Hi, I have an awesome 03 Subaru Forester but as I have seen on hear some brake issues,well my proble

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Well the problem is when I went to bleed all the breaks the rear passenger and the driver front are the only two that bled is this because of the dual system,, please help.I haven't got to check everything yet but I couldn't imagine two lines being kinked


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    I do not understand the question. Are you staying that you could not get any fluid at all from the rear lines? What was your method to bleed them?

    How does the brake pedal feel when you press it? Squishy? Firm?

    You can put the car up on jack stands at four corners, then start it and put it in gear to let the wheels spin. Have someone observe brake function from the outside when you press the brakes: Do the rear tires stop? If so, then the brakes work, so in that case the issue is most likely technique.
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