus I received a $1,000 private launch cash that I received from Mazda via email. So in total I was $2,800 under invoice.
    I asked the salesman about the rebate and he checked with the sales manager and said yes we also have the additional $400 rebate for the S plan.
  • Thanks gfo - I'll go back in this weekend and I guess I'll keep asking until they give me the rebate!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    So in total I was $2,800 under invoice.

    So you are saying S plan pricing is about $1400 under invoice, before the rebates you received? I always thought S plan was right at invoice, or maybe a little bit less.
  • rik4rik4 Posts: 90
    how did you get the private launch 1000 rebate. did you own a mazda previously.
  • The private launch $1k rebate was emailed out from Mazda - I assume to get this you had to have signed up for Mazda's email update/special offers. I signed up on mazda's website several months ago, when there was a mailing list to subscribe to "send me updates about the upcoming Mazda6". I'm not sure if signing up now on their website will work, but it's worth a shot. link

    If that doesn't work you could always try calling or emailing them directly and asking for this.

    As for the remark earlier regarding $2800 below invoice - I'm assuming he meant $2800 below sticker. The 6i touring under s-plan sells at an approx. $1400 discount to sticker, +$1k private launch rebate + $400 s-plan rebate = $2800. If purchasing 6i GT or 6i touring w/convenience pckg, your total savings should be approx. $3100 off sticker.
  • I have been waiting for this car since I saw pictures of it a year ago. I want this car but I am trying to be patient and do my research (thus this forum). Here are my thoughts. I love the s gt. The only thing that I am not crazy about is the mpg. I see a lot of people in this forum think that the real world mileage will be higher than listed, but the car has only been around for just over a month so I'd like to see what experience people have. I have driven both, and with the salesman in the car I was a little timid to actually see what the car was made of. The i GT seemed to have enough kick for me. I am used to my 2001 Grand Am GT which only has 175 HP. I definitely like the mpgs on the i. The only things that I am not crazy about are the rims and I wish they had the dual exhaust as they do on the 6. I think thats a very appealing look. If anyone has any advice let me know. Hopefully I will get through this stage quickly and have one of these great cars in my driveway soon!
  • I tested the radio presets thing today. No dice. Salesperson either misheard the instructor or is making stuff up.

    Most people will be more than content with the I model. The power is adequet, it passes well, cruises quitly and will only get better with time. Also, eventually mazda will offer Mazdaspeed accessories for it so if you still want a little more oomph, you could put a cold air intake and sport exhaust on it (and no, Mazdaspeed exhaust are not the angry swarm of bees. Just a slightly deeper note). In the old car, those two items picked up 10-20 horse depending on chaos.

    The S model will, based on all early data, return mpg at least in line with EPA estimates, and well in line with that of other cars that don't nearly live up to theirs. The allure of the S model is downright intoxicating. There is so much *&*&ing power on hand that.... yeah. But it is only slightly quieter than the 4 cyl once up to speed (yes, acceleration is different). And the V6 just by nature of the price and difference in residual is 60 dollars more per month on a 24 month lease, 50 on 36. For that amount, I can get the nav system very easily (about 30 bucks on 24) which integrates with the bluetooth very nicely (automatic download of phone book from phone. VERY cool.)

    Now, if there comes up a stick shift v6 with the 2010... that's different.
  • Hi, I am hoping someone (especially from a Mazda dealership) can shed some light as to why the two Mazda lease payment estimators I have used have returned much lower monthly lease rates than I was quoted recently at a dealership. I do get the S-Plan and, if I have read correctly (and also according to the estimator at Mazda American Credit), there is also an additional $500 rebate currently being offered. I realize these are just estimates but both are reasonably consistent with one another yet both are somewhat far off the dealer's quote. Without getting into too much detail, the one estimator sets the MSRP according to the base MSRP and does not allow options/packages to be configured in addition to the MSRP so I've been using a slightly up level trim package to bump up the MSRP.

    What I have been doing is searching the Mazda dealership inventory and selecting a Mazda 6 with the packages I am interested in. I then click on 'View Details' and the estimated monthly payment. I take the Edmunds invoice estimate (for the S-Plan price) for the same car/package and plug that into the 'Estimated Sale Price'. I would also think this is where I take the additional $500 rebate off of?

    Here's an example for the Mazda 6i Touring with the moonroof/Bose package:

    MSRP: $25,035
    Invoice: $22,974 ($23,169 according to the dealership I went to and both are before adjusting for any rebate)
    Dealer quote: $346/month with $0 down
    Estimator quotes: $318/month with $0 down (avg. between the 2 estimators)

    I read there may be different charges (document charges, assessment fees, etc) involved based on location but are they that much to make almost a $30/month difference? Perhaps the 'Invoice' price I am getting off of Edmunds is not the same invoice price that the S-Plan pertains to?

    I called and spoke with the person who quoted me the price but he was with someone. He said there was a logical explanation that he could not recall at the moment but would speak with his sales manager and get back with me. I haven't heard back from him but it has only been a couple of hours. Again, I realize the calculators are just estimates but I was hoping to get a little more realistic quote if, in fact, I am putting the correct information in.

    I am just hoping to find a way to get a rough idea of what the realistic payments would be around with the S-Plan and any rebates without having to go to the dealership and have them run every possible combination. I hope this all made sense and someone is able to help me better understand it :)
  • The difference you're talking about, 26 dollars a month, seems about right. Sounds like you're checking out a dealer with an assessment fee, so that's the extra bit on the invoice. They're not messing with you there, and yes, it is something real and no, S-plan doesn't exempt you from it.

    So that's 195 dollars which on a 24 month lease is about 10 dollars a month. Increases to invoice without an increase in msrp work straight up. This is why accessories that residualize increase the msrp and invoice, while ones that don't, only increase the invoice.

    The other 16 dollars a month is likely in the money factor or the calculation of tax. Different states calculate tax in different ways so the estimators can't take all of them into account.

    Are you buying this car in Ohio by any chance? That's our exact invoice for an I Touring with roof.
  • dman,

    I've had my S GT since Aug 8 and have put 1,500 miles on it. That's not much, but the EPA mileage estimate is holding out to be pretty close. I've done the put-put driving around town, and it's been on a 800 mile round trip in two days. I think it's fair to say that someone shouldn't buy it for the great mileage. It's just decent. But, isn't that okay when you consider all the other cool things the 6 does? Heck, it's still better than my ol' SUV.

  • Got my V6 GT with Bose package for $27,400 including the $1000 private launch cash. The car is Sangria red with black interior and the car looks ultra sleek. Enjoying the drive so far. Interesting, though the car doesn't excel in handling or even the steering feedback etc, the overall drive feel is extremely satisfying and even exciting to me now. Apart from the nice driving characteristics, the car comes with quite a good list of features. I already like the blind spot monitoring system and I can see me finding this very useful soon. The bose system is nice but doesn't perform as good as I expected though it appears strong on paper (330+ watts, bose, subwoofer etc, etc). Siruis comes with this package with 6-month subscription, but looks like I have to call Sirius to activate it - I get only one - some sirius emergency channel now.
    The whole interior lighting, especially the welcome lighting thing is uber-cool in the night. The smart key is also cool with the way it senses your hand under the handle and unlocks. The smart key also works fine for unlocking the trunk as it senses when you are in the rear of the car too and unlocks when you press the release button on the trunk. The only annoyance is when there is a passenger you have to enter the car and then unlock all the doors for the passenger to enter. The double-click-unlock-all-doors is gone with this. But the car can be programmed to unlock all 4 doors by default it seems and that's the first thing I would be doing I think.
    Overall the car is just awesome, especially for the money.
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