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Mitsubishi Montero



  • I had a 1995 Montero LS for 4 years. I loved it. The only problem I ever had was when after a heavy snowfall. A large chunk of ice slid off the roof and broke the windshield wiper. Dealer fixed it under warranty ... no questions asked.

    I let it go back to the lease company at lease end only because I wanted the 7,000 lbs towing capacity of the 5.9 liter Durango. But the Montero had a far better interior layout. If you are towing 3,500 lbs or less (or not at all). I highly recommend the Montero. I often towed around 2500 lbs not including an entire weekend worth of camping gear for my family of 5 ... and the family. It wasn't quick getting up to speed, but had no problems maintaining 70 mph with the overdrive turned off. I recommend the factory towing package for the sake of the tranny and oil coolers. Even if you don't tow, that's gotta help the drive train last longer.

    As for oil. I've only owned two vehicles that didn't use a quart of oil every 3,000 miles )including new vehicles). Luckily, for me, the new Durango is one of the two. But I wouldn't worry about that small amount of oil. Start to worry when you don't have to pull the drain plug to change it.

    Were it economically feasable for me to by out my Montero lease, I would have done it in a heartbeat.
  • blizz1blizz1 Posts: 9
    I just traded in my 1997 montero LS. I was tired of visiting the shop, and worried about repair costs once the warrenty expired. Tires would wear out prematurely and unevenly, pulled to the right, was towed twice (once for the starter, and once for the battery -at 1 1/2 years). Two teenage kids found the car cramped-especially the back seat and long rides even in the front. Paint peeled entirely off the roof rack, and easily scratched (could of been the dark green color).
    I had a difficult time even getting blue book value for the car-even the mits. dealer I bought it frome was not interested in it as a used car.
    We gave in and bought a van (something I didn't want 3 years ago) and love having the space and comfort.
    Sorry to be such a turn off. This was our 2nd mits. brand car and last... Have had great luck with Toyotas though
  • Can anyone help me decide if i should buy this 38000 miles 1997 Montero SR?? I just test drove it and noticed that it is pulling to the right?? Why? Am I imagining or is this a major problem?? Anything else I should know?? Please advise. Thank you.
  • blizz1blizz1 Posts: 9
    I have owned 2 mits-1997 montero and 1992 expo. Both cars drove great at first and then pulled to the right. Could never get it fixed correctly. Both cars ate tires unevenly.
  • In response to risuba, I have an old montero ('91) with over 200,000 miles on it. Still drives great, but it started burning oil about the 120k mile mark. I just have to make sure to check it every few thousand miles or so. Doesn't really seem to affect the car much. I am also looking at purchasing a newer montero ('99) because of the great luck I have had with this one.
  • zahidzahid Posts: 1
    Monteros are good , only if you are taking them off road. But if you intend to use them mainly on the pavement , i highly recommend getting something else. I am 25 years old and have experienced 3 monteros so far. I am using a 96 one right now , its got 98000 miles on it and some times smokes too much. My major complaints with the montero is

    1. Burns too much oil.
    2. Very weak motor.
    3. Feels very unstable especially when making sharp turns or on the ramps.
    4. Ugly interior ,, for its price ,cramped.
    5. Something is wrong in the front suspension, The front wheels keep on losing alignment.
    6. Lots of squeeks from somewhere under the body.

    But the best thing about these cars is that they are very reliable. I take out my montero for offroading almost every weekend for the last 3 years and the car is still in good shape. Though the suspension seems to be loosing its composure , the car still feels tough and the motor very smooth( except for some noise from valve lifter from time to time). If the engine sounds too bad i put in some marvel mystry oil , it really makes the engine smooth.
  • mjk55mjk55 Posts: 2
    I just got a 1995 Montero SR which which is totally loaded with every option you could think of, its got 81k miles and runs great so far, pretty quiet, no rattles and 17-20 mpg. I'm very impressed with the quality of the interior and the convenience type items, nicely finished. Also love the looks of the exterior and lines of the vehicle, looks like a real SUV, not a pretend SUV. One issue I do have and it alarms me especially after reading these last few post on this thread, that is that mine pulls to the right with authority also!!! My sister had the car prior to me and she said she took it back to the dealer when she bought it (at 50k) and they said it was the tires and replaced ALL four tires for her at no charge, they definitely wanted to sell her this car because she was paying a fortune for it. Anyway she felt that it seemed better with the new tires and she just forgot about it. But it definitely pulls to the right, I will be taking it in for some normal service work soon and will be inquiring about this, will post the results.
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    mjk... do a little test (be very carefull) while driving straight, on the good stretch of road, place steering wheel straight and try to drive without corrections to see how far off it pulls you. If you know any potholes try to drive over one of them while holding steering wheel straight and see what happens after the bump. Also, try to notice if there is same pulling in all areas, or it stronger in some but not the others. On the 2-3 lane highway or road, try to observe if pulling is same on all lanes. The most right lane have tendency to be the worst. Make sure that your tires are inflated even, within 1 psi (+ - 0.5 psi). Very often, dealers have no idea how to properly and effectively balance those large tires on the alloy rims. I had some pulling on my brand new truck, took it to the dealer, looked at their equipmnet and after I was done laughing, I offered tham a deal: they will take (I would) truck to the modern tire place for balancing. If everything is fine, I will pay for the service. If there was a problem, they will. Manager happily agreed, unfortunately they had to pay for it! That place didn't just balanced tires on that thing with the bubble on it, or did some slow rotation... they did computer analysis during various speeds and put weights (or remove them) on the inside and outside. Many dealers have outdated equipment and that's a problem.
  • mjk55mjk55 Posts: 2
    Thanks so much for your response, I do the street test all the time seeing how much it pulls in certain conditions. For sure it pulls in the right lane more so than the center or say the left. In fact in the left lane because of the slope of the road, I can usually take my hands off the wheel and drive straight, but in the right lane it always goes right, sometimes harder than others. Also I have gone very slow on a flat road so that I could feel each rotation of the tire and there is a "lope" I think in one of the front tires. I like your idea of taking the truck to a tire store where they will have the latest equipment and just balancing all four tires and check PSI and maybe rotating them. This would be relatively cheap and may solve the problem. Thanks again for such a quick response.

    Regards, mjk
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    Make sure your tires are cold. It been said that if you drive more than a mile you should wait for tires to cool off. The best thing is to measure air pressure in the morning.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    I have an '86 Suburban 3/4 ton 4x4 (that by the way is up for sale) that I fought tire pull on for over a year here in So. Cal. -- had alignment checked and reset, tires rotated, and that helped some. A tire dealer in Boise, Idaho finally correctly diagnosed the problem as something called "Radial Pull". At the time I thought it was B.S., but when the tires (Armstrongs) started failing in the sidewalls due to offroad rocks, I replaced them with BFG All-Terrain TA's. The pulling problem then disappeared completely!! Go figure?
  • bdwyerbdwyer Posts: 2
    So I've sat by quietly and tried to observe each person's comments about Mitsu's burning oil. Ironically enough, I did have an 89 Diamante which I truly loved except for...burning oil!

    Now I sit on the verge of dropping 35K on a very hot looking Montero LTD that I have seen mixed reviews from. I saw a 2001 at the dealer, sat in it, and will be taking it for a spin this week. I am desperately trying to put aside my love for the new design both internal and external. It is truly a looker!

    I have owned a 95 Blazer (see "Lemon) which was bought back after a 4k mile engine block crack as well as a 96 which my ex is still doing battles with over bad ball joints and such. I am wondering if the Monty is any worse of a risk than a Blazer, Explorer or Isuzu?!

    I personally like the looks. I can deal with the underpowered engine as I don't tow. As far as gas mileage...hey, it's an SUV! So should I put personal taste aside and drop the dough on an Infiniti or 4Runner which have no personality at all????

    Any takers on this one? I swear loyalty to no manufacturer as I've had Chevy's, Hondas, Mitsu, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota, so brand bashing won't hurt my feelings!
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    Don't think the Monte is a worse risk than an explorer, Isuzu and especially the blazer. Burning oil an issue, but the Montero limited has a reputation for being rugged and dependable.

    With regard Montero limited vs. 4runner and pathfinder:

    These were two of the vehicles I considered (as well as ML320 and Landcruiser) vs. the Montero ltd. Thought I'd go with the 4runner, landcruiser, or ML320...until I drove the Montero. 4runner drives harsh, underpowered (as is the Montero), and small--I drove the 4runner right after the Montero, and couldn't believe the difference. The Infiniti rides nicer than the 4runner, but I still think the Montero rides nicer, is much better looking, and bigger. Headroom a problem for me in the Infiniti, not an issue with the Montero. Out of all the vehicles I tested, my favorite overall was the Landcruiser, but I just didn't feel there was enough of a difference to justify the difference in price.

    Drive them all in the same day, if possible. It really made it easy for me to decide.

    As an aside, I have 2500 miles on my Montero ltd and absolutely love it. Rides great, luxurious, yet (thankfully) still feels and looks like a truck.
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    Same here :) I bought 2001 Montero Limited, silver. Really good vehicle. Had Lexus RX300, ML320, 4Runner Limited and for a while 2001 Pathfinder...the winner was Montero 2001 model. No complaints. 2700 miles, comfort and ride are very good.
  • bdwyerbdwyer Posts: 2
    To cct1 and alexp:

    Thanks for the quick replies! Glad to hear that you both are pleased with your purchases. Cct1, I definitely agree on the price of the Landcruiser, but I was going to give the pathfinder and QX4 a spin. I have however had horrific luck with Ford and Chevy Trucks, so short of having them given to me I wasn't going to bother!

    Also interesting mentioning the height issue. I pulled up the specs on my 98 Chrysler Intrepid (bought in Canada) and was stunned to see that the Monty was THE only mid size SUV that was equal too or better in interior dimensions. You would expect all mid sized SUV's to be fairly roomy compared to an Intrepid, but not so. On a few in particular, hip and shoulder room was considerably less!

    Full agreement here on the Monty's looks. Hands down truly the sharpest of the lot that is out there. When I saw it on the floor, it stopped me in my tracks!

    Thank you both again for your quick feedback and I will give you an update when I get back from the test drives this week. I am pretty certain the Monty will win me over too! Enjoy your SUV ride in luxury!
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    I too have a 2001 Montero Ltd. with rear A/C (the only option) and am very very happy with it. Not one problem!! Have about 250 off-road miles on it since August. Just had 3000 mile 1st oil change this week at dealer.

    To cct1 and alexp:

    Going quail hunting this weekend (opens Saturday)down in Coachella Valley. Taking Monte and Son's Trooper. Should have more comparison discussion stuff next week over on "2001 Montero Board" (and maybe some more pic links). Son's starting to cheat though, he put ProComp 305x75x16 MT tires on the Trooper and 2" lift.
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    So it will be even more painfull for your son, to loose to the Montero!! :)
  • ryan43ryan43 Posts: 3
    There are some things that no one can figure out on the Montero Limited:
    1. When using Automatic Climate Control, the A/C indicators always stay on whether heating or otherwise. Does one have to manually turn off the A/C on this system?

    2. I have the rear climate control system. It seems as though it can't be controlled from the front. Is that correct? I have toddlers in the back that can't control it themselves. Why is the switch on the front console a 3-way switch?

    3. I've heard about the promised triangle that no one seems to find. The tool kit is supposed to have a flashlight, but they package it in a small white box in the back storage compartment whether the spare tire wheel lock kit is.

    4. 2h vs 4h??? It seems as thought 4h is a normal position to drive it in (All wheel drive), but doesn't this eat more gas?

    All this aside we got our silver ltd w/ climate pkg. this past Monday and our in love with it so far. It seems like a much better written/translated owners manual would cover these types of issues. The dealer says they are having a serious problems with the service manuals they haven't gotten because of the same issue (translations).
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    1. In Auto CC the A/C light will be on because the system may need to engage the compressor clutch to control temperature. Just because the light is "on" doesn't mean the compressor is running. If the outside ambient air temperature is below that of the climate control setpoint and it's after dark, the A/C compressor won't run at all. But, according to the manual, the computer controling the temperature looks at both the inside air temperature and the amount of sunlight falling on a sensor located somewhere, so it may cycle "on" under daylight conditions. This is something like the old "by-level" setting from 20 years ago -- warm air at floor, cooler air where it is sunny. You can turn off the A/C but if you reset the temperature it will turn on again. In other words, "Auto" really means, "Set temperature you want, then leave me alone to do my thing". By the way, it will also decide whether or not to recycle the insided air, use outside air, or a combination.

    2. The 3-way switch allows those to turn the circulating fan in the rear "on" or "off" (assuming the fan is turned "on" at the rear control). But fan speed, and temperature setting can only be controlled from the rear control console. However, it is fairly easy to reach from ether front seat. You have to learn which way to turn the knobs without looking at them.

    3. My flashlight was in the tool kit. Probably supposed to be unpacked and inserted into tool kit during dealer pre-delivery prep. But no triangle.

    4. Yea, probably 4H uses more gas, but you "can" use it under all road conditions. The key word is "can". Why would you want to on dry pavement? Its intended use is for better control on loose (dirt or muddy) roads; rain slickened pavement, or snowy roads.

    5. New question -- why does the manual show a switch (and descibe when and when not) to engage the locking rear axle, when Ltd. comes standard and XLS optional with limited slip real end? I wonder if locker is available in Japan, Australia, or ?, where Montero is sold as Pajaro?
  • ryan43ryan43 Posts: 3
    THanks a million for the answers to my questions.

    Can you please clarify #2. What is the cirulating fan. I think I heard it and saw it opposite of the subwoofer all the way in the back. It would be nice if the manual covered these things. So on the switch, what does the fan picture setting mean? the rear setting? Obvoiusly the middle position is OFF?

    In reference to your #5 question. I saw the illustration and am note sure whats going on. Another possibility is maybe that it is electronically controlled since the XLS and LTD's have completely different 4wd systems?

    Last request did you or anyone else accessorize you Montero's (i.e. sunroof wind deflector, bug shield, running boards, etc...)?Which ones and how have they worked out.

    Thanks all for your feedback.
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    Glad to see this page getting more use.

    I didn't get a triangle either. Oh well.

    There was an article in consumer reports several months ago (I think it was on the Jeep Grand Cherokee) comparing gas mileage on 2wd vs 4wd, and basically there was no difference. That being said, I agree with the Ryan--really no need to use it on dry pavement. I use 2H for normal driving, flip it into 4h when its raining or snowing. If you live in an area where it is dry all the time and you use 2H exclusively, its a good idea to flip it into 4H at least once a month to keep all the front wheel drive components well lubricated (read this somewhere on an earlier post.).

    Thanks for the info on the air conditioner--makes sense.

    With regard to options: Montero running boards are plastic and a bit too gaudy in my opinion with the body molding (I have pearl red and sudan beige two tone. The running boards would look ok if the vehicle was a solid color.) If I was going to put running boards on, I would probably go with (aftermarket) nerf bars--they seem to be both more functional and durable. I wouldn't by Mitsubishi air deflector for the sunroof--I was going to, until they gave me the price--it was way overpriced. I was going to put an aftermarket deflector on (believe it or not, my salesman recommended this as he thought the air deflector was overrpriced as well) but I think I'm going to hold off for now--I love the way my Monte looks, and I'm not a big fan of the air deflectors--too damn ugly. May change my mind in the spring though, as sunroof is fairly noisy open...

    I did get the cargo liner--fits nicely (made the dealer throw it in with the deal) but it took a while (and some heavy books in the liner) until it would lay absolutely flat. But at least I can put junk in the back now without worrying about ruining the carpet...
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    Well, we made it back from the desert. No quail, but had a lot of fun driving dirt roads and a real "Jeep" Trail (Pinkham Canyon in Joshua Tree National Park). Both Monte and Trooper performed well.

    Put about 300 superficial scratches on both sides of both vehicles on the trail from wash willows, tamarisk, palo verde, and other desert vegetation. (At least, I hope they're superficial, and will buff out. That's what we told our wives). However, the missing paint on the bottom of the front bumper of the Monte is probably permanent, as is the 3 inch long and 3/4 inch deep dingy in the Trooper nerf bar. (Hey, it did just what it was supposed to to right? -- saved the door panel. Try and convince your wife of that one.)

    Will post more, including picture of being stupid on paint eating rock, later this week on 2001 Montero Board

  • which has the better suspension. Montero or Trooper?
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    What do you mean by better? The Montero rides smoother due to the independent 4-wheel suspension as opposed to the solid rear axle on the Trooper. The Montero could be driven in comfort on rough road, at considerably higher speed.

    But, on the Trooper it was really easy to add 2 in. lift by adding longer variable rate springs to the rear and cranking up the pre-load on the torsion bars in the front. (Took all of an hour with one floor jack and you don't need a spring compressor.) The added lift and the larger more aggressive tread tires (305x75x16, Mud-Terrain) that were added makes it a little more capable off-road, especially in mud.

    Crawling under the Montero, it appears it would be fairly easy to add slightly longer, higher rate springs when available, (if you can find somplace to lift the body with a jack).

    So far, they have both been able to go on the same roads/trails without any major/minor problems other than a flat tire on the Trooper before the tire swap.

    I was all ready to buy an LS Trooper but couldn't find one without an optional sun roof. (I'm too tall for the lost 2 inches of head room, but wanted the standard electric seats in the LS). The Montero has a sun roof and I still have plenty of head room. So far, I am very, very pleased with the performance of the Montero, but I'm not sure it was worth the difference in price.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Here is a quote from the Montero discussion. This guy does his homework.....I think

    "Purchased Montero Limited with autoclimate this
    past weekend. Spent alot of time checking out
    various other sport utilities (both on the web,
    and drove everything I was seriously considering in
    the city and highway at least once). Doing this
    made my decision relatively easy. I would strongly
    encourage anyone considering buying an suv to
    drive several different varieties before settling
    in on one--Montero was not initially my first
    choice, but after testing it vs. several other
    SUV's, it was my personal hands down winner.
    Here are my impressions of what I personally

    RX-300: Pluses: Excellent ride, nice interior
    except for display in center console, gas mileage,
    reliability. Minuses: styling: this thing has two
    ovaries. In fact, it might have three. Looks like
    a station wagon. Small.

    Mercedes ML 320: This was my first choice going
    in. Pluses: safety, relatively nice ride, 3rd row
    seats, black onyx is my favorite exterior color on
    any vehicle I've seen, relatively good gas mileage.
    Minuses: Styling: Not as bad as RX-300; I give
    it one ovary and one testicle. relatively small,
    reliability issues, interior layout (especially
    location of cupholders and window controls) and
    center console less than ideal; price.

    Infinti QX4: Really was pleasantly suprised by
    this SUV. Wonderful engine, quiet, fairly nice
    ride But..small, and no matter how I adjusted the
    drivers seat, I could not get enough head room with
    the sunroof. Blah exterior..give it no ovaries or
    testicles--looks neutered (or spayed)

    Toyota 4-runner limited: Pluses: Nice
    looking--give it two testicles. Nice interior,
    reliabilty. Minuses:Drove this right after the
    Montero--this thing is small (only 67 inches wide
    vs. 73.9 for new montero), rides harsh,
    Underpowered, overpriced.

    Drove Durango, Explorer, Trooper, Jeep GC
    limited--took all of thiry seconds to eliminate
    these off the list....

    Also looked at Ford expo/Tahoe but bigger than
    what I wanted/needed. (Anyway, would hold out for
    Seqouia in this class).

    Acura MDX: Would have considered this as well,
    but needed something sooner. Not crazy about the
    styling (admittedly, I've only seen pictures) but
    looks like it has at least one, possibly two
    ovaries; definitely no testicles.

    Land Cruiser: Thought about it--really like this
    SUV--but I just couldn't justify the pricetag.
    Only other minus to me is gas mileage.

    Montero Limited: Pluses: Personally love the
    exterior. This thing definitely has two cahones.
    Nice ride. Fantastic suspension. Love the
    interior. Relatively spacious. Advanced 4wd
    system. Nice stereo. 3rd row seat. Was worried
    about vibration, drove this thing several times at
    different speeds and conditions--absolutely no
    vibration at all. Can actually take this thing off
    road. Huge Moonroof. Lots of options for the
    money. Size perfect for my needs. Great interior
    layout with LOTS of storage space. Minuses: No
    liftgate. Tailgate window doesn't open. Slightly
    underpowered. Dealers won't come down much off
    sticker (but at least there is 3.9% financing). ?
    Reliability--but made dealer promise loaner (in
    writing) if any extended repairs.

    Bottom line: There are several good choices
    depending on what you're looking for. My only
    major issue with the Montero is reliability--I
    loved the vehicle enough that I'm willing to take
    the chance (if this thing is a dog, my next
    vehicle is a Lanccruiser). Time will tell.... "
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Added to what is discussed here I would say we have a lot of good info to go with in selecting the right SUV.

  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    Why reliability is the concern? Read all the posts that have misubishi in it and you will not find problems. Actiually, there are some, but it is not as global as other makes. Mitsubishi hid some recall info, but it was more of the "image" thing and the most outraged was the government, not the customers. I did my homework too, as in post #59, Lexus RX300 was my first choice, than ML320, 4Runner Limited and the last one Durango. After Lexus was eliminated from my plans, I looked at 2000 Montero Endeavour. I knew that new model was coming up, so I decided to wait a bit. When 2001 came out (I had a chance to drive it before dealers did) my list got very short. I bought 2001 Limited and I am positive that it will perform as the top names or better.
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    In response to post #61:

    That was my post that was quoted in #59.

    The reasons reliability is a concern to me include:

    1. First year model. I know Mitsubishi tests the new Montero components at the Dakar rallies prior to incorperating them inon their "civilian" vehicles, which eases the worry a little. Always nervous about a completely redesigned first year model though....

    2. I agree with your assessment of the Mistubishi cover up thing. Mitsubishi was taking care of the problems (hence the lack of dissatified owners), they just weren't reporting the problems to the government. Disappointing on Mitsubishi's part, but I can live with it.

    3. Looking at reliability data (consumer reports, message boards) its my opinion (and I am not an expert by any means) that Mitsubishi is better than American manufacturers with regard to reliability, but lags behind Toyota and possibly Nissan as well, but probably better than Isuzu.

    4. With regard to performance, I agree with you one hundred percent. I think the Montero outclasses all its competitors with the exception of the Landcruiser, but when you look at value, I think the Toyota is way overpriced (for that matter, so is the 4runner).

    I have close to 3000 miles on mine, and I absolutely love it. No problems with it at all, so far. Always looking for reasons to drive it; can't wait 'til it snows. Hope it stays this way...Now if I could just find a way to keep my wife from driving it so much (she loves it too) and periodically saddling me with the damn minivan........
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    It is not first year, not really. It is the first year with the steering wheel mounted on the left. It was introduced in Japan and Australia 2 years ago. Is it lagging in quality behind the Toyota? not sure, but possible. Is it laggaing behind the Nissan? absolutely not. In the "tief" market Montero is second after the Land Cruiser. Toyota is spending way more money on advertising and its market share is bigger than Mitsubishi, however, in Asia Mitsubishi is considered on of the best. Main reason DC bought Mitsu it was to get technology and access to the asian market. It is little known that Mitsu is one of the most innovating automotive companies, but their financial moves always make them to sell patents instaed of utilizing them. The latest example is GDI engine.
    I did scout the net, searching for problems (problems that affect the consumers) and could not find much. I found more about Toyota and Mercedes than about Mitsubishi. I had started topic here some time ago "Problems with Mitsubishi", that was frozen due to the lack of response. Try
  • ryan43ryan43 Posts: 3
    In terms of reliability I'd say the Montero is about the best I could find from my research. It is made in Japan. One can take a look at its quality, fit and finish and see the difference. As far as the other [non-permissible content removed] go (Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda) I have notice that the quality and reliability have gone down significantly since they started building their vehicles in North America. I've had Honda's that were built both from Japan and the US. Boy, can you tell the difference.
    Ten years ago(give or take) I thought it was unheard of for a company like Honda or Toyota to have recalls, defects, poor reliability, quality issues, customer complaints, hundreds of service bullitens per model. Today, just take a look at the NHSTA web site and you won't believe your eyes. To prove my point compare models still built in Japan (not many) and those made in the US. Night and day. Enough to make me take back my deposit on a new Honda Odyssey mini-van and buy the Mitsubishi.

    The Montero is built like all the [non-permissible content removed] cars used to be in the good old days.
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