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Hyundai Sonata Owner Experiences



  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    In addition to my reply in the mpg section: If you're just used to flooring the gas pedal in your previous Honda, maybe you're just giving it way too much unnecessary juice.

    Years ago I went from a 4 cyl to a 6 cyl. Habit would tell me to "nail it" in order to get from 20 to 40 in X seconds. I soon learned this wasn't necessary in the 6 cyl. The 6 got from 20 to 40 in less time without hitting the gas pedal as hard. However, the 4 cyl still got better mpg. Assuming your Sonata has more juice than your old Honda, even tough both are V6, your Sonata undoubtedly has more power and a larger engine resulting in greater fuel consumption if you mash the gas as you did in the lower powered car.

    Out of curiosity what are the 0 to 60 ties for both cars?
  • flc2006flc2006 Posts: 81
    I do not like cars that everyone and their moms and dads have, even though i like Hondas and Toyotas they are just too common and get stolen often, one thing i like about my 2006 sonata is all the standard equipment you get for the money, but i know korean cars have their downsides which is resale value in the first few years but safety and value to me is more important than resale, i have observed the the Camry is priced about a 2 thousand more when it is about 5 to six years old.

    I had to choose between three cars the honda fit, hyundai sonata, and the camry, i did all the research and the monthly payments on the loan were not that much of a difference so i went with the sonata instead because value and standard skid control
    I do not regret getting my Sonata it gets the same mileage as the other cars when you are city driving which averages about 15-20 miles per gallon even in a small car.

    What makes turned me off about the Toyota is that it does not come with roadside assistance which hyundai had standard, i wouldn't want to be in a toyota stranded.

    other members posting tell me about your experiences with the Hyundai Sonata

    Thank you
  • Love mine. I have one of about six I've seen in a town of 53,000 population.

    Drove an 05 Accord I4 with 23K for miles the other day and it did not even come close to my 06 I4 GLS Sonata. I'll have to find an 06 Camry I4 on our lot and drive it to compare.
  • tb88tb88 Posts: 242
    >>> What makes turned me off about the Toyota is that it does not come with roadside assistance which hyundai had standard, i wouldn't want to be in a toyota stranded.<<<

    Roadside assistance cost about $10 a year and can be bought with most insurance... I wouldn't buy a car on a saving of $10 alone!!!

    I have a 2006 Sonata and I like it... but I would not buy a 2007; because :

    1- the rebate and price I paid was far less than the 2007 today.

    2- the Honda still beats Sonata when Trade in time comes... which means one gets more $$$ back for a Honda ( $4,000- $6000 for a 2004 Honda Accord compared to a 2004 Sonata as an example)
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    Your post is questionable.

    Where caN roadside assistance (other than "towing at $25 per tow be obained for $10 per year?)

    1--when did you buy and have you compared buying an '07 today in the real world?

    2--compare the street price new for a "comparable" Sonata to a Honda and weigh that into you calculations of what "one gets back for a Honda."
  • flc2006flc2006 Posts: 81
    In my opinion a new car should come with roadside assistance it is not about the yearly cost, everything that was stated was about value for your dollar, i just wanna feel more secure driving my sonata so free roadside assistance is great.

    It is best to make comments on things that you read thoroughly it seems that the both of you didn't ,i wanted to know about your Sonata not your complaints.
  • Just to continue my saga with the 2007 Sonata headlights ...
    We had them aimed correctly by a state inspector; we judge that the VA DMV requirements are now met. But the light-to-dark pattern is still a problem. We have written to Hyundai Motor America and await replies.
    We will appreciate hearing from other Sonata owners.
  • I met with the Hyundai Representative and this issue was resolved to my satisfaction. I would definitely buy another Hyundai, but would look it over very carefully first. They build most of them right and it is a smooth ride.
  • chesapeake,
    What did they do or offer to make it right for you?
  • dncbdncb Posts: 70
    I bought this 2007 Limited (leather seats) after postive reviews on both construction and build quality. Immediately I experienced suspension clunking (which the dealer says he cannot hear) :mad: and seat creaking every time I sart-up or slow-down (stop-and-go traffic= constant creaking) :cry: . I felt like suggesting he get a hearing aid, but decided I would just scout out the type of bump that elicited the problem and take a mechanic for a ride rather than dropping the car off. Not all types of bumps produce the sound (which resembles that produced by a vehicle with worn out ball joints). Hyundai has denied having similar complaints, yet I see them in this forum (but for 2006 models before a shock change). According to the dealer my car has the updated shocks already. The car will produce the sound every day on the same roads on the same bumps (and everywhere else on the same type of bump). Anyone else having similar problems with 2007's? I got a ride back to the dealer in a 2002 Sonata which had an extreme case of the same thing. It was scary to think that my car might sound like that in 5 years! :surprise:
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    Why not take a mechanic or salesman on a ride over the same raod that you drive everyday so they can "hear" exactly what you are concerned about?
  • spinozaspinoza Posts: 2
    I have 1,500 miles on my V-6 LE. I took it into the shop and they claimed that the fixed the noise coming from the front right. They said the window was not welded into place. A noise still persists when I drive over 45 miles an hour. The noise is located again on the right side. There is also a clicking noise coming from the right side of the dashboard. The suspension is so tight that the car practically shimmies when taken over any road that is even slightly rough. There is another structural defect in the fact that there is a reflection in the front glass caused by the way the dashboard is constructed. Does it bother anybody?What can I do about it? I am going back to pick up the car again tomorrow and check out the car by riding with the technician. I believe that many of the complaints relate to structural defects in the design of the car.
  • hotrod54hotrod54 Posts: 82
    unless you are from another country where they have different trim level designations, there is and never has been an "LE" on the Sonata. ;)
  • spinozaspinoza Posts: 2
    hot rod, I am unsure as to the designation letters of the car. It is the model with all the "bells and whistles" (leather,sun roof,etc.) Could you please respond to the substance of the message!
  • hotrod54hotrod54 Posts: 82
    I have not experienced any of these problems; I think it is only on cars w/sunroof...I had a loaner with sunroof for a day and and it definitly had noises that my car has never had.
  • jackreedjackreed Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2007 Sonata. The low beam headlights seem to be pointed too low, especially when you are driving downhill. Can they be adjusted? I was told by a mechanic that only the high beams can be adjusted.
  • Hello Jack:
    We had the same problem, but Hyundai was NOT helpful. We finally had a VA state inspector adjust them to be correct. Both high and low beams are adjustable up or down, but NOT left or right. Peter
  • gandb777gandb777 Posts: 10
    Have a 2007 GLS with about 1500 miles on it. Have noticed when I drive between 40 and 50 mph I get a vibration as what might be caused when the engine is lugging. This is when it is in the automatic shift mode. If I drive at 40 to 50 mph with the shift set in the self shifting gear 4, I do not get any vibration. Have not talked to the dealer about this but am wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what it might be? Thanks gandb777
  • booferboofer Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 GLS 4cyl with the same problem. They kept it in the shop for 21 days right after I bought it and told me it was equal to the other 4 cyls. they had on their lot. An honest service manager finally told me what was causing the jerkiness at 40-50mph on an incline. He said the computer could not decide if the trans needed to shift up or not so it hesitates, causing the jerkiness. He said Hyundai does not consider this a problem,rather a characteristic of this vehicle, so they will not do anything about it. He said it only happened with the 4 cyls. The V6s do not do it. It would be interesting to see how many owners with 4 cyls. have this "characteristic" with their vehicles.
  • vabearvabear Posts: 18
    I am the owner of a 2007 Sonata Limited with just over 1200 miles on the ODO. The dealer I purchased from had to locate the car (I live in Hampton Roads, VA). The first car located was in MD and when the driver went to pick up the car it had been sold out from under my local dealer. The next car was located in NC and brought to VA. The car had 600 miles on the ODO (I was compensated)and all was well until I drove it home and discovered what I believed to be warped rotors. The selling dealers service dept confirmed my suspicions and I have new rotors ( I do not blame the selling dealer or Hyundai as I believe either JR or Smoke were brake testing these cars for the NC dealer). Aside from that the car is great and all systems work as advertised, but I believe Hyundai must make running changes as the model year progresses as some have XM and others do not(mine does not) and some have low tire warning systems(mine does not)and the sales brochures cannot keep up. Note of Interest here, the first dealer I visited sales associate when told we wanted a Black Sonata said "well black is the color of Royalty in Korea and they keep most of them for themselves", and I responded that I did not realize that Montgomery, AL was now in South Korea, and then I took a hike.
  • cabbycabby Posts: 8
    Got an 07 Platinum for about 3 weeks now. I do hear a rattling/draft noise coming from the left rear window when I drive faster than 55mph. If driving any slower, completely silent in the cabin. There is no actual wind draft, just the noise. Also very rarely the dash board makes a slight rattling noise going over bumps. I will take it in as soon as I get a chance for service. Other than that, truly love this car.
  • whisper1whisper1 Posts: 50
    Shame on hyundai for using steel oil pan on the 3.3L engine :surprise: . Specially the 3.3L is used on high end models. Steel oil pan easy to get dents and hence rust.

    Just back from the 1st oil change, did an inspection to make sure dealer didn't mess things up. Noticed the oil pan is sort of not flat, putted the Sonata on homemade ramp, noticed a small dent on the bottom, like a typical dent on the side body, difficult to see. No sure who/what/when did it. Can't find any fresh marks. :mad:
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    You mean like virtually every other automobile manufacturer does?? I don't know if Mercedes or BMW uses titanium on their oil pans (I doubt it however)...maybe a $300,000 Mayback does?? Every car I ever owned had a stamped steel oil pan and rust was never an issue, problem, something I had repaired/replaced or even thought about. Some of these cars went nearly 300,000 miles and I live in the "rust-belt". I suggest you find something more worthy to obsess about.
  • whisper1whisper1 Posts: 50
    My 93 protege and 01 MPV don't have steel pan, and they are not top models. Hyundai cutting cost at the wrong place.
  • What do you expect the pan to be made of? Steel is probably on 98% of cars, with no problems. Maybe if you hit a large rock or railroad tracks, but then ANY material will dent, break, shatter, etc. As a previous post said, find something truly significant if you want to complain.
  • hotrod54hotrod54 Posts: 82
    Honest to God, I used to be in the auto service business...I have seen every oil pan known to man and they were all STEEL. I never ever ever saw a rusted oil pan. ;)
  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587
    My 93 protege and 01 MPV don't have steel pan, and they are not top models. Hyundai cutting cost at the wrong place.

    If you felt it was very important, you could have upgraded them to steel. ;)

    The Sonata doesn't need upgrading... it already has a steel oil pan.
  • Hi, I realize the above post was older, but I have had the same thing happen. I work at a Chrysler dealership partnered with Hyundai. I spoke with the Hyundai tech and he said the sensor work between 110 Lbs to 120 Lbs. So sit with a weight or eat larger meals is what I was told would be the solution!
  • I have had my Sonata GLS Premium (Limited in the U.S) for a month and have about 3100km driven and i love it! XM radio had problem which to time to resolve. Signal wouldn't work so the changed the Set Top Box and all is well!

    Reccomend this car to everyone that wants a great car at a fantastic price.
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