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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    I think you might be stretching a bit.

    If you had serviced at a Honda dealer, they might be willing to ask. But since they really don't know the quality of your servicing garage, it would be awkward IMHO.
  • Thanks guys for input.

    Spoke with American Honda yesterday. They (Christine) said there's no help for me due to age and mileage of Odyssey. She suggested I call Regional rep who probably dealt with my dealer. So now I have to call dealer to find out who that rep is. I didn't press issue with Amer Honda, but got case no. so I can press issue later if I need to.

    Haven't had a chance to look at the Jasper tranny yet. I'm also still trying to read through the posts on this site.

    I thought the class action suits only extended the warranty but gave no relief after the extension period expired. Thanks for advice on motor mounts and timing belt. Mounts I'll hold off on (maybe do myself if I can support engine?) and timing belt was changed at about 102K. The old belt looked fine too, no cracked or missing teeth.

    I'll repost after dealing with Regional rep / Amer Honda / dealer.
  • That's pretty good mileage. As robr2 said it might be difficult but it doesn't hurt to try. Let me know how it works out if you do. Like I said in my previous post, back in 2006 my mechanic repaired a P0401 EGR code that, which I just discovered, Honda would've repaired through their warranty extension. I will call American Honda after my tranny issue to see if they will reimburse me for that repair.
  • Once I am done with my lease with HONDA, I will return it and get NISSAN or Toyota.
    For me Honda is not very a reliable anymore. My Honda 2002 civic has inconsistency in power and torque, changed to Odyssey 2004 and experienced the same thing. Now I have Odyssey 2007 in just a one year dealer changed the front stabilizer due to steering problem. Now 2 year and 4 months I hear rattling on the passenger sliding door and vibration at 35-45 mph speed. Problem, problem and more problem in less that three years...I will start shopping for Nissan and Toyota.

    Did I tell you customer service is bad too?
  • From the few posts asking why those who are past the warranty extension period deserve any help at all from Honda, I too somewhat felt that way. After all, my 2000 Odyssey tranny just died but made it to 130K, so I'm 21K and ~21 months past the warranty extension. But on the other hand, my tranny didn't fail from normal wear. This was a Honda manufacturer's defect doomed to failure. It was their flawed design and it was just a matter of time when it would fail. Yes I know other car companies wouldn't warranty that long, but at least their transmissions don't have the inherent defect like Honda's. Maybe I'm wrong and don't deserve a break, but after all, I was driving on a ticking time bomb. American Honda must also agree since they've helped cover at least part of, and in many cases, a good part of, the transmission replacement cost. That's what drives me to pursue my case. I haven't contacted my dealer yet for the name and number of the Regional rep, but plan to do so soon. If that doesn't work, then back to American Honda to relook at my case. Based on these posts, I've got to be nice but persistent.
  • I bought a 2001 Odyssey used from the original owner in May 2008. I knew from Consumer Reports about the bad transmission so I bought one that had already had the transmission replaced under warranty at 82,560 miles. I thought that the replacement transmissions would not be defective like the originals. Now with 117,820 miles on the van and 35,260 (and 3 years, 3 months) since the new transmission, the second transmission has failed. Saturday I took the van in to have routine maintenance performed including flushing the transmission fluid, within 20 miles of the dealership the transmission totally failed (TCS light, malfunction light, transmission can't seem to find a gear at all, coasted into my driveway). Before having the transmission flushed I had felt a little bumping at gear changes but the dealership said the tranny was fine, I just needed three new motor mounts (don't know if I still need new motor mounts).

    I'm going to have the van towed to the Honda dealer in the morning. I've priced a new transmission with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty at a trusted transmission shop for $2,495, the dealership is saying $3,200 for their transmission with the same warranty period. Do you think that Honda will assistant with the cost of this repair? I do have the receipt for the transmission work done at 82k miles (at the Honda dealer). Any advice on how to get a positive response from Honda or is it just a losing battle?

    Secondly, if Honda puts in a rebuilt transmission I've read that it will fail again. Do independent transmission shops have better/worse record for recurring failure? I remember putting a transmission in a Ford once and the transmission shop showed me the faulty part that Ford used and said they a different part that doesn't have the problems of the Ford rebuild. Never had another problem out of that transmission after having the third-party shop repair it.

    I bought the Odyssey as solid, long-term transportation for a growing family. I'm wondering if I shouldn't sell it once I put the transmission in and buy a Toyota or Nissan.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    FLUSHING the transmission? That is the method Honda advises not to use. It has to be drain and fill three times.
  • I might have used the wrong terminology. The transmission was serviced by the Honda dealer, I assume they serviced it the appropriate way.
  • Spoke with a well-respected non-dealer repair shop here specializing in Honda & Acura vehicles. They only put "H&A" transmissions back into Odysseys and have found those last much better than Honda transmissions. You can read here for more info on the reasons why: at-accurate-automotive-auto-repair/ transmission failed on the interstate just three weeks after having dealer perform torque converter replacement (they split TC replacement cost 50/50). Initial inspection seems to show that coolant lines from transmission to radiator were not torqued or reattached well enough after repair. Waiting on dealer to advise on how they are going to make this right...although this seems to be a mistake by the technician than the typical failing of the transmission.
  • I had the van towed to the Honda dealership where I had it serviced and they have confirmed that it will need a new transmission. Honda has offered to pay 10%, I have asked for more (through the dealership, I haven't spoken with Honda directly) and they said they would get back to me tomorrow. If they cover 20% it will put the cost in line with having the independent transmission shop do the repair.

    This case-by-case, percentage approach does seem odd to me. Either the transmissions are defective and you should stand behind your product and make it right or they aren't defective and you shouldn't pay anything. The fact that this second transmission failed after 35,000 miles is shocking to me. There is no way that isn't a defective transmission!
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Honda wants the transmission as case by case because they want to find any excuses to push the ball to your side of court. If you maintain everything your own or by non-dealer shops, not by Honda dealers then they will blame on that and refuse to pay in certain % or not at all.
  • I made a post a few weeks ago about my 2007 Odyssey with 50 K miles having shifting problems. Just wanted to update my posting and let everyone know that my dealership-Ike Honda near Marion, Illinois replaced the torque converter under the Honda warranty. I did have to prove I had the trans fluid changed at 30 K and they fixed it. I have yet to drive it, but my wife who drives it most of the time said it now shifts fine. They also had to replace the battery under warranty as it would run down while sitting with the motor off and listening to the radio. So, it appears this is a success story--at least for now. I do tip my hat to Honda for honoring the warranty without a fight.
  • Where do you live? Cary NC near Raleigh has great Honda dealers...
  • At 130K miles you should expect some issues! Honda stands by their product as far as I can see....and i have replaced 2 engine mounts as well i have 120K
    they wear out - the car is heavy and when you drive it that much parts do wear out!
  • nepalnepal Posts: 5
    I have a 2004 Honda Odyssey and has 66000 miles. Last weekend I was driving for a family trip and on the way I saw TCS light came up. I did notice but kept driving and after about 10 miles the RPM went up but the speed went down. I pulled the car on the side of the road to check what was going on and there was smoke coming out from the engine. My car was towed to a mechanic shop nearby. Pls give me any kind of idea if I am covered by warranty? If not what should I do. Pls help me out.

    Thank you.
  • pyk64pyk64 Posts: 7
    Do an internet search on the Hondy Odyssey transmission issues. One of the sites has a field where you can put you VIN in and see if it's covered. The dealers are actually pretty good to work with and they can do the leg work for you. The response from Honda of America will be the wildcard. At that mileage (and if it's a transmission issue), they will most likely cover up to 50% of the repair.

    Good luck and be patient. I'm sure you'll get frustrated in the process.

    Full disclosure: I will not be purchasing a Honda again if I can help it. I've had 2 previous Hondas (both with manual transmission - no issues). Currently own a Honda Odyssey (auto transmission) and frankly, I'm not happy with it nor Honda of America. Toyota Sienna baby!
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,384
    >Full disclosure: I will not be purchasing a Honda again

    I appreciate your honesty. It also looks to me that a high priced Honda dealer replacement even with 50% help which some get is over-priced and doesn't have fixes in place to prevent a repeat in a few 10,000's of miles.

    Someone posted from an independent shop in TN who uses a transmission company which has put fixes in place to reduce the likelihood of the same weaknesses giving the owner another repeat failure in an unreasonably short time which is what some have experienced with Honda replacements.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • My Odyssey was leaking transmission fluid for a while, but started slipping big time recently, particularly in the morning when it was cold. Took it to the independent shop today, and told I need a new one. While the shop has a decent price (low 2K), not sure it pays to fix the car at this point. Perhaps a trip to Carmax to say goodbye. Another example of someone buying Honda for long term reliability and being disappointed. At least it beats my 1998 Audi A4 that had engine sludge (6 cyl) at 76K miles, even though I changed the oil religiously with Mobil 1. :(
  • Just now found and joined. I changed my Odyssey to Amsoil trans fluid at about 30k miles. I do not like the dilution change method but we seem to be stuck with it. Rather have positive converter change etc. Now have over 100k. Fluid has very little color in it. Town/highway split about 40/60. Usually only driver and little being hauled. 3 more people and stuff can easily add 500 Lbs which can overload some factory coolers. I will be adding tlr tow pack cooler. I changed the eng oil to Amsoil at about 15k miles. I have kept gas and other records since new. Town mileage went from 18 to 20. Using 0-30 30k mile change with filter and top at 15k. Could not detect highway change, gets 24mpg.
    Memphis TN
  • Has anyone who owns a 2008 or 2009 or 2010 have had transmission problems and what were the particulars and fixes.
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    Wow, 189,000 is great. And I would doubt at that level Honda would feel obligated to help.

    I'm on my 3rd tranny in my 99 Odyssey. First one was replaced at about 61,000 miles and the second one was replaced at 136,000 miles. Currently have 159,000 on the van. I recently thought the transmission was failing again, but what felt like slippage in shifting was actually engine movement - I had two failed moter mounts. Shifting now seems smooth.

    Also, just bought a new 2010 EX, so now have two Odysseys. Other than the transmission issue and a few typical/known problems the 99 has been a great van for us. My biggest issue with it currently is that the ride has degraded to being very stiff and clunky in the front end. I'm assuming struts and springs would solve it, but not sure how much that would cost and if its worth it, although I think this will last us at least another 2 years.
  • tgwgtgwg Posts: 4
    I, like others, bought a Honda because I wanted a vehicle that would go the extra distance. I own a 2001 Honda Odyssey. I looked at a lot of mini vans-Fords, Mazdas, etc.

    I bought a Honda hoping to reach the 200,000 mile mark. At 148,000 the tranny went. Now I know that is a lot of miles, but a friend owns a 1999 Sienna and has 217,000 miles. No major problems. The Sienna goes the distance!!

    I havwe been reading these blogs for awhile now. Honda is not standing behind their product. The transmission is bad and they will not own it. what's worse is that they are putting the tranny in their latest models and having the same problems. HELLO!!

    I just bought a Ford SUV. Paid a lot less for it. I am anticipating getting same mileage out of it as I got out of the Honda.

    By the way, i still have the Odyssey. It now has 153,000 miles on it. I have put 5,000 miles on it driving close to home. It has a lots of quirks but I can still drive it with a faulty transmission
  • Our 2006 oddy with 95000 miles needs a new torque converter. We have been having the "rumble strip" problem at approx. 40 mph. Dealer quoted $1800 to replace. Honda has offered us 50% help with the replacement. We are jumping on it. Just hope it works! By the way, the T.C. is on backorder. Hhmmm, what's that tell ya?
  • I have posted here a few times about my 2006 Odyssey with 51K. The dealership did replace the torque converter and it did fix the "rumble strip" problem as you call it--at first. Now a few hundred miles later, it is starting to do it again every now and then. And when trying to hold a constant speed at about 60 MPH, the TC kicks in and out. Drives you nuts. I will be taking it back to the dealer since it is still under warranty.
  • Hey Paul157, cut your losses as soon as possible. I have a 2002 Odyssey with less mileage than you, 41500 miles, when the same problem occur this past July. I called Honda and they acknowledged that there are numerous problems with this van's transmission. Honda will be handling this problem on a case by case basis. I guess I was fortunate to be reimbursed a $1000 toward my bill from AAMCO which was $3100. My van is driving okay now but leery of what will come in the near future. I will be looking to trade this van in next year for the totally redesigned, hopefully improved transmission, 2011 Honda Odyssey. I know, why not a 2011 Toyota Sienna? I have driven Hondas all my life and this was the first time it has given me problems. I am willing to forget this and will give them another chance. :D
  • My 2002 transmission went at 182,000 kilometers (Camada) in 2007. I currently have 241,000 kms on it and hope to have it go 600,000 miles (965,000 kms). All service are at the Hoinda dealer whnere I bought it (not the one in my city). They give free labour on wiper blades and lamp replacements; and free rust spray (anytime I want it) on the rust on my doors at the rubber strip near the inside channel close to the mirrors. On the tranny replacement including engine brackets of $4200 Honda give me back $2100.
  • lyndylyndy Posts: 2
    Just had replace the tranny in my 03 Odyssey at just over 80,000. The final bill at my local Honda dealer was $3800 after a 10% discount for labor. It could have been over $5K but the honda rebuild tranny I got did not have a new PCM for reasons not clear to me. I called Honda America and after some give and take they agreed to reimburse me $1500, in part because my previous car was a 2000 Odyssey (customer loyalty). I feel I might have gotten a bit more if I had whined harder but did not. I gave the 2000 Odyssey to my son a few years ago and it is still going strong at 160,000 with no problems. Go figure.
  • Warriorcoach----an FYI. Dealer replaced the torque converter in my '04 Odyssey to fix the rumble strip problem. Drove great for about three weeks, and then the tranny failed on the interstate. Towed to Acura dealership up the road (sister dealership)----failure was due to coolant lines (running from tranny to radiator) being reattached incorrectly. Short version is that the connections on those lines are attached with something similar to zip ties--and those ties need to be cinched at the exact same place at the connection. Mine weren't, so they wiggled free and my tranny fluid spewed everywhere.

    All of that to might ask them to either replace those lines altogether, or go back in there and have them confirm that the line connections are still tight after a few weeks of driving.

    I will say this---the dealer acknowledged their mistake and replaced the entire transmission at no additional cost to me. I was fearful that I'd have to go to war with them...but they did the right thing on the front end.
  • Hey guys (@lyndy, @tmock13 and anyone else who knows!),

    What number did you call for Honda America and who did you speak to?

    My 2000 Honda Odyssey transmission just failed to day - usual $4000-$5000 estimate from my dealer to replace it!

    Only just over 50,000 and gear selection gone! :cry:

    What's the best attitude to take with Dealer and Honda America?
  • For what it's worth... I called and they basically told me "so sorry, too bad!" I talked to "the law firm" in NYC and I asked her for advice on the attitude to take. I said, "Is there any point to making a nuisance of myself now that they've already said 'no'?" She got frank with me and said, "Does your wife ever drive this car?" I responded telling her it was primarily hers. She said, "Good. Have YOUR WIFE call Honda. Have her remind them that she's a mother of small children." My wife normally likes me to make these kind of calls, but she made the call after the suggestion. 10 minutes later, Honda America was paying half.
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