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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • I'm not having any luck with assistance from American Honda. Looks like they're not paying out any more after the extended warranty.So it looks like AAMCO will do the repair for $1864 (plus $375 for torque converter if needed) with 12/12,000 warranty. They'll do the actual rebuilding of my tranny. Has anyone had any experience with the AAMCO rebuilds, good or bad? I also have Gibraltar Transmissions around me but haven't tried them.
  • Read some of the prior posts about AAMCO rebuilds...seems that some haven't been great. You might read this Honda/Acura blog post (and the reader comments) regarding a Honda specialty shop using H&A rebuilt transmissions instead of the OEM Honda trannys. at-accurate-automotive-auto-repair/
  • Sorry to hear that. I have seen some posting of people using Aamco, but haven't heard how they worked out. I have also been reading about Jasper Transmissions. You might call them and get a quote. There is a link on this website to Jasper Transmissions:

    or you can probably google it.
  • Here is an old post that I wrote as a reply to someone else this past July with the same problem as you. This response will hopefully help.
    Your best bet is to call Honda Cust. Service 800-999-1009 and explain your situation. Have your vin # ready because Honda cust service will ask for it. My 02 Odyssey transmission went bad with only 42k miles and incurred a $3200 bill from AAMCO Transmission. I called Honda and they reimburse me $1000 for the problem . Honda acknowledge that there is a major problem with the transmissions for the 1999-2004 Odyssey. They are handling problems on a case by case basis.
    Since your van has 103k miles, your best bet is to repair it at AAMCO and purchase the additional 3 yr/36000 miles warranty or even a lifetime warranty, if you plan to keep the van for awhile.
    It is just unfortunate that us Honda Odyssey owners of 1999-2004 have to deal with this transmission problem.
  • cottduke & rfreitas-
    Thanks for responses. So far I've read thru nearly half the posts but don't remember any bad reports on AAMCO. They say they'll rebuild with all the latest and greatest but who knows if thats any better than the Honda rebuilds. I'm in NJ and don't think I want to keep looking for repair shops with the Ody bearly driveable. I may just stick with AAMCO and maybe sell before the 1-year warranty is up.
  • What year and mileage is your Odyssey? Mine is 2000 and 130,000 miles. I may try same approach if yours is similar to mine.
  • It's very sad that all the Honda Odyssey mini vans have transmission problems like this. I am so glad that I drive a Toyota.
  • I have 2002 and had the same problem. At about 60.000 the bottom of my radiator was corroded (from winter road salt) and leaking coolant so it was replaced by a local mechanic (my favorite local Honda dealer started to find more and more mysterious things that were wrong with my van and charging me $$$ every time I bring the van in for routine maintenance etc). About a month later suddenly it felt like as if the clutch has gone out as the engine was revving yet the van wasn't moving much and then the engine light came on. About a 10 mph 1/4 mile later transmission stopped engaging(?) and the van basically stop moving except in reverse very slowly. I get out and see the trail of red transmission fluid as it was spewing the fluid everywhere.

    I towed it to the same mechanic and he mumbled something like the *coolant lines (running from tranny to radiator)* somehow came off. He claimed it wasn't his fault although he replaced the radiator only a month ago. Luckily when he reattached the hose and refilled the transmission fluid all was fine. It costed me towing and replacement hose. Apparently from reading Warriorcoach's post it is critical to cinch the zip tie that hold the said line at exact same point. I think my mechanic believed he didn't do anything wrong yet couldn't explain exactly why it came off. He said things happen while car is moving and bouncing around!!! I was just happy that I didn't have to replace the tranny.
  • lyndylyndy Posts: 2
    Sorry about your tranny. I thought there was some kind of reimbursement program from Honda re the 2000 Odyssey transmission. If the dealer wont help, call Honda America - the number is in your car's manual. I thought about going through the dealer but decided to deal directly with Honda America to speed things up. I made my pitch based on Honda's reputation for reliability and custormer loyalty (have owned other Honda's). Have your paperwork handy, including service records--I had to fax them mine. They try to lowball you on their first offer, so if you hang in there and plead for more money it may help. Good luck,. Let us know how it goes.
  • q3dq3d Posts: 3
    I have had problems eversince I had software update on my 07 Odyssey. It judder around 25-30 mph. Torque converter was then replaced. Right after that service though, I have difficulty getting my key out of the ignition while in the Park position. I would have to shift gears in and out of Park and shake the shift lever while in Park and pray that I can get my keys out. Anyone, please give me some insight. I had my car serviced at Honda World in Westminster, CA and do not think I will ever go there again. Problems after problems eversince the update in a car that was fine before the update. My car is still under warranty but my time is very precious. Where is a good Honda dealer and Tech in southern California I should take my minivan to?

    Thank you.
  • Please DO NOT use aamco!!!!!! I am in the process of probably suing them. They had my car for 6 weeks, after telling me it would take no more than 5 days!!!!! I had to fight tooth and nail just to get my car back after 6 weeks, and it is in worse shape than the day I drove it into that place. The only thing I know to do is to sue them. From what I've read on the internet, this is a nation wide similar complaint!!!
  • Sorry to hear about your experience with AAMCO. I had my 2002 Odyssey transmission serviced by AAMCO back in July and have no problem since. The only thing I am upset is the $3100 bill. Honda has acknowledged that there seems to be a widespread problem with the transmissions. I was reimbursed a $1000 as a "good will gesture" as they put it. But with only 41500 miles at the time, this transmission problem should not have happened.
    As far as your complaint about AAMCO, it is an isolated problem. All AAMCO shops are independently owned and not all shops are the same. I was happy with my service. Hey tinaleggrdh, it is not fair to bash the whole franchise. Just think about it, if your Big Mac and service were terrible at your recent visit to a local McDonalds, does that mean all McDonalds are terrible?? Just be fair about it. :D
  • We have a used 06 Odyssey with the Juddering problem. The dealer said to get it in before 60K miles. Does the 60k powertrain warranty apply to used vehicles in this case since there is TSB?
  • Transmission will fail 100,000 miles when warranty expires! Look to pay up to 6,000 for repairs from Dealer. Honda Corp will laugh at you! They will not assist you or honor there products. You will be sorry!
  • wckwck Posts: 1
    I too had the similar problem with my 07 Odyssey about 55K on the clock. I took it back to the dealer within 1 month and had them replaced the motor mounts (front and rear), and the transmission torque converter. If you have the similar symptom below, take it to the dealer (Hope you still have warranty...) and make sure don't let them tell you that it is NORMAL.

    The symptom for the motor mounts issue:
    - Small cranking noise from front around 20 to 35 mpg.
    - Small vibration on the break or gas paddle.

    The symptom for the Transmission torque coverter:
    - Car shakes badly around 20, 30, and 40 mpg at 1500 rpm.
    - The shaking could be intermittent.

    After some searching on the web, it looks like all these issue are well known issue and the motor mount issue could be due to VCM. Below is the link to explain: he-honda-odyssey-ex-l-and-honda-odyssey-touring/

    Will I buy a Honda again? Hummm this is a tough question as I really like the handling of the Odyssey over the Sienna. But, after all the trouble and afraid some other shoes might drop after my Power train warranty expires in less than 4000 miles.... I think I will have to try Toyota next time. For those of you that are thinking to buy a Odyssey because of reliability, think twice! :)
  • claraclara Posts: 17
    What should I do? I am a mom of 4 boys who is on the go and I am scared this van is going to fail on interstate. My 2004 Odyssey is leaking transmission fluid and does a clunk when shifting from park to reverse. Mechanic said he would replace 2 sensors and it was 50/50 whether that would work. He told me if it does not to consider getting rid of the van because the tranny would be about $5000 fix plus the van is about to get 105,000 mile service which would be another $1000 plus and I need brakes replaced $?. This is Honda #3 for me that I bought new and I service them and keep until they die. I would never expect this from a Honda!
  • g3guyg3guy Posts: 31
    The mechanic is right; this one is ready to die. Dump it and stop buying Hondas. Its amazing that you got this far on this one. If you put six K into this one, you will have a 5K van that still might quit on you.
  • lag25lag25 Posts: 2
    OK, Here's the deal. I'm like the rest who have had good vehicles from Honda in the pas and now find ourselves on this site wondering which way to go due to the massive problems of transmissions, and other poor quality type problems, I'm in a fix. I found out that in order to pass DMV's smog certification requirements, none of the lights on your dash can be lit. But with my '03' Odyssey EX recently receiving it's 105,000 scheduled maintenance (I've been having many problems with my Odyssey 03'. I' blindly agreed with the e-cell phone number. I'm real tirec but what I need to exspress
  • After a NIGHTMARE with Honda American and the local dealership, I did replace my transmission at the dealership. I wanted to make sure that I got in writing the 3 yr/ 36k warranty on this new one. My plan is to drive it 2 more years and bail before I am in the situation again. I too am mom of 4 and driving around Atlanta is stressful enough without worrying about your transmission dying on I-285! II am SO disappointed in Honda. I bought my Odyssey because I wanted stellar reliability and excellent customer service. Unfortunately, I didn't get either!
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    The common mistake is because lots of Honda buyers are NOT aware of this tranny problems, though infamous enough for regular forum visitors.

    As soon as I learned the possible problems of tranny and the soft brake issue on my new 07 Ody, I got rid of it in 7 months. I can't drive a new car with worry all the time and the transmission and brakes are SAFETY issue which is very important.
  • Like many others, we too experienced a problem with the transmission torque converter. We received a letter from Honda stating that the transmission needed to be reprogrammed to correct a "judder." We definitely were aware of a problem prior to receiving the letter and experienced the same symptoms others have reported. After the transmission was reprogrammed the problem became worse, not better! We took it back and the dealer replaced the torque converter. While this fixed the major problems (steering wheel shaking at 65 MPH, transmission lurching around 35 MPH, etc.), it still experiences the "normal" behavior when downshifting at low speed and around 45 MPH. The dealer told us this was "normal" and is caused by the torque converter going into lockup. At 49,000 miles our concern was that this only temporarily fixed the problem and we would soon see it again.

    We also had the brake master cylinder replaced and a couple of weeks ago another issue popped up, probably the power steering reservoir (called the dealer and was told they had replaced a few).

    Enough is enough! Less than 50,000 miles on the odometer and three major mechanical issues? We traded it last weekend for a Toyota Sienna.
  • claraclara Posts: 17
    Well I lost the 50/50 bet. My van needs a new tranny and nice it has a major oil leak which is probally head gasket. With this we are up to 8500 at dealer. I am so confused. Do I fix it or buy something else. What is reliable?
  • I would hold off on those major repairs and see what I could get by selling the vehicle. Frankly, the only other people-hauler that surpassed the Odyssey's reliability in my research was the Toyota Sienna. If it were me I'd look that direction.
  • I tend to agree on the repairs. Another option is to ask your local Honda dealer to contact the regional Honda representative and ask for a "good faith" warranty if yours is out of warranty. I have had success with that in the past. Honda may pick up the repairs, but will most likely offer to split it with you. I've had Honda pick up as much as 80% of the cost and I paid 20%. I also agree with the comment about the Sienna. Ultimately that's what we went with. The problem is that right now it seems that there are very few minivans out there, unless you want a Chrysler or Dodge.
  • Well you can add another 2003 Honda Odyssey to the list of failed transmissions. Our died while we were on vacation in Ft. Myers Florida. We had to have it towed to the local dealer and rent a car to get back to Cincinnati. We have 118K miles on the car, but, I just had the PCM computer replaced earlier this year and have had the transmission serviced regularly. Honda will only come up with about 1,000.00. I am very disappointed. This HAD been a great van up until now. We put 190,000 mile on our 1997 Chrysler Town and Country and traded in on this van. That transmission was going strong (original) when I drove it to the dealer!
  • jaybee9jaybee9 Posts: 12
    we too like clara are in the middle of a problem. Same story, 200 odyssey, tranny failed @ 90k, my local honda dealer fixed it at no cost ( apparently we just fell under the new extended warrnty period). Now at 124k tranny has failed again. called honda dealer in new rochelle,NY his worst case scenario, $4800. although he DId mention Am Honda sometimes kicks in 10-20-30- even 40% towards the repair.

    I also am curious about AAMCO repair. Their place in New Rochelle said rebuilt tranny about $2195. He mentioned warranties of 1yr/12k 2yrs/24k 3yrs/36k also lifetime warranty that is transferrable. my question is if Am Honda will not come thru what are your experiences out there with AAMCO?

    Another disgusted Odyssey victim in NYC

  • claraclara Posts: 17
    Well after much frustration Honda of America agreed to cover 50% of tranny so I am replacing it and thinking of selling it before the 3 year 36,000 mile warranty is over. The dealer was nice and helped with Honda of America. In my experience the dealership can deal better with Honda then the everyday person.
    Am I thrilled? No, but it makes it worth it to avoid a large car payment that I had not planned on. Will I buy another Honda? I am not sure this problem has changed my view on Honda.
  • jaybee9jaybee9 Posts: 12
    Glad to hear you got SOME help. My van is in the driveway, and we will try putting in Trans. fluid to see if car will move, as we checked it last nite and it had no trans fliud.

    If I can get it to move will try Honda dealer or AAMCO as they are very close together. Either way I also will reccomend to ANYONE not to buy the Odyssey.

    Again if anyone has any experience with AAMCO I;d like to know
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Check your BBB complains re your local tramsmission shops. I am sure there're shops than AAMCO ... AAMCO is franchise owned by individuals so one is good and other one may be so-so or bad.
  • jaybee9jaybee9 Posts: 12
    just got "worst case scenario" estimate from AAMCO... $3600! with 1yr/12k guarantee.....3yrs/36k addl $895.... lifetime warranty a whopping $1095 EXTRA!

    Getting my service record from old honda dealer and going to new rochelle Honda to see what he can get from Am Honda...not getting my hopes up...will probably wind up seeling as-is, or donating it to a charoty.
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