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Honda Accord Hybrid Harmonic Drone/Noise Suppression



  • jringojringo Posts: 3
    Great news for you!
    Now, could you please tell me on that TSB 06-005 ,
    what part was replaced? That is critical to know know.
    I'll relate my story after I hear what part was replaced that worked for you.
    Thanks, Wyatt
  • jayngeejayngee Posts: 17
    sorry I forgot exactly what the "part" is, but the noise comes through the front speakers (not something I figured out) and the package is for "noise reduction" so I assume it is installed somewhere in the sound system. It took only about 2 hours, shorter than the time I wait around for oil changes, so it must not be a big deal. sorry that's all I know.
  • jayngeejayngee Posts: 17

    it's been a few weeks and still no drone, so far so good. since I was never able to see the TSB report, I also have no specifics on the part. the panel inside the driver's door has been loose so I assume whatever was installed was in the door speaker. the man who helped me was Patrick and he works at P.S. Honda in Manhasset, NY. He was new and the ONLY person who seriously investigated the problem, despite my repeated complaints about that noise. When he couldn't figure it out he asked me for my information on the TSB. I gave him the number and he looked it up right there at the service desk, ordered the part and installed it the next week. I hope I don't get him in trouble for being so helpful. anyway, good luck. all I can suggest is that you insist they look up the bulletin and install it. I really didn't know for sure it was the problem so I was not insistant enough, but now that I see it cured my problem, I think you should feel confident enough to go over some heads if you have to. others have suggested going up to the regional manager if you need to. good luck! :)
  • packer3packer3 Posts: 277
    The replacement part name or number should be on your copy of the work order, if you didn't get one go back to the dealer and ask for one for your records.
  • jayngeejayngee Posts: 17
    found it- #06390-sdr-307 "noise kit"
  • packer3packer3 Posts: 277
    Thanks very much, does it sound like Sinatra now.
  • jayngeejayngee Posts: 17
    Sinatra, Kanye, The Eagles and Air America/POTUS '08 (XM radio) loud and clear, no longer competing with the "drone." It actually used to make our teeth hurt!

  • jbranjbran Posts: 1
    I just bought a CPO 2005 Hybrid Accord 3 weeks ago. At first I thought the noise was just part of the "regenerative breaking", but soon proved that theory wrong.

    I took the car back to the dealership on Monday, 6/16/08. They replaced my 2 front speakers and the suppression module... no more noise. Luckily, it was a warranty item. I have no idea how much this repair would cost otherwise.

    Thanks for listening.

  • kngolfkngolf Posts: 1

    Did you ever get a copy of the TSB 06-005? If so, could you forward it to me at

    Thanks. I have been listening to this noise for far too long. And same kind of thing with service managers... If we don't hear it, we won't fix it.
  • jringojringo Posts: 3
    I have a 2006 Honda Accord Hybrid purchased brand new.
    Love the car. At only 2000 miles, and ONLY in cold temperatures around 30 degrees, the car would sometimes run rough, idle rough and emit a roaring sound.
    Honda replaced FP number 38700-SDR-AO5 ACM Unit,
    (according to my warranty copy report.)
    That solved it for me. Over 30,000 trouble free miles since.
    I asked the "clueless" service advisor twice what the replaced part was, and he said he had no idea! Forget the service manager. Every time I tried to speak to him,
    they told me he was "out." $30,000 for a car, and they don't want to see or hear from you. Do you believe this arrogance? Anyway, that's my experience.
    If anyone knows what part that is, I'd like to hear from you what it is.
  • I have a 2005 Accord Hybrid, it's been an excellent vehicle. Two summers ago, in the heat, I noticed a low moaning noise when I would steer. I only noticed it at low speeds, or when the car's engine was disabled when the hybrid function kicked in. It started when the air temperature was very high, but its now occurring more often at any temp. The noise is very hard to describe but it sounds like an air vent is opening and closing, or there's something rubbing on the steering column. It could be plastic rubbing on plastic. Or even hydrolic. If anyone has had this happen with their car, let me know, esp if you have a diagnosis or fix. Thanks.
  • I also have a '05 that is making the same sound. Mine makes it in relatively cool weather (60 degrees). I notice it when I am going very slow around turns or parking. It sounds like plastic rubbing when the steering wheel is moved but I can't find the cause. Any suggestions?
  • Yes, that sound almost identical to me issue. I'm going to talk to the dealer about it, I'll let you know what I find out. Hopefully, there's someone out there who has already remedied this with their service adviser and has a solution.
  • dickcdavisdickcdavis Posts: 3
    April of 2009 I purchased a 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid at my local Honda Dealer, including the Honda Care extended warranty to 97,000 miles. The car is in perfect condition with only 37,000 miles on the odometer. It runs and drives like a dream, and is getting over 28 mpg average on every tank. My only problem is the DRONE when in eco mode at around 50 to 65 mph. This normally happens while driving in cruise control. I see others have had similar problems and I will take that information to the dealer.
    The last entry on the forum was Oct 11, 2008. I was wondering if anyone else has more information on this problem.
  • jayngeejayngee Posts: 17
    to the newer posters, look back into the 60's posts on this problem. I bought the car new and it developed the drone after year 2. I was very frustrated and lost some money having the service department repeatedly search for the phantom sound that only one person agreed they heard- but had no information on. I was accused of hearing things and also had some serious gender discrimination lobbed my way- apparently being a woman I just didn't understand my car. I researched it myself and found a TSB-05-006 reference but was unable to pull up the report. the service person I gave it to did find it and ordered the part- #06390-sdr-307 "noise kit" that finally solved the problem. Honda did not issue any service report for whatever their reasons, leaving the service depts. either unable or unwilling to address it. I hope this helps. :)
  • Thanks for your reply, and there is no question about the drone being real. I called my dealer with the TSB number and described the noise, he did say he was not aware of any problem like that, but that he would check out the TSB and get back to me. Within a week I got a call, he said he had the parts and was ready to make me an appointment to have it fixed at no cost. Well, since the repair, which involved replacing both front speakers and a module under the dash, I have not heard any noise since and what a wonderful feeling that is. :)
  • jayngeejayngee Posts: 17

    though we have been vidicated and relieved of the "drone," the only justice here is that the service was not charged to us. Otherwise I still feel Honda has gotten the better part of this deal by not issuing a report and taking responsibility. Though I will soon be in the market for a new car (89,000 miles since 2005,) I am annoyed enough to look elsewhere first. (My service center is absolved of any guilt here- except the guy who believed the imaginary sound was a woman thing) ;)
  • I bought my son's 2005 Accord Hybrid last year and began noticing the "drone" in a few months. Now in the summer it is unbearable! through the forum, I found out what it is, downloaded the Service bulletin and took it to the dealer. Luckily, they were able to hear it on a test drive. Estimate to fix $650! It's out of warranty- 46,000 and I just spent $400 for a new wiper motor. What was your mileage? Should I take it to general mechanic? Can't afford this fix, but can't stand to drive the car!
  • jayngeejayngee Posts: 17
    I really don't remember the mileage, but since my complaints had already been on record since the second year, it was probably less or similar mileage to your car. I also had the extended warranty from the date of purchase, which you may not have since it is a used car. I might fight harder with Honda- try reaching out to the regional manager- it didn't help me beyond getting the service people to call me in, but it was before I found out about the service bulletin- that made the difference in the end- and the newly hired service person who took me seriously. Honestly, I really do love this car and so far only Honda has done all the service maintenance. Probably could save money elsewhere, but since it was one of the first hybrids out there and most mechanics didn't know much about them at the time, I figured if Honda broke it they'd be responsible to fix it. I'm close to 90,000 miles and other than normal maintenance, a new battery and tires, no other repairs. The annual maintenance at Honda costs plenty, $200-500, depending on mileage, but I'm sorry they discontinued the car. I even looked for another when my son needed a car, but there weren't any used for sale. If your car is anything like mine, you have plenty of miles to go, and the "drone" will drive you crazy- so I'd make a big stink to Honda regional first, but eventually I'd get it fixed.
  • amyjt64amyjt64 Posts: 2
    Hi Jayngee,
    Did you have any luck fixing your HAH? My '05 HAH has been making the similiar noise and when i brought it into the dealship the quoted me $650 to fix it as well and it's out of warranty. They told me I need a new Active Noise cancellation system put in. Did you find out if a local mechanic can fix something like this or if i should have the Honda dealership do it. I was hoping there was a recall on this issue since it's a huge known problem but I haven't found anything yet. Just curious what you did. My car is still at the dealership as I wanted to do research before I have them fix it since I can't really afford this either!!
  • jayngeejayngee Posts: 17
    as I noted earlier, I've only had Honda service work on my car. because it was one of the first hybrids out at the time, I thought it was safer to have someone trained on the car do the work. Even though hybrids are all over now and a local service guy may be perfectly capable of doing it, I have no advice for you. I've owned used cars before, and big money repairs are always a possibilty. If you've tried going up to honda regional to appeal for a break, and don't get one, you're just going to have to find a qualified person and pay them. I would never tell you to keep driving with the drone- it just got louder.
  • I just bought a 2005 HAH and it has some kind of wierd vibration/humming/shuddering between 38-53 mph especially if I'm not accelerating. Also does it sometimes as the car slows to a stop. I've taken the car to 7 places... Honda says to replace the electronic motor mounts ($1700), AAMCO says transmission problems ($2,000-$4,000), and the rest of them just don't know. I'm going nuts... it isn't something you could just live with, but having just bought the car, I don't know who to trust, I don't have $2,000 to put into this, and no one is guaranteeing that they are right. Help!!!
  • Please review the older posts (back to #60's) since quite a few people have had the same experience. Have your mechanic look up TSB-05-006- it is a service report on the problem. When my own Honda mechanic suggested we "try" changing the motor mounts, I did my own research, found the bulletin, and gave it to him. He ordered the part- #06390-sdr-307 "noise kit" and that finally solved the problem. Honda did not issue any service report for whatever their reasons, leaving the service depts. either unable or unwilling to address it. As with everything else in corporatized America, you have to be the smartest person between you and your money.
  • Hi -- thanks for answering. I'm at my wit's end. I'm wondering if my problem is the same as all of these, though... my car is seriously shuddering if I'm backing off the gas between 38 and 55 mph, and also coming to a stop. It only does it when the car is warmed up, too -- which is why I didn't pick up on it when I test-drove the car. Do you think it's still this TSB-05-006 problem? I hope so, because I sure don't want to pay another $1,500 for motor mounts and find that's not the problem. The Honda dealer wouldn't guarantee it. I really appreciate your help!!!
  • jayngeejayngee Posts: 17

    though it is going to cost you no matter what, the hundreds for the noise kit is less than the thousands for the motor mounts. if you go back through these messages, no one has yet solved the problem with new motor mounts, or tires, or anything but the noise kit. I would suggest you try this first- but also suggest strongly you make some noise yourself with the regional service manager. this is a problem that should have been covered by some recall, and I guess it might have if they didn't discontinue the car. good luck!
  • Yeah, I read a lot of them, and that's pretty much the conclusion I came to, too. I guess I need to go to Honda to have it done, too. The 2 times I've been there, the service manager basically blew me off -- that's who diagnosed the motor mounts even though I had printed out a few of the messages from this blog for him to at least consider. Southern men still treat women like idiots, unfortunately. I really appreciate this blog, and you for answering!! I'll let you know how the car feels after I have it done.
  • jayngeejayngee Posts: 17
    good luck....and just to let you know, even in New York, I complained for over a year to service "men" who thought I was imagining it, or being female, just didn't understand my car. I was lucky a new person was hired who kept the car over night- drove it multiple times, really trying to find the phantom noise. even after he heard it himself he didn't know what it was, until I came in with the service bulletin. he looked it up, ordered the parts, and actually checked to see if it was a warranty issue- and got it paid for. it's not just southern men, but men in general who have to stop thinking only the male brain understands cars- especially since most of the cars in this country are chosen by women to begin with- maybe we should also factor in service! ;)
  • Went to Honda today, and took the service manager for a ride. He actually seemed interested in the problem. He agreed that it isn't the motor mounts, doesn't think it's the service bulletin problem (which they have seen before), but might be the torque converter. That sounds expensive.... anyone got input on this one?
  • jayngeejayngee Posts: 17
    again, I find a lot of wisdom in the experience of people here, so I would defer to the long thread on this problem. I did not see anyone who solved the issue any other way than by the noise kit. the service people can only work with what they have dealt with or what honda reports to them, and for the most part, this car was put out of production rather quickly so there isn't much of either for them to fall back on. just being pragmatic, i would think about trying the cheapest remedy first, not most expensive or most disruptive to the engineering. replacing parts and system overhauls will only guarantee that honda, inc. and honda service will be better off - not you.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    My Accord Hybrid 2005 that my college son drives it now, got same "phantom noise" for years after my complaints to different Honda dealers. Luckily, last time, 1+ years ago, one of Honda mechanics was able to hear it when he almost gave up (as other previous Honda mechanics) after a test drive. He replaced some parts. It costed some $650 and it was paid off by my extended warranty.

    This '05 Accord hybrid used to achieve 29 MPG in city, and 33 - 35 MPG on highway when I drove it. But my son gets only some 25 MPG as a non-hybrid Accord V6. Probably, he drives it "rough" as an (A GPA) college student. This car runs strong and smooth. I still love it

    I am driving a '09 Accord V6 EXL (non-hybrid) now. It runs excellent. FYI, I am owning 4 Accord V6. My other son drives a '03 Accord V6. My wife drives a '02 Accord V6. Still love the smoothness and power of the V6 Accord. After one drives a V6 Accord he probably does not want to switch back to Accord I4. To the latest Accord MPGs are almost same either I4 or V6 (with VCM).
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