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Hyundai Sonata Owner Experiences

ricschricsch Posts: 540
edited October 2014 in Hyundai
Looking at the new '07 Sonatas and doing research on these cars and it seems there are several '06 Sonatas for sale locally (WI)as well as elsewhere so I am curious why.

Caught between the 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines. The 4 will do the job I'm sure, but if you get into the SE model, your only choice is the V6.

Would like to know what people have been really getting for mpg on the '06/07 4's and 6's.

Also, anyone that has some higher mileage on their '06, any problems, have you had any maintenance done in the way of valve-lash checks, if so, within spec and at what mileage was it checked?

Would you buy another Hyundai again?


  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    There are quite a few '06 Sonatas in fleets. That could be where the units you are seeing came from. Recall the '06s have been out for about 18 months in the U.S.
  • miamixtmiamixt Posts: 600
    There are tons of new Sonatas used as rental Cars. Plus its a common Car to see. Mileage is dismal if you always use your A/C, and live in a tropical swamp like I do. The V6 is a fine model, the rebate is more too!. Plenty o' Power. I said I would never buy another Hyundai again after driving an 05 Elantra, and wound up with a classy 06 LX :) . Seems that Hyundai dealers will give you better bucks when trading in one of their own with only 4000 miles on it!.
  • tkumpftkumpf Posts: 27
    There is already a thread for MPG called "Hyundai Sonata: MPG-Real World Numbers" so you can go there for that info.

    I am a new Hyundai customer and just purchased an '07 Sonata about two months ago. I can tell you that I researched a lot of cars and decided the Sonata gave a great deal more for-the-money than the competition, which drove me (no pun intended) to the dealership to test-drive one.

    So far I am extremely impressed with the quality of this vehicle. If it holds up (and it looks like it will), I will have no hesitation in buying another Hyundai product.
  • curleycurley Posts: 1
    We have owned a 2006 Sonata since February and it has been a nightmare to date. Although the car itself isn't too bad, the Manufacturer has been useless as far as standing behind their so called "best warrantee in America". With our experience, it may as well not even have a warrantee. We have had a problem with the passenger side air bag not activating while someone is in the seat. It was quite intermittent at first but has gotten worse. We have had it to the dealer's 5 times now, the last with a very unaccomodating regional rep. He basically said that there was nothing they could do unless they could duplicate the defect. So we are stuck with an unsafe car for now. We are going to the State Attorney General under the lemon law act to get our money back. I wouldn't even consider a replacement car as the manufacturer is impossible to deal with reagarding warranty concerns.

    The car is also noisy on the inside at higher speeds, has a bothersome throttle tip in where you push the throttle in with nothing happening until it gets to a certain point with a sudden surge. The other common problem seems to be the rattle from the rear suspension. Again, it seems the manufacturer has little interest in improving defects and satisfying customers. I think they just want to sell, sell, sell, and let the rest be.

    I'll never be a victim of Hyundai again. When we get our money back I guess we'll go with either a Honda Accord or a Buick Lucerne or Lacrosse. (Somebody with real warranties)
  • miamixtmiamixt Posts: 600
    Curly...Woo woo

    So the Air Bag didn't "activate"?. Were you in an accident, and was your passenger hurt?. In that case you can sue Hyundai. Or is the sensor just acting up. Why can't the shop that provides Warranty service duplicate the problem.

    I've had my Sonata since February too, with none of the problems you speak about.

    And the Lemon Law :lemon: does not automatically provide your money back?. If a serious safety defect can't be fixed after a few reasonable attempts to address the situation, then and only then will your complaint be taken seriously. Sorry to read about your problem. I would tell everybody I know to pick up a new Hyundai Sonata!. :shades:
  • I have had my 07 Limited for a little over 2 months and have about 6500 miles on it. As an engineer, I was anal about researching this car and also test drove the new Accord and the 07 Camry. I went with the Sonata because of its excellent reputation, safety ratings, warranty and a great deal.

    I have had no major issues to date but found a crack in my side skirt when washing the car about a month after I drove it off the lit. Hyundau scheduled their regional rep to look at it and he approved the replacement without hesitation...VERY impressive. As with all cars, someone will get a problem vehicle. Buy the Buick and an Accord and you are taking an equal risk.
  • drdonrsdrdonrs Posts: 164
    I have had my 2006 Sonata LX since the end of January. I have about 3600 miles and have had no problems. It has been one terrific car and I came out of a series of Acura TL's (6) and this car is more than satisfactory to me. So much so that I bought an Azera Limited in August which my wife drives, mainly. Why not head over to the Toyota board and see what issues the Camry owners are going through with the new models. Transmission, engine and quality control issues to name just a few. By and large no one seems to have had the troubles you seem to be having. Why not approach another dealer if yours doesn't seem to be finding success with your problems?
  • ed_ged_g Posts: 16
    I have a 2007 Sonata SE 3.3

    The suspensions thumping is very annoying. It feels like the tires are bouncing when you hit bumps. Below 20 mph, highway and a fully loaded car with 5 passangers and luggage drive good.

    Just don't drive with less people on our New England roads and you will be ok.

    My suggestion is to try one and drive over some bumps and pay attention to noises with the suspension. If it sounds bumpy just walk away or buy it and enjoy the music. Hyundai
    knows about it, but do not plan on fixing it.
  • rhduke00rhduke00 Posts: 129
    I drive on smooth roads, on bumpy roads, and over railroad tracks every day without any thumping or bouncing. So far I've experienced nothing but enjoyment with this car. BTW I have the 16 inch wheels with the high profile Michelins which are set to 35 PSI when cold.
  • I'm going on 4 months with my Sonata--truly enjoying the car. Started experiencing the rear "kathunk" almost immediately--my wife can't hear it at all, but I do...15-20 mph, certain types of rougher road only. Called my local dealer (Mpls) right away in July, their customer service director called me back almost immediately, said they've had several complaints like mine, Hyundai is aware and working on it. The parts (new shock absorbers) are in short supply, but (he said) should start trickling in a few months. Got a call from him last Friday, parts are in, had my car in yesterday AM, new shocks, 45 mins later, problem totally resolved. I suggest that anyone with this problem work with your dealer--parts are still short, but he said Hyundai rep. had assured him that everyone will be taken care of. New part # is 55311-3K051 plus brackets.

    This is by no means a safety issue, just moderately irritating. I recall my battles with GM on my 2001 Intrigue with the faulty ISS--they never did resolve that. But Hyundai cared enough to resolve a minor shock absorber issue--I'm very impressed with my dealer and with Hyundai.
  • I have had my car for two months but it kinda hard to describe, one thing i like as soon as you get on the freeway it floats off, plus all the standard equipment for for the price you cant beat it.
  • I live in New York State, and tried 5 dealerships- no one sells manual transmission, GLS.

    I bought my last car way back in 1987, my wife bought a stick shift Subaru in 1999 no problem, I testdrove a 2007 Mazda6 with stick, other manufacturers make a stick shift....why not Hyundai on the east coast?

    If you bought one I'd be interested to find out what state, what month.
  • I have owned my '06 GLS V6 with 16" wheels for four months and 5,000 miles and have not had any of the problems appearing in the posts. I have been very happy with the car so far. I looked at the competition and the Sonata had the best safety features and ratings for the money. I had to laugh at what I thought was a problem with the front passenger headrest--I was getting a knocking sound going over bumps, which turned out to be the passenger seatbelt buckle rapping against the door pillar--only after someone sat in the front seat and left the seat belt a little twisted.
  • I have had my car for 3 months and just turned 10,000 miles. It's going into the shop tomorrow for a new drivers seat rail as I am now getting squeeking noises from my seat. No big deal but it will be nice to have it quiet again inside the cabin.

    Overall, extremely happy with the car and my dealerships service department. Next oil change, they are swapping out my rear shocks for the "k-thump" issues that people have posted. Mine's not bad at all, but I might as well take advantage of the swap.
  • rhduke00rhduke00 Posts: 129
    No issues so far with my 2006 GLS V6 (215-60-R16 tires).

    Within the last year and a half, I have test driven a 2006 Honda Civic EX I4, 2006 Honda Accord LX I4, 2006 Toyota Camry LE I4, 2007 Toyota Camry XLE V6, 2006 Buick Lucerne CXL V8, 2006.5 Kia Optima LX I4, 2006 Hyundai Azera SE V6, 2006 Ford Fusion SE V6, and recently a 2007 Nissan Altima SE V6. Even if I were still in the market and the price tag on each of the above were the same as my Sonata, I would still pick my Sonata over all but the 2007 Camry XLE, Hyundai Azera, and Buick Lucerne.
  • Before I bought my Sonata, I drove the Accord and the 07 Camry. Loved the Accord but the Camry seemed to have transmission hesitation problems. On the test drive, the salesman stated that he would have the service department check it out. Now you read all over the Toyota boards that this is a major issue and that there is no fix in sight. Glad I didn't buy the Toyo.

    Got the Hyundai over the Accord for the better value and warranty. 3 months and 10,000 miles later...still happy with my decision.
  • I am shocked that your mileage was was "dismal" with the AC on.My 4 cyl with auto got over 30MPG even when some city driving was mixed in.Straight hwy 33 was guaranteed.
  • rhduke00rhduke00 Posts: 129
    ...3 months and 10,000 miles later...

    You need to drive your car more.
  • :D

    Bought the Sonata solely for the excellent warranty and the huge amount of standard features for the dollar. Travelling sales will do this to you. In 3 years, this Sonata will have 100K miles on it and then I may look at the Azeras...sweet cars! Don't intend to keep this car for more than 3 years.
  • I leased an 07 Sonata around Thanksgiving and have just over 650 miles on it. I love this car! My only complaint is a few squeaks and rattles from the inside. Mainly from the rear window and the dash area. The rear window squeak bothers me the most and I remember hearing it on another Sonata I took out on a test drive prior to leasing mine.

    Anyone else having this kind of issue?
  • xj220xj220 Posts: 78
    I do hear a squeaking noise somewhere in the rear of the vehicle. And yes I do hear a rattle in the dash as well. The rear one is pretty constant (and annoying) but the dash noise only happens over hard bumps.

    I can't locate precisely where the sounds are coming from since I'm the only one driving. Maybe one day I will have someone else drive it or have him listen to where the sound is coming from. Ironically, the interior is so quiet that even the smallest sounds can be a nuisance!
  • I have an 07 Sonata Limited. I'm not sure if my experience relates to what you heard. I was hearing a noise from the rear window area and determined that the noise was coming from where the headliner attaches to the top of the rear window. Hyundai uses an adhesive to attach the headliner. That adhesive is not sticking permanently to the window area. I could make the noise when I would press the headliner against the upper window area and then release the pressure. It sounds similar to a squeak created by two sections of leather rubbing together. The dealership told me that they "double taped" it. That helped initially, but it still hasn't held adequately, as it separated again a few days later. It seems to be more of a problem when the weather is warm and the adhesive is more prone to becoming flexible. I intend to pursue the issue further.
  • We are new owners of a Sonata 2007. We are having problems with headlights: pointed too low, not enough light on road.
    And yet, dealer says they are within specs; have had headlights replaced, with marginal improvement.
    Any suggestions?
  • Have you looked around for an adjustment screw or nut? I have adjusted most of the cars I've had because I did not like the way the light hit the road. Don't know if there is something in the manual or not. Make sure you are close to a wall so you can see where the lights hit if you can adjust them.

    Don't worry, someone here can AND will help you.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    )) "We are new owners of a Sonata 2007. We are having problems with headlights: pointed too low, not enough light on road. And yet, dealer says they are within specs;" ((

    Your night time visibility problem is not unique to current generation Sonatas. My '03 has the same "feature". The problem isn't one of incorrect aim - your dealer was telling you the truth. (Very rare, I know...) The problem is Hyundai's engineering staff's predilection with a "floodlight" lighting approach to night vision vs. other makes using a compromised "beam" approach for further reach. Yes, you can raise the aim point and see somewhat farther down the road. But, at the cost of irritating oncoming traffic. To be honest I much preferred my previous '96 Accord's ability to light up the road ahead, even though it didn't resort to trick "jeweled projector headlights" (Hyundai-speak, not by any means my own description which couldn't be submitted to a family-oriented website...). Nor did that car incur the wrath of oncoming traffic unless I failed to dim my brights on approach. (And if, perchance, I had my low beams on and an oncoming driver had his high beams on, a quick flip of the lever inevitably convinced the other driver of the folly of ignoring my courteously brief reminder of his undoubtedly unintentional oversight. ;))
  • ctc1ctc1 Posts: 66
    I owned a 95 accord and have to agree the lights were great, high beams were like looking into the sun. That was one of the few things I liked about the car. Probable the worst seats ever,rough idling and over priced car I ever owned. Had great resale though but I wasn't sad to see it go.
  • I did not thoroughly check out the build quality on my 2007 Sonata until after I bought it. I then found that the B Pillars matched perfectly on the top of the drivers side, but were off about 1/4 inch on the passenger side, although the bottom of the doors look straight enough. The quarter inch drop off on the front door spoils that smooth arch and makes the car look cheaply made. I took it to the dealer to adjust and they said it definitely was off, but I would have to get the Hyundai Representative to check it out before they would touch it and he won't be available until next week. Has anybody noticed this defect on their Sonata? Has anybody had it fixed? It seemed to be a problem with some of the other Sonata's sitting on the lot, but not with the Elantra's.
  • zmliuzmliu Posts: 2
    I just bought my new 2007 Sonata GLS 4 cyl. 10 days ago. Somehow I feel the engine is obviously not as quiet as it was. Has anyone had a similar feeling?
  • "not as quiet as it was" What does that mean? What are you you hearing? I have an 06 I4.
  • zmliuzmliu Posts: 2
    In the first few days, when I started the car, the car was started without any delay, and I could barely hear the engine was running or couldn't even know the car was started. Now when I start the car, there may be a half second delay and I sort of feel like pushing the car to be started.
    When accelerating, the engine is as loud as my old 96 Nissan Altima. Maybe, it is just normal during the break-in period or I am over-sensitive.
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