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Mitsubishi Montero



  • konghhkonghh Posts: 20
    A relative of mine bought a imported 1994 model Pajero or Montero as you call it. Last year or so, the front brake failed twice because of bursted hose. We found out this year that those brake hose were listed as one of those unreported problem. So saying that there is a lack of dissatisfied owner is completely wrong. It's downright irresponsible. You don't get dissatisfied owner here, you might have dead owner instead.

    Some problems might be minor but there are some that's too great to ignore. Brake hose bursting would very well listed as No.1 serious problem. How low could you get?

    Having said that. Many of my other friends uses them but I personally don't like Pajero. But would agree that generally, they are extremely tough and well built vehicle and I am impressed.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Hi Folks,

    Glad to hear mostly good things about the Montero. All of your insights are very helpful. I research things quite a bit before buying.

    I understand the comment about the difference behind Honda/Acura cars built here vs in Japan. I have a GSR (build in [non-permissible content removed]). One hell of a solid car. I have driven it sporty for the last 90K and it still doesnt have a thing wrong with it.

    I am going with the Montero LTD. Could have gone LC but I am going to put that into my childs college fund (I hope the returns will be much greater here).

    I hope I am making the right choice.

    I am having difficulty finding aftermarket parts for the Montero, can anyone help?

    Lets start a list here of places people have found good aftermarket parts for the Montero. There does not seem to be many. Thanks,

  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    According to the investigation related to the Mitsubishi cover up, there were 3 accident directly related to the porous and/or bursting hoses. In 2 accidents, people just walked away, in one-one person was in the hospital, overnight, for observation. Bursting hose is not pretty, however, it is not like you are loosing control 100%. Probably, in all recalls, recent Ford Explorers failure is the most appealing. Even though many of those accidents are linked to the Firestone, there is some data that points to other tires failing on Explorers more than on the other makes. Same goes for the Firestones, they were failing mostly on Exploreres, but not on F-150 or other makes. This is scary, however, it is well documented. I prefer my Montero with it's shamefull cover up, instead of Explorer that is very well recalled and published, but nobody really knows the whole truth about the REAL cause. 3 accidents vs. 112 people dead and dozens of injured??? I will take Montero anytime.
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    There is a great aftermarket company, Jaso (if i remember correctly, Australian company that makes really nice stuff for all makes and models, but it is not cheap. e.g. they have bumper protectors (stainless steel) for about $500. I found towing hitch from US company(did not ordered that yet) for $230 instead of dealers $450.
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    Man, this is a touchy subject!! Almost starting to look like the ML site....

    alex, I wasn't aware that the limited was out in Japan for two years--I thought it had been tested at Dakar; didn't realize it was in production in Japan. That is reassuring. The Japanese version, from my understanding, uses a more sophisticated engine not available in the U.S. because of higher sulphur content in American gas...(Is that why our farts smell worse here than in Japan?? Sorry....) The old engine, in the U.S. Montero, is tried and true (although underpowered) and should be reliable. I agree with you that Mitsubishi is one of if not the most underrated car manufacturers--one of the reasons I bought the Montero.

    I have found a website with Montero problems--the Montero suv site. One of the reasons I like the Montero so much is there are so few of them--I think only 30,000 Montero ltd's this year in the U.S. I have not seen many compared to other types of SUV's on the road. I think that it stands to reason that since there are relatively few, there will be fewer complaints--not because there aren't some problems, but because there are so few vehicles. Just comparing the Montero message boards to other SUV boards bears this out; the Montero board (until recently) is not nearly as active--with complaints or general comments.

    Kongh, I did not mean to insinuate that there were NO dissatified owners. There has never been and never will be a vehicle made that everyone will be satisfied with...With any given vehicle, no matter how well built, there will be individual vehicles with severe problems--laws of averages. To me, in the overall scheme of things, Mitsubishi's lack of reporting is a relatively minor issue--agree with alex's post above. I by no means condone it, but I don't necessarily beleive it indicates a major coverup of design faults in Mitsubishi products.

    Steve, good luck with the Montero--I love mine, and went through similar reasoning you did with regard to LC. Absolutely no regrets to date.

    Sorry for the long post, but it's really nice to see this site getting alot of use--hope it continues!
  • deb95deb95 Posts: 1
    i looked at the 2001 montero,it has seats for 7, i think this site really supports this car maker, you should see what the jeep grand cherokkee site says about the jeep, they all seem lke lemons, but sounds like folks have had good luck with the mitsubishi. i really liked this car, tho a bit bigger than i may need.anyone have any other advice to offer?
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    It really depends on what you need it for. I love the Montero's size personally; it is larger for a midsized SUV, but this really comes in handy hauling stuff around. Front and middle row leg room can't be beat in its class (third row is for munchkins only, or adults you don't like all that much). You may want to take a look at the Acura MDX--its a little smaller than the Montero, it also seats seven, and looks to be a fantastic SUV--more carlike than trucklike (one of the reasons I like the Montero ltd is that it still has a truck flavor, although a luxurious one at that). Wouldn't touch the Jeep GC. Durango also seats seven, but if you think the Jeep site has lots of complaints, mosey on over to Dodge's...
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    CCT1...I am not touchy at all. Loved your comparison to the ML site :) That site was one of the reasons I stayed away from ML.Several peolpe (on the ML site) would praise it and equal number would complain... US engine is the one from the older Montero, however it is modified and slightly (25 hp?) stronger. GDI, would deliver (in the same engine) approximately 45 hp more, while cutting gas usage by approximately 20%. In Europe and Asia, Mitsubiszi is selling 3 door version of our Montero (in addition to the 5 door version) it is identical with 2001 Montero, however, it is approximately 24 inches shorter. They also modified Shougun, which looks like Montero (the standard Shogun).
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    alexp--thanks for above info. Have you noticed on the ML board, if any negative comment is made, the perpetrator's intelligence, manhood and ancestry are all immediately brought into question, and threats are made against him, his wife, children, and in one instance, mother....
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    cct1...ML site represents a bunch of people, that finally could afford 3 pointed star for relatively low price. Those people think that what they have is the top of the world and they do not want to hear any critisism. Did you noticed that most of people there were ML320 owners? Very few ML430 and almost none of ML55. I noticed that other topics, including this one, are very open to other makes and models. I noticed that you did mentioned other makes to other people and pointed out some Montero limitations without second thought. Thats the way it should be. How will we know about possible problems, if we will only say how great our trucks are?
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    We SHOULD discuss all 4wd. As consumers we need to hash out what is best and for what reasons. Forget about brand loyalty.

    Look at the Sequoia discussion. I threw in all kinds of comments about the Montero. Unfortunately there might be too many dealers lurking there and the folks at that site seem to over anxious about buying this new "4wd" that may not really be A "4WD" at all.

  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    Sequoia was in my plans very briefly, very briefly. I work for the company that supplies various parts to the autmotive industry, mainly Japanese transplants. I had a chance to see Sequoia several months ago and decided that it is not what I need. Offroading never was priority #1 for me, because I never went on any trails (I would love to go though, and I know I will go next spring). Looking at the Sequoia, I realized that Toyota is doing the same thing as Nissan did with 2001 Pathfinder and QX4...taking new body design and using old stock in order to get to the SUV market (Nissan did opposite, old body with the new engine). Toyota will change their engine pretty soon because they ULEV on the drawing boards. Thats when they will have transmission modifications, but it will be closer to ML series than to the Jeep. Nissan actually doing body redesign and engine modifications (ULEV). The only thing I wished my Montero had is the GDI engine, otherwise I feel that it has everything I need and above. Probably when GDI engines will be available, I will put it in (if possible)
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    Check out this months motor trend, with a comparison of twelve SUVs. Sequoia in there as is Montero ltd. MDX won. Montero didn't do too bad though, except for what we would expect--HP, slow 0-60--editor stated Montero alot for the money. Think the MDX is great (may get one for my wife in 2-3 years to replace van), but Montero better for me....Awesome picture of Montero about 3 feet in air--makes me want to go out and run over an RX-300 (I swear if you hit one of those just right, dead on, the Monte would go over it like a speed bump).

    I also considered Seq. briefly--glad I didn't wait for it. Personally, I think it is a mistake to lock into one SUV (even worse--deciding on it before it is even released) and defending it to your death rather than checking out other options--the seqouia and MDX message boards both suffer from this. I still love reading the RX-300 vs ML320 posts--have to go over and check those out again, been awhile since I was over there. Those two groups are so belligerent towards each other, and argue about the most esoteric details...Example of two actual posts:

    "The RX-300 is by far the superior vehicle and beats the ML to shame. The new dog poop sensors will actually lift a tire to completely clear the offending substance, thereby reducing tire soilage and improving traction. While passing over the noxious substance, the cabin receives a squirt of gentle pine air refreshener, sparing RX occupants from and potentially toxic fumes."

    "The ML320's flatulence dampening seats are state of the art, with both sound dampening and fume absorbing features. The trapped gas is then cycled to the engine's internal combustion chamber, thereby removing it from the cabin while also improving fuel efficiency."

    Ok, Ok, so I made it up--but it wouldn't suprise me to see these posts there....(Actually I like the ML-320, just not as much as the Monte)
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    MDX actually is one of the modern that combines most modern engine and body design. It does kind of look plain. In year or so, dealers will be selling that with the discount, so than you will replace your van.
    Those posts, cct1, you should place in the ML/Lexus :) Just change your name, they may send army after you, for offending their "mechanical wonders", hehehe.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I test drove the MDX. thought I would wait for it before buying. I was disappointed by the following.

    Ride too harsh (and I own a GSR) but for a 4wd they could have done better.

    Looks funny to me (then I will need to get used to the Montero as well if I buy one)

    Front end approach angle, ouch, it is going to cost serious $ if you try to 4wd over anything larger than a 7inch rock.

    Price/value: too much for too little.

    Why did some rank it #1. I dont really know. I think we are mixing more capable off road 4wd's with more capable on road 4wd. This is schizophrenic. I think we need to be separating them into two classes now.

    If I want to carve up the street I will use my GSR, or better yet the new M3 due out. If you have ever driven a LC, Montero, etc. they handle well enough for on street use but have the travel, proper shocks and springs to work well off road as well.

    Just my opinion for what it is worth.

  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    There are politics involved in the evaluation process (my personal opinion) MDX is not an imported vehicle so it gets promotion. I think that many trucks (as well as cars) are getting to be alike, with the interna/external equipment and finish. For many people name counts more than the real parameters of the vehicle they buy, admit that Mercedes or Lexus sounds much better (for many people) than lets say Isuzu, Mitsubishi or Subaru.
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    On the political side check this out, this a comparison for the Bush/Gore tax plans:
  • For those who have the new 2001 Montero, how easy it is that you think it will rollover? Or have you ever thought that it would easily rollover. Any comments?
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    I have Montero Limited 2001 and thought a lot about the rollover. I do not worry much about it, mainly because it does not happen as often as media or politicians are trying to portrait. I also been driving vans, pickups, minivans and various SUV's for the past 15 years, so I kind learned my limitations for turning, cornering, accelerating, etc. We have several different SUV's at my work, which I am taking whenever I go somwhere. We have Jimmy, Explorer, Lexus RX300 and 2 Jeep Grand Cherokee (nad my private Montero). Out of all of these cars Montero feels the most solid vehicle. The width of the body and wheels, gives that solid feel. Lexus will be second one, it feels ok, but leans (my opinion) more than Montero.
  • abc38abc38 Posts: 1
    Is it expensive to insure new 2001 montero?
  • igorsigors Posts: 2
    Is there any aftermarket kits available for Montero in US? I've seen supercharger kits on Australia web site but nothing in US.
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    igors...I am looking for the same thing. I know that K&N filter (which is not available for Monty yet) will boosy a bit, as well as performance muffler. I don't really need any additional power, but it would nice to have it, what for? I have no idea!!!!!!!!!!!
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160

    K&N may make the filter replacement for the Monty. I have one in my Sport. I do believe the air filter box is the same on 3.5 litre motor. The intake is different. They do not make the filter charged kit, yet, I think. They seem to make products but not let it be known until updates to catalogs, website, etc., are made. Need to call or have dealer call K&N to make sure.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543

    Could you share that web site with us. I am considering a Montero and trying to collect aftermarket info from all sources.


  • I just got the recent issue of Car and Driver and it had a big luxo-SUV comparo. Here was the order of finish:
    1. Acura MDX
    2. BMW X5 3.0i
    3. Lexus RX300
    4. Mitsubishi Montero Limited
    5. MB ML320(tie)
    Infiniti QX4
    7. Land Rover Discovery

    I just wanted to know what everyone thought of this. I'mgoing to have to agree with Car and Driver with the Acura. I guess it all depends on what you want out of the vehicle but the Acura by far won for its overall practicality and space. I urge everyone to pick up December's Car and Driver
  • But isn't it interesting, that the only two on this list, that are designed to actually "Cut it" off-road are the Montero and the Discovery. The others (while all certainly very nice) are in reality what is now being labeled as "Cross-over" vehicles or Steroid Sport Sedan. It would seem that Car & Driver really needs to clarify it's criteria somewhat as to what constitutes the catagory of SUV. There is obviously a very different standard being applied here. A very disingenuous one in my judgement.
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    Actually Montero finishing 4th, is very good, taking into consideration lack of commercials, recent "news" about Mitsubishi, being so little known brand in the US, and fitting right there above ML/Infinity/Land Rower. MDX had no chance not to win, mainly due to the fact that it is way to new to be judged for anything but apperance, appeal and limited driving info. MDX is nice vehicle, but to call it superior, I would tnik twice before I do that.
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    1sttango is absolutely right. Car and Driver knows better than to make direct comparisons between car based and truck based SUV's, but hey, they need to sell magazines. Nothing against the MDX--think it a great vehicle (maybe for my wife someday, not enough truck in there for me though). MDX will do well if not the best in the RX-300, ML320, BMW niche--but it is a much different vehicle than the Monte or Discovery.

    Unfortunately, many people don't bother spending the time to determine the differences--all you have to do is look at some of the topics to see this--for example, this recent posted topic--"Geo Tracker, Hummer, Chevy Blazer, ML-55: which should I buy?"
  • igorsigors Posts: 2
    Here is the link for SC kits:
    It says 3.0 engine, but it may fit with 3.5.
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