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My 1990 Geo Prizm with 158,000 miles suddenly started making an clunk-clunk-clunking noise only when it is in gear, running down the road. It did this after a momentary loss of power during which time it felt like it was in neutral. At first, when I accelerated, the engine revved, but no geared response, then it came back, but with the clunking noise. This noise does not occur during idle, only when running down the road in gear. I have had no other transmission problems. I did have th eCV axle joints replaced about 2 months before this happened. Also, maybe related, maybe not, I checked the fluids the other day and found some oil in my radiator reservoir. No water in oil. Car has never overheated since I have had it (2 years). Any ideas about clunking? Not sure if I want to fix it or not. Thanks.


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    My 97 prizm doesnt make the same noise but does the "accelerated, the engine revved, but no geared response". Does any one know if a 94 tercel tranny will work in the prizm.

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    I had the same noises/loss of power. My trans was kaput. When I bought the car (used, 110k) the trans fluid was brown and the trans had bit of whine to it. I had the trans flushed and got another 20k out of it. I had a used trans put in the car. There are alot of Prizm/Corolla trans out there. Mine has the 3 speed auto. I paid $1090. This included all new seals, filter and fluid.
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    My 1994 Prizm (93k miles) has been hard to shift, finally the clutch completely stopped releasing.The car is now disabled. From what I've read the problem could be with any of several components of the clutch (master cylinder,leak in hose or slave cylinder,the clutch itself,etc.
    Any ideas out there?
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    97 geo prism loud clunk heard now trans just grinds when put into gear
    pulled pan and filter found dime size bits of magent
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    After my GEO prism warms up the engine will stall and die when decelerating and
    braking, but never while driving. It has been misdiagnosed by two mechanics, one said the fuel injectors need cleaning and did that and the problem continues. Another said it's the distributor but that was tested and that also failed to eliminate the problem.
    At this point I'm at my wits end. I hope there a mechanical or computer genius out there that can help.
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    Your future looks grim for the tranny. The radiator thing is disturbing as well.
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    The 97 Prism is a Toyota Corrolla, the Tercel is a step down like the Chev Metro. I doubt the tranny is anything alike.
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    check the differential oil in the automatics. took three weeks and many states to find a transmission. somehow the oil in the differential gets out. i dont think alot of people realize the differential is a different compartment. drain them from underneath and fill them from the back side. if they go dry it eats them to no repair. mine went from 65mph to 45mph on the interstate with no warning. metal all in the case.. if you get a used transmission take the differential plate off before you buy it. drove 2 hours out of state. the guy said he checked it but only turned the axle.. was full of metal..
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    I have a 2001 prizm with a 3 speed automatic transmission . Need to replace it. Anyone now if a four speed is an easy swap or are their issues with the computer, plugs, etc. OR anybody recommend somewhere to find a good rebuilt/new tranny?
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    I answered my own question. Spoke to a few knowledgeable experts. The 4 speed requires idfferetn compter and wiring harness. Oh well......
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