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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • Jared Stamell is the attorney.
  • It's the same dealership from whom I just purchased this used '04 Odyssey...they've mentioned that the fluid is clear and have not mentioned draining/refilling. I think they may have done this before putting the van on the lot. You might read up on some of the posts regarding the use of AMSOIL fluid instead of the standard Honda transmission fluid. I'm still up in the air on this one...since dealer is splitting the cost of a new torque converter with me, I'm hesitant to do anything that might void any sort of built-in Honda part warranty. As others have said...make sure it's a drain/refill, not a flush.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,305
    what is the cost of replacing the torque converter? I have seem prices posted for a whole tranny (which I assume includes a new TC), but never for the TC by itself.

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • kevo3kevo3 Posts: 4
    Due to being within the limits (under 80,000 miles / 12 months) of our extended warranty purchased with the used '05 Odyssey, I won't be charged for the diagnostic check-ride data download. The dealership is having difficulty getting a Torque Converter at the moment (HUGE Demand??) When I finally get it back, I'll look to see if these costs are itemized with the test codes, etc. Back to you later if I get details... :D
  • zabszabs Posts: 3
    I took in my Honda for a software update after receiving a notice from Honda Canada.The vehicle was on about 45000 KM when I took it in.
    After the update the vehicle started shuddering at about 55 km/h.Took it in once again and to sort it out and now it's even worse.Took it in again today and was told they would need to replace the Torque Converter.I am told its on back order which is what (kevo3) mentioned in the post before this...
    Is anyone else having the same problem and what does this part cost?
  • kevo3kevo3 Posts: 4
    I picked my '05 Odyssey up from Local Honda Service this evening. Honda covered 100% of the parts / labor, and my itemized reciept did not show any amounts for the diagnostic check-ride, data down-load link, the Torque Convertor, Trans flush/ replacement of fluid, or the rear shock absorbers (un-related) The Service Advisor was unavailable, so I wasn't able to ask what those charges would have been. I'm unclear as to whether everything was covered under Mfr factory warranty, or pecifically because we had chosen a "Certified Honda Vehicle" and purchased the additional drivetrain warranty last December. I did drive it through town and onto open highway, and the problem seems to be completely gone. I had a very pleasant experience, and would likely purchase another Honda in the future; (The additional warranty has more than paid for itself, it would seem.) :)
  • Have the same issue with My wife's 07 Odyssey. It has 35K on it and has been experiencing the issue for at least the last 6K. The issue was really when in third gear not accelerating too hard when RMP was in between 1200 and 1400 it would feel like a slight downshift and back. You could actually see the RPM guage go up a tenth and then back down. She took it in yesterday and the reprogrammed the ECM module. They said that the re-program fixes 50% of the cars and the other 50% need their Torque converter replaced. They said hers was all set. I drove the car when she got home last night and it was WORSE. It was shuddering and bucking into second gear. I had her bring it back today. They are ordering her a new transmission. I will let you know how it goes....
  • Symptoms of my odyssey are similar:
    shudder under mild accel. @ 45-50
    jumps / slips @ 60
    RPM playing around tenths at these speeds -- jumping up a bit.
    Please let me know how it goes.
  • kevo3kevo3 Posts: 4
    Our local Honda dealer replaced the torque converter. This FIXED the problem. :)
  • I have the exact same issue with my Odyssey, and I have 34,541 miles on my vehicle. I want to be sure and get this fixed before the factory warrenty runs out at 36K. I would like to know if anyone who had this issue, had it fixed and then had it happen again? Is this an ongoing issue?
  • Honda just called me back and it is the Torque converter! They are going to replace it free of charge because it it still has 1400 miles left in the factory warrenty....whew!!! Glad I did not wait any longer. I will leave another message after the repair is complete to let people know the results of the fix.
  • The power train warranty from Honda is 5 years, 60k, and should cover a torque converter, as it is a transmission-type issues. What are you referring to re: the 36k warranty? This is the bumper-to-bumper one, as far as I know.
  • We are a family of 5 looking for a vehicle. We came across a nice, well kept, 2001 Honda Ody. We are very interested in buying it. It was checked by a mech and he said that it only needed transmission mounts and a oil leak around the timing belt fixed. He valued these repairs at $400. But after reading different reviews, I am concerned that we are not making a good choice. We have to purchase this vechile today, could anyone tell me what they think. The van has 150000 miles on it, and runs really well. We can not afford to purchase this car, and then have something major to be fixed. This is taking everything we have, just to purchase it. Please share your thoughts and experience with me.

    Thank you for your time
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,305
    well, my opinion is stay far, far away from this van. 150K on anything is a lot of miles, and a 2001 ody with the original tranny (if it si)? A time bomb baby. And if it needs mounts (motor? Not sure what he is replacing) and the T blet cover is leaking, $400 sounds optimistic (especially once they open it up and see what else in in there!)

    You didn't say what the price on this unit is, but Hondas tend to be quite high priced used (paying for the name and repliability rep, which this model didn't earn). Knowing what you want to spend will make a difference.

    If you have to have a minivan (with 5 kids, a nice idea!) you can probably get a Chrysler with 1/2 the miles for the same price (and likely less risk). Slightly newer, amybe a Mazda MPV (the newer style).

    lots of other options if you can get away without a minivan of course.

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • Instead buy a Toyota Sienna from 2005 & up.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,305
    I wold go with a 2005 sienna over a 2005 odyssey (now, obviously I didn't make that call in 2005!0, but I'm guessing it will be way out of the OPs budget!

    Maybe a 1998-2001 Sienna? They seem to be pretyt robust.but again, you will pay 2X for the name.

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • Stay away from this lemon. Honda Odyssey from 1999-2004 are known for their faulty transmissions. I currently own a 02 Odyssey EXl and had to fix my transmission this past July 09. The cost of repairs was $3200 at AAMCO Transmission. The sad thing was their was another Odyssey, 2001 model, on a lift with a bad transmission at the shop. My Odyssey had only 41200 miles when the transmission started slipping and ended at the shop. I called American Honda Corp to complain and they acknowledged that there was a transmission problem on Odysseys 1999-2004. Honda agree to send me a check for $1000 as a "good will" gesture after i fax them my receipt from AAMCO. Honda is only handling this problem on a case by case basis. So, if you are still keen on a minivan, go with a Toyota Sienna. I know I will when I'm in the market for a minivan again next time.
  • I would also stay away from this van... We bought a 2001 with only 80,000 miles on it last year and had to replace the transmission only 6 months after we bought it. It cost us $2700... we paid $7600 for our van, add the two together and we could have bought more like at 2005... or rather a new van of another brand... we plan on keeping our van around till it can no longer move to get our money's worth out of it... sorry!
  • Get a Toyota Sienna instead if you're looking for a van around this manufacture year and price range. Consumer Reports shows no tranny or engine problems for the '01 Sienna, but significant tranny problems for the '01 Odyssey.
  • My 2001 Ody (original owner/perfect maintenance record) had the trans. replaced recently at 108k. I had to really fight with Honda American. And I've heard horror stories about having to replace the trans. a second and third time! I would be very wary about buying this year/model with its PROVEN record of irreliability!
  • Hello, everybody I am just new here at the forum but I am an owner of 02 Odyssey. We have bought the van last May, 2009 since my suv was totaled. Me and my wife decided to look for a weekend car since we already owned two cars and we need a bigger space when traveling out of town. We bought the van thru for 6.9K. The owner listed the van with a 99k miles, brand new tranny and ECM which was replaced by Honda which he provided the paperwork for the service that have been done. Now, after couple more maintenance like replacing the timing belt, new sets of tires the van was running fine, Until one day two months ago and up to now I have noticed that when the van is in idle or park while engine running the RPM suddenly becomes erratic for unknown reason. My wife noticed it too and asked me if there is something wrong with van...I told her it probably needs a tune-up but I am not sure really on what is going on. The erractic on idle doesn't happen a lot only after I started it after a week or two week being park at the drive way.
    Any idea guys on what's going on internally on my van? Your comment will be greatly aapreciated.
    thank you.

  • This is not a transmission issue.
  • Had the torque converter replaced last week----ran about $670 out of pocket, since dealership paid 50% (only had van about a month---purchased used from Honda dealer). This seems to have taken care of the shudder---I haven't felt that definitive "rumble strip"-type shudder since the repair. Of course now I am sensitive to every vibration, bump, or rough spot in the road...but I think that's paranoia more than anything. In short...the torque converter replacement, in my opinion, seemed to do the trick for me.
  • rdoudrdoud Posts: 1
    feel the shifting when going into and out of economy mode. Even feel shifting when not changing to economy. had software update and replaced torque converter. RPM needle fluxuates as if you were accelerating when at constant speed. Still having occasional juddering between 30 & 40 mph. Returning to dealer today. Not sure how to handle?? Appreciate any suggestions.
  • gr26gr26 Posts: 12
    Same issue with me, except 2001 Odyssey, 90K miles. A month ago they serviced the TX fluid twice. Over the last month that's improved the problem quite a bit, but not fully. Today took it back, and they said replace the TX. Honda of America would cover 25% of the cost of the TX itself. Still, total out of pocket would be about $3200.

    If the only time I sense a problem is when the torque converter locks in, should I replace the entire TX, or just the torque converter. Given the frequency of problems with the TX itself, I am contemplating doing the whole job. Just the torque converter (with labor) is around $1600.
  • gr26gr26 Posts: 12
    What are experiences going with Honda Dealer or an Independent (or Chain) Transmission Shop? I can get 36 months/36K mile warranty from Honda Dealer. What do independent shops usually provide in terms of warranty? Do most independent shops use OEM transmissions? Thoughts?
  • gr26gr26 Posts: 12
    My Honda dealer quoted me about $1600 for the TC only (Honda would cover about $200 of this in my case), and about $3900 for the whole transmission (Honda would cover about $700). Dealer says the labor is the same either way ($800+ of the cost).
  • >> feel the shifting when going into and out of economy mode.

    Pay close attention to this -- I went for a ride w/ a honda tech and showed him 3 issues w/ my 2007 ody:
    1) the judder (easy to recognize)
    2) tach jumps in 1/10s when in 3rd gear, primarily
    3) punch, or "shift" feeling (similar to what you describe).

    Tech said all 3 were the tourque converter -- I was surprised @ #3, b/c on these forums I had been led to believe that #3 was just going into / out of VCM. He said that if the VCM theory were correct, the punches should loosely correspond to when ECO light comes on. He said ECO might not exactly be when it goes into VCM or comes out of it, but it is within a few seconds of it... The punches I was experiencing, he said, were the torque converter stop plate slipping.

    Anyway, they did the software update, and said this fixed the problem. I said I wanted a tech experienced w/ this problem to take it for a test ride before I pick it up. They did this, and the tech found the judder on 5th attemp up a slight incline, under mild accel. So now they're putting in a tourque converter. Dealer said Honda cost for the procedure was $1660, for me it would have been about $2600. All covered under powertrain warranty.

    On separate note, I asked if they've re-engineered the part now... Tech said as he understood it, they've deteremined the part was always OK, and the shift point definitions were the problem -- so the software update is what you ultimately need to prevent this from happening.
  • I'm planning on buying a new 2010 Odyssey. I saw this thread and got a little bit concerned. Does anyone know if Honda has resolved the transmission issues for the 2010 models? I appreciate your feedback.
  • All I know is the "judder" service bulletin (09-051 (or is it 053?)) from late July of this year I believe only goes through 2009 vehicles -- in talking w/ the service guy, his sense is the software upgrade redefined shift points, and this takes care of the problem. I don't understand why this is so hard for Honda to get right -- this is age old tech.

    I got my 07 back last night w/ new TX -- seems that problem is solved.
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