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2006 Grand Vitara vibration problem

vitara4mevitara4me Member Posts: 35
edited May 2014 in Suzuki
This new discussion is for owners of 2006 Grand Vitara 4x4 SUV with the automatic transmission.
If you are experiencing a vibration while accelerating between 45-60 MPH, then please post your comments here.
This is an on-going problem for many of us and we need to make sure that Suzuki of America hears us loud and clear, and developes a solution.


  • kutyafalkutyafal Member Posts: 27
    I pretty much concluded that it's engine related. At least on mine if you just slowly rev the engine while in park you'll feel some harmonic vibration at around 2800-2900 RPM then it goes away above 3000 RPM.

    This is in line with the speed mentioned and in 4th gear.

    It's definitely there while driving also and gets stronger if the engine is under load.

    I have no idea though what they could do about it after the fact sort of re-designing the engine... :(
  • easy2t2easy2t2 Member Posts: 31
    I am considering a 2007 model. Anyone has this problem in the 07 model?
  • ronzukironzuki Member Posts: 2
    Hello, I just wanted to say that I WAS considering purchasing a new '06 GV luxury this week and have made my final offer to the dealer on one in their inventory with the stipulation that the vibration I felt while test driving on the highway gets resolved before I take delivery. Vehicle has 26 miles on it. Wasn't a bad vibe, but I noticed it, and won't take delivery w/ the problem. Based on what I've been reading here, that's not likely to happen anytime soon.

    I am what you would call a Suzuki enthusiast...I purchased my first tin-top Samurai new in 1986 and traded it in w/ 110,000 on the clock on a new 1992 4-door Sidekick, and imagine that, it never came close to rolling over the sami!

    I currently own a 1991 Samurai that is significantly modified for off-road use and haven't rolled that one either, on-road or off. That roll over crap was just to kill its sales over here (jeep sales were suffering in 87 & 88).

    Anyway, back on topic... I hope that someone posts up what Suzuki determines as the cause for this. I know about driveline vibrations, and this didn't feel like wheels or driveshafts to me. However, the theory on the fuel delivery that someone posted earlier is a very possible cause.
  • harp666harp666 Member Posts: 5
    Mine Vibrates at 70 to 80...sure hope suzuki geta off their butts........
  • pisulinopisulino Member Posts: 78
    This is what I was informed by other experts:
    Early production 2006 GV's had some issues with vibration that was taken care of with the addition of a dynamic damper (there is a TSB on this with the VIN break, but it was basically any GV built before Aug 2005). Later 2006 and 2007 GV's have had no issues with vibration at speed.
  • ronzukironzuki Member Posts: 2
    OK, thanks. Don't know the production date on the vehicle I drove, but I'm headed over to see about this. Also, Got a reply on another forum:

    TSB No. TS 04 10255
    Division: Automotive Section Title: Driveline/Axle
    Category: Technical
    YEAR: 2006
    CONDITION: Slight harmonic vibration from the front and rear differentials between 55 and 70 MPH.
    CAUSE: Some early production 4WD vehicles may not be equipped with the improved Front Differential Rear Mounting Bracket and the Rear Differential Dynamic Damper.
    CORRECTION: 1. Vehicles with VIN numbers that fall within the VIN ranges shown below may need a rear Dynamic Damper (27475-66J01) installed. Please inspect your dealership’s inventory and any 06 model year Grand Vitara that comes into your dealership for any reason. If the rear Dynamic Damper (27475-66J01) is not installed perform this correction. If it is a customer vehicle, please be sure to notify the owner before performing this correction.
  • dave42nydave42ny Member Posts: 9
    I had a second opinion yesterday; I bought my GV to my own (independent) mechanic to re-balance and rotate the tires. I he also ran an alldata check on my 2006 GV 4WD AT and found the TSB TS 04 10255. He noticed and showed me the difference in the two parts (27630-66J31), I do have the newer/updated bracket. He tighten/re-torqued all of the nuts, the problem did dissipate, now the vibration is very slight (it’s at least 50 percent better). He did mention that there still could be an issue with the new part or even the bushing. Later that afternoon on my way home from work, I stopped bye my Suzuki dealer and mention what was discovered. I also gave them the TSB printout and picture, and even my bill from my mechanic (I doubt they will reimburse me). It's pathetic that the service department and American Suzuki Motor Corp. couldn't tell me about this TSB from the start, even though had asked six times prior. The Suzuki service department is now going to investigate further and get back to me next week. Stay-tuned. Later, Dave M.
  • granny4granny4 Member Posts: 1
    I have had this problem with drivetrain vibration since delivery. The dealer has been very good about applying all suggested fixes from Suzuki. The initial problem was vibration at about 100 kph. The latest mod has added a vibration during acceleration between 50 and 70 kph.

    I know it is the driveshaft(s?) that is at fault because the dealer had eliminated the vibration almost completely after one of the mods, which unfortunately returned after a transmission leak repair.

    My take in this is that the way the driveshafts are installed is very critical requiring a specific procedure that Suzuki has not perfected yet. The fix is possible because it was vibration free at one point. Except for this, it is a terrific vehicle, a pleasure to drive and great dealer service.
  • kutyafalkutyafal Member Posts: 27
    Can you guys publish the WIN number range? How do I find out when mine was built?
  • pisulinopisulino Member Posts: 78
    Should be in the bottom right corner of the driver's door, it's a blue plate and should indicate the build month/year.
  • bm000092bm000092 Member Posts: 70
    Mine was built September 2005, no problems so far, just did regular maintenance until now.
  • thescoopthescoop Member Posts: 1
    I also have a harmonic drive line vibration on my new 2006 gv premium auto at 55 - 70+ mph. My gv is only 2 months old but was built sep. 2005. It has been in twice now with no results. The rear drive shaft has been replaced. It apparently has the upgrades on the front and rear differentials so the dealer is stumped for now. They are working with suzuki to try to come up with a solution but I'm afraid the salution is going to be just live with it. I will stay posted and urge others to use this valuable tool.
  • guestguest Member Posts: 770
    HI RONZUKI..I think It stinks that we all went out and spent all this money for the premium package with this Issue.
    I have read your Issues with vibration,mine Is also at 70-80..At 80 on up It is gone. I also feel It around 50 or so but not as bad. The other thing Is If I hold the steering wheel firm with pressure at the vibration speeds I can almost stop it..but let go of the wheel and It bounces like crazy..Are you getting the same result? My car Is not shaking..just the steering wheel.(p.s went and had my tires balanced at 3 different shops with the same results)
  • broncododgebroncododge Member Posts: 28
    Hi guy, your problem is that the ecm needs to be reset. Simple problem simple solution. Contact your local dealer, who hopefully has competant mechanics and arrange to have the ECM reset. And, then go purchase your new Grand Vitara! Never fear, Suzuki woman is here!!!!!!!!!!!! :shades:
  • broncododgebroncododge Member Posts: 28
    It's your ECM it needs to be reset, call your local dealer and arrange to have it done. Never fear, Suzuki Woman is here! :shades:
  • denverleighdenverleigh Member Posts: 10
    I could guess at what an ECM is, but I'd probably be incorrect. You're saying this will eliminate the vibration (I too have that issue, at around 100 km/h). How? And what about the technical bulletin mentioned earlier?
  • xostnotxostnot Member Posts: 232
    Odd that some of these GV's could have such an obvious problem, others don't have it at all, but Suzuki seems unable to find a universal fix (no pun intended). Our JLX-L only has a very slight droning noise around 1500rpm. Certainly not something I'm concerned about, given the complexity of the drivetrain. Hope you people can get this sorted out.
  • broncododgebroncododge Member Posts: 28
    The ECM is the computer man... This will eliminate the vibration. You all can adjust the drive train until the cows come home but the ECM controls the drive train and every single functioning part of the truck. You must reset the ECM. Call your local Suzuki dealer-tell the mechanic that your ECM is causing your truck to vibrate -most of them already know the fix... SUZUKI woman strikes AGAIN! :shades:
  • harp666harp666 Member Posts: 5
    If I recall I think I order to reset the ECU yourself all you have to do Is disconnect the battery for a time and reconnect..Of course you would have to reset your radio and such,Does anyone know for sure what procedure you would follow for us do-it yourselfers'? :confuse:
  • broncododgebroncododge Member Posts: 28
    Sorry but this you can't do yourself. When I say reset, I don't mean disconnect the battery and allow the car to reset itself, I mean you must re-program the ECM as it is malfunctioning. The actual fix program is available at your local Suzuki dealership, if they are savy as to the fix. Unfortunately, I find that some Suzuki mechanics are not, although that is rare indeed. The actual re-programing runs for 12 minutes (not a slow fix), and then the truck remarkably has NO vibration. I would have been much more specific, but I work long hours and can't always be detailed.... Suzuki woman strikes again! Snore :shades:
  • guestguest Member Posts: 770
    I have reset my ECM..their was no change..Don't waste your time..
  • broncododgebroncododge Member Posts: 28
    when you say you reset your ECM did you have it reprogramed or did you just pull the battery terminals?????? Lets just say that the fix has fixed many many a Grand Vitara so I need more details than a one liner! :shades:
  • vitara4mevitara4me Member Posts: 35
    I have an appointment with the dealer tomorrow to have the ECM or ECU flashed. I'll let you know what happens.

    The head tech is also going to drop the trans a little bit to change the driveshaft angle.

    Regards, Vitara4me.........
  • broncododgebroncododge Member Posts: 28
    I know its under warranty, but tell them to reflash first and then drive it, that way if the driveshaft angle is incorrect they will be able to tell. If you do both and the problem still exists, you won't know if the new angle of the driveshaft is the cause of the problem or the flash didn't work. I have yet to see a flash that didn't work, but hey! as with any piece of rolling metal, it can surprise you. Suzuki woman strikes again! :shades:
  • kutyafalkutyafal Member Posts: 27
    So any news on how it went? Anybody got their ECM re-flashed yet? I still don't see what the ECM has to do with driveline vibration... Any TSB regarding this?
  • harp666harp666 Member Posts: 5
    You have every right to have the factory rep meet with you,you must request this from the dealer..also..Is their a lemon law In your state?
  • broncododgebroncododge Member Posts: 28
    Every individual who purchases a Suzuki and experiences a factory defect of any kind has the right to have the car evaluated by a factory representative. They travel on a schedule and depending on where you live, your dealership will schedule an appointment. Lemon Law states in the State of New York, that the car must be seen by the dealer more than 5 times and that it must be considered unfixable, or have been in a dealership repair shop for more than 31 days for the same problem... However, Suzuki tends to be much more lenient with that. Flashing a ECM is not a big deal and fixes the problem in 98 percent of the cases. Suzuki woman strikes again.... :shades:
  • kutyafalkutyafal Member Posts: 27
    I just called the Suzuki America hotline and asked them about two things: the possible cruise control behavior fix (like it is in 07 models) and the vibration. I specifically quoted the TSB number and content mentioned here of which they seem to know nothing about!!! Regarding the cruise control they said if there is no recall or TSB than there is no problem and no fix. Really?!? So who determines that there is a problem then? Not all the owners who are complaining about this and other issues?

    They told me to go to a dealer so I will. But if the one nearby dealer tells me that all is well despite the contrary what am I to do?
  • vitara4mevitara4me Member Posts: 35
    I had an appointment with the dealer to have my ECU flashed, but then the dealer cancelled my appointment. They stated that they talked to a Suzuki of America Field Rep for the west coast, and he told the dealership that I already had the latest ECU software.

    So I am back to square one again. I don't think Suzuki gives a crap about the vibration issue. If they did they would be bending over backwards to fix it. It seems that Suzuki is hoping that I will just "go away".

    I had to buy an air filter recently. I called every parts store in the area; Pep Boys, AutoZone, Kragens, NAPA...no one has an air filter for this vehicle.

    I had to drive to Santa Ana, California (a one hour drive) to find a dealer that was still in business. The dealer (Suzuki Depot in Santa Ana), told me that I had to drive to a different location 3 miles away to buy a filter. I drive to the other building and order the filter. 20 minutes later, I am told that the filter is not at that location. I have to drive back to the dealer to get the filter. So in other words, the dealer had me drive to another location, just to PAY FOR THE FILTER, then go to another building to get the filter. What kind of customer service is this???

    It took me a total of 3 hours to get a #!%& air filter for my Grand Vitara.

    Maybe I will wake up tomorrow and all of this will just be a bad dream. :lemon:

    Regards.......... :mad:
  • broncododgebroncododge Member Posts: 28
    Wow, I am really shocked that the dealer was so non-responsive. Am I allowed to ask the phone number of the dealer? Here on the forum? You can always order a filter in advance and have it shipped to you in advance. I keep many Zuke parts in my garage just for the purpose of future need. Suzuki woman to the rescue! :shades:
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    We prefer that you not post phone numbers and other contact information in the Forums. You can, of course, mark your email address to be visible to other members in your Forums profile for private communications.

    tidester, host
  • loukywellsloukywells Member Posts: 15
    I have the '06 GV luxury 4x4 and I also have had issues with the vibration since I bought it new. The dealer has replaced the front axle assembly and it did not help. They also stated that the vibration is in the engine due to the fact that you can hear it when the rpm's are up...can't remember the actual rpm's). I drive around 700 miles a week (hwy) and it drives me crazy. I went back to the dealer last month due to several rattles that now have shown up...very frustrated. The tech also had me drive another luxury and it did the same thing. I feel that I'm stuck with a vehicle I do not enjoy driving.
  • broncododgebroncododge Member Posts: 28
    Wow, it must be a very loud vibration! You have to flash the ECM in order to get rid of the vibration. It really isn't a hardware issue. The engine is controlled by the ECM and it's a 20 minute reprograming flash that should take care of the vibration. Now about the rattles you are hearing. What is it that is rattling? Did anyone tell you WHAT it is that is rattling? Is is coming from the engine -or from the rear, or from where? Hang in there, once you get it all worked out, I believe you will just love the truck, but yours seems to be having some kind of issues. Maybe it wasn't a great idea to replace the front axle assembly since it isn't an axle issue-could that be the source of the rattle? Can anyone outside the vehicle hear the rattle as you pass by them? You mention several rattles-they must be coming from multiple places can you be more specific? SUZUKI WOMAN strikes again... :shades:
  • loukywellsloukywells Member Posts: 15
    I looked at my receipts and they actually replaced the differential. You have to keep in mind that I travel much more than the average person so I might spend approximately 6 hours at a time (daily) driving and I hear everything. They did correct several rattles, which was the overhead console and the other one was an airbag harness that had come lose in the roof assembly. There is another rattle that they cannot locate, which is in the moonroof assembly. I can't even use my bluetooth headset properly due to the fact it is so loud inside the vehicle...engine & road noise. It's just frustrating that I bought the top of the line vehicle and I'm having these types of problems. I called the dealer this morning and they are looking into the '07 as a replacement...just don't want to be out anymore money.

    With this vehicle, it seems there is a trend starting. I've had the front seat replaced due to the leather wearing at 12,000 miles...that's another issue. I want to stay with Suzuki since this is my 3rd vehicle in the past 4 years (2 XL7's). With my driving, I purchase a car every two years. I guess I'm a little more anal when it comes to vehicles since I practically live in it.

    I'll let Suzuki know about the ECM re-program but the some of the droning noise is while your sitting still and around 2,500 rpm's. Will the reprogramming fix it?

    Thanks for your reponse.
  • broncododgebroncododge Member Posts: 28
    Wow, trade it in... You have had more collective problems than I have ever seen in one truck. The flash on the ECM corrects the vibration issue. You have a droning noise? It may fix it, I am not too sure about it having not hearing the droning. The rattles you are talking about are just the most amazing thing for one single truck to have THAT many problems. The leather seats really blow me away. I have NEVER heard of that not ever. Keep me up to date with the ECM flash-I now need to know if it fixes the droning. And, to not be able to use bluetooth for all the noise- I have NEVER heard of that-not ever. Lemme know. suzuki woman strikes again! :shades:
  • loukywellsloukywells Member Posts: 15
    I went to the dealer today to see if they could flash the ECM. They stated that they did not have the software to do it. I test drove an '07 4x4 luxury (which was the service managers' demo)and it has the same vibration in it at 65mph over 2500 rpm's. Suzuki stated that this problem is a design flaw that cannot be corrected; therefore, we are setting up a meeting with the DM of Kentucky to review the issues. I have to say that both the dealer and Suzuki have been very pleasant to deal with. The dealer now is trying to get me into the new XL7. The problem is that it looks like I've lost around $7,000 in depreciation in 6 months...ouch. We shall see.
  • broncododgebroncododge Member Posts: 28
    Well, I am a new York dealer and we have the flash software and we have been able to correct the vibration by flashing it. I find that not all the Grand Vitaras have the vibration issue it is hit or miss. Who told you that it was a design flaw? Did you speak to corporate Suzuki? Just a question because I would have heard that one first hand if it were actual. If you hold out, you might be able to get Suzuki to use an arbitrator to switch you into a new xl-7 without a change in payment. Insist on it. DO NOT TRADE THAT CAR. The dealer cannot trade you out of a defective car-call Suzuki directly. Suzuki woman :shades:
  • loukywellsloukywells Member Posts: 15
    Thank you so much for that information. The dealer called today and stated that they found the perfect XL7 for me, which is around $25,000. They further stated that I would need to pay $9,000 and I could drive it home...my jaw hit the floor. The dealer also stated that the DM called him last night and stated that the issue was an engineering issue with no fix. The car is paid off, so I really don't want to spend much more to get into an XL7. I'll let you know the outcome as the story unfolds. Regards.
  • broncododgebroncododge Member Posts: 28
    YEP! You are muchly welcome. Suzuki has mandated that if a truck or car is defective, then you get a replacement for free. I would call Suzuki corporate and make a large fuss. Hate to say this but they have dollar signs in their eyes while you have a lemon. Please call Suzuki-Suzuki California will be more than happy to help you. Now here is a bit more information. There is a 3 grand rebate on the truck xl-7 if you buy it on a smart buy. If you pay cash -I would have to check, but I think its about a grand or so. But you also have Suzuki Loyalty which is 1000 dollars. SO, If the truck is a luxury xl-7 and it's 25 grand and if you are taking the smart buy and you are going to just pay it off within 3 months, then you are actually paying 21000. for the truck xl-7. If you are putting up your Grand Vitara plus 9 grand that means that you are getting about 13 grand (I estimated tax of about 1 grand into that) for your 25 thousand dollar defective Grand Vitara truck. That is not good business for YOU! They can resell that truck for 21 grand and make a profit of 8 grand. They are not doing you ANY favors. Not that I want to bash my fellow Suzuki dealers, but that isn't very nice. Considering you could trade that truck to a fellow competition and not tell them about the defects and get MUCH MUCH more value on a trade in, they are being really stupid. Get my hint? Think rebates! and year end clearances here. But I would put Suzuki California on my speed dial list and call them and beg for help! Best of luck to you! Suzuki woman strikes again! :shades:
  • loukywellsloukywells Member Posts: 15
    You rock. Where are you located? I might want to travel and do business with you...lol. I will take your advice and pursue with Corporate.
  • broncododgebroncododge Member Posts: 28
    Oh I must be coy! But I must say, most people want to do business with me--as I tell it exactly like it is! Best of luck keep me apprised of the situation. Suzuki Woman strikes again! :shades:
  • xostnotxostnot Member Posts: 232
    loukywells: You sound like an excellent candidate for installing additional acoustic insulation. You could have it done at a car audio place, or buy it from a place like www.b-quiet.com and install it yourself. The doors are fairly easy to do, but doing the floor pretty well requires removing trim panels and the seats.

    You mentioned wear on the leather seats. Was this from failed seams, wear of the material itself, or the "baggy" leather problem?

  • loukywellsloukywells Member Posts: 15
    I really put some thought into the sound insulation. I had to wire a strobe package and an antenna assembly and when I took off the foot side panels there was no insulation at all. I was actually shocked...nothing but metal.

    I was standing outside of my vehicle using my laptop in the drivers seat and happened to notice these vertical lines. There were around 8 or 9 of these lines on the area in an open area on the left bottom. It almost seemed like the leather was spreading apart. We figured it was wearing from me getting out of the vehicle, but at 12,000 miles? The dealer did replace the seat cover but it took a couple of times for them to get it right. They actually had to take it to an upholstery place and use steam to flatten the leather out.
  • broncododgebroncododge Member Posts: 28
    Wow, I am shocked by the lack of insulation and will pull apart a Grand Vitara to see myself. As far as the vertical lines go you are correct, the leather on the Grand Vitaras does NOT react will with extreme heat. The baggy seat problem stems from that. Especially in the rear bench. When the rear seats are folded down and the heat becomes extreme 90 and above the top seat will meld with the bottom seat fairly solid. When you place it back up, you will get a baggy leather effect. Likewise the heat will weaken the front seats and with frequent hopping in and out a truck, the leather actually begins to pull apart and vertical streaks appear. Where do you live that the leather replacement was so incredibly poor? You must be in the South as that would explain the heat. When we replace leather, it is high grade and tougher than what Suzuki actually puts in...Cost is about 895. and the value is just exceeds that. Suzuki woman... :shades:
  • loukywellsloukywells Member Posts: 15
    I live in Kentucky so the temp. isn't extreme but it does get in the 90's during the summer months.

    I haven't checked the insulation on the doors yet but I don't know if that's necessary at this point. Installing insulation would be a very timely task.

    I have a feeling that Suzuki isn't going to take responsibility for the "design issues". I actually enjoy driving this car locally, but this vehicle isn't designed for the highway driver. It's making me sick that I have to address these issues.
  • broncododgebroncododge Member Posts: 28
    Yeah, it really isn't fun to spend money and then have to address all that you have had to address. I don't know the lemmon law in Kentucky at all, in NY you would already have been eligible and Suzuki has really stepped up to the plate here. I think Suzuki will take responsiblity-I really do. But NOT the dealership. You can't go through the dealership to do this. Do you know any lemonlaw attorneys in kentucky? You really might want to get a free consultation. It's not going to be easy, but then attorneys tend to scare Suzuki so I really think they will cave in. The Japanese are VERY prideful and very aware that bad negative feedback has bad results. They really don't want to be made to look like a bad guy. The dealership is a different story-they probably don't care much. If they are the only ones around, they probably know that they have not got much to worry about. But if the word gets around, then they will worry. Their is a site on the internet called the rip off reports-you could voice your concern there at www.ripoffreport.com/ or contact National Highway boards at www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/problems/complain/ I think you need to be more vocal and not accept this as much. I have many Grand vitara people driving 100 miles a day and no one has told me yet, that it wasn't a highway or long distance truck. In fact just the opposite. I have one gal that calls the truck her "little red rocket" I really think you just got a lemon from a bad dealer. Keep me up to date with what happens! Suzuki woman strikes again! :shades:
  • bearsgvbearsgv Member Posts: 19
    I drive around 130km a day, 80% freeway & the GV is a lot more comfortable & quieter than my previous car (Toyota Corolla).

    Went for a short holiday over Christmas, drove around 600km return trip, mostly freeway, the GV was very comfortable & sure footed.
  • broncododgebroncododge Member Posts: 28
    Excellent, that is what I had thought. I think this other guy in Kentucky has a lemon! Suzuki woman strikes again! :shades:
  • xostnotxostnot Member Posts: 232
    I have to say we bought our GV in December in Vancouver. So it wasn't hot weather. The front seat bottom panels stretched on the first drive, and have never returned to being taut. We are not "large" people. The dealer said they'd arrange for the regional rep to look at them and determine if they warranted replacement. They said they'd call me to arrange an appointment when the rep would be there, but they never called.

    The seats looked like crap for a brand new car, but since it's a year old now, they seem more acceptable. I noticed other cars with leather seats have the material installed such that there is provision for the material to "expand" when sat upon, while the GV's seats are simple flat panels. I'm even wondering if the leather seats are so firm because then the leather panels don't have to stretch so much.

    We also find that the rear headrests leave depressions in the rear seat bottoms when the seatback is folded forward.

    But, hey, it didn't cost as much as a Lexus.
  • broncododgebroncododge Member Posts: 28
    Here Here! I agree that the Grand Vitara doesn't cost anywhere near a Lexus. The GV you bought may have been on a ship in the summer (most likely it was). With the windows closed in any car add solar heat and you can get incredible temperatures inside a vehicle. Not likely in December, but if the car was delivered to the dealership in August, or September, or even October, then the heat could have built up in the car. It is even worse in the Southern parts of this country. We got a swap from NC and the back top rear seats had been down and had melted into the lower rear seat! Had to reheat it to separate it and then they looked very baggy. Replaced it with a custom leather job for front and back. It really doesn't matter if someone is large or small, once the heat has built up and affected the leather the next person who sits on it will have a lasting impression-literally. I don't really think that it is the design of the seat, more the type of leather they chose to use... The headrests must be removed when you fold the rear seats forward-There is a button that removes them and you stow them on the floor in the space where your feet go normally. I have no idea why Suzuki chose the kind of leather that they did. The seats can be quite a problem. However, I have never seen a problem with the beige seats, only the charcoal. What color do you-have? Suzuki woman! :shades:
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