Driver’s seat trim cracked with 40,000 miles

KatClineKatCline Member Posts: 2
edited July 2020 in GMC
My car’s sticker price was over $52,0000, yet the driver’s seat trim cracked right above the electric seat buttons and then broke completely at about 40,000 miles. I paid over $400 to get it fixed. Within 8 months, the trim started cracking again in exactly the same area...again, broke completely! I have talked to GMC three times, but they swear they have had no complaints, which I know is completely false because I have researched the issue and found numerous complaints for that very issue!
I now drive a $52,000 car with duct tape holding the driver’s seat together, as I cannot keep paying $400 every year to have the seat removed and the trim replaced! They still deny there is an issue. I say we start a class action lawsuit! It’s a shame they would put such cheap plastic parts on such an expensive vehicle in the first place, but then continuously deny there is a problem! How many others have this same issue now? Has GMC been at all helpful? Thanks!


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