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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • kpm1kpm1 Posts: 5 tells me this:

    2002 Honda Odyssey Recalls
    2002 HONDA ODYSSEY Recall ID from NHTSA: 04V176000
    Auto Recall Date: APR 15, 2004
    Model Affected ODYSSEY
    Estimated Vehicles Affected: 1099796 Recall Details
    Auto Recall Date:
    APR 15, 2004




    My 2002 Odyssey has 102,000 miles. This language seems to clearly say I get a new transmission if those gears have problems. Does it really mean "if discoloration exists, dealer will replace transmission for $4000?"
  • ours was bought new. I did a lot of research (in fact some from Edmunds) to buy this vehicle. Ironically, I avoided Chrysler for their tranny problems. So much for Honda's stellar quality reputation. It is shot as far as I am concerned.

    Had the recall done as soon as we were notified (31k), had the blinking D problem just after our extended warranty expired at 107k (replaced 4th gear switch - $300) and now at 121k the transmission must be replaced (estimated $4850).
    I opened a case but Honda has denied me any participation in a good-will effort to help repair this.

    The car's tradein is about 4500, so it doesn't make a lot of sense to do this repair... still thinking about it, but may go to a private shop for a rebuilt one.

    It seems to me that the recall and the other tranny repair were just delays to get a flawed design over the warranty expiration so that they do not need to cover the cost of repairing their mistake.

    I will not be buying a Honda again unless I know that the current model I am buying has a track record of no flawed design.
  • jetawayjetaway Posts: 14
    I think you have touched on the real issue.It is not uncommon for an automatic transmission to fail at 100,000 plus.I dont think there is any car where a transmission failure would be considered unusual at that mileage.The problem is that the parts and labor involved in a transmission repair at that mileage is often as much or more than the car is worth.
  • jet_tester

    Me too...I just purchased a 2007 Honda Odyssey with 30k miles on it. At 31k miles and three weeks later (haven't made the first payment yet) I take it in for a "thumping" that happens as you keep a consistent speed (like a tranny searching for a gear constantly). We also have a shutter/vibration that occurs at 40mph when you let off the gas and give it gas (usually on an incline). I was told about the service bulletin to update the specs in the computer, they did it, and it does it worse. I currently have a torque converter and transmission on order. Waiting for my repair to occur. This is sickening, given that I did my research and there were NO prior warranty claims on this vehicle per Honda and carfax checked out clean. Thankfully, it is still under factory warranty and with the Honda Certified warranty, the transmission is covered until 100k miles. If I continue to have the tranny problem after this install, I will be revisiting the dealer that sold me this vehicle to work out some kind of trade. The service bulletin (which is a borderline recall) states that all cars in used inventory is to be updated prior to selling. Mine was not and if they would have done that and driven it, they would have known it still had an issue. So I take the depreciation hit for having a transmission problem in its past (it will have it in its past) and I am not happy :cry: . However, I am thankful for warranty ;)
  • birdie5birdie5 Posts: 4
    get it fixed, and get rid of :cry:
  • Wow, quite interesting seeing all this, really surprised at HOnda, thought i had bought a car that would at least go till 100K with no problems
    Anywho mine, i started hearing this " Crank" noise when we drove in the morning as the tranny shifted and every so often vibrated upon shiftage. Other day i saw this big puddle Oil and took it straight to dealersip. ( Ourisman honda laurel Md )
    Initially they said there was nothing wrong with car which I wouldnt buy and asked to speak to manager. He stated the same thing but said hed drive it and low and behold i get a call back and he said theres deffinately something wrong. Short story Tranny has to be replaced ( car at 6r k miles) I had purchased extended warranty ( thnk god) and i just picked car up.
    This has me really worried and was wondering if i should sell the car ( We love it) or just hope nothing else major happens?
  • OMG! We have a 2007 with about 26K miles and the same thing happened to me on Tuesday. Luckily I was only doing about 25/30 mph. I pulled over and my husband came to check it out and drive it home (I was coming home from the community pool with my children). He drove it home bringing it up to 40 mph at times. In the one mile to our house it happened 4 times. We had the dealer come and get it. The dealer said they can't get it to happen again. I'm terrified this will happen on the interstate doing 65!
  • jimbrajimbra Posts: 1
    While my family has solely used lived and breathed Honda for our choice of vehicles over the last 25 years. We have a 2001 Odyssey that has nearly reached its first transmission failure at 157,000 K. We have also dealt with our 2002 Accord which Honda North America replaced the transmission at 139,000 at not charge for the Honda certified re-built transmission assembly. We did have to pay labor of $700.00.

    What bothers me is our 1994 Accord is still rolling strong at 395,000 miles and we will run it till it craps the bed and dies. We maintain our vehicles with a passion and drive them with care.

    Our immediate family has owned over 135 Honda vehicles as a whole over the last 25 years. Collectively the J (Japan) built Honda's have been the most reliable with no issues. Unfortunately The North American built Honda's do not share the same reliability and characteristics.

    We are a family that buys "new" and drives them till they die.

    We have three vehicles we have to replace in the next few months and they will not be Honda's.

    The Honda transmission issues have "profoundly" affected our decision to not even entertain purchasing Honda products in the near and far future.

    Honda, If you are listening. We have been faithful customers that have swore to friends, family and acquaintances that your automobiles have been the best made on earth for over the last 25 years. Because of Honda's rather blatantly flagrent disregard to these "transmission" issues.

    Honda, in the borrowed word's of Mr. Trump


    We will not repair the 2001 Odyssey when the transmission finally fails. It is a tragedy that a vehicle that is so well built and looks cosmetically and functionally fantastic will have to be sent to the junk yard because of a "poorly designed" Honda transmission that Honda will not stand behind with integrity. I guess the JUNK YARD IS WHERE IT BELONGS.

    Ford has a much better idea.

    They are building them like Honda did many years ago. They smartly took a page out of Honda's quality in manufacturing book.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Gone is the Honda Slogan : The car that sell itself...

    I thought Honda is a very good and reliable car so I bought a new '07 Odyssey without any research or hesitation. I traded-in the Ody w/7K miles in 7 months due to miscl things I don't like, potential pre-matured tranny failure, humming noise, soft brake, wind noise ...
  • omg, I am having the exact same problem with my 2003 Honda Odyssey. Upon the notice of recall, I took the vehicle in and check out to be no problem, which means not affected with discoloration. The same issues like many of posts here happened as a telltale signs on the car. If only I knew about this before I am faced with transmission failure :mad: !! Now Honda Motor America's customer service is refusing any service can be warranted since the mileage on my car is 125k. Now faced with taking this problem into my own hand... I am currently looking at buying the rebuilt transmission and taking my car to a private mechanic who can replace it.
    I want to know if any one here is on the same issue but resolved it with Honda Motors America or with a dealer? My service manager is telling me his hands are tied.... :sick:
  • :mad: :mad: So I am yet another one duped by the supposed superior Honda quality---what a scam this transmission 2001 Odyseey was due for a smog--it didn't pass because of the check engine light--turns out the codes are for incorrect gear ratio and some other solenoid code---a month later aftter I can actually afford the fricken diagnostics (I'm a bit under the weather financially) I find Whitmier Honda wants 4000$ bucks to replace the transmission.....So I'm stuck with that--and they won't honor the class action suit here in California that resulted in replacing the transmission at 7years 9months (yeah, 9 months) or 100,000 "which ever happens first"!!!!!!---Our van has 95,000 miles.....what a piece of junk...and we still owe like 10,000$ on it....this piece of crap is a further I decide to call the Bureau of Automotive Repairs to see if there is some way I can get around this to get my registration---he was basically a robot and said I had to get it fixed, and "good luck with your car"--and he actually hung up.....I have three kids and have a 95,000 mile bad joke....THE HORROR!!!!!!! You know what makes it even more frustrating is that I am having no transmission seems fine....We just drive about 600 miles and no problems....For some reason I find solice in that others are having this same problem....Does anyone here know Matt Lauer so we can ruin the Honda name on the Today Show....I will never buy a Honda again just out of pure spite....I do feel a little better.... :confuse: :lemon: :cry:
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Do not rely on the dealer, you should call America Honda directly and see if they can spare certain % as good-will repair in the replacement cost. They will assign you a case number then the regional manager will call you back to discuss the case.
  • thanks for the recommendation....I think that is my next step....
  • With all of these posts involving multiple transmission replacements per vehicle, is there a true FIX ? Have the replacement transmissions been re- engineered to prevent a repeat of the problem, or do they sell you another defective tranny good for maybe 100K ?
    My 99 had a trans replaced ( free from Honda) at 185,000. Unfortunately, my son wrecked the car at 210,000.
    I assumed the replacement trans was also an improved/ redesigned trans and would not have the same problems.
    Based on that assumption, I was looking at buying a used 2001 Odyssey.
    It has had the trans replaced already.
    Is it fixed or just in between breakdowns ? Does anyone have knowledge or data on this ?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Coneyman1, post #1142! How did you get Honda to replace your trans at 185,000? I have the same problem; was told to replace trans and been denied due to high mileage. Mine has 156,000. They told me I should be lucky to have it lasted this long, believe it or not. Please let me know what you did to get free replacement. I wonder maybe yours is built in 99, which is part of a class action lawsuit won. However, I thought it only covered up to 109,000. Please let me know how you handle the replacement. I would appreciate it very much.
  • Car was dealer maintained. Dealer had record of us bringing it in with trans issues 2x while still under original warranty- but found no problems. Also helped that we were loyal Honda customers and had a good rapport with the service mgr.
    It took some persistance but paid off.
    Again, is new trans a true "fix" or just another trans waiting to go bad- anyone know ?
  • Torque converter fixed my 07 at 32k miles. No transmission was needed but it runs great for now! No more hesitation or shuttering!
  • petertpetert Posts: 23

    Original was replaced at 20k miles.

    Does Honda really know the root cause for the failures?

    Does Honda have a fix?

    Are we customers happy?

    Honda ruins its reputation with this kind of transmission and the service.
  • to #754 "dragonlady"
    how did you end up wit your trnsmission problem,
    I have exactly the same issue,and i feel helpless with my meccanic. :confuse: :
  • any body experienced these rare tranny problem?
    any feed back is helpfull.
  • I have a 2000 Honda Odyssey, transmission started clunking at 124,000 miles. Although out of the 80,000 miles limit,Honda paid $2000 out of a $3,000 bill as goodwill that was in 2005
    On the highway it had a catastrophic failure, the transmission failed completely, with smoke pouring out of the engine compartment. Mileage 170,000, four years after, I am awaiting to see what Honda will do for me.
    Obviously with the number of posts, the recalls etc.., there is a design flaw. Although I am not a fan of government intervention, when it comes to consumer affairs such as this one, I believe the government should push a "lemon type law" to cover such issues. Car companies still need adult supervision when it comes to public exposure to a bad product which causes the general public (based on these posts) to become prey to unscrupulous repair shops and misinformation resulting in the public being seemingly "ripped off'.
  • petertpetert Posts: 23
    Thanks captain.

    on, there are some posts for tranny failures in the 100k miles range just in a couple of days. So it's a very common problem and it might be a safety issue.

    It will be good for the government (NHTSA) to step out for the safety issue rather than individual customer to deal with Honda case by case.

    When it suddenly fails, the car cannot move. It's definitely a safety issue.
  • pteampteam Posts: 1
    Hello to all readers,

    I have the similar problem with 2003 Honda Odyssey EX (transmission failure). Honda motors refused to fix transmission. My family always bought Honda cars and vans. According to Honda mechanics, Odyssey transmissions have problems. Honda does not admit their mistake, nor they offer free transmission if your van exceeds the 100,000 miles.

    Honda needs to do better for their customers. My family and I came to conclusions that brand loyalty does not help us. We need to consider other car manufacturers.

    NO MORE :sick: :sick: HONDA ODYSSEY VAN
  • All,
    I have been told that changing the trans fluid every 30,000 miles with Amsoil trans fluid will keep trans much cooler and may prevent repeat failures. Anyone heard or tried this ?
  • I saw a good offer for a 2002 Odyssey LXE in great condition with only 32k miles. Obviously, I would only consider buying it if there is a chance of getting transmission problems fixed by Honda for free or for a small amount of money.

    Therefore, what are the exact conditions for the warranty/free replacement agreements? I saw several numbers 109k miles, 100k miles, etc. Does it also depend on the age of the car? Does it only apply for the original owner?

    We only drive about 10k/year. So if we won't have to pay for transmission fixes up to 100k miles, I might consider buying one.

    Any help is appreciated, links to web pages, etc.
    Thanks very much!
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 226
    I have a 2002, with 233,000 kilometers (metric) on it. I replaced the transmission once at 180,000 kms. If I wanted to stick with the 1999-2004 design I would only replace it with a 2004 (consumer reports best reliability year). I paid 1/2 the invoice cost for replacement through Honda Canada. I do not see Honda making any guarantees for 2002 as warranties do not usually last 7-8 years. If I could afford it I would check consumer report customer 'dots' for the best year between 2007 to 2009.
    It seems strange that that 2002 has only 32,000 miltes on it. I would check this out further. It's quite possible it's mileage is 132,000 miles.
    See also for excellant forums.
  • Honday WILL NOT help you but for about $400 for a new transmission if you do not buy it at a Honda dealership. This being our experience. Our van was 2002, and also had 33,000 miles on it. It was orginally purchased at a dealership in Dublin, CA and then exchanged at the Dublin dealership for a new van. A chevy dealership in Sebastopol, CA bought the car and gave it their "Certified Authorized Mechanic" ok.

    Our van was running great until we hit 45k. Then we had all the symptoms that people talk about, the light, the stutter between 2 and 3, and sometimes, 1st gear.

    I went round and round with Honda of America. We had previously owned 6 Hondas...and that meant nothing to them. All the previous Honda's were purchased at a Honda dealer---but, because THIS Honda wasn't, Honda of America said, "I could take their offer, or they would recend it."

    I will NEVER, NEVER buy another Honda.

    If I were you, I wouldn't buy a 2002 Honda. You WILL have transmission problems---and Honda will not help you.
  • So... At 32,000 miles I took the van in to have the drivers side sliding door latch replaced. I told them then that the transmission was acting funny and that it would shake and shudder at approx. 25 mph. They told me I was crazy. Nothing wrong with trans. OK. I will just drive it until it quits. I have been through a Lemon Saturn Relay that was purchased back by GM because of electrical issues. I bought from Honda because they had such a good reputation. 57,000 miles. Take the door back in because it is doing the same thing. Latch is not shutting and alarm staying on. While picking van up Honda tells me that they did a software update for a "judder" at 25 mph to 45 mph and that this should take care of the shake. I started laughing because I knew all along that there was a problem. Well... They are going to replace the torque convertor attached to the transmission next week. I will say this... This dealership, unlike the one where I bought it, has not given me any problems and are arranging for a rental van for me for the week I will be without. However, I did purchase the extended warranty because of the problems I had with the Saturn. Needless to say, I have had to have the door latch replaced twice already, my battery has gone dead numerous times, and now the transmission is being replaced (or part of it). I am not happy!!!!! I paid a lot of money for this vehicle and have already had to spend hours without it or sitting at a dealership. I have three kids and a life. Do I really need to spend it taking care of a brand new car?
  • Feeling of being betrayed by someone we trusted summs up the general feeling we all have here.... We paid more money trusting that Honda will be reliable and will live up to its name. When we paid more money for the car, we believed that we were getting our money's worth... well, Honda failed. Not only it failed, but Honda turned our trust upside down. What really bothers me is that Honda is looking only the numbers and the profit and not looking at the loss they'll be suffering at the end when most of us in this forum spread the word of mouth about the poor quality of Honda workmanship. Bad reputation for Honda!!! Not only I will not buy any Honda, but I will make sure to spread the word and do everything possible to make sure that my network of people will not buy any Honda's.... Eat that, Honda.
  • pyk64pyk64 Posts: 7
    I just went through this with my '02 Odyssey with 76K miles on it. According to the dealer, Honda extended the tranny warranty on SOME Odysseys to 109K. My VIN wasn't included in the extended warranty, but the dealership contacted Honda and they offerred up a 50/50 split on a $4,600 repair charge (which includes a 3/36 transmission warranty).

    After the repairs were done, I sent out a letter to Honda of America asking them to better stand behind their faulty product and requested a 90/10 split. Stay tuned!
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